• 72 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 12, 1938
  • Place of birth:
    Long Beach, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Dec 29, 2010
  • Place of passing:
    Los Angeles, California, United States
"I know YOU can get it done."

 This memorial website is created in memory of our loved one:
                                   Ken Barry Dyches.                          

BORN December 12,1938 and passed into eternity due to terminal brain cancer(melamona) December 29, 2010.
Barry was 72 years old at the time of passing. We shall remember him FOREVER.

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1. REMEMBERED: NOVEMBER 23, 2017  THANKSGIVING DAY. The days before and the days after ALWAYS.


3. REMEMBERED: JUNE 18, 2017

I love you so and miss you.

4. REMEMBERED: February 14, 2017 -
Another Valentines year without you. I did not write on this year's valentine day because it was more painful than ever. It has taken me until today to write to you, plus a song, plus you visiting me today. Even some TV technicians said there are spirits in the house. Of course, I know it's you. I just smiled and said you are okay. "He wants to make sure you are not going to hurt me." It was not a good year, but they are never are even great things do happen. I just miss the love of my life, and my life is no life without you. You are always my Valentine each day. A day does not go by without you being my first and last thought. Your love still touches me as it always will till I can no longer touch your love, and then I will be with you again. Thank you for your eternal love Barry.

Five years after receiving a wonderful and loving messages of your love. You were the most wonderful writer of special love messages. Thank you, and I miss them so dearly. I have one of the first photographs you and I have together, and what a wonderful Valentine's gift. We can thank Francine for this great gift

SIX YEARS (DECEMBER 29, 2010 @ 8:28 PM) since we said our FINAL goodbye to each other. A difficult day, because of remembering how ill and how much pain you ended life. I tried everything to keep your pain away. I am so sorry and miss you each day of the year.

DEC 12, 2016  Birthday
Loving you always, and forever!. You are the first, the last, and my everything.


As our song tell us, "your my first, my last, my everthing.Only one like you, there could not be another like you." I love you.
Were did the time go for us? Missing you more than ever, and our tradition of having breakfast at the Bel-Air Hotel to kick off our special day. Remembering the anniversary that morning at the Bel-Air when we met our favorite actress Meryl Streep. She hugged us both!

Tis the season again, and difficult times of the year without you. It is coming up six years Dec.29, 2016 since I last saw you; of course, I see you each day in my memories and talk to you daily. I miss you and so lonely without you! It is not a real life without you. I travel often, but the reality where ever I go is without you and knowing that makes its so sad. Still, in disbelief, you are gone.


11. REMEMBERED January 19, 2016.
Misty, our beloved BOSTON TERRIER, the LOVE OF OUR family passed at the age of 10.


Your still my loving and FOREVER VALENTINE


How many times did we think of these words when I was at Berkeley and you in Nashville - separated by distance.We both thought the week would never end till one of us flew toward each other. We purchased American Airlines those three months.

15. REMEMBERED: December 10, 2015
42nd anniversary. Our birth.
Its been five years, and I am still in shock without you, sometimes not believing you're gone, and other times realizing reality. Guess you know how much I miss you; of course, the hardest day is near, your birthday. But, today, it was our day, and we had so many special memories of this day. Never forget the morning of our 35th anniversary when we had a loving morning at the Bell-Air Hotel, relaxing outside having the most extravagant breakfast one could think of eating; setting in our round booth overlooking the beautiful swans in the pond, and then looking around to see one of our most famous movie stars, Meryl Streep, who looked up at us, hosted a glass and toasted to us. Our waiter who we had known for years, had shared with her we were celebrating our anniversary. She sent us a note, telling us congratulations. What a morning - a never unforgettable moment absolutely loving, a celebration day. Thank you, darling. I love you then, now, and forever. Thank you for everything, but most of all,  your unconditional love for our entire life together.Your Sport, Donald

Anniversary. LOVE YOU

My best gift ever was YOU!  Have fantasies of the door opening and there you are standing with your loving smile, and telling me, " I'M HOME!

Like yesterday in so many ways. Where are the days, I KNOW NOT. Each day I watch for you with the flag, the hummingbirds, and often feel your presence. In MY HEART I know you are near. I love you for eternity.

Your still my loving and FOREVER VALENTINE

4 yrs now passed. Sad memory!

Another year, again, thinking of you the day you were born. Love YOU ever so much!

As long as I live without YOU.........I love you, Barry
Thinking of you the day you were born.


Where does the year go? Thinking of you on the day born.

24. REMEMBERED: JAN 1, 2011.
Started a new year without you. I can stand it.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 20th November 2017


I see the joy and pain of so many people our age.I see why so many are so lucky to have each other at this stage of life. We were not that fortunate like so many; won't deny it's not tough, it is, and the hardest part of living life is to continue on without you. Days are empty no matter life involvements, and what is so difficult nothing can, nor can anyone do anything to resolve except the ending. We had the one-lifetime love and no cure for this pain; one of us had to be left to endure.

This year has been another horrific roller coaster ride. Now, I understand I had to learn to ride roller coasters with you and Harlen. Tried some major life changes, and unfortunately, all ended with a crash. However, at least I tried. What else is there to do?  The year has almost passed, another age year, and my eyes awake to the seventh year soon without you. Still, I think this is a very long nightmare. Could it be? Wish we could both wake up and let it be over. Unless some unexpected event occurs, guess it will continue. No matter the outcome, my love for you is never ending, nor the hurt of NOT having you in the PRESENT.

Went to a memorial service in San Diego for a flight attendant a few days ago. A lovely celebration and beautiful day to be out to sea. I see again why we enjoyed the sea and its solitude. Of course, I could see you on your Navy ships in uniform hustling about doing drills.

As her remains were given back to the earth,  the sun glowed slightly above the water line with fiery reds, oranges, and blues. Just at the moment, her remains were spread above the rushing waves hitting the boat, beautiful flatten silky clouds zig-zag across the sky. You were there, and I felt you; I totally forgot I was on the boat and heard no sounds. The flatten whiten fluffy cushion see through clouds were like angels spread wings became visible above us. I know you gave us that moment.

Thank you, and for taking Ann's hand to ensure her all is well. I became spellbound and could not hear anyone even losing my whereabouts, plus feeling I was the only one on the boat floating, watching the every growing wave sweep a life away into another time. I see how now this will end for all of us. Then, all of sudden I realized someone was yelling at me at the end of the boat, so I turned, and the moment swept away in the breeze - gone, but somewhat captured with a friendly photograph and some arms wrapped around me and a hug endured. Then the tears gushed, and I turned back into the wind looking beyond the horizon and listening to the rhythmic ribbon sound and a smell of the boat's engine with my eyes glazed with a shield of swelling tears as the waves swept you both away. I love you so and you know how much I miss YOU!"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 5th July 2017

"4 JULY 2017

Hey Sweetie,
Just thinking of all the times we shared with the fireworks, and how scared our babies were. We would put them in the car and turn on the radio, and drive them around for two or three hours. We would stop have  enjoy the lights, with the radio on so loud, so they would not hear the fireworks sound. We would laugh what we had to do to keep them from freaking out. Harlen thought we were crazy. Maybe we were, but we had fun. Oh, how I miss you. Why is it this way?
I love you,

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 18th June 2017

"Remembering what a great person, great husband, great son, great best friend, great manager, and great loyal individual with super being traits as human integrity, honesty, and  fairness. I miss you so much everyday, but today on father's day as well.. You were also legally my father. We did whatever we needed to do, to not let anyone or anything interfere with our lives. I love YOU, MISS YOU....HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 26th May 2017

"Thinking of you! Playing some songs that remind me of you and me!
I love you, but you know that. Wow, I am tired not being with you."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 18th February 2017

"FEBURARY 14, 2017
Always my Valentine; more than ever. One of my students gave me one of her roses from her boyfriend today. I took it as a sign that you sent it to me. I tried to give it back to her, but she insisted I keep it, smiling at me. I did. I knew it was from you. Thank you my wonderful eternal love. I love you so much. Your sport, Donald"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 30th December 2016

"You are always in my heart, and near each day. Its so difficult to realize its been six years since I last touched your hand, and kissed your cheek. You are such a wonderful loving angel. Dec. 29, 2016."

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 29th December 2016

"Barry, you are always remembered by those who loved you and those whose lives you touched. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Pam Wickles on 29th December 2016

"Dear Barry,
Such fond memories of you and Donald. I love the way you loved one another.
Miss you today and always!"

This tribute was added by William Horwich on 29th December 2016

"Barry was a wonderful person,with a kind heart and loving soul.His presence is sorely missed.


This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 24th December 2016

"Approaching another Christmas (2016) the  fifth one without you. I cannot express in words how I miss you. You gave me happiness, peace, and most of all you're enduring and everlasting LOVE. A truly Christmas gift forever. I love u Barry and miss u so. Life is just not right without you."

This tribute was added by Sue Dyches on 23rd December 2016

"Oh Barry, I just sat here at the computer reading all the wonderful tributes posted by dear friends & family and listening to all the special songs and tears are running down my face as I think about how fortunate I am to have had you in my life.
  I loved & admired you ever since we first met..
Donald, I'm crying for you too.  I know the pain in your heart is overwhelming.  I wish I had the right words to help. Try to thrive on all the many years of love & happiness that you & Barry had together and know that the two of you will someday be together again."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th December 2016

"Dec 12, 2016--Happy Birthday...My prayers will be answer in time. This can never be the end, but only the beginning. We had so many wonderful friends and who miss you. You made such a difference in their lives, and change mine forever. Thank God, he sent us you! I thank you GOD each day for Barry."

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 12th December 2016

"Thinking of you on this, our shared special day. Happy Birthday, dear Barry. I know you are smiling down on me and especially on your dear Donald. You are always in my heart."

This tribute was added by JUDITH FONG on 12th December 2016

"Dear Barry,

Where has this year 2016 gone?  I know you are in a comfortable place and from your perch, you watch over Donald...  would it be so sweet if you were here on your SPECIAL  day.  But alas, no.  Yet you remain in the hearts of so many...sending warm thoughts to Don.   Lots of love, Judith"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 11th December 2016

"Just me....Today, our birth together, our anniversary. Of course and as always thinking of you. Having a harder time understanding where time is going and/or gone. I love your visits. I love you. Donald

P.S. I am up so late, the computer recorded Dec. 11th because it is 1:45am on the 11th. Our anniversary was 10 Dec. Guess I better go to bed."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 4th December 2016

"THINKING of YOU as everyday. Worked some on the website. It helps when I am so lonely. I love you so much! You are so missed, I find myself non functional at times. But thinking of the great life we had brings be back; I just miss that, and it is what it is. Forever, Donald"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 22nd November 2016

"Oh my, here I am again, that season I have come to dislike so much. I know you would not like that, because it was one of our favorite seasons, but then it was two, and then three. Harlen unfortunately does not like it either. I try so hard to be happy for him, but he is a lot smarter socially than we ever knew. He has been so wonderful this year, doing things we thought he might not ever do. I am so proud of him, and you would be so excited. To bad, he was never included in the entire family, but I wasn't either. They would loved him so."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 8th May 2016

"I wanted you to know our Misty jumped into your arms after a two day painful battle with pancreistis on JAN 19th, 2016. She was a very special angel that came home to you.

Remember, she knew when you were a block from the house in the afternoon,  and be at door or waiting at the front gate. In the morning she would watch you until the car was out of sight. Another, and very unexpected heartbreak blow. She was only 10 years old.

And,as you know after your sudden departure she became my entire life. I only left her three times after you left and it killed me each time. She was unbelievable living with us daily in the hospital and lying between your legs when you started your journey. Once you left she jumped off your bed and jumped into my arms. I knew you were on your way. Whe went home soon afterwards and Misty never slept in our bed again, always remaining at the side in her bed on the floor. She always let me know when you were near. I find comfort knowing you met her over the bridge were she ran in circles around you as you clapped your hands in the beautiful flowing grass. Can't wait to see you guys. So lonely here even as I stay busy and work everyday."

This tribute was added by Sue Dyches on 13th February 2016

"Barry, there are a lot of people that loved you andwill always miss you, and I am one of them.  You & Donald have such a beautiful love story which carried on through all aspects of your life------------your love for people, your love for life, your love for animals.  You were always such a loving, caring person.  I'll never forget the day of your dad's funeral when you took my arm and escorted me down the isle to say my last good byes to Ken.  You'll never know how much that meant to me. Of course, that is just one of the many fond memories that I'll always have.  All I can say, God  sure knew what He was doing when He created you and now He has a wonderful disciple with Him up in Heaven.  I hope I make it there so we can meet again.  But for now, I'll just enjoy the memories of having a super brother-in-law who showed me what love & compassion is all about.  Love & miss you, Sue
PS  My love goes out to you too, Donald & I hope you make it to Florida to visit with all the Dyches girls."

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 12th February 2016

"Dear Barry, you and Donald shared a special love that most people don't experience......even tho you are not with him, that love lives on....I always remember you with love.....continue to watch over your dear Donald.  Francine"

This tribute was added by Ralph Diaz on 12th February 2016

"Dear Barry, I did not have the pleasure of knowing but I have only heard great things about you. I met Donald a few years ago by fate. He strolled into my life and salon and have been great friends since. I honestly have to say that you are talked about very often and are desrly loved and missed."

This tribute was added by Lee Miller on 12th February 2016

"Barry,  Wave that flag and ring those windchimes for Donald."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 11th February 2016

"Another Valentine's Day come and gone again without you, the beautiful love messages received not only on this day, but almost each week, if not each day. You gave me Valentine's Day not once a year but each week. What a love I had. You, were the best writer of love messages, and had such a way of conveying your expressions of love. Thank you.

This year brings, however, another heart breaker, I will see this year not only without you, and your deepest felt love of affection, but also the lost of our most precious "Misty". She passed January 15th unexpectedly on her birthday, and I know with all my heart you caught her. Thank you, and it was my Valentines' Gift you gave me knowing you caught her, and now hold her for us.

She was something else. I would have not made it this far after you left without her. Not sure were this leaves me now, do YOU? Misty lived with us for 48 days straight in our wonderful hospital living/bedroom, only leaving the room for a convenience walk. She laid on top of your bed at your feet the night you transitioned; I was setting in a chair holding your hand, and you moved your foot just so slightly, and touched her; she moved between your legs, and moved her head on top of your legs, and as she did, you were gone. You let go of my hand, and Misty raised her head and looked at me, and I knew you were traveling.  

Tonight, I know you two are traveling together, and I want you to know she was our best. As you always said, she was special, and she was till the end. She never left me after you started your travels, and she tried so hard not to leave. She was cremated and her ashes will be combined with ours and flown into the wind over the Pacific Ocean along with all of them and my dad.

The house is so empty once again, but yet all of you are so around. I know, I feel you guys. Just so weak in wishing I could touch, yet I know you guys touch me often at night, because I sense it, and i wake only to find you afar, but so near."

This tribute was added by Johanna Dunning on 31st December 2015

"I love you always and miss you so much. You will live forever in my heart"

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 29th December 2015

"Barry, you are always in my was my honor to know you.....

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 29th December 2015

"As everyday I live, a candle is lighted to honor your LOVE and your LIFE."

This tribute was added by JUDITH FONG on 29th December 2015

"This is a day I will spend quietly reflecting on the importance of being true to oneself; and the rich friendships that can result when you feel free to be you.  My only regret is that Barry, Donald,  and I didn't have more of those special times to share.  He was the best.  Barry,  I hope you know how much I admired and loved you...  /JF"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 29th December 2015

"You are so missed and never forgotten. Your my first, my last, and my everything.

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 23rd December 2015

"Rembering all the Christmas memories we shared. We had so many and they help me struggle throug the day. I love Barry.

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 23rd December 2015

"I just saw all the wonderful pics and wonderful comments left by your wonderful nieces. It made my day and Christmas 2015. Tanya left some great pics of them.  Fabulous. You r so loved and so terribly missed Barry. Not sure how we got to this point but here we are. It will soon be FIVE years since I laid on the bed with you and told you goodbye. Seems like yesterday and yet sometimes a dream that never happen. Last night I dream about you but every time I thought I was going to see you u disappeared. I know you were in the room and I don't care if they think I am crazy. You were there."

This tribute was added by Tanya Singler on 12th December 2015

"Happy Birthday to my always favorite, most sweet and loving, not to mention entertaining and funny, Uncle any girl could ever have. We share the same birth month (you 12/12, me 12/21) so I will always think of you in our birth month. I miss you so much, take comfort in knowing and experiencing your unconditional love, and can only imagine the pain your sweet and precious Donald has endured over these past years. Uncle Barry, you truly made a difference in our world, we love you and miss you always <3U Tana"

This tribute was added by Kristy Silic on 12th December 2015

"Happy Birthday, Barry! Even though we never met you, we still want to tell you how loved and missed you are. Especially by your sweetheart Donald. We just love him with all our hearts and we are thinking about both of you today. With SO much love - Kristy, Teresa, Ralph, and Abraham"

This tribute was added by Helen Steers on 12th December 2015

"I'm thinking of you today Donald and Barry.
Donald misses you so much Barry, but he puts on such a brave front.
He sees you in all the special and the quiet things of life.
I look forward to seeing Donald in January,
You are always with us Barry."

This tribute was added by JUDITH FONG on 12th December 2015

"Good morning, Barry, on this anniversary of your birth.  I can't imagine that you'd be 77 yo today.  In my mind you are ageless.  You know when one shares a lifeboat together as we did in the East Bay...that co-dependency nurtures a bond that remains with me to this day.   I learned so much from you while we were in the trenches.  Today,  what I choose to remember,  however, is your TN accent,  your smile, and how easily you could blush.  Your sense of humor.  Your great taste.  So well- turned out, no matter what,  a true Southern gentleman you were.  Did you know,  that  I loved you then.  Still do...           Take care, Barry and Donald.     /JF"

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 12th December 2015

"Happy Birthday, Barry! This is our special day, and I wish you were still here for us to share it, but I am thinking of you, and I am very grateful to have Donald with me today. We will share memories of you. You were and are loved, and I know you continue to watch over your beloved Donald. I wish you peace."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th December 2015

"SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2015. Your would have been YOUR DAY that GOD gave you to the World and your journey toward me.

I have really nothing new to say except I wish I could say Happy Birthday to you with a kiss and hug. So deeply missed. You are better than the best.

It's been now five years since that last birthday.  As other pretended you were getting better I knew it was my last birthday with you. The pain was greater than I could bear like today."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 10th December 2015

"Thinking of you, dear Barry, today, on what would be your and Donald's 42nd lives two will always be connected.....I know you are watching over him with are missed you, Francine"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 9th December 2015

Such a memory today. Can't believe I still live without your physical being. I know you are around, and hope you never leave. You stay to make sure I am okay. I feel your presence. I listen, look, smell, and watch for signs, like my hummingbirds, wind blowing our flag, and ringing the hummingbirds chime without any wind. Your there I know. I feel the light breeze that crosses our bed at 2am in the morning, and movement in the room, the curtains blowing without air in the room, Misty looking around, moaning, knowing you are there. I love you, miss you, and you are never forgotten. Happy Anniversary darling. My love for you stronger today than 42 years ago. What a wonderful angel you are.Love, Donald"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 26th November 2015

"Thinking of you as usual, but espically on this special dat THANKSGIVING DAY. I am so deeply thankful I had you and such wonderful, happy, and loving Thanksgiving Days. We were so blessed in GOD's love. I love you, miss you terribly.

Spending the day in Palm Springs with two new friends, Bob and Harvey,  Pam and I met on the Queen Mary2 a couple of years ago.  They r hosting a Thanksgiving Day Dinner. This is my first outing for this special day since you crossover.

Love you darling,

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 25th November 2015

"Thinking of you like any other day, but as we approach this Thanksgivng 2015, I know I can be forever thankful for what GOD gave me with you. I am trying to be thankful for that time, rather than feel why did we had to say goodbye to each other so quickly and early.

I realized this year we will never say goodbye to each other; we are in the waiting area - you on side of the glass wall, me on the other,  till I can cross over to join you just like we use too when we would fly toward each other. The distance now is not as far as that we experienced when I was on the west coast, and you in Nashville. All I do now is raise my hand, close my eyes, and the warmth of your hand is touching mine. I could not do that when you were some 2800 miles from me

I love you so much, and everyday with you was a Thanksgiving day. You, do doubt, were a powerful angel in my life, and so many others.

I say thank you to GOD each day for the unbelieveable moments I shared with you. You are such a treasure, it never ENDS."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 19th September 2015

"You visit me alot. Thank you!

Tonight I know you are here. The pain is more I can endure sometimes. I miss you so much. I am trying to find life, but it is not happening. I love when you ring our hummingbird chimes, because I know you are near.

A near friend lost her 9 year old grandchild in some sort of medicine tragedy. I am not able to go to the memorial. You created the path for my on sanity with the lost of Bridgette. She is with you, thank GOD! I hope we all can be together soon. I feel so bad I can't go, but I can't withstand the memories or hurt. I hope my friend forgives me
You know I talk to you daily, and sometimes I know you hear because of what happens during the day. Some may think I am crazy, but that is okay because they don't understand what deep love we had. I am just lost sometimes, but you bring me back

I am trying extremely hard to do each day what you told me to do. Not why it gets harder to do it. When I look up in the night sky, with all the beautiful stars I sense you are surrounding me. I love to be out there in the early mornings. Thank you for watching over Misty and me. I have grown to worry about her. You know why.

Barry, you are the best; the only thing in my life that ever happen that was so good. I hope you know how much I  love you and only you will ever know how much your love meant to me.

Just had one of those awful birthdays without you. The day was entirely spent thinking of you. Francine sent me flowers; guest you told her to do that. She is coming to see me in December on her way back to AZ.

Tanya called me and we talked. She is so good, and finally enjoying life. She loved you so much. What a great niece you have. She is so sensitive, and your cheerleader.

As each and everyday, I love you so much, and still it is so hard to understand the life wall that separates us.

Forever, and forever, you are the love of my life.
Your Donald"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 6th June 2015

"Tonight I got home from traveling from Chicago. If you knew what I had done, you would laugh and say, " you never stop surprising me". I know. But I purchased another Mercedes Benz, the same year of our Jannia2. I need parts, and I can't fine them. She is 32 years young. As you know I will never get rid of her. You know why, so I needed some parts for whatever future. I drove her all the way from Chicago without a hitch; of course that's because you were seating there with me, telling me to slow down. You sure talked alot to me. Oh my, I miss our conversations.

Most important, Judith wrote a most beautiful note today, just when I needed something like that beautiful love you brought from all of us. I know you visit her. She told me about the hummingbird in her face, the same neck color that comes often to see me. You travel so far sometimes, but I know you have too. I know when you are NOT near, and of course I know when you are here. You are here tonight, just when this night is so difficult, more than usual. Thank you my darling. Just tired I guess, and for some reason today I saw you everywhere as I traveled home.Of course, when I walked in the house; well you know.

Also, yesterday was difficult because it was five years since Todd's death. I try not to think in terms of years because I find it more difficult for what ever reason and in December I have to face it also. How?"

This tribute was added by JUDITH FONG on 5th June 2015

"After retiring for the night, I awoke, not knowing why...and thinking about Don and Barry.  I found my way to this memorial, Don, where I have now read, looked at your photos, the tributes, and all the messages.  It made me cry.  
Barry was indeed a principled, accomplished, sensitive man who loved his employees, patients, and  friends, but most of all-you.  A consummate professional in his work life and an equally fun-loving, warm, and funny man in his personal life.  I can hear him speaking yet with the accent he never lost, no matter how long he lived away from his birth state.  Or seeing him blush.  Or not understanding how he felt digging in the garden was therapy.  
While it is of little consolation, you and Barry lived life fully, enjoying each day and each other. That is a rare gift that you both had.
I always  felt privileged to have worked for and to have known him.
  PS.  I watch my hummingbirds (my nickname is "beijaflor"--Portuguese for hummingbird) here at my Vashon Island home named The Bird House.  My favorites are the rufous birds with their bronze plumage and iridescent red heads.  One male in particular who I named Rusty, hovers right in front of my kitchen window.  Now I wonder..."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 1st March 2015

"The wind blew all day, but this evening when I took Misty out around midnight, NO wind. But, I looked up at your flag, and it was standing out. I looked around and I could not see any trees moving. Plus the wind blew across my body when I told you I know you are here.
Some say I imagine these things, but I don't think so. You were here I know, and your letting me know. Thought about you all day, and of course I know you were with me today."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 14th February 2015

"Dearest Love One, My Captain
I miss you everyday, but today it is even more special. You know you were my valentine each and everyday of the year, but we had so much joy celebrating it each year on this day. The wonderful romantic dinners, special cards of love, and sharing the wonderful secret get a ways."

This tribute was added by Johanna Dunning on 2nd January 2015

"Your love and laughter will never leave me. The world is not the same without you in it."

This tribute was added by Kathy Rogers on 31st December 2014

"May this new year bring the blessing of your deep devotion and caring for all touched by you."

This tribute was added by irv/pat eskenazi on 31st December 2014

"Dear Donald Hope you are well it is said that time is a wonderful healer. We hope you will find peace within your heart . Barry is at peace no more suffering. Hope he is at resting and keeping a watch over you. You know Drexel is not the same without you. Love Pat & Irv"

This tribute was added by Tanya Singler on 29th December 2014

"You are truly missed Uncle Barry, there are so many days that I wish I could call you and just talk about what is going on in our lives. I miss hearing your laugh and also your words of encouragement and sweet expressions. I hope you know how much I truly love and miss you. You were an incredible Uncle to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and making my life more enjoyable, while teaching me by your actions and words, what a genuine person is all about. Love you, Uncle Barry. Love you too Uncle Donald, sending hugs and kisses your way.  XOXO"

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 29th December 2014

"Thinking of dear Barry and you, Donald, today.....the love between you two lives on....."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 29th December 2014


This tribute was added by Tanya Singler on 12th December 2014

"Uncle Barry, I hope you know how special you were to me. I know we didn't see each other often, but you always had a way of making me feel like I was special. I don't think anyone has ever done that as well as you have. You were always so kind and sweet to me. I have always admired the person you were, you generous ways with people, and you unconditional love. My only regret is to not have spent more time with you…I look forward to that one day. I love you and miss you terribly. Thanks for everything you have ever done for me and for believing in me always. Love you…Tana"

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 12th December 2014

"Thinking of you, dear Barry on this special day we shared."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th December 2014

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 12-12-14.
Another year has passed, and still in disbelief. Sometimes it is harder than the first day without you. We just had another anniversary Dec. 10th, and now your birthday. Went to Lillydale, NY this past summer, and I know you were there with the message you left me through the medium. It was a very emotional experience, but so comforting. I know you are around. I plan to return there this summer and take some workshops because of the warmth of finding out more about spiritualism and mediums. I plan to have a private reading this time. I know you are near when my humming bird chimes are ringing, and there is NO wind. I love for you to visit me and Misty. Please come often. I love you so much, and miss you."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 23rd April 2014

"Saw the movie today, Tuesday April 21, 2014, "HEAVEN IS REAL". Okay, got it. You are there...."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 30th December 2013

"Remembering today your passing on December 29, 2010. I remember what you told me before you died, watch for hummingbirds, "I am there". I watch everyday for one. One came right up to my face and looked at me. It made my day. Thank you!
Miss you more than ever. Donald"

This tribute was added by Joe Arnold on 30th December 2013

"Dearest Barry,

On this 3rd anniversary of your passing, I'm praying that our collective memories of you will help provide some comfort to Donald during this difficult time of the year. I know it's not easy for him with your birthday and the anniversary of your passing being so close together.

I will always cherish the good times we all had together. You left an indelible mark in the hearts of so many.

God bless,


This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 29th December 2013

"Dear Barry, you are in our hearts forever.  Watch over us, especially our Donald.  May you be in peace."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 25th December 2013

"For those visiting and honoring BARRY'S life during the holiday season, I am

GOD BLESS and Peace......
Love, Donald"

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 13th December 2013

"Barry, I think of you often, and especially on our shared birthday.  My prayer is you are at peace.  Everyone who knew you was blessed to have your presence in their lives."

This tribute was added by Helen Steers on 12th December 2013

"It was such a pleasure to know and be in your company, Barry.

I'm thinking of you Donald and how much you are missing Barry, and I look forward to seeing you soon.
With much love,

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th December 2013

Today, would have been your 75th B.D. Thinking of all those other birthdays we shared together today. We had some fantastic ones. For your 55th, we flew to Pairs, France on the Concorde. You thought we were going to an island for a vacation. I took you to NY, you got to see your NAVY friend Erwin, and then I stole you away to a flight that you talked about the rest of your life. I had so much fun planning this birthday surprise. Wish I could plan something today. I miss you so much. YOU are such a part of me for eternity."

This tribute was added by Joe Arnold on 12th December 2013

"I am honored to leave a tribute for our dear, sweet & loving Barry. He and Donald came into my life in 1986. They opened up their home to me during a tennis tournament being held in San Francisco. I was struck by how warm and inviting Barry was, not only me but to all of the members of our tennis team. He and Donald were the consummate hosts. They lived life large and were so generous in sharing their home and their wonderful relationship with me. Our friendship continued for the next 10 years. During that time there were many many laughs and even a few tears. But through it all, Barry always maintained that wonderful outlook on life and was a tremendous source of strength. Plus, He had that goofy laugh that everyone adored. :-) His relationship with Donald was one to be admired. Their love and devotion to each other was unquestionable. Unfortunately life circumstances required that our lives take different paths and we didn't see each other before his untimely passing. I deeply regret not making more of an effort to spend time with Barry. He will always have a special place in my heart. And I will be eternally grateful for the career opportunities he provided me. May he rest in peace and have a blast walking some tennis balls and watching NASCAR from wherever he is. xoxo, Joe"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 10th December 2013

"Missing you so much today, not having our special day together on our anniversary, DEC. 10th. It would be our 41st anniversary today. Love you where ever you are my darling. I know sometimes you are around, and as a angel you are very busy. Come by when you can. I am waiting for you!"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 22nd November 2013

"You are on the minds of many as we again approach another THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY DAY (2013). I am writing on there behalf to let us all know we think of you often if not everyday. For me like many I expect, how is it possible you are not here with us, at work, at lunch, at home, going to movies, and coming home each day?  Harlen and I will spend another Thanksgiving Holiday together without you, sharing it together the best we can, most of the time in slient and staring into space. We both know what we are thinking, it is just not the same without you. We sat at the table, lost for conversation, and trying our best to have a nice time, but we both know we will be happy when the holiday is over. It is too much for us. Our holiday was about being together with each other, now just us two. Something so wrong with that picture, it has turned from a beautiful colored day to a more gray. Harlen speaks little as we both know, but less on these days probably because I try so hard not to show my eyes that are wet. I try hard to smile and keep some conversation going."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 20th November 2013

"This year is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. You served under his command and thought so much of him. I placed your NAVY picture this year in remembrance of your service in the Navy. You were such a gentleman and a good looking officer. Who could not fall in love with you. NOVEMBER 2013"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 28th May 2013

"On Monday, 27 May, 2013, I watched the National Memorial program like we normally did in the past; of course cried with the music and the unbelievable stories of dedication and sacrifice. I am posting a song I found that shares my eternal love for you which I am posting under STORIES. I know these words would be expressed by you to me and me to YOU. Can't sleep again, and miss YOU more now"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 28th May 2013

"And, of course we honored today those who had served and gave their upmost to our country. I was so proud of you, giving 9 yrs of your life to our country, and if the truth was really known, most likely your life because of the years in Vietnam, and your exposure to agent orange, which I know contributed to your brain cancer. Can't prove it of course, but your passing was to fast."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 28th May 2013

"On Sunday, May 26, 2013 I attended church in Las Vegas. I love going to this church, because you would have loved the service, and the organists smoked the hymns. Our regular organists was not there due to knee surgery; he was from Disney, and he played the organ liked I have never heard. It was a service I would not have wanted to miss."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 2nd January 2013

"• I miss you when something good happens, because you’re the one I want to share it with.• I miss you when something is troubling me, because you’re the one that understands me so well.• I miss you when I laugh and cry, because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear.• I miss you all the time, but I miss you the most when I lay awake at night, and think of"

This tribute was added by Karrie Griffith on 30th December 2012

"Barry we sure miss your  [special golden California margarita's ] and your quick wit and karrie   misty misses you ya"

This tribute was added by Johanna Dunning on 30th December 2012

"dear Barry, you will never be forgotten an live in my heart forever. love you always, johanna"

This tribute was added by Karrie Griffith on 30th December 2012

"Barry your missed very much and I think of you all the time....when I think about you..I think about your big smile and thous Blue eyes and how well you took care of all of us but must of all Donald , Harlen and Misty...make us drinks on the back porch and making sure we could feed the koi......or the roses in front of the driving us up to lone pine many favorite driving to"

This tribute was added by Tanya Singler on 29th December 2012

"I hope you know what an inspiration you have been to me and I am sure so many others. Love you and mss you, Uncle Barry....."

This tribute was added by Kathy Rogers on 29th December 2012

"Thinking so fondly of you and the inspritation you continue to provide for others.  May your spirit always be a support for Donald and the love you share."

This tribute was added by Sam Abramson on 29th December 2012

"I have never seen anyone miss someone like Donald misses you. It hurts all to see him in so much pain. His love for you is constant, and today is a day to remember you in a special way, and the fun we always had, especially the adventure with you to Lake Tahoe and Lone Pine. I am so glad we experienced this journey with you. We miss you so."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 29th December 2012

"I look for you constantly, knowing you are always near. I know you are not far when I touch your urn and it is warm; that time makes me a loving glow of hope, and a feeling you are no longer in that place that created so much pain those last few weeks of your life on earth. Knowing you are in GOD's love is comforting. GOD Bless YOU, sweetie."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 29th December 2012

"Time does not wait for no one, it rushes toward us, and now I find another year has passed. GOD's hands touched and cradled you in his love two years ago today. December of each year is so filled with memories of you like no other month, and today my heart is so burden with grief and loneliness. I miss you so much each passing day, and now those days have added another year!. I love you"

This tribute was added by Jo Dyches on 29th December 2012

"I will always remember you with love.  My favorite memory of you is when you were Denny's best man at our wedding in 2000.  Whenever I watch the nascar races, you are in my thoughts.  
I will always love and miss you.
Donald you are always in our thoughts and our prayers."

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 29th December 2012

"I have been thinking of Barry and Donald all month.......remembering his (our) birthday and the wonderful times we shared together........he was a true gentleman and a good friend.......the world is better for him having lived in it........Barry, may you rest in peace.......Donald, may you be comforted by your memories and the love you shared."

This tribute was added by Kathy Rogers on 14th December 2012

"The warmth and fun of your heart will always be felt and cherished."

This tribute was added by Tanya Singler on 12th December 2012

"i also wanted to add that my precious times with you and Donald were always filled with laughter, fun and feelings of love, my only regrets that i did not get to spend more time with you both. I love you and miss you Uncle Barry ~T"

This tribute was added by Tanya Singler on 12th December 2012

"Uncle Barry I miss you so much, treasure each moment we had together, and am so thankful to have had you in my life. I have vivid memories of how loving you were to me, how you always knew how to make me feel like a princess, and to feel truly special and loved by you. From what i have read here today, I know that you made a difference to so many people, you continue to inspire me. <3u&Don"

This tribute was added by marina JONES on 12th December 2012

"Thinking of you today, has I do many days. Hope you and Todd are having a drink to celebrate your birthday. You are in our thoughts.Thinking of Donald too"

This tribute was added by Francine Martin on 12th December 2012

"Happy Birthday, Barry!  It was always an honor and such fun to share a birthday with are loved and missed.  I was blessed having had you as a friend........your loving, kind, fun, considerate personality made having you in my life a wonderful addition.  I have many happy memories of fun times with you and Donald, and I treasure them.  Watch over him and all of us."

This tribute was added by Irwin B. Katz on 12th December 2012

"I recall the time when Donald and Barry visited NYC  back in the 80's and we all had a marathon theater and dinner fest.  We all saw Phantom of the Opera, Les Miz and Sunset Boulevard and then dining at Tavern on the Green and the Rainbow Room, just to name a few.  It was a wonderful time had by all and it is a memory I will cherish forever."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th December 2012

"Happy Birthday! It is now two more years since we shared your last birthday together, surrounded by dear and lovely friends. We are still here with you. I love you Barry. May GOD hold you near and within his arms today, his creation, and your maker. What a wonderful gift he gave us even if it was for a short period. Love, Donald"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th December 2012

"Captain, my dearest one, your day will always be special to me as long as I live. Not sure what to do tomorrow, but rest assure I will be thinking of you, our more happy moments, and how much I love, even more than I  can imagine. GOD did bless us with the love we have for each other. Remembrance is eternity life, and with the advent of Christ, I have eternal love. Oh how I miss you!"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th December 2012

"Though you have now traveled to an everlasting life, I could not let today past by without recognizing that today would had been your birth, a joyous day that someday would bring you into my life everlasting. I miss celebrating your special day, thus, not to be out done by death, I moved our beloved Misty's birthday to your special day; Misty will celebrate her birthday on your special day"

This tribute was added by bonny setser on 10th December 2012

"Hi Barry.........Miss you .  Bob and I had some special time with you and Donald and we hold that dear to us.  You were a kind  and soft spoken man.  We miss you.  Till we meet again.
Bob and Bonny"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 10th December 2012

"Hello my darling,
I haven't been here for awhile, but today on our 40th anniversary, I had to let you know how much I miss you each day of my life; it is still like yesterday you were here, and only hours ago,we held hands on our special day. You stopped speaking the next day after our 38th anniversary. You just looked at me, UNTIL."

This tribute was added by Denny Dyches on 2nd January 2012

"I have wonderful memories of my brother Barry who shared many great adventures with me. One such adventure was in Oahu, Hawaii at Waimea Falls. I was 6 and Barry was 8 years old. We both swam like fish, and Barry loved to high dive. The top of Waimea Falls was 60 feet from the pool below and the midpoint was about 40 feet. Barry talked me into climbing the rock wall up to the midpoint and diving o"

This tribute was added by Nancy Dennis on 1st January 2012

"I am so proud of you, Donald, for all the love and devotion you showed Barry in his last days with you.You took such good care of him and made his days more tolerable. Our time together on the Alaskan cruise in 2009 where Joe and I met you both was the highlight of our trip, especially when you found out we were from Beaufort, SC. We shared many fun nights and day trips and laughs."

This tribute was added by ANDRE PASCAL on 30th December 2011


This tribute was added by A Martin on 29th December 2011

"Thinking of Barry with and Harlen too, Donald.....hard to  believe a year has passed......I know Barry is watching over you with love, and I hope the wonderful memories you have are bringing you comfort.  Francine"

This tribute was added by marina JONES on 29th December 2011

"I woke up this morning and it was a sad day. I can not believe a year has gone by. I know you are  in heaven,  adding so much joy to the many people who are not with us. I hope you and Todd are hanging out or traveling to some beautiful places . I think of your wonderful partner Donald all the time,and hope he knows that. I love you both. Love, Marina"

This tribute was added by Tanya Singler on 28th December 2011

"Miss you so much Uncle Barry. I have many fond memories of our times together. You are the best Uncle I ever had, I love you and miss you and have always longed for more time with you. I think of you, and also Donald frequently, and treasure my memories.
Love you, Tana"

This tribute was added by A Martin on 28th December 2011

"Remembering of the finest men I've ever was an honor to count him as a friend."

This tribute was added by Helen Steers on 13th December 2011

"I think of you often Barry.  I remember your soft spoken voice, and what a pleasure it always was to be in your company.   You were so kind to Jim always, and he so enjoyed talking with you and Donald.
I think of Donald and how much he misses you Barry.  You are with him constantly, and he with you.
God bless Donald and give him strength to overcome his grief."

This tribute was added by Kathy Rogers on 12th December 2011

"Kindness, gentleness and a tremendous capacity to care deeply for those around you are just some of your attributes that are missed."

This tribute was added by marina JONES on 12th December 2011

"I think of you often and I also think of Donald. I can not believe it is coming up to one year. I still can hear your voice and the special friend you were. Our friendship was short, but meant alot to me. I pray for Donald each day. I hope to see him someday soon. Love, Marina"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th December 2011

"A light is from our household gone,
…..A voice we love is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home
…..Which never can be filled.
We have to mourn the loss of one
…..We did our best to save,
Beloved on earth, regretted still,
…..Remembered in the grave.
‘Twas hard to part with one so dear,
We little thought the time was near,
Farewell, dear one, your life is past,
Our love for you till the end will l"

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th December 2011


This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 12th April 2011

"As the days and hours past your smile, phone calls, and love notes are missed more. It is not getting easier. You were right, and I understand why you fought leaving. You are so wonderful and GOD can be proud."

This tribute was added by Donald Trisdale on 9th April 2011

"I reach for you every minute of the day. You were everything to me and I miss you so deeply."

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