His Life


We met at Peter Pan diner in November 1990. You fell in love with my legs. We lived across the street from each other in Oakland Park, FL, and didn't even know it. We met through our neighbor Rain (bartender at Peter Pan). We had our first night out at the Copa. Where I had to pick up your money. You kept throwing $50's and $100's on the bar for our drinks, I kept picking up your money and gave it back in the morning. I remember every place we ever had a home. You loved your Mom and Dad so much. I remember you taking me home to meet your parents. I was so sad when your Mom went that I had to work. I wished I could have been there. We had allot of good times. We made it through thick and thin. When my Mom passed in January 08, you we there to help me through the hard time of her passing. You stood by me. You helped me to get to duplex ready before we could make our move to Tennessee. The trip here to Tennessee will be the best memory of all. We got away from Florida. We stopped to see your Dad and Aline. Went to your Mom's grave site so you could be with her one last time. Then on the road again we went to visit my Uncle John and Aunt Valerie in there beautiful home in Greensboro, GA. There we felt like royalty and you didn't want to leave. I know you said you regretted the day John offered you to drive the boat on Lake Oconee. I wish we could have gone back there together. Life's to short. We got so excited when we finally got to the Tennessee border. We were just amazed at the City of Knoxville. We were only here 4 days before we found our home. We waited 10 days for our beautiful furniture that my Mom had left me. we had a month in Tennessee explore things and sights. We went to Norris Dam, Cherokee Dam and Worlds Fair Park. The I got a job and our traveling was limited to short trips. I wanted you to see where I went to High School in Kentucky. We woke up and just got in the car and drove over 250 miles. We went to Alum Ford, Cumberland Falls, and all over where I used to live. Those are the best memories of you and your being so happy. I lost my job and we had a birthday party for me on June 28, where our best friend Toya came. I am so glad that my job ended so I could spend what time you had left. I know you knew you were going, now that I look back. Our last trip was to Cumberland Gap Tunnel. I didn't realize that you were in pain then. I do now and I am so sorry for those windy roads. You were always by my side. I know that you truly loved me. Every day you would ask me what our next adventure would be. That is what is so hard for me now. I will always cherish you forever. You were the light of my life. You made everyone you met happy with your sense of humor. They will always remember you. I loved you Honey Bunny. I will never have a love like you. Kelly please watch and guide me through life Till I see you in heaven. You are deeply missed by all and especially me. Dennis