This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Keith Templeton, 39, born on February 18, 1971 and passed away on February 20, 2010. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Wilma Templeton on December 25, 2014
It's Christmas time again son without you here with us.You are greatly missed and we all love you so much.Maybe someday we can celebrate again together.But we will never stop missing and loving you.I know your friends and other family really miss you too.I can tell by the number of views you have on here.Garrett came to see me this week.It was really good to see him.I wish I could see Alan today.but he is in kentucky.All I want for them is to be happy in life.I love and miss you .Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on November 27, 2014
You were missed today son.We missed the boys too.they weren't able to come.But it was a good day for us with Pam Paula and the girls.One day we will be celebrating in heaven together.Love you and miss you dearly.Someday. Mom
Posted by Judy Lowe on November 26, 2014
Posted by Pat Diamond on November 25, 2014
WOW , this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen , love the song , Keith you are loved so very much and missed badly , you are a very handsome man and I know your mom is torn apart with the loss of seeing and holding you daily , I didn't know you , just am your moms friend on facebook and felt her emptiness and now I know why , but I know in my heart that you are great in heaven and will be waiting for all your loved ones as you meet them at heavens gate . prayers for your mom and children . love Pat .
Posted by Wilma Templeton on November 13, 2014
Holidays are coming son and you are not here.I miss you so bad and think of you so much during these times.I miss you all the time but during these times they are bittersweet.I have all the memories.I miss the boys too.I don't think they are going to be able to be here.It's not the same anymore .If i could skip them I would but it wouldn't be fair to everyone to you later.I like coming here to talk to you.I don't know why .Crazy I guess.Love and miss you .Mom.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on September 14, 2014
Still missing you so much son.Love you so much and the memories never fade .Never forget anything about you.Ever.You are tucked inside of my heart as long as it is beating and then when it isn't I hope you are the first face I see .Until then Mom.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on August 4, 2014
thinking alot about you lately son.Miss you every day just wishing you were back with us all.Especially the boys .I know they have a hard time sometimes without you here .they love you very much .we all do.I pray to see you again someday.If I do it won't be so bad leaving here if I can see all my family.Sometimes it is so hard living without all of you but I pray that you are with all of them.Love you more than life itself.Until then I love you .Mom.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on June 27, 2014
Posted by Wilma Templeton on May 23, 2014
Garrett graduated last week.I was so proud of him and I know you were there just as proud as I was.It is hard to believe they are grown men now.So much has happened in the last few years.Nothing is the same since you left us.But I know I will see you again.Just know that you raised 2 good boys.We all love and miss you very much.This is my link to you and I feel you can hear me so I will keep leaving messages even though peopl probably think I have lost my mind .But I don't mind.If they have ever lost a child they will understand.Love you much son.Mom.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on May 11, 2014
Mothers Day just wasn't as good without you here .Missed you so much.Got to spend with the girls though.Going to Garrett's graduation next week.You would have been so proud going to graduations.Alan and Garrett are men now.It don't seem possible but they are.I can't believe you aren't here to see it.It just isn't right you should be here.I will never get used to you being gone.Love and miss you so much.But we will see each other again.Until then .Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on April 3, 2014
Missing you son and you are in my dreams sometimes .I love to dream because you are with me then.Someday .love you very much.Mom.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on March 14, 2014
Thinking of you today son and missing you.wish you were here to see your sons they are all grown up and doing would be so proud of them both .Garrett is working at Perdue now and living on his on at 18.I am very proud of him .He knew what he wanted and went after it .So grownup.Alan is working in a factory .I don't know what he does but I am real proud of him working and making his own way.I am sure now that they will be fine because they know how to take care of theirselves.You raised them good Keith and taught them to be responsible.They still miss you so much as we all do. It One day we will be together again.Love you . Mom
Posted by Scott Caldwell on February 21, 2014
Happy Birthday Keith, we miss you and think of you often. I'm find myself telling people at work of our adventures on the east coast. I will never forget our time there! We once stopped to give money to a homeless saxophone player and end up trying to play it ourselves! Lol we sounded awful! This was on one of our many trips to watch the race at the ESPN END-ZONE at Times Square in the city.  I can't wait to see you again on the streets of glory! Love you brother!
Posted by Wilma Templeton on February 20, 2014
Keith it has been 4 years ago today that I lost you.Seems like yesterday.I still miss you as much today as I did the moment that goob came and told me that you were gone.I still relive that moment.It was the worst moment in my life.But i know that when I see you again that it will be a great moment.I know I will see you again.I love you son forever.MOM.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on February 18, 2014
Happy Birthday.Keith.You are so very missed today as every day.Me and your dad bought you a pretty basket of flowers and balloons to take to cemetary.It is the only thing I can do for you now.I wish God wouldn't have taken you from us but I am praying when he takes me that you will be standing there waiting for me with that beautiful smile of yours.Love you so much son .until then MOM.
Posted by Felecia Yates on February 16, 2014
Keith I just wanted I miss u your mom is an awesome mom I really glad I got to know u
Posted by Wilma Templeton on January 3, 2014
Holidays are over Keith .Facing another year without you.I have missed you so much these last weeks.But I don't guess it has been any different than any days or weeks before that.I will always miss you.Nothing is the same here without you .I just hope you are walking streets of gold and are very happy.Then I would be happy for you because these times here are really rough and sad and I wouldn't want that for you.I want you to be happy and just hope we are all together again someday.Love you son Until then.Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on December 27, 2013
this song's name is Earth's Cry Heaven's smile and that is the way I feel it is .Heaven is smiling now. It has another angel.but the earth is crying because we lost you so I am leaving this song on for awhile.Miss you son so much.Love you forever and will never forget you.People may think that I am crazy for talking to you on here.But that is ok .It makes me feel closer to you Wish you could have been here for Christmas .We all missed you.Love you much .Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on December 26, 2013
Missed you today son.I hate these holidays without you..I missed the boys too.Alan had to work last night until this morning and they didn't come to I didn't get to see him and Garrett didn't come to see us today .I still miss you so much and the girls and your dad does too.I will see you again I feel it in my heart.I love you very much and always will.R.I.P.son.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on November 28, 2013
another Holiday without you son.It's Thanksgiving again.We won't get to see the boys either.It would be great to see them but they can't make it.I dreamed about you last night so I guess you come to see me .It was a good dream.I talked to you .I miss you so much .Holidays just make it worse.One day I will see you again .Love you very much ...Mom
Posted by Christy Spivey on November 12, 2013
I have days like today when I think about you and miss you so much. I wish you were still here to see how well the boys are doing. Garrett went back to Monterey to finish school and I know you are with him every day watching over him. I keep the family in my prayers, especially your mom. She's a strong woman, but she hurts so much. I wish I could take it from her. I wish you were here.....
Posted by Wilma Templeton on November 2, 2013
I'm missing you son alot .Love you much . Mom.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on October 7, 2013
I'm just missing you alot tonight.I wish so much that you didn't leave.Sometimes it is so hard to bear.I have to talk to you sometimes.Most of these post are mine but It is my way of keeping you with me.By talking to you I can imagine that you are able to hear me.I love you son and I know I will see you again someday.Miss you much son.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on July 4, 2013
Wish you were here Keith for the Fourth.The boys too.We will all be there but you .I hate that at holidays.I miss you so much and want you there.You always loved the fourth.You and Robert would get out there and shoot the fireworks for the kids.Love you much and until I see you again I will always think of you and miss you.Forever...Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on June 13, 2013
hey son .just needed to stop by your page.It has been a rough week .I pray you were there to meet your cousin Jessica.I hope you were all there for her.I have thought of you so much this week.This has brought it all back to when I lost you.I felt so sorry for Harvey and Brenda because I knew what they were going through.I love and miss you very much son.Until I see you again.Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on May 19, 2013
Alan graduated last night son but I am sure you were there in spirit.I hope you were.You would be proud of the man he is becoming.I know I am.I mss them and I miss you .I wish you guys didn't leave me.but there isn't anything I can do except go on each day.Some days are harder than others .I miss you son.Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on April 16, 2013
Keith I lost Danny Thursday..I pray that he is with all the family and you are too.I will come When God chooses and I pray that you are all there ..Especially you .I have to see you again.I miss you so much and miss all the family .See you again someday son .Wait for me .I love you.Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on March 23, 2013
Missing you today son.Alan and Garrett came by to see me this evening.It was so good to see them.I won't say they are growing because they are becoming men now.Wish you were here so that I could see them all the time.And you you guys very much. Mom
Posted by Scott Caldwell on March 2, 2013
I think about you often Keith. Every time I see New York on the tv it brings back the memories that I will always hold in my heart! You became one of the best friends I ever had and I will always love you. I'm blessed to have had the time we shared on the road working. We will meet again in heaven my friend!
Posted by Christy Spivey on February 20, 2013
Today is going to be hard for the boys Keith. It's even hard for me. We're going to get through today together though. I hate that you're not here to finish watching the boys turn into the wonderful young men they've become. I tell you about them every day and I know you hear me. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me to be. Thats a regret i'll have forever. We miss you!
Posted by Wilma Templeton on February 18, 2013
Happy Birthday son.Miss you and love you very much.Until I can see you again.Love Mom.
Posted by Ann Stamps-Mink on February 18, 2013
Happy Birthday Keith! I know it is so wonderful where you are and I hope you and Tammy have found each other and are waiting for me and Wilma to be there with you.We miss you all so bad.
Posted by Paula Templeton on February 18, 2013
I miss you so much. It still doesn't seem real to me that your not with us. Happy Birthday and I love you very much.
Posted by Christy Spivey on February 18, 2013
Happy Birthday Keith. I still can't get over you not being here. There's so much I wish I could tell you. The boys are doing great and are happy. You would be so proud of them. Today is hard for them but we're getting through it together. We'll all see you again one day, but until then, I take alot of comfort knowing you're with us in spirit. You are so very missed.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on January 1, 2013
Well son got through another were missed every day of it .I think things are going well for the boys.They are getting to know their brother.And seem to be happy so I know you would be happy for them .I know they will never get over losing you but are getting on .they should they are young.Love you miss you .Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on December 23, 2012
Miss you so much at Christmas time Son.I keep making wishes that I know can't come true.Keep making deals that I know won't work .Just wish I could bring you back to us.Love you so much.One day.Love Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on November 22, 2012
So sad without you today.We all missed you so much.Love you .mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on November 22, 2012
Another Thanksgiving without you son.I miss you so much.I think the boys are coming today .I am looking forward to seeing them.I know they miss you really bad too .We all do.We will be together someday in a better place.Until then I love you very much
Posted by Jeannie Templeton on October 18, 2012
Keith, had you on my mind this morning. You are always in my heart, sometimes it feels like you are still here, and then it hits me that you're in Heaven. We will see you again but, wish you were still here. You were one of the best Dad's I have ever known! Sending a big ((HUG)) to you in Heaven, and someday we will all be together again. Goob & I love you very much, and miss you!
Posted by Wilma Templeton on October 13, 2012
Love and miss you Son.
Posted by Jason Rose on September 27, 2012
i been gone from monterey for 15 yrs now and just found out you left way too early man,i guess the big guy upstairs needed a good pool player too.i remember shootin many a games with ya at the junctin,bout every evenin after school.hope to see ya again someday ,maybe shoot some nine ball n talk bout ole times.may you rest in peace bro...
Posted by Wilma Templeton on September 3, 2012
wish you were here son .miss you so much.I hate holidays without you being you much.Never forget you ever.Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on July 31, 2012
Miss you son.Boys are doing good.Iam out of work right now and your dad had a light it's not been too good.If you were here it would be so much better.We miss you so much.Love you .
Posted by Wilma Templeton on July 4, 2012
It's the Fourth Of July Keith.Wish you were here with the family.Going to Paula's for a cookout.Won't be the same without you.The boys won't be there either .Hope they have a good day in Kentucky.Love you much son and miss you as much as I love you For now Mom
Posted by Ann Stamps-Mink on June 1, 2012
I wish I could have met you Keith.You were such a handsome young man.I know your Mom hurts everyday for you. You have a cousin up there with you and I hope you two have met.Her name is Tammy.She always had a smile on her face. We will meet someday and I pray for comfort for your Mom and family.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on May 4, 2012
Keith yesterday was Alan's 18th birthday.I wish you could have been here to celebrate it with him.But I am sure you were here in spirit.I know how much you loved him and would have been proud.He is going to live with his mom and i'm sure you would have been all right with that knowing that he was happy.And he is I think.goodbye for now .love you.Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on February 20, 2012
I lost you 2 years ago .I miss you as much today as I did then..Sometimes it gets better but you were my only son.You would do much better raising these boys.I am older and I have different ideas than they do.I know you can't come back but I pray you are there when I leave here.I pray you will meet me.Dad too .he really misses you too.we love you and miss you .see you day.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on February 18, 2012
Keith today has been a very sad day.the family took baloons and flowers again.for your would have been 41 today.Just know we all love and miss you so much.I hope you saw all the balloons we sent you.bye for you .Mom
Posted by Wilma Templeton on January 29, 2012
son it's me again .I can't seem to stay away from this page.I feel somehow you know I am talking to you .It has been almost 2 years now .your birthday is coming up and that seems to make it worse.Alan and Garrett are doing good but they really miss you alot .Garrett is in love and they have found their mom again .I hope they are good .I hope I am doing what you would you forever
Posted by Wilma Templeton on January 29, 2012
I would leave longer messages to you but this page won't let me.I miss and love you so much Keith .Mom
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Posted by Wilma Templeton on May 10, 2020
thinking alot about you today son.wish you were here to wish me a happy mothers would be too if you were here .I love and miss you very much.MOM
Posted by Wilma Templeton on February 20, 2020
you have been gone 10 years today .I miss you just as much today as I did 10 year ago.Love you so much son and will be there someday .I know you will be there to take me home .Then I will get my big hug from you and tell you how much I have missed you Love you son .Mom.
Posted by Wilma Templeton on February 18, 2020
Happy Birthday Son.I love and miss you very much .Your dad does too.
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Shared by Ann Stamps-Mink on February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Keith, I know you are wearing wings in heaven today and its wonderful there. Your Mom will be having a hard time today missing you on your birthday.

Shared by Ann Stamps-Mink on January 31, 2014

Hi  Keith,I thought I would stop by and check out your stories and friends.Your smile is so beautiful . You remind me of my youngest son a lot.Some people say that me and your Mom favor.I guess we look like the Stamps.I often wonder if you and my Tammy might meet in heaven.Someday Wilma and I will be with you and Tammy and we will all as the song says be dancing in heaven.

Shared by Ann Stamps-Mink on December 25, 2011

Hi Kieth, I wasnt fortunate enough to ever meet you but I am your cousin.I grew up with your Mom.We were in the same grade and usually in the same class.Your Mom was a quite,good,humble person and I was always the loud mouth who stayed in the office a lot for talking or giggling in class.I have a daughter who passed away and she is in heaven too.I wish you would look her up.She was a lot like me, so look for the angel who is laughing the most.Her name is Tammy Shields.Your Mom misses you so much and today is a really a hard day for her.Christmas is always hard because we miss you even worse on that day.You were really a good looking young man and have great children.I was lucky enough to meet them.I even had my picture made with one of them.He is a funny one and makes everyone around him smile.Wilma is really a good Grandmother and those boys are her life  now.That is all that keeps her going I am sure.I know that because when you lose a child you feel like you at least have a piece of them in their children.You were too young to have to go but God seems to take the best ones first.He needed you and Tammy for something.