Three beauties, Mother and her Daughters
Kelly Marie (Donahue) St. John
  • 35 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 26, 1978
  • Place of birth:
    Hyannis, Massachusetts, United States
  • Date of passing: Jan 4, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Orleans, Massachusetts, United States
Let the memory of Kelly be with us forever.

Kelly's obituary as it appeared in the Cape Cod Times:

Sweet Kelly, 

When we think about you, we see only the most beautiful things. We see your infectious smile that radiated love and made everyone happier, and we hear your contagious laughter that could fill a room. We see you dancing, carefree, happy, and uninhibited, to the music that never stopped playing in your one-of-a-kind soul. You taught us what it is to truly be yourself, love who you are, and enjoy every moment. Your unfiltered honesty has always been refreshing, and it reminds us how important it is to always tell people how we feel. Your vibrant, free-spirited nature is truly inspiring, and we are so proud of you. You lit up every room you entered, and you touched every soul that has been fortunate enough to know you. We hear your voice in the wind that blows, feel your warmth in the sun that shines, experience your joy in all of the memories we cherish, and feel your lively spirit within us with every step we take. 

No one could ever ask for a kinder sister, a sweeter daughter, a lovelier wife, or a more loving, generous friend, and we can only hope to be half the person you are. We know our lives will never be the same without your effervescent presence, and we must hope that you know how loved you are and how deeply missed you will be. However, we take comfort in knowing that there are places to find you, even now, as we struggle and wonder where to look for you. We will find you in everything you love: in every heart-shaped rock left in the sand, in every piece of sea glass that tumbles up to the beach, and in every reflection of light that dances on the wall. We will find you in every spectacular, colorful sunset that draws our eyes to the horizon, in the change of the leaves during the fall season, and in the soothing music of the ocean waves as they kiss the shore. Life is fleeting, but you are constant, always found in beautiful things around us. When we see and hear these things, we will know that it is you and your big heart sending your limitless, selfless love; it is you shining your bright, always-glowing light; and it is you, laughing your light-hearted, spontaneous laugh. 

You will always be the resilient, expansive presence that urges us forward, teaches us, and compels us to reach out and live each moment, just as you have always done. You will always be your mother's sunshine, and you will always be your husband Mark's Jersey Girl, walking down the street with him. You will remain our protector, our confidant, and our strength, and you will forever be everything that is beautiful and precious, just as you were in life. No matter how the tides may change, your footprints will never be washed from the sands of our hearts. May your gentle soul be at peace. We'll see you at the beach, beautiful Kelly, because "down the shore everything's alright." 

We love you to the moon and back,

Your husband Mark, your mother Cheryl, your dad Jimmy, your dad Stephen, your brother Nik, your sister Jamie, and your mammy and papa, Frank and Helena. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Christine Nikas on 4th January 2018

"Dear Kelly, I've been thinking of you all day.  It is so hard to believe it has been 4 years since we lost you.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss who you were and what you could have become.  You were so full of spirit and potential to be anything you desired.  We all miss you so much and our lives were changed forever on that terrible day.  I know you're with Gram, Papa and your father so that does bring me some comfort.  I love you forever and I'll see you again.  Love always, Your Aunt Christine"

This tribute was added by Christine Nikas on 26th October 2017

"I miss you so much my beautiful niece.  My heart still physically hurts when I think of you.   You are so beautiful and carefree.  Celebrate with Gram today and wait for me.  I can't wait to see the both of you again.  I love you so much.  Love, Auntie Christine"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 25th April 2017

""Suicide will always be incredibly hurtful to countless individuals, but most tragically hurtful to the person who takes his or her own life - a life that was meant to continue, that was full of meaning, purpose and infinite worth."  You meant the world to us and now our world has been turned upside down forever.  I will always love you Kelly and I will never, ever forget you.  I wish for you everyday.  Love, Mom  xoxo"

This tribute was added by Joan ODonnell on 26th March 2017

"Dear Kelly, Today would have been your 39th birthday, wow, I remember when you were so little and walked down the isle in front of me  as my sweet beautiful flower girl on my wedding day. I miss you Kelly .... Hugs and Kisses every day to you. XOXOXOXOX"

This tribute was added by stephen gallerani on 26th March 2017

"Our Dear Kelly, we miss you so. Cher misses you terribly, her best friend. Jamie and Nik, our family and friends will never be the same. Planning your swim today, not Nauset though. We don't want to lose anyone. We love you! Give Papa, Gram, Jimbob, and our family a hug for us!"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 23rd January 2017

"Never ever ever did I think my beautiful daughter would take her own life.  I look at your picture every day while I'm at work - the one with you in my kitchen with Nik's arm around your shoulder.  That big arm looks so protective..........that's the saddest part.  In the end, there was no one there to protect you.  I'm so sorry for your loss of a happy future and my loss without you in mine.  Both of our futures have been forever changed.  I'll miss you to the end of my days.  You will always be my sunshine.  I love you Kelly. xoxoxoxoxox"

This tribute was added by Joan ODonnell on 4th January 2017

"Dearest Kelly, You are so very much missed by many people here living our lives without you, but not more than your family. I think of you often and we all miss that beautiful smile. XOXO Joan O'Donnell"

This tribute was added by stephen gallerani on 4th January 2017

"Our Dearest Kell, never a day passes without thinking of our sweet girl. You are missed by so many, but not more missed than Cher, Jamie, Nik and I miss you. Love you sweet Kell!"

This tribute was added by Christine Nikas on 25th December 2016

"Dear Kelly, Merry Christmas Honey!  We miss you more than ever at this time of year.  I saw a single star in the sky tonight and I think it was you letting me know that you are here with us.  I wish you were here with us today physically.  It will never be the same without you.  You were such a spark in our lives.  We lived vicariously through you because you were all we wished we could be; a free spirit a skinny dipper, carefree, full of fun, a nonconformist, a gourmet cook, and a great hostess.  What a package!  I love you so much and think of you every day.  You are never too far away from me.  I love  you girl, Your Auntie Christine"

This tribute was added by Rich Sunbake on 4th January 2016

There are too many great memories to list, and they were all fun.  Everyone you touched in your life is missing a beautiful soul who was a great fun loving woman.  We'll see you on the other side.


This tribute was added by Joan ODonnell on 4th January 2016

"Dear Kelly, Another year has past and your not here with us and your family who miss you more than life itself. I talk to you often to which I hope you hear me and with that I have found comfort knowing that you are at peace. Love and miss you very bright light and smile and those beautiful eyes. XOXOX Love Joan"

This tribute was added by Lisa Bacon on 4th January 2016

"Kelly-I can still smell your peach lotion like it was yesterday. Miss you and your beautiful smile, and the way you lit up a room just by being your amazing self."

This tribute was added by stephen gallerani on 4th January 2016

"Dearest Kell, you are so missed, Please give all our loved ones a hug for us. Give Cher some relief in her sorrow. We love you every second of every day."

This tribute was added by Christine Nikas on 1st January 2016

"Dear Kelly,  The hardest thing in the world for me is visiting this memorial site.  I hate to have to talk to you like this but I have no other way.  The holidays have come and gone, thank God!  It is so hard to make it through them without you but I want you to know that you are never forgotten for one second.  We miss you so much and we mark your loss by the holidays because that is when we last spoke to you, last saw you and then, lost you.  It is a tremendously tough time for all of us in the family; the holidays will never be the same.  They are now a time of loss instead of a time of happiness.  Maybe someday that will change but I don't think so.  Anyway, dear beautiful girl, we all miss you so much and I just want to wish you a Happy New Year in that new plateau in which you are now living.  I look forward to seeing you there someday.  I love you forever.  Love, Auntie Christine"

This tribute was added by Christine Nikas on 23rd August 2015

"Hey Girlie Girl,  Where are you?  We miss you so much!  There is such a big, empty void in all of our hearts.  I know you never knew the heartache we would feel because you would still be here if you knew.  We miss you so much Kelly.  Life will never be the same with the loss of such a beautiful, vibrant woman that you were.  You were such a big part of all of us and that is now missing.  We feel that loss every single day.  I cannot find the words to express what a loss you were to our family.  I could just cry all day long thinking about you and how much I miss you.  How this could ever happen is beyond my comprehension.  We love you so much.  I can't wait to see you again in the next realm.

In the meantime, I look for you in the stars, the fairies, the moon, the beach, a song, on the Cape, but I always find you in my heart.

I love you so much,

Auntie Christine"

This tribute was added by Sarah Persichetti on 12th June 2015

"Hi Kell,

I was thinking of you today as I was driving. Benny and the Jets came on and all I could think about was us in the back of Peter's truck driving up to Alton Bay and us screaming "she had electric boobs"!!!!! We thought we were so hilarious! I wish I could call you and share this memory instead of writing it to you here but that's just now how it is. You are so very missed I can't even explain it to you. I was thinking about my wedding day when I sent you to get the goldfish for our ceremony and we look over and one of them is floating belly up at the top of the fish bowl. Out of everyone there, I locked eyes with you and had to just hold back my laughter!!! I have so many memories, I could go on all day. I always felt like you "got" me, you know what I mean?! You really knew me and I hope I really knew you. We always had laughs and got along so well, it was my pleasure to have a cousin like you and I'll always miss you. You will always live on in my heart. The fact that you aren't physically here can never erase my memories. I love you, Kelly"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 5th June 2015

"Hi my Sweet, Yesterday was 17 months without you; tomorrow will be 5 months without your dad, our Jimbob!  I still walk through every day in a haze.  I can't understand any of did we lose two of our most beloved?  Life has become blurred; nothing looks the same.  I have trouble driving into Orleans because I know you're no longer there.  I want to go to Snow's Home & Garden to buy a hibiscus in your memory but I know you were there two days before you died so that's a trip I've been avoiding.  I hate driving by where "the jolly captain" used to be.  Life has suddenly become a bunch of "used to be's" and I'm just heartbroken.  I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I can only hope you are dancing with the fairies that you loved so much!  As much as they love you back, I love you more.  Mom xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 4th May 2015

"Hi Beauty, It's now 16 me God!  I'm now leaving messages for both you and your father on "forever missed".  What's wrong with this picture????  The world has changed and not for the better.  You and Jimbob added so much character to our lives and now we can't help but feel the absence.  We're absolutely empty!  American  Idol's on now and I remember how much we loved that together even if it was over the phone.  I always picked the winner and I was usually right even tho you had totally different taste!  You always liked the sexy rocker (like Auntie Christine) and I Ieaned towards the faggy country singer!  Old age..........what can I tell ya?  Speaking of old age, who's gonna take care of me?  I thought it was going to be you???  Now I have to count on Nik and Jamie; they won't know what to do without you!  I'm in freakin' trouble!  I miss you princess; wish you could come back to me.  Forever and always , Mom
P.S. I had a dream about you last were an infant and I remembered wrapping my thumb and forefinger around your baby was a nice dream.  I miss you."

This tribute was added by stephen gallerani on 27th March 2015

"Hi Kell, how did you like our birthday swim? What a great day we had celebrating your birth! Jimbob, Papa, and Gram are happy to have shared the beach with you. You are missed every day by so many. Love you!"

This tribute was added by monique viera on 26th March 2015

"Dear kelly,today is a very sad day,because today i think of you as i have every year on this day because we share the same birthday. Always wondering how you are ,if you are married and have kids.when i finally got facebook a couple years ago i would look for you but never could find you.Then about dec i tried again and still nothing.After that everytime i vacuumed i would find a dime,in different spots . I could find a couple in each room,it was so so weird. I would tell my boyfriend and sister how weird it is i keep finding them everywhere they couldnt believe because i would find at least a ten a day it was kind of funny cayse i couldnt vacuum without checking for dimes and even if i did i would find them anyway.  Then in January my mom called and said that your dad past away and that he was with his beloved daughter kelly and i couldnt believe it. I started looking for anything about you passing and there was your memorial page.i cpuld not stop the tears coming down my face as i am now when i was reading all the tributes from your loved ones, it made me so sad to know you were now i think of you today ,not woundering were you are but wishing i found you when i was looking because maybe i could have helped you with whatever you were going through and you would still be here and wecould catch up on lost time .Since we were kids you were my best friend and always will be. Ps i know the dimes are from you ,so now i think of you everytime i find one Happy Birthday Beautiful,  love and miss you untill we meet again . Your best friend mo"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 12th March 2015

"Hall & Oates......."All day long wearing a mask of false bravado
Tryin' to keep up a smile that masks the tears
But as the sun goes down I get that empty feeling again
I wish to God that you were here
Baby come back, any kind of fool could see
There was something in everything about you"

I've heard this song a million times and yet I never really heard it until today.  God how I miss you!  I love you Kelly. xoxo"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 4th March 2015

"Well Kell, Here we are..........March 4, 2015, 14 months later.  It's not the same shock as it was last year but it's still serious trauma.  The 4th of every month is a nightmare.  Every day is.  We all miss you so much.  It's so hard living without you; you were a bright light in our life and now the world has dimmed.  Nothing is the same.  I know you would go back in time if you could; we all would.  And that's the real tragedy. I find it ironic that the line in yours and Marks's song, " down the shore everything's alright" is exactly the opposite of what I feel.  That's where I miss you the most!  I miss you all the time my sweetheart.  Love you forever, Mom xo  P.S......Are you sure there's no way you can come back?  Do they have telephones in Heaven?"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 2nd March 2015

"I'm the saddest girl in the world....I love you. Mom xoxo"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 1st March 2015

"Hi my sweet Kelly, I'm thinking of you on this first day of March.  We're just finishing our second winter without you and heading into our second spring.  Time has been redefined for me; it all revolves around you.  March 1st for me means you would be turning 37 this month.  In 3 days from now we will have lived 14 months without you.  It will be 14 months since I told you, "I love you".  14 months since I sang "You are my sunshine" to you.  14 months since I last heard your voice.  It feels like 14 years.  As fast as time goes by, it moves very slowly for me.  Or rather, I move very slowly through it.  It takes me a long time to complete simple tasks; I just can't seem to focus.  Everything's blurry to me; nothing is sharply defined.  The whole world looks and feels different.  I feel out of place..........lost.  If I could have you back I would do things so differently.  I would buy you one of those Oscar dresses from our favorite thrift store........just so you could wear it at home while watching the beauties on the red carpet.  I can picture you now perched elegantly in your chair with red wine in one of your fancy stemware.  You'd steal the show if you were actually at the Oscars!  I'd say "Hi honey!" when I answer your phone calls.  I'd be more generous to you like you always were to me.  I'd give you that planter in my yard that you liked so much.  I wouldn't take that glittery, gaudy ring on your finger.  I look at it all the time but I don't wear it; I now realize that only you could pull that off!  You certainly had your own unique style and I would appreciate that all the more!  I would listen to you more closely and I would educate myself about panic/anxiety disorder.  I'm a scholar on the topic now but it's too late.  I would appreciate more the lovely spirit that you were.  Today I don't miss you so much for me but for you........the even more beautiful woman you would have become.  I'm already imagining you at forty.  Your beauty would have been at its peak. I'm really going to miss you that day.  But I have thousands of days before that so I have to take one day at a time.  I miss you every minute of every day and my love for you never just grows stronger.  Always, Mom xoxo"

This tribute was added by Melissa Manion on 5th January 2015

"I give you this one thought to keep -
I am with you still - I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the sweet uplifting rush,
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not think of me as gone -
I am with you still in each new dawn.
- Traditional Native American Prayer"

This tribute was added by stephen gallerani on 4th January 2015

"Our Dear Kelly, what a terrible first year it has been, for so many. You are missed for every minute of the day by us all. Try to help Cheryl, Jamie, Nik and me to not be still so devestated. Give hugs to Papa, Gram, Joey and other family. We love you ."

This tribute was added by Christine Nikas on 25th December 2014

"Dear Kelly, This has been a very hard holiday season without you.  I last spoke to you on Christmas Day 2013.  I didn't know that would be the last time we would ever speak.  We all miss you so much and we're just trying to get through this first year; as if the second year is going to be any easier!  You're in my thoughts and prayers every day.  I hope you had a Merry Christmas with Gram, Papa, Joey and all the others you might meet on your journey.  I miss you and love you forever.  Auntie Christine"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 13th November 2014

"My dear Kelly, The sun dances across your face in the picture I have hanging in my office.  It immediately calls to mind your sun kissed face when you were still here with us.  You were really a beautiful woman; I certainly never told you that enough.  There's so much we don't say to each other because we think we have forever.  I always thought I'd have you lean on, to cry with, to laugh with, to just grow older together with my first born child.  But you were snatched from us all too soon.  I miss you everyday and my heart never stops crying.  I love you to the moon and back!  xoxoxox Mom"

This tribute was added by Sarah Persichetti on 26th October 2014

"Hi Kelly!! Just wanted to leave a note before bed. I hope you were with gram today celebrating her birthday! It's not the same without the two of you here ganging up on me!!! I have so many memories of us together at grams house. It's hard to accept you are both no longer with us, but what a couple of guardian angels you two are!! Watch over us always and please send some signs every now and again. Love, your cousin Sarah"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 21st October 2014

"Such a beautiful, beautiful woman!  Where have you gone?  I miss you terribly and it's only getting harder with every passing day.  I love you so much Kelly!  I wish I told you that more often.  xoxo Mom"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 2nd September 2014

"Hi Kelly, How I miss you!  Your smile, your laugh, your hugs and kisses, your beautiful eyes, your eggplant parm, your ordering my wine..... your everything!  We're  lost without you; I don't know how to comfort Nik and Jamie.  I'm a fish out of water; I don't know anything anymore. Send me some signs.........I keep looking for you but I need you next to me so a "shooting star" ain't gonna cut it!!  I love you Sweetheart!"

This tribute was added by Sarah Persichetti on 30th July 2014

"Hi Kell,

I've come on to this page to write something to you more times than I can remember but always come up blank.  Not because I don't have plenty to say, I just don't quite know how to put it into words.  To say I miss you would be an understatement.  Usually I just pretend in my head that you are still with us, I just haven't seen you in a while.  When reality sets in and I realize that's not the case it breaks my heart all over again.  There's a real void in the family without you, you were such an important person to all of us, I hope you knew how important you were to me.  I have more memories of growing up that involve you than anyone else, it was always you & me.  You were my very first best friend and I loved you more than I can say.  As kids, I looked up to you always and thought you were just the coolest. As adults, I enjoyed your company and envied your vibrant personality.  You always lit up a room instantly, not many people can do that, you made it seem so effortless.  I'll miss that about you, never a dull moment when you were around.  Always plenty of laughs and that's how I chose to remember you.  I was always here for you, I really hope you knew that.  I would do anything to be able to go back in time and undo this and let you know how many people care and love you.  I think you knew that though, you had so much love in your life.  I hope you are at peace and I would like to think of you are keeping a watchful eye over us all, especially your parents and Nik & Jamie.  They were lucky to have you as a sister, I always wished you were my sister too! Say hello to my Dad for me and to Gram! I take a lot of comfort knowing the three of you are together.  I love you so much Kelly, I miss you terribly.  Like my mom said, send me a sign every now and then, I would love to feel your presence in my life again.  I love you so much.  Love, your cousin, Sarah"

This tribute was added by Melissa Manion on 21st July 2014

"Sweet Kelly Marie,
I can hardly come up with words. Not because they are not there but rather there are far to many. They spin so fast in my mind. Oh what I would give to hold your hands and tell you again how much I love you. How I think of you every day. How I always have. That everything can be ok. That I know how crippling it can feel being out of control of your own thoughts. That I need you as much as you need me. How you are instantly in my thoughts when something in my life needs sharing. How sorry I am I didn't listen to those prompts and reach out more often. To say you were my best friend just doesn't seem enough. You were family. A sister. We went through life together and apart physically for 30 if not a day had passed. Truly through the good times and bad nothing did or ever could shake the love I have for you. A piece of me has broken without repair. Most moments I'm in total denial as the reality is too much to bear. I take comfort in knowing that you are being held and loved by the only one who can truly heal. And the knowledge that I will one day laugh with you again. Until then my sweet friend you will be a part of my every day. Honestly, even more so than before. I have chosen to allow you to teach my heart to sing new songs. To love deeper and let go. To be true to myself despite the insecurity. To treasure every moment never knowing when it's the last. I will think of you every time I cook a new meal, walk along the ocean shore, stumble upon a heart shaped rock, laugh uncontrollably for no apparent reason, dance like no ones watching, or pay way too much for a bottle of wine just because I deserve it! And I will smile and brighten my friends days with a simple greeting "Hi there pretty lady" even when I am the only one knowing why that feels so good. I love you truly, madly and deeply...always have always will."

This tribute was added by Jamie Gallerani on 9th July 2014

"Hi pretty sister. I'm sorry I haven't visited your site until now... it's a reminder that you're gone, and that's something I can't accept yet. Some days I just like to pretend you're still here, sunning yourself at the beach or on a shopping trip or laughing with Mark. Those images make me so happy. I miss you more than I could ever express. I don't quite know what to say, but you know my heart. You always knew me so well. I love you so much, and I'm so thankful for all you've done for me. I'm always thinking about you, Kell. <3 Jamie"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 4th July 2014

"Know that I'm thinking of you today but I can't write because I can't breathe.  I love you to the moon and back.  Mom  xoxo"

This tribute was added by Christine Nikas on 27th June 2014

"Dear Kelly,  I can't tell you how many times I have attempted to write but I have been unable to find the words.  I'm crying right now as I write because this all still seems so surreal to me.  I wish I could speak to you rather than write in a memorial site.

I would tell you how much we love you and how important you are to each and every one of us.  I would tell you we need you to make our family complete.  I would tell you we would never be the same without you.  I would tell you that you are a vital link that keeps the chain of love intact.  I would tell you that everything is going to be okay and we are all here for you.  I would tell you there is always hope.  I did tell you most of these things at one time or another but you forgot in the turmoil you went through on that dark day.

Instead I tell you how much I miss you and that my heart hurts every day for the beautiful woman we lost.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you.  I cry for you every day.  I mourn for what could have been.  You were such a vibrant woman who brought so much happiness to all who knew and loved you.  You were so full of life and had such a zest for living which is why this is all so hard to comprehend.  You were stolen from us by a disease that is kept a secret because of the shame the victims of it feel.  There is no shame to need help; the shame is not to ask for it.  You taught me to be more understanding and less judgmental of people, you never know what people are dealing with under the facades we all present to the world.  I'll try to remember that lesson although I have to admit that I still have to check myself.

I know you're with Gram and now Papa and they are taking good care of you for us.  I will always miss you every day and I know the day will come when I will see you again.  I can still hear your voice and I can picture you in the kitchen cooking away.  I'll cherish those memories forever!  I look for you every day and sometimes I do see you.  Don't forget to send a sign every once in a while, I find great comfort when I see one.

I love and miss you so much,

Auntie Christine"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 22nd May 2014

"Hi Kelly, (Guess what?  It's 4:00)  We're now coming into Memorial Day week-end.....the world just keeps on spinning and father time keeps marching forward.  I, myself, am stuck in time; as fast as it goes, I lag behind.  The only thing that moves forward for me is one foot in front of the other and even that's on autopilot.  I miss you so much Kelly; you belong here with us today.  If only you could've gotten through that fateful, horrible day.  You had so much light, beauty, love and life left in you.  Those were the things that defined you and it's so sad that panic and anxiety could have overwhelmed all that you were.  I'm so sorry you suffered so much while I knew so little.  I'd give anything today to be able to hold you and comfort you.  I just have to settle with holding you in my heart and I do sweet Kelly, I do.  I love you, Mom xoxo"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 21st May 2014

"Hi my Kelly, It's getting close to the end of my work day and as always I'm thinking of you.  My heart grows heavier as the hours pass; I always seem to get weepy around 4:00.  The reality of the fact that you're not here with us burrows itself in and around my heart and soul.  Sometimes it hurts so much it feels like it has teeth. I'm not alone with this feeling.......we're all totally devastated. Even after almost five months, the shock hasn't waned.  We're all still numb; we want you back.  I miss you Kelly.  Love, Mom  xoxo"

This tribute was added by cheryl gallerani on 20th May 2014

"My dear Kelly, Everything triggers memories of you.......looking through a Christmas Tree Shop flyer, seeing a mom buckle her daughter into a carriage, looking up at the sky, eating a crab cake, garden ornaments, heart rocks, the beach, your sunglasses, music, "Oscar" gowns, chicken salad with salami (who would've thunk!), pretty sandals, pretty girls..........It's so hard to learn to live without's toughest lesson ever!  I miss you, my girl and I'll never, ever stop!  I've always loved you deeply.  Mom"

This tribute was added by stephen gallerani on 2nd May 2014

"Sorry for forgetting Joey, and all of our departed friends and family."

This tribute was added by stephen gallerani on 1st May 2014

"Our Dear Kelly, you're missed every minute of every day. Our lives forever changed that terrible day. Hopefully you're hanging with Gram, and a new visitor Wally. Love you forever."

This tribute was added by Kathleen Wilbur on 16th February 2014

"Rest in peace, Kelly.  XoxO"

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