Shared by Ann Stamps-Mink on February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Keith, I know you are wearing wings in heaven today and its wonderful there. Your Mom will be having a hard time today missing you on your birthday.

Shared by Ann Stamps-Mink on January 31, 2014

Hi  Keith,I thought I would stop by and check out your stories and friends.Your smile is so beautiful . You remind me of my youngest son a lot.Some people say that me and your Mom favor.I guess we look like the Stamps.I often wonder if you and my Tammy might meet in heaven.Someday Wilma and I will be with you and Tammy and we will all as the song says be dancing in heaven.

Shared by Ann Stamps-Mink on December 25, 2011

Hi Kieth, I wasnt fortunate enough to ever meet you but I am your cousin.I grew up with your Mom.We were in the same grade and usually in the same class.Your Mom was a quite,good,humble person and I was always the loud mouth who stayed in the office a lot for talking or giggling in class.I have a daughter who passed away and she is in heaven too.I wish you would look her up.She was a lot like me, so look for the angel who is laughing the most.Her name is Tammy Shields.Your Mom misses you so much and today is a really a hard day for her.Christmas is always hard because we miss you even worse on that day.You were really a good looking young man and have great children.I was lucky enough to meet them.I even had my picture made with one of them.He is a funny one and makes everyone around him smile.Wilma is really a good Grandmother and those boys are her life  now.That is all that keeps her going I am sure.I know that because when you lose a child you feel like you at least have a piece of them in their children.You were too young to have to go but God seems to take the best ones first.He needed you and Tammy for something.

My Son Keith

Shared by Wilma Templeton on August 13, 2011

I only have a picture now.A frozen place in remind me how it was.when you were here and mine.   I see your smiling eyes each morning when I wake.I talk to you and place a kiss upon your lovely face.   How much I miss you being here.I really can not say. The ache is deep inside my heart.And never goes away.    I hear it mentioned often.That time will heal the pain.But if I'm honest.I hope it will remain.    I need to feel you constantly.To get me through the day.I loved you so very much.Why did you go away.   The angels come and took you .That really wasn't fair.They took my one and only son.My future life,my heir.  If only they asked me  if I would take your place.I would have done so willingly.Leaving you this world to grace.  You should have had so many years.To watch your life unfold.And in the midst of this watch me,your mom grow old.  I hope your watching from above at the daily task I do.And let there be no doubt at all.I really do love you my dear son Keith.

My Golf Story With Good Friends

Shared by Michael West on September 15, 2010

It was a hot summer day at White Plains Golf Course me and several of my friends were trying to play golf. Some how we made it to the 17th hole which was a par three after hitting several homes,ponds and alot of balls out of bounds. I think everyone had hit another ugly golf shot and we then went to look for our golf balls. I found mine in the woods and Billy Stamps found his by a big tree but we could not find Keith's ball and then Keith made a Joke mine is probably in the Hole. We all said right and of course keith walked up and pulled the flag out and his ball was in the hole. That had to be the luckest hole in one every received with that high score. We all had a great time that day trying to play golf with friends. Keith was a good friend that will truely always be missed. 

Michael West

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