Let the memory of Kelly be with us forever
  • 44 years old
  • Born on July 15, 1964 .
  • Passed away on December 5, 2008 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kelly Downs 44 years old , born on July 15, 1964 and passed away on December 5, 2008. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sandy Downs on 5th December 2018
I woke at about 4:30 this morning. Not unusual, but I feel it was you. Just about the time you took your last breath. I've been consumed with President George Herbert Walker Bush's Memorial. Somehow it helped. I learned a lot about him, his family, and his embodiment of love. What a sweet soul. Glad you all were there to help greet him. I love you.
Posted by Morris Matson on 5th December 2018
Kelli, the happy girl. Always smiling and fantastic enough for Dana and Kipp to name their little girl Kelli. Dana, Kelli Georgeanne, and Kelli Downs all gone, but not forgotten. Love, Uncle Morris
Posted by Sandy Downs on 27th November 2018
Hello my sweet. Well, today was Thanksgiving Day in 2008. I don't remember much about that most horrible day but sitting by your side as you lay there lifeless, staring into Heaven...perhaps. My nonending prayers and pleas for a spark of life from you...were not to be. Today, I had that gutpunching sensation of realizing you're not just a call away, again, for the billionth time! I love you!
Posted by Sandy Downs on 21st November 2018
Unbelievable that it's been ten years! This was the date you grew your wings. Then watched me try to stoke the embers of your life, until December 5th, when you finally took flight.
Posted by Sandy Downs on 31st October 2018
Also just saw a piece on the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Glad you and I took a tour and had lunch there in 2001, as well as touring the beautiful town of Estes Park.
Posted by Sandy Downs on 31st October 2018
Happy Halloween, girl! Heard it's snowing in Denver. That news brought sweet memories of taking you trick or treating when you were about 2. You wore your pink bunting pajamasuit with feet, and mom put bunny ears on you. You carried a plastic pumpkin. You were precious! There was about 2' of snow! It was beautiful but very cold and slick. Because of that, you didn't get to go to very many houses. Our neighbors thought you were so cute. Mom didn't want you to go out in the weather but I begged her to let us go to a few homes. Joyce Welch wanted you to come in got hot chocolate to warm up. You made a pretty good haul! Neighbors were Good to you! And you said 'thank you' to everyone. So polite! You shared your candy with me and mom and dad. Wish I could go back to that time!! Love and miss you, honey girl! You've welcomed a lot of souls this year! 4 footed ones, as well as 2 footed ones. Us mortals have had a very sad year and miss everyone of them deeply. But I'm comforted in knowing you greeted each one with love...especially Sir William! Kisses galore!
Posted by Peg Davenport on 15th July 2018
Happy heavenly birthday. Say hi to Karen for me. Miss you both!
Posted by Sandy Downs on 15th July 2018
Dadgummit!! Happy birthday!
Posted by Sandy Downs on 5th December 2017
I miss you, Kelly! My heart still hurts. You have a lot of family recently arrived this year, including pets and friends...I'm sure you were waiting for Debbie Morrow, too. My heartfelt words to you, personally, I'll write elsewhere....since forever missed has deleted my last 3 entries. Thankful to our loved ones for your remembrances. I hope they still will continue to post.
Posted by Paula Panchak on 5th December 2017
Such a beautiful lady inside and out. Remembering your sweet spirit and beautiful red hair. You always had a smile on your face. Miss you always, cousin.
Posted by Peg Davenport on 5th December 2017
Time is supposed to make the hurt heal. I don't think that's true in my life and probably not in your sisters either. Losing my family has only made it easier for when my time comes. I wonder what you are doing in heaven daily? Please meet my dog, Claire, who arrived this week and introduce her to your animal friends! Love, Pj
Posted by Morris Matson on 15th July 2016
Tears come easily as I remember the times we enjoyed life together with Kelli. So cheerful and smiling and laughing. And our Dana loved you so much. What a relationship. We miss you Kelli and thank you for the joy you brought into our life. Someday we'll meet again and rejoice. Love.
Posted by Peg Davenport on 8th December 2015
I met Kelly when she came to Hawaii. I remember sailing around Pearl Harbor with you on Capt. Dick's boat. You looked beautiful in the sunshine with the wind blowing through your hair. That is the picture I keep of you in my head of you. Your beautiful soul lighting up your face.
Posted by Sandy Downs on 7th December 2015
I'm sorry its taken me two days to do this. I have made some notes, and you have been on my mind constantly, usually the 'dark pity me' thoughts, but rather than getting easier after 7 years, it only seems to get harder. Still cannot imagine that you are not somewhere out in this world. Yesterday, the NFL crew was airing alongside the USS Missouri and USS Arizona. Helicopter crew flew around Oahu, showing sites of the Island, and they showed Aloha Tower...I swear I could see you smiling, looking out over Honolulu Harbor in the Tower. Last night, it was shown on tv that Dave Koz, (You Make Me Smile), will be in Mesa on 12/16, along with Candy Dulfur. You certainly are sending me messages. Thank you for that...you help to lift my spirit. Guess I won't fully believe there is a Heaven until I arrive and see you and all my pets and loved ones one day. Jamie and Spencer are fine. They sleep on your flowered sheet which is covering the sofa....they know. I love you always.
Posted by Sandy Downs on 7th December 2015
Rae knew you since you were 8. She saved your life when you were 9 in March 1974, by holding you above her and the waves washing over, or in other words, you both nearly drowned in the pond at Waimea Bay until a chain of 7 Hawaiian Lifeguards pulled you both to safety. Your Mickey Mouse watch will probably be buried in the muck in the bottom of that pond forever. The great Eddie Aikau was probably one of them. The saying in Hawaii is 'Eddie Would Go'. (.When he tried to swim to save the Hokulea crew)
Posted by Morris Matson on 5th December 2015
What sadness fills my life as I think of Kelli being gone from our presence. What a joyful bright life she lived and how she and Dana Kay loved each other. Our visits to Dana were so enriched by being able to see Kelli and our hearts are so empty today as we realize that both are gone from us forever, but their sweet memory will always remain. How sad that we don't realize how much we love someone until we can no longer say it to them face to face. Please remember that I love you, Kelli.
Posted by Sandy Downs on 16th July 2015
I couldn't gather my thoughts, yesterday, to write. I did write you a birthday card. And I brought your Donor Alliance photo poster home.... Not sure why I hadn't done that before.... Just now saw a commercial showing a toddler making its way to look out the door. ...poignant memories of you exploring around our home on your tippytoes... so cute! .....a ballerina in training. I wrote in your card that I wish I knew what age/stage of your life you will be in for eternity. Jamie and Spencer are silly and sweet as ever. I envy you having all my sweet kids there with you, as well as all of yours, and Rae's too. Sandi Manor treated me to lunch, with key lime pie for dessert, yesterday, in your honor. My heart still aches.... wish I could see you, if only for a day.... Love to you always, San
Posted by Rae Sibley on 11th December 2014
Our sweet Kelly. . . I I have never come to this site to write my feelings and thoughts about you, but I think of you so many times especially when I wear your pink Hawaiian baseball cap! Remember? It was probably your favorite as it is now mine. I knew you since you were 12 years old and watched you grow into a beautiful young lady with the sweetness and joy that became unforgettable to anyone who met you. Although you are so greatly missed here on earth, I picture you in the tropical trees and green grass doing great work teaching and helping others. Along with many animals (especially kitties) your Mom and Dad and Grannie Chis that called you her "Little Red." I will never forget you, and I just wanted you to know that. Always with love and thoughtfulness, Rae
Posted by Sandy Downs on 6th December 2014
My dearest Kelly....I cannot believe it has been six years. I think of calling you and hearing your voice and laughter....still seems like I could call and you would answer. I sometimes try to believe that you are still living your life, in Denver, or somewhere on this earth. But I know truthfully that you aren't but that you probably wouldn't choose the 'mortal' life again for anything. You found the 'great life'. Just know that I will always miss you and my heart will ache in the continual absence of 'you'. I love you.
Posted by Sandy Downs on 16th July 2014
My heart still aches for your presence and the sound of your voice. I think of you every day, and wish so much that we could meet for lunch. I haven't laughed nearly as much about anything since you have been gone. We had a special bond through love and humor, along with mom. Your kitty boys, Jamie and Spencer, still miss you too. Bet you're laughing that you don't have to 'turn' 50! Anyway, Happy Birthday! I will love you forever.... San
Posted by Morris Matson on 5th December 2013
Oh, how fleeting life is, but it is made rich by the relationship we have with loved ones. Kelli was always such a bright life in our lives. When we would come to Denver on business and meet for dinner with Sybl and Fred and Kelli would come riding up on their motorcycle or bike the evening would light up. May God bless her memory and the lives of those she left behind.
Posted by Sandy Downs on 5th December 2013
Hi, my sweet sister... How can it be 5 yrs' today? I still hear your laughter and see your smile, every day. My heart still aches to hold you in my arms. I know I will miss you forever, or until we meet again in your heavenly home. Hope you, mom, Granny Chis, Dana, and Kelli, and all the other Chis' gals are having a wonderful time...I include Kim Mattingley with all of you as well. I sent a note to Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Morris, telling of my fond memory of you driving up in Puakenikeni, with your beautiful strawberry-blond hair blowing in the wind. I love you, Kelly.
Posted by Lois Michael on 17th December 2012
We had a lot of laughs together. We will always remember her humor
Posted by Morris Matson on 17th December 2012
Dear Kelli, December a big month in our lives. 64 years ago when Aunt Kathryn and I got married on the 17th. Dana and Kathy born on Christmas Day and then Kristin born on December 27. So much happiness in December! But then you and Sybl both left us in December. Such is life--we take the good and the bad. Our lives were enriched by knowing you. We cherish your memory. Kathryn and Morris
Posted by Morris Matson on 3rd August 2012
Since yesterday was Kelli-Georgeanne's, your namesake, birthday made me think of you and what a sweet girl you were. Remember our last visit to you up in the hospital. You were smiling and laughing even though you were hurting. Now you and Kelli can enjoy life together without pain and suffering. We are better because we knew you.
Posted by Sandy Downs on 15th July 2012
'If love could have kept you here, you would have lived forever...' I miss the funniest and most wonderful person I have ever known. My best friend. You brought so much love, compassion and joy to all who knew you. You had such endearing love for mom, dad and all of your beloved pets. You never met a stranger and always had time for a good friend. How could God have needed you more...?
Posted by Sandy Downs on 15th July 2012
You always hated your first name, 'Lisa', so I have taken the liberty to memorialize you here as 'Kelly', your beautiful name known to all who loved you. I think you approve.

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