The memory of Keith will be with us forever
and ever!
  • 67 years old
  • Born on June 28, 1945 .
  • Passed away on June 22, 2013 .

In Loving Memory of Keith
My Love, My Life 
The dawn will bring another day,
And with it the chance to be
A light in the life of others
As you were a light to me.

In faith with hope and trust in God,
I too will try to be a source of strength for others,
In Your Loving Memory.      

 You left me peaceful memories,  
Your love is still my guide though I cannot see you You're always at my side You never really left me, nor have you gone far, You're in God's garden and you have left the door ajar for me.   

Posted by Vernie Wade on 31st December 2018
Hi my Love, another year gone by. Still missing you as always. I'm not doing a thing for new years , it seems like I get a cold or something around this time. Remember? Yours always.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 7th October 2018
Hi my darling, Happy Thanksgiving...…….Not!!!! and it hasn't been since you've been gone. I try so hard to get passed this longing, but just when I think that I'm getting there, something else happens that remind me of the life with you was like and I'm back in this hell once again. I'm going to the river today and setting your urn in the water, at least that way you'll be free of it. I love you still... with all my heart and soul. Be safe, and on your way, my Love.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 28th June 2018
Happy Birthday Darling, how I wish that was true.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 22nd June 2018
Here we are again, 5 years later, nothing has changed for me , still loving and missing you as if you left yesterday. It is getting more tolerable though, thank God for that. I can't say this enough, I love you and miss you terribly. I always will. I will never forget what we shared and the love we had was never forgotten for a minute. Love you always Sweetie, From your cutie.
Posted by Tarina Hicton on 5th January 2018
I know I don't post on here a lot, but always know, Keith, you are in my thoughts always.. xo
Posted by Vernie Wade on 28th December 2017
Merry Christmas to my darling, I can`t imagine it being 4 years ago, it feels like a lifetime. I miss you every day, I can`t bring myself to part with your ashes but there will come a time that I will have to. Till then, I will keep you close. Love you, your Cutie.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 28th June 2017
Happy Birthday Sweetie, I wish with all my heart that you could still be here to celebrate this day with your loved ones, however maybe someday we will. I have faith my darling, till then take care and I love you. (((((smack)))))
Posted by Vernie Wade on 22nd June 2017
I will never, ever forget this day and any other day my darling. I am counting on my faith in seeing you one day. I love you forever and a day. Your cutie
Posted by Vernie Wade on 17th June 2017
Happy Anniversary my Darling. I remember this day like it was yesterday You looked sooooo handsome in your tux. Oh my sweetie, I miss you so much and I will till my days here are done.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 16th April 2017
Happy Easter my Love, my Life, my Everything. I hope you secure and happy on this holy day. Was a very quite day for me, I will Love you forever and a day.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 14th February 2017
Happy Valentine's Day My Love! ((((Smack))))) and big big hugs.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 23rd December 2016
Merry Christmas my Sweetie, another year has come and gone. Nothing has changed, still missing you terribly, I know you're in a better place but I wish ,with all my heart, that you were still here! I will love you forever and a day. Your Cutie
Posted by Vernie Wade on 29th June 2016
Sorry my Sweetie with my birthday wishes but I didn't have my puter with me. Happy Birthday my one and only. Love you still with all my heart and soul. S'long my love, till we meet again. Your Cutie
Posted by Sandee Carson on 28th June 2016
I still miss you soooo much Bro. I wish with all my heart that all the memories of you had not died with you!!
Posted by Vernie Wade on 22nd June 2016
Hiya Sweetie, remember we always said that? I know that you're not scared anymore, and that's a very good thing. darling, love of my life, I still am in love, not with you but your memory. It's so sad that 's all I have left of something that was so wonderful and good. I hope to God that we will have that again. I have faith, I have to have to cope. S'long.
Posted by Tarina Hicton on 22nd June 2016
3 years.. feels like yesterday in a lot of ways. I know you are with us in spirit and probably helping your neighbours up there, build a deck, put in a door, etc. Just know you are greatly missed and loved. Your kiddo, T
Posted by Vernie Wade on 18th June 2016
Forgive me my darling, I'm one day late. Happy Anniversary Sweetie. Just remember my Love,my Life,, that you're Forever Missed.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 1st May 2016
Hi Sweetie, I watched a movie last night , it was about a lady dieing from cancer. It made me think of you (which I do all the time anyway) but more while watching the show. When you said to me, "I'm scared" Oh my Sweetie, I wished I had seen the movie before that time, I would have known what to say to you. My Darling, you're home now and I will see you again. Love you constantly. Your Cutie.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 28th March 2016
Hi Darling, I haven't been adding anything to this page as it seems that I only feel bad when I do. It reminds me all the times that I wish you were still here. The time is coming God willing,when I'm with you again. Easter has come and gone, spent the day by myself. Missing you terribly Sweetie. Gotta go, talk to you soon. Your Cutie.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 23rd December 2015
Merry Christmas my Love. Here it is another Christmas that don't feel like celebrating because you're not here. Never ever will I get used to you not being here asking me "What do you want for Christmas cutie?". God I miss you!!!!!
Posted by Vernie Wade on 30th October 2015
Well, my Love, have not written anything for awhile, it's not that I don't miss you everyday, it's just that I just can't say enough how much I still miss you and wish you were here. I love you always and a day, my love. I hope that you can hear me missing you, it would be like thunder in your ears.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 28th June 2015
Well, my Dear, here we are again, another BD and another flower laid, another year has passed since your last birthday, and nothing has changed for me. Still wishing,,,,, still remembering, ,,, save a piece of cake for me for when I see you again. This is just as hard as the first time I wrote on this site. My love, till we meet again, This is def. by far, the hardest mountain to climb. I will reach the summit. Love you lots!!!
Posted by Sandee Carson on 28th June 2015
Happy Birthday Bro. It would have been your 70th today. I never imagined that you wouldn't be here. Love you and miss you.xxxooo
Posted by Sandee Carson on 22nd June 2015
As I scan thru all the photos on this sight, I just ache with missing you. I still find it hard to believe that all my birth family is gone (you, Gordie, Mom and Dad) and I am the only one left. I am glad you had such a happy life with Vernie and that she was with you during your illness. I just wish she hadn't cut me off after you died!! I am so sorry I didn't get to see you one last time. Miss you and Love you.xxxxoooo
Posted by Tarina Hicton on 19th June 2015
Hi Dad.. I'm doing okay.. I wanted to leave you a note to say thank you for sharing your wonderful wedding day to Mom. I will never forget the look on your face when you saw Mom in her dress for the first time walking down the aisle. You cried.. which, of course, made me cry.. not a dry eye in the place that day (not a dry eye here either while I type this note to you). Miss you lots and lots. xo
Posted by Vernie Wade on 17th June 2015
I'm not even sure of how to start this note Sweetie, It's been 16 years since I met you and it just doesn't seem that I can live on without you, and yet here I am, still lonely since your passing, still loving you, still wishing........,This day was supposed to be wonderful for us for years to come, but it wasn't to be. Remember that shoe darling, well it fell with a horrific thud. But Sweetie, I don't blame you, it was not your doing. If only we had known, My heart, my soul belongs to you and will always. On this day, our anniversary, it's especially hard to take known the fact. So long my darling, till we meet again. You are always on my mind and in my heart! To my Sweetie from you Cutie.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 25th April 2015
Hi Sweetie, nothing new happening in my life and there probably never will be anyone else, I miss you with all my heart and soul. Just saying that I wish you were still here by my side would be an understatement. My soulmate, my love, my life. I still wish that I could just have one more minute with you just to tell you "I'm still in love with you and always will be!" Your Cutie
Posted by Vernie Wade on 1st January 2015
Another year to endure. 2015. I wish I could be optimistic. Sorry, sweetie, I know if you were here, You'd tell me to keep my chin up cause you know that you are loved. Sometimes it's very hard to do, but I will try. Love you lots and lots and miss you and I will always.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 20th December 2014
Merry Christmas Darling, I know this is like a broken record, I miss you, I love you, till we meet again!!!! Your Cutie
Posted by Vernie Wade on 7th December 2014
It's been awhile, it's not that I don't miss you, it's not that I don't love like crazy, It's not that I don't say to you "Good Morning Sweetie," every morning, it's not that I don't say "Good Night Sweetie" every night, It's that every time I think of you, I can't help but be angry, lonesome, and wanting you by my side. I know which will only happen in death. As always, your cutie.
Posted by Tarina Hicton on 12th July 2014
Just wanted to say I miss you, your patience, understanding, insight and love will always be remembered. Keith, you are one of the most special people that I have ever had the privilege to have known in my life. I know Mom was blessed when you came into her life and I feel the same way. I may not have said it much, but I do love you. I will continue to be there for Mom as I promised. She's a tough cookie, but you know that ;-) Love, Your Favourite StepDaughter, Tarina xo :-)
Posted by Vernie Wade on 28th June 2014
Happy Birthday to you Sweetie, Love you forever and ever! Thanks to everyone to signed in to say "Hello" and wished you were still here! From your Cutie
Posted by Sandee Carson on 28th June 2014
Well dear Brother, today is your birthday and you would have been 69. I hope you are celebrating with friends and family where you are. Love you and miss you.
Posted by Penny Wade on 23rd June 2014
One year has absolutely flown by in so many ways and yet has been such a difficult year for so many that miss you Keith. My heart goes out to you Vernie, to you Sandee, Ed and DJ. You were loved and loved by so many and helped my two young sons Mitchell and Stewart become the men they are today. THANK YOU thank you thank you. Kisses to Stacey, Gordie, Gordon and Doris.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 22nd June 2014
Sweetie, I have downloaded a piece of music that you liked to relax and listen to. It's one of the ones you bought not that long ago. Enjoy!
Posted by Vernie Wade on 22nd June 2014
It seems like yesterday, my darling, that we were planning our retirement together. This life sucks to be me without you. I love you with all that I am. The only one blessing that I can relate to this life is that you are no longer in pain. My darling, I will always, forever miss you until we are together once more. Our powerful love can't be for this life only, there has to be more. So long my love, for now.
Posted by Sandee Carson on 22nd June 2014
Well little Brother, it's hard to believe you have been gone for a year. I hope you and brother Gordie are spending time together, maybe with Mom and Dad too!! I'm sorry I didn't have more time with you the past couple of years, but one day I'll see all of you again. Love you and miss you. Your "sisty-ugler".
Posted by Vernie Wade on 17th June 2014
Morning Darling, this is our special day, I hope you have a wonderful day!!!! Love you always, even in death does not dull my feelings. Forever and ever and a day!
Posted by Vernie Wade on 15th June 2014
Morning my Love, I know you're not my children's father, but I'm here to say I wish you were here to share father's day. Another first. The rest of this month will be a particularly difficult for me. I wonder if it'll ever be easier without you. Miss you terribly my Love.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 16th April 2014
Easter is on it's way, another first my darling, I keep remembering our time together, Way, Way too short. Love you darling as always, I miss you so much, when is this going to be bearable. I hope with all my heart that there is a heaven and I will see you again one day.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 13th February 2014
Happy Valentines day darling, it's all these first's that are hard to handle since you've been gone. But my love for you has not diminished and it never will, till we are together again, Love you lots. To: My Sweetie From: Your Cutie
Posted by Stewart Forrest on 26th December 2013
Too many Christmases passed since we last saw each other yet today, I enjoyed your voice again as we remembered so many wonderful years and watched a video i took as a teen aged boy. Enjoy your first Christmas among true angels on high!
Posted by Vernie Wade on 25th December 2013
Merry Christmas my Darling, I love you, always.
Posted by Arnold & Sylvia Shimko on 29th July 2013
Although we only knew you for a short time, you always put a smile on our faces with you wonderful sense of humor. You will always be our hearts and on our minds. We will always remember you fondly and appreciate knowing you.
Posted by Nick & Nellie Konowalchuk on 28th July 2013
we will miss your good smiles and your company. until we meet again???
Posted by Stewart Forrest on 26th July 2013
I avoided this moment for too long, as it hurt too deep and taking the time to say good bye makes it all too real! You proved to be more of an influence in my life than I wanted to give you credit for but it's crazy how much pain the heart can let go of when the future is taken away! Thank you Keith, for being the man you didn't have to be! My "dad"!
Posted by Vernie Wade on 21st July 2013
For those who care to see our cruise we took. The way to see it is to let it run through and then put the little button back to the start position. Then it will play properly. FYI My wonderful husband kept his promise to take me to Hawaii, he always kept his promises. Thank-you my darling, ttyl.
Posted by Vernie Wade on 14th July 2013
Thank-you to everyone who lit a candle for my wonderful husband whom I miss terribly. Words can not express the grief you feel when you lose someone as precious and as wonderful as he was .I hope time does heal, even a little healing would help.
Posted by Ray Pich on 13th July 2013
Our time together was too short yet in that time I found a friend. Thank you Uncle for the life you brought my family. Thank you for the happiness you brought my family. Thsnk you for the love you brought my Auntie Vernie. Through all of this you took nothing but our hearts. Thank you. You will be missed but live always in our memories
Posted by Lynn Moore on 8th July 2013
Farewell Keith. You are in a place of pure love now with loved ones who went before you. Thank you for all you contributed to Penny's and my life. Bless you.

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