Shared by Geoff Kreiling on March 28, 2012


I haven't seen Keith in almost 20 years.  We used to work together at MJDesigns in Denton.  I came across this site because I did a Google search on him.

We used to hang out a lot during and after work esepcially to go see Hagfish at Rick's Place, which I took as a personal victory because he was a much larger fan of metal than punk rock.  I always used to jokingly make fun of his long "metal" hair.  In fact, I never called him Keith I always greeted him as L.H. and would always reply back "Shut up" in a pretty funny imitation of Bill and Ted. 

I left MJDesigns for the glamour of Dillard's at Vista Ridge Mall and as so often happens we gradually lost touch with each other but I often thought of him and wondered what he was doing.  I am glad to see pictures of his beautiful family. 

Keith was a great friend.  A truly genuine person that was loyal and faithful to his friends.  I got on the Internet today to try and find him hoping to reconnect, not to post my memories of someone who left entirely too soon.

I wish I had tried to find you sooner L.H.  Tonight I'll put in some Hagfish and think of my friend. 

Childhood Pranks

Shared by Kassidy Reynolds on December 1, 2011

My mom used to have this blow up beer bottle about the size of a small child, and around when that movie The Ring came out, I would use that thing to freak everyone out! I put on a long black wig and wrapped a long white skirt around it.

Well, I put it on the kitchen cabinet, right on the other side of the refridgerator, so when you reach up to get a cup, there's that creepy thing haha. Keith just woke up and was walking to get a glass of tea (mmmm i miss his tea!) we were hiding, waiting to see what woudl happen, he reached up to grab a cup and did that little "GUUUH!!" thing he always did haha and knocked it off the counter. We laughed so hard, so did he.

He used to play pranks on us too though! While my boyfriend was living with us, he played Street Fighter a lot, and one character in the game says "hadoken" and throws a fireball at the enemy. Well, Keith had this paper that burned out really fast, so when you would light it on fire and throw it, it looked like a fireball. He busted through my bedroom door, screamed HADOKEN!!!! and threw the paper towards my boyfriend!!! It was HILARIOUS!! It went out like RIGHT before it got to him haha.

I have so many more funny memories with him, I will definitely post them for everyone to read :) I look forward to reading more memories of him.
RIP Keith, I love you and miss you SO much.

Shared by Kassidy Reynolds on December 1, 2011

When I was turning 11 or 12, i can't remember, he took me and all my friends to blockbuster to rent some scary movies, then drove us around creepy roads in the dark to let us get all freaked out and watch scary movies. we were all laughing and having a blast, when all of a sudden his truck broke down. We thought he was joking, just trying to scare us, but when he got out of the truck and was like "Come on girls, we're walking." hahaha. We were all in pajamas too, and my best friend Mara had on house slippers. We had to walk through the muddy field and whatnot, so he gave her a piggy back ride the whole way haha. When we finally got home we were all laughing so hard, and mom was making chili dogs and snacks for us. She was like "WHERE IN THE WORLD HAVE YALL BEEN!?!?!" haha. It was definietly one fo my best birthday parties, we all laughed about it all night long. He was the best dad!! 

Lunch with the gang.

Shared by Jay Campbell on November 20, 2011

This group could be found doing this very thing just about any day around lunchtime my senior year.  We always had this much fun too.

Keith was one of our little gang.

Shared by Jay Campbell on November 20, 2011

Keith was one of our gang when I was in high school.  Although we were a few years older than Keith, Allen, Jeff, Jason, Jake, John and the guys, our groups sort of melded into one.  I liked to think of myself as a comedian and as long as Keith was at the table he made me feel like one.  His laugh I will never forget.  I loved Keith for his genuine nature and laid back style.  He will forever be missed by this little crew and by everyone that knew him.  I have learned a valuable lesson by his passing.  Let the people you love know that you love them.  I am sorry I didn't get to tell him.  Goodbye Keith.   

Keith was a gentleman

Shared by Esther Fairchild on November 20, 2011

When I was about 19 and Keith was 20, my younger sister had to deliver her best friend's eulogy at the funeral.  I was going to be going to the funeral alone that day, but that morning, there was a knock at my door.  Keith had taken the day off from work, was dressed in a jacket and tie, and ready to take me to the funeral.  He gently reminded me that I had friends, even if I didn't know how to ask for their help.  I will truly miss his steadying presence in my life.  Just knowing that he was available if I needed him always gave me strength.

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