This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kelly LaFortune, 53 years old, born on March 30, 1956, and passed away on July 14, 2009. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Doris Mleczko on July 19, 2009
To Dennis, -- my sympathy for your loss, and my thanks for your unending love and care for Kelly.  Love, Doris  ("Aunt Sissy")
Posted by Rusty W on July 19, 2009
I was just getting to know you, Kelly, when suddenly you were gone. I'm sorry to have to tell you 'goodbye,' but I'm glad I got to tell you 'hello.' You were a great guy and I was blessed to know you.
Posted by Dennis Spencer on July 18, 2009
Gone to soon. The Love of my Life. You will always be in my HEART and Soul.
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Posted by Dennis Spencer on December 25, 2020
Merry Christmas we have a White Christmas today. We moved here 12 years ago.
Posted by Robert Morris Robert on July 14, 2020
I think of you often. I hope you are doing well miss you much Kelly
Posted by Emma Preuss on July 14, 2020
Miss you every day! You are and always will be my best buddy, friend, little brother. Loves you!!
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What the HECK??

Shared by Emma Preuss on April 30, 2010

Hey Kelly!  I just wrote this mile long story for ya, then it asked if I wanted to add a picture.  I thought it meant to the story.  I picked out a jellyfish.  Well!!  The jellyfish stayed and the entire story just got blown out of the water.  Stupid Jellyfish!!!  I can't believe I spent 45 minutes on this and the jellyfish just ate the thing.  What happened??  Maybe I will try again tomorrow.  Most about our childhood mischief!  I have plenty of stories to tell... next time I will pick a nice flower.. but no more jellyfish!!! 
Hope you are doing good.  Spring is here, summer is comming!  We had so much fun in the summers.  More later, getting late and I have to be at work tomorrow for a lovely 10 hour day! 
Much Love,
Emma Pat

Oh crap, I didn't finish story..How do ya fix this?

Shared by julia joines on August 7, 2009
Kelly was fantastic. Rick looked like the ass that he is. God I miss him so much. He and Dennis had been through so very much. But they stayed together, and that's what two people in love do, you stay together and work it out. I was so happy for them when they moved from Ft. Lauderdale ands started their new lifes in a new home. It's sad it ended so quickly. Dennis is the Best Uncle I could ever ask for. Chris truly loves him and he respected Kelly. That night at Linda's, Kelly really shined. He came right to Chris. He treated Chris like an adult. and Chris loved his Uncle Kelly...I only wish that you guy's could have been his "Dads" and not Rick...He would have gotten more love and support over the years. That's for sure. I love you both very much, and I will miss Kelly deeply. Just know this, his body is gone, but is energy is with you. He loved you too much to leave you alone and lonely.


Shared by julia joines on August 7, 2009
Kelly was like a "Brother in Law" to me. I have so many memories, all of them good. But the best one was the last time we were all together at Dennis' Mom's memorial service. The family was all there. My son Chris, who loves his uncle Dennis and uncle Kelly, was very upset becouse his Nanna Linda who he loved more than life had just died. Well along comes "Rick the Prick" Linda so often called him..He was saying the same old crap about "I've changed..I'm going to be in your life this time" to my son Chris. He was trying to tellit to his father Butch too, he didn't want to here it, he knew better. It was Kelly who came along and blew Rick's shit out of the water. You had to be there. Chris saw it all.