Posted by Keith Hall on September 13, 2019
Dear Dad,

  This is your only son. You are my only father. Even though I was 4 when you left us with tears to follow behind, I still carry the memories of the 2 of us. Our fun times together, have follow along with me since the day I still believed you were coming home. I can only imagine how on Earth I could remember so much, as far back from the age of 2 years old, while most people can't remember a thing before the age of 4. You are remembered as Freebird, and a "Free Bird" is what you have always been to me. Here I am, 28 years old now 24 years later, you have always been the reason why I have a strong pride and have been able to stand up for myself, never letting my guard down. Like an Eagle that soars higher than no other as a spiritual boundary. I know you are the Free Bird with the Spirit of an Eagle. One that can no longer show his appearance around because you flew beyond the sky's limit upon the mountain, knowing that I will one day find you. You are my guardian, protector, shield, and armor of life. You are the breath in me, that is still alive. You are the thought that cherish no less for the years you have been unaccounted for in my life and physical presence. You have blessed me with a life and heart that holds the memories that will never get older. Memories that have held me together. That have couraged me to never let my pride get taken from me.
I know you are watching over me every day, and have never turned the other way. You picked me up when I fell. You are the shield and armor for my pride. You are the reason for being never forgotten. Your guidance is my never ending love and faith in you. Age no more as you rest high in the mountain peak, high above and beyond where we will all reunite in the end, as I age on.

I love you Dad. May you be restless free.
I'll see you at the end.

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