Present with the saints triumphant but forever in our hearts
  • 38 years old
  • Born on May 14, 1981 .
  • Passed away on September 19, 2019 .
This website is created in memory of our loved one, Kehinde Olalekan Oluwatobiloba Lala, who joined the saints triumphant on the 19th of September, 2019. He was a dear son, brother, husband, uncle, cousin and father.  He will be remembered forever.

''In the way of righteousness is life, and in its pathway there is no death." Proverbs 12:28. 

Tobi, lives joyfully on the glorious side of bliss...

Commendation and farewell Service holds on Thursday, 26th September 2019 at Scripture Pasture Christian Center, Off The Polytechnic road, Sango, Ibadan
Posted by Adeteju Adeyanju on October 1, 2019
So Oluwatobi Omokehinde Olalekan Lala.....left this sinful world to join the angels triumphant!!!

Tobi..hummmm, your life gave not just me, but all your friends and colleagues a gentle reminder that ....

This world is not our own...and we should tread softly,

This life is vanity, we should live simply....

God can call anyone home, we should be kind to others,

We should impact lives in our own little way we didn't bring anything...not one thing except what God deposited in us for the use of man.

Omokehinde Olalekan Omo have done your part, well done! Sleep on till we meet to part no more!
Adieu my wonderful Brother and Friend!
Posted by Samson Funminiyi Akinade on September 29, 2019
Rest in peace.
God will continue to be with the families in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Posted by Olawale Olaniyan on September 28, 2019
Uncle Tobi, I have a lot to say, yet I do not know how to say it, I will keep it short though, You have lived and lived well, You gave life a meaning to people around You, it was such a great privilege to have you as a brother without blood ties, I miss you already, Folakemi misses you too, we know we will surely meet again, Rest on Egbon, Good bye, Good night.
Posted by Deborah Olaogun on September 27, 2019
My first encounter with you was a lovely one, subsequent encounters were even lovelier and greater. You and my sister were my second parents. You were more than a brother in law, you were a brother. The way you and my sister loved each other was second to none. You truly were an effective priest, yes, I saw that on my visit to your home many times. I remember when I had that burn accident, you spoke sense to my head and told me to be grateful, cos I was ready to give up. Well, I'm also grateful that you're with the cloud of witnesses up there raising your hallelujah! Your Jibuya(as you fondly called me ) would miss you. Rest on soldier, see you on resurrection morn!
Posted by Enoch Oluwaseun on September 27, 2019
I was in your house once and I felt literal peace. Such is the ambiance you carry.
I pray for more strength for your family.
Posted by Adewusi Pelumi on September 27, 2019
You are a rare gem that touched many lives on your little sojourn on earth. You will be greatly missed for all your good works as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ . Sleep on in the bosom of the Lord, our indefatigable boss, brother and colleague.
Posted by Seun Agbebi on September 27, 2019
Hmmmm, you gave me the name sunshine and that's what you called me. You were selfless, always apt to help. If you saw a frown or sad face on me you made sure you lit up my countenance.

Your smile I will surely miss. PP lab was not a stress just because you were there and EVER ready to help even giving discounts.

You have always been a fighter right from the time we knew each living together in the same compound.

We love but God definitely loves you so much more.

Rest on my sunshine till we meet again at His feet.
Posted by SHALOM ESQ on September 27, 2019


Hello Soldier, this is your captain speaking.

So sorry I’ve not check on you in a while.

I got to know at 0400 hours 20th day of September 2019 that our General gave you another mission.

This mission (I hear) is to join the cloud of witnesses in the heavenly battalion.

Apostle Paul says To live is Christ, do die is gain!! Heaven truly gained an angel, a worthy ambassador & a very strong soldier.

We deeply feel a sense of loss (& we should as humans), however we don’t sorrow like people on the other side. We are allowed to sorrow however with hope that:

(1) You are resting now.

OLUWATOBILOBA, I know how strong you were!
You kept fighting with a smile on your face.

The Matriarch of the house (Pastor Sarah Johnson) told us that at some point during the struggle you saw the other side & chose GLORY.

God will not violate a man’s will no matter how much or how hard we prayed.

So we submit to God’s will & celebrate your life, your love & your legacy.

(2) We will see you again!!

Be advised OLALEKAN that now that you are up there, we will do everything in our power by the mercies of God to make heaven so as to see you again!

Pastor Olubi Johnson told us that the summary of this event is that we must get closer to God.

And I challenge everyone here to do the same.

Get the latest weapons from our General’s arsenal & let’s wage war to the very end.

To the medical personnel out there, (here is your challenge) let’s find a permanent solution to Sickle Cell Anemia (the disease that plagues the African Genome) so that our young and bright sons & daughters can live a long & fulfilling life ( at least we’ve put a man on the moon & probed the surface of Mars already while attempting to breach the sun), I am ready to fight this too, just give me a call & i'll be there.                   

This family has gone through a lot over the years & we overcame every wave & obstacle every single time.

This will not be an exception!!!!

KEHINDE has been sown as a seed now (Say hi to TAIWO for me), however the impact of this will shake the world for God & the devil will regret this & say “Had I known”.

Hey Devil you can throw us your best shot at us & like the 3 Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, WE WILL STILL NOT BOW as our God is able.....

BIGGY!! We will all miss you ( especially your lovely wife & children), however in all things we give thanks despite the situation as God still gave us the space & chance to be thankful.
We will try to breach the gap to the best of our ability & make sure you are super proud of them.

To our friends & family ( both physical & spiritual), we thank you so much for your show of love & support in this trying time.

Your presence here today is a sure sign of how deeply this son of the LALA clan has touched your lives & we are grateful.

I pray we will not gather like this again & the next invite from us will be much more celebratory than this.

Hello Soldier, this is your captain speaking.... I know where you are now......

Peace out Kid Brother.

Oluseyi Olaolu LALA
Posted by Yomi Newton on September 26, 2019
What can I say of you ? No word can describe you as you . You brought humanity to God ,you made a note of everything. You were a brother ,a true friend a solid encourager, a torch bearer ,a shining light , a great admirer , kind ,firm and straight. You believed it could be done and it's done. You are no more but your works speak live continually. Adieu my brother that I never saw to hug. Sleep well !
Posted by Oluwakemi Adeyemo on September 26, 2019
My heart is still broken and I'm in tears .I can't question you Lord, but you know best.
Tobi , though you left early but you served well. Rest on dear brother. I will miss you so much.
Dear Lord please give the family the fortitude to bear this Loss.
Posted by Oladayo Oyebanji on September 26, 2019
Oluwatobiloba lala continue to rest in the blossom of the lord where there is no weeping and gnashing of teeth. I knew you when you came to serve your fathers land in oauthc,you are ever smiling and no dull moment anywhere you are.We are all sojourners in this world, at one time or the other we will all get to our bus stop and alight.You av gotten to your own bus stop and av alighted,may the lord console your wife,be an husband to her and father to your children accomplish what you av not waited to do for your children.
Posted by Rita Onyemaechi on September 26, 2019
Oluwatobiloba lives on.

You are alive in Christ Jesus.
Your impact in my life as friend and Colleague can never be forgotten.
You always encourage a cheerful mood. You are a team player. Ever available to put smile on people's face.
May God keep everyone you left in this world.
Rest in peace my brother.
Till we meet at Jesus' feet
Posted by Afolabi Ibironke on September 26, 2019
Hmmmmm.... Tobi lala, how I miss u so much, I knew u back then in school n u are a soldier I must say...... U are full of energy, influencing everyone around u and encouraging them, and seeing the love in ur home and ur love for God n giving my friendship speed so far, helping her to actualize her dreams... U have indeed fought a good fight. We love u but God loves you most...... Plz continue to rest in d bosom of d lord.may d lord comfort ur wife, children, siblings and everyone.
Posted by Oseni Oluwafemi on September 26, 2019
I didn't meet you physically but your works speak for you. You have blazed the trail for others to emulate and I have no doubt that in this your earthly sojourn you are fulfilled. I pray for Strength for your wife and children in this trying time. Amen.
Posted by Roseline Idawari-Akiga on September 26, 2019
Tobi, I thank God for the time we spent together and also for all you taught me. May God comfort your family especially your wife and children.
Rest in Christ.
Posted by Ayodele Fayiga on September 26, 2019
Hon. Tóbi Lala..... Hmm, its well, your demise was a very rude shock to me, but I believe you are done with your assignment and it's time for u to go home. You were very meticulous in your dealings and always wearing a big smile.... I kno u are in paradise and also God will give us all the fortitude to bear your absence I won't call it loss.... Sleep on brother, sleep well... The battle is over
Posted by Joy Emmanuel on September 26, 2019
Hmmmm! it is well. I'm always very glad each time I see you because you did not allow your health status to limit you in any way, always smiling, very kind, even when I came to see you on your sick bed I believed God that you're going to push through but God knows all, your death opened up a revelation in my heart, I will miss you my dear brother and colleague, continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus May God comfort the entire family and grant them grace to stand strong.
Posted by Idowu Oluwagbemisola on September 26, 2019
You are in a better place .  
You have fought a good fight.....
Heaven rejoice...
Everything about you testified that you have finished well. Hallelujah
Beloved you are with the saints raising hallelujah to our king.
God Almighty you said in your word that you are the father to the fatherless and husband to the widow, father please be to your daughter and her children,keep and provide for them always in Jesus name. Amen

Posted by Taiwo Longe on September 26, 2019
TobiLala DaBigOne, ....the PPP Laboratory began to form and not without your enormous contributions, severally you will single handedly troubleshoot our analysers, the QC to go on now without you!
Does the dead read notes like this?But I know you have moved away from knowing in part! I only pray that God forgive us for how unwell we have managed your peculiarity vis-à-vis work here! Thank you for been a fighter, thank you for winning! All glory be to God! Sleep on beloved, I must see you again in the resurrection morning!....
Posted by Omobolanle Adekanye on September 26, 2019
It's a deep pain to lose a leader of men. Bro Tobilola Lala, you were a selfless and compassionate person. People have only positive things to say about you, how you helped them by going the extra mile.
It's a great loss that you are no longer with us. You will be forever missed.
I pray The LORD abides by and supports Sis Oreofe, your children and family left behind.
Posted by Ogbeide Uaboi on September 26, 2019
I'm truly saddened by your passing on. Your memory will be etched in my heart. Live on, brother.
May the lord comfort those you left behind.
Posted by Olaolu Abokede on September 26, 2019
Sunset at dawn...

For us is loss, to God is gain.
May the Lord comfort every family members and loved ones.

I pray your legacies continue to impact.

'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!
Posted by Adewumi Sam. on September 26, 2019
You are not dead. Words cannot express what you mean to me. You are ever here in my heart where you will always be, never forgotten. Even though you are gone, I still hold you here my brother. Live on Biggie Smohl.
Posted by Olaitan Israel-Aliu on September 26, 2019
This is really hard for me to do but I must do it.....Tobi Lala as fondly called by all, you were an inspiration to me. Your positive attitude towards life, your radiant smiles, your humility and respect even towards your junior colleagues made you stand out. You gave hope too many, you always believed in everyone, so much so that you brought out the hidden treasures in them. Your stay on earth may be short but you made a great impact.
You lived life to the fullest, a lover of God, caring and friendly, we will surely miss you
Good night brother, we will remember your good works and continue from where you stopped.
You remain in our hearts forever.
Adieu brother, we shall see again at the master's feet
Posted by Hope Olaopa on September 26, 2019
My dear brother...Oluwatobi....its really hard to believe you are gone, you lived a good and impactful life. Our last conversation lingers in my head and heart. I miss you dear brother. Keep resting bro
Posted by Tobi Ade on September 26, 2019
My Sake (like you call me), you lived a really beautiful and highly impacting life. You lived it to the fullest but never out of fear that you will leave soon. I remember one time when in school I told you to take it easy with the way you were stressing yourself out because of your health. You looked me in the eyes and told me firmly and repeatedly that "I don't have SS". Indeed I believed you didn't from that day on and you became my testimony. I NEVER believed you will leave so soon but God knows why.
  You encouraged me to join SWAP, it was through your encouragement I donated my first pint of blood and I eventually became an active member of BDI. Both groups built me. I can go on and on telling of how much you have affected my life directly and indirectly...
  We have a consolation in the faith that you are with our Savior and we will see you again someday. Rest on Sake. We miss you.
Posted by Eniola Alawonde on September 26, 2019
Lord Jesus! Where do I start , hmmmmm.
This hit me soooo hard! I just have to do this. You loved the Lord and all around you.You were more than a friend, you were indeed my brother. Caring, intelligent,calm, humble,selfless ,relieable, a rare gem the list is unending. Smiling through your pain. You were an extra-miler, ever ready to assist and connect people. You stood by me through my lowest moments, my parents, siblings, spouse and kids love you dearly and will greatly miss you.
You and Oreofe always made me feel at home each time you hosted me. You taught Tolubi the Lord early, I always watch with much admiration, you knew what you wanted and was prepared(I still have Psalty songs you gave me).
You were intentional in all you did, I could go on and on.
By and By when the morning comes when the saint of God shall gather, we will tell the story how we over come, we will understand it better by and by!
God will bring comfort to our hearts.
Baba T good night!
Posted by Ashiwaju Omotola on September 26, 2019
Hmmmm. So shocking to believe you have left this world to be with your maker. You are indeed an hero and you died as a hero. The life you live, what you stood for is an inspiration to many who would have given up on life. Even though to us it seems you left too early but we find solace in the fact that you have lived a purposeful and fulfilled life. Rest in the bosom of Almighty Kehinde Lala. MGSBI '97.
Posted by Cecile Adewumi on September 26, 2019
Oluwatobi Dabigone Lala, though it hurts that you have joined the cloud of witnesses so soon, we are grateful to God and give Him all the glory for the beautiful life you lived, and the wonderful legacy you left behind.
Adieu Tobi, until the Resurrection Morning.
My family and I will surely miss you lots.

Cecile Bolajoko Adewumi
Posted by Nwankwo Ashietu on September 26, 2019
Tobi Lala, you lived your life like a candle in the wind, going through storms, knowing one day your light could go off yet still lightning the paths for others to see. In you I saw a highly intelligent and cerebral person yet very humble, always with a smile. Your life is a testimony on this side and I know you will always be in the hearts of those that loves you. Keep raising an Hallelujah with the angels, worship with the elders and let the heavens know a beloved son has come home!!
Posted by Bolaji Yusuf on September 26, 2019
It's painful I'm knowing you this way.. It came as a shock to me, I know you are with the Lord, that's the joy in it.... I pray for strength to Sis Ore and to the entire family at large..... Continue to rest Mr Kehinde
Posted by Bimpe Sowobi Olawepo Olat... on September 26, 2019
When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure? It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives. Oluwatobiloba May God give you eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the great pain.
Posted by Kofoworola Adegbola on September 25, 2019
Egbon mi, as I foundly call you. I'm celebrating you and would continue to do so and not mourn. Having you as a school father back then in secondary school was a great previleged and envy to many cos you always got my back. When you graduated and left I felt so lonely but your mom was there to encourage me, trained me , nutured me and made sure I understood Biology by fire by force. Little did I know that our path would cross again in UCH and the story continued.

You lived your life just like Jesus did. He didn't stay long on Earth but left an indeliable mark that generations yet unborn refers to. You were a Goal Getter, an Accomplisher, Selfless to the core. Always bringing out the best in others. I really do not have enough words to describe you. You would forever remain in my heart. You told me that you are in a better place, so we should all work hard and make sure we meet again when the time comes. Your words are always comforting.
I'm glad we celebrated your 6th year wedding anniversary together. Your legacies would forever live on.
I'm celebrating you like I said. Surely would continue to Raise a Hallelujah to our God.
Posted by Mabel Olujitan on September 25, 2019
Rest in peace!!!Rest in the bossom of our Lord!!!!
Posted by Feyikemi Oladokun on September 25, 2019
I don't even know what to write, you are a good person and how could you just leave like that,Continue to rest in the blossom of almighty. Brother
Posted by Tolu Odedele on September 25, 2019
I celebrate your friendship,your courage and your generosity. I celebrate a man whose life bore a consistent testimony that he had been with Jesus. May the memories we hold of you beloved Biggie, spur us on to run our own courses faithfully to its perfect end.
Posted by Tbos Dur on September 25, 2019
Oh my!!! Oh no... I don't even know what to type... **tears** ...Rest on my brother..
I pray comfort.. The one that comes from the Holy Spirit on every single family member..immediate and extended
Posted by Olubamike Fadipe on September 25, 2019
Tobi, as we all called you fondly, you lived the fullness of that name till the very end, you were really the big one (Dabigone ). Certainly the name and the nick name had nothing to do with your body size but more of the zoom of your vision, the size of your heart, the depth of your faith and the shape of your character.

The fullness of the full name came alive in my heart the more - Oluwatobiloba at your exit.

I have cried and stopped crying and only had a full replay of all our deeper interactions since the year began.

The book project we worked on together - "Wealth is for everyone" was my lifetime opportunity to really know you deeply, you handled the project like we didn't have time. Now I know better that we didn't have a lot of time.

I remember how much you taught me on my debut book project. You were so enthusiastic about it, i remember spending the whole day in your living room and how you shared so freely.

I am seeing your face as I write this and all your nudges on many parts of me that I wanted hidden. I told you about my ongoing book project and you were waiting patiently to see the draft and harass me, you knew what the content was going to be like. . . Perhaps, I was too late, maybe I should have given you the few chapters done. . .

Your love for God, depth in faith and strength of character remains a consolation and assurance that you came, you saw, you did so much in the little space of time and you conquered.

The Lord will maintain and sustain all that you have built with His goodness and grace.

Comfort each and everyone on all sides.

Till we see to part no more. . .

Rest on in the bossom of your Maker.

From my entire clan. . .
Posted by Adenike Obayoriju on September 25, 2019
Oluwatobiloba,indeed our hearts are heavy and we honestly wish our tears can bring you back to life or the wails can jolt you back to life but we have to live with the reality that we can only cherish the beautiful days we had you.
I still remember the last long chat you and Oreofe had with us......
You are always in our thoughts and we will continually bless God for blessing us with a gift of YOU.
May the Lord uphold all that you left and May He strengthen us all through this period.
Dear Ore-ofe,the Lord is with you and for you! He is still God,still good and faithful.
Posted by Oluwaseyi Dare-Davids on September 25, 2019
Since the death of Tobiloba, I have pondered deeply about life and the end of man. His death again sadly reminds us and brings us face to face with our own mortality. From the day we are born into the world, kicking or screaming, or quiet and unassuming, we are one step closer to the end.

With his death, I remember the words of Albert Pike that, " what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal ". Your good works shall continue to live after you.

Rest in peace, Tobilola Lala, my good brother and friend.
Posted by Queen Adesanmi on September 25, 2019
Dear Tobi,

I am saddened by your departure from this world, but find solace in the fact that you are resting in paradise with our Almighty Father. I thank God for the friendship you shared with my husband(Wale Adesanmi). You will never be forgotten in our household. We will always be there to support Ore Ofe and your beautiful children(Eyitolubi & Eyitolufe).I wish we could have met here on earth but I know for sure we will one day meet in Heaven. Rest on my brother!
Posted by Olufeyisetan Lala on September 25, 2019
He was the brother that stayed with arms opened wide and gave me the courage to pull through. The thots of not been able to speak with you, call you at the midnight hour, ask for opinions, make plans is overwhelming for me and can't stop the tears from rolling down my eyes. Biggie I will miss you all my life but I know Gods grace is sufficient for me to pull through. Forever in my heart my brother
Posted by Noel Abiodun on September 25, 2019
An epitome of positivity, humility, love, care, hard work, God fearing, high level of intelligence, selflessness...I can go on and on. Tobi was one person I know that exudes all the qualities mentioned above. Always giving of himself, Even on the sick bed, he was rendering help to both patients and relatives alike uptil his last minute. Oh God, he was such a beautiful soul. Though his stay here was rather short, but I can say he lived a fulfilled and impactfull life. Rest on bro till we meet at home. My family and I would greatly miss you. We love you but God loves you more. Ka dupe.
Posted by ScaleIT Digital on September 25, 2019
There is no loss, not anymore. You have been ushered into glory. Your life was inspiring. I will miss you.
Posted by Emmanuel Olanrewaju on September 25, 2019
What a wonderful brother!. Always very happy and never tired of doing well. You will forever missed. Oluwatobiloba Lala till we meet again to part no more. I love you. Pst. ES. Olanrewaju
Posted by Lateef M. Olalekan on September 25, 2019
There are some who rule this land and think themselves to be kings....
You ruled the hearts of people around you with your humility and kindness.... 

You have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime of gratitude. You were and are still an inspiration and source of courage to all....

We are not saying Goodbye forever but for now...

You will be missed and forever remembered.
Posted by Fola Ariyo on September 25, 2019
I celebrate you Tobi. I celebrate you always. Rest Brother . Rest!!!
Posted by Funmi Adewumi on September 25, 2019
Oluwatobi Omokehinde lala, it is very difficult for me to write this but I have the assurance that you are with the lord, well received and with numerous crowns.
On the faithful day about 2pm, I had this thought--- 'Funmi, you Should check on Tobi'-- I quickly picked my phone which was initially Powered off but for the messages on the whatsapp pages..........
Omo won l'Ogbomosho, Akinkanju, Olufe ati Olufokansin Oluwa.....

Oore mi tooto. I won't forget your legacies.... You stood for the truth..... I remember the wrist watch I bought from you in April 2019, Tobiloba returned the balance ....'Funmi, I got it cheaper, here is your balance'...Tobi said...
Tobi connected and reunited our Class. He was that one person but a friend to all.
He took every issue in a simple way. Always smiling and will check on all his friends....
BabaTolubi, Oko Ooreofe, my brother and friend we love you but Jesus loves you more. Good Night.
Posted by Osunbunmi Samuel on September 25, 2019
It was just in one of the seminar presentation i got to know you sir....i respected the level of intelligence you displayed that day....i was happy i'l be priviledged to tap from it....i never nursed a thought that you were going to leave us so stil live on sir...your landmarks we'l always cherish forever.....
Posted by Oluwafunmilayo Wuraola on September 25, 2019
Oga mi!!!!!! The earth testifies about you and I believe heaven speaks good about this Hero too,great reward awaits you brother,we are only separated bodily I know we shall meet again where we will die no more. This is my consolation. Dear Lord please give the wife, children and the family the fortitude to bear at this crucial time, console them yourself Lord and keep watching over all that he has left behind him(AMEN). Adieu TOBI

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