Shared by Cheryl Berkey on April 7, 2021
Keith and his brothers, were a big part of my life growing up.  I have many fond memories of playing in the house in town or at the farms.  Sliding down a driveway, (I don’t remember any snow) and many pets and animals and playing in barns, orchards and pastures.   We were in church youth group together and Mike and I both went to high school with Keith and we graduated in the same class.  One thing that has stuck in my mind, was the kids in our senior class nicknamed Keith “The Man from Glad”.  (They evidently thought he reminded them of the actor that did the Glad plastic wrap TV commercials)

Keith was always polite, kind, good-natured, and fun to be around.  He genuinely cared about us and others.  Mike and I enjoyed our dinners at Bing’s with Keith and others after church on Sundays.

We miss you Keith, and will join you someday.
 Mike and Cheryl

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