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This tribute was added by Haley Reynolds on December 18, 2019
I've had a hard time thinking of what I should write. There aren't words for what happened here. The loss is huge. It's everyone's loss. The lives he touched will never be the same. He was a truly good man. He made my mom incredibly happy. Which if you know my mom, you know she deserved to be happy. Keith will forever be in our hearts.
This tribute was added by Eve Jones on December 17, 2019
I knew from the start that Keith was a cool guy. To me, Keith was one-liner funny, a goofball, and a guy you could always count on cutting up with you when no one else would. He was also a guy that brought happiness to a woman who needed someone to love her in a way that made her genuinely smile. He was full of love and he cared for other’s happiness. He fit right in to the weirdness of the family, a complement and partner in “fun” to my father who I thought was king of strange until he came along. He was a son, a father, a husband, a brother, and a friend. Many are hurting from his loss and I can’t believe he’s gone. I pray for God to heal the hurt and that we embrace how important it is to be a part of one another’s lives while we’re still here. My condolences on the huge loss. He is sorely missed.
This tribute was added by Teresa Delaney on December 14, 2019
I'm so sorry for your loss. My prayers will be with you ..
This tribute was added by William Smith on December 13, 2019
Keith Smith was my best friend. He always treated me like I was special to him. His love for Jennifer was something everyone who knew him envied. He was a man that I loved very much and
I am a better person to have known him. His love of life, having fun at all times, and he was always positive, God must have needed him badly !!
This tribute was added by Brianne Smith on December 13, 2019
What I would give for you to call me and say “wazzzzzz up!!” one more time. Just once more. Or for you walk down an HEB aisle being weird and acting crazy, saying “look what I can do!”

You will be greatly missed dad. Not just by me but by your girl, Sydney. She was a Gpaw’s girl and loved you so much! I did too!

I love you dad! This isn’t goodbye, just a see you later. Rest easy in heaven and watch over us always!
This tribute was added by Bunny Smith on December 13, 2019
I loved Keith Smith....He was my son-n-law, my son, and the man that made my daughter happier than I've ever seen her. He was my husband's best friend.
All men could have learned how to treat their wives from Keith. He was everything I could have ever wanted for Jennifer. She consistently wore a mile-wide smile. She giggled or flat out lost it at everything he said or did because he was just that funny.
He would snapchat me the funniest crap I ever saw and send me polo's out of the blue. Funny, goofy, smart, and oh so loving to everyone.
We will never know the "why" he was taken that nasty, foggy morning. I guess God just needed another Angel.

R.I.P. my "son". I love you and you will be forever missed...
This tribute was added by Dale Lesikar on December 13, 2019
Sorry to hear of your loss Don. Our prayers and sympathy to you and your family
This tribute was added by Tina Spencer-Holliman on December 12, 2019
Many prayers for comfort & understanding for Jennifer, Brianne, Sydney, Morgan & Riley. I am so so sorry y’all are having to go through this. (((Hugs)))

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