Let the memory of Ken be with us forever
  • 61 years old
  • Born on July 9, 1953 .
  • Passed away on January 27, 2015 .

Ken had friends and family all over the world. I created this website for all of those who knew and loved him to share pictures and stories of his life so that we can forever keep his memory alive.

He is survived by:
His wife, Jan

His childrens mum, May
His children, Amanda, Margaret and Alan
His stepchildren, Peter and Jenny
His grandchildren, Harley, Spencer, Alexandria, Olivia, Kennedy, Jack and Alfie
And lost but never forgotten, Conner (1993-2002)
His American grandchildren, Skylar and Camelia
Brother and sisters, Barbara, Brenda and Jimmy
His Auntie and stepmum Lois, Auntie Margaret and Auntie Brenda

We are holding a Celebration of Life for Ken in Jacksonville on Sunday, February 8th from 3-6pm at the Outback Pub on Mayport Road in Jacksonville.This is the pub where I worked and met him and where everybody loved him. I think this is what he would have liked. We hope you will join us if you can.

In lieu of flowers, you can contribute to a "Fun Fund" for his grandchildren. He has 7 in England and 2 in America- he adored his grandchildren and we know he would be so happy to do something fun for all of them to remember their Granddad and Papa. You can send a contribution to Jan Mauch-Bradford, P.O. Box 331152, Atlantic Beach, FL, 32233 or Paypal (grandkidsfunfund@hotmail.com.) We'll post information soon about how to contribute in the U.K.

THANK YOU  so much to all that contributed to the grandchildrens fund.  I took the money and had Remembered Things make all 9 grandchildren very special gifts that they should cherish in the memory of their Grandad and Papa. Again myself and the family thank everyone for their kind words to all of us during this very sad and hard time.

Posted by Pam Stephens on 27th January 2019
Can’t believe it’s been 4 years. We think of you often and miss that smile of yours. God Bless you my friend. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten ❤️
Posted by Jenny Lecoq on 27th January 2019
Thinking of you Ken and those who loved and miss you!
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 27th January 2019
Another year has gone.Time goes so quick but my thoughts are all ways with you I don't half miss you, Dad love you and all ways Amanda xxxx
Posted by Alex Elsby on 26th December 2018
thinking of you over christmas thinking of you and love you always love amanda XXX
Posted by Pam Stephens on 9th July 2018
Happy Birthday Ken. You are truly missed.
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 9th July 2018
Happy 65th birthday Dad. I can’t send you a card or a present but I can send all my love, missing you like always. Love you forever Amanda xxx
Posted by Jan Mauch-Bradford on 9th July 2018
Happy Birthday sweetheart.....Loved you so much.
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 17th June 2018
Thinking of you once again on Father’s Day. Love and miss you always xxx
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 27th January 2018
3 years have passed ,times goes so quick not one of those days I haven’t thought about you. Missing you love you always Amanda xxx
Posted by Pam Stephens on 27th January 2018
It's been 3 yrs my friend, can;t believe it. Clay and I think of you often. Your laughter and smile always brightened the day. We miss you and pray that we meet again one day! God Bless you Ken.
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 25th December 2017
Wanted to wish you a merry Christmas. Thinking about you, always not just today but ever day. Lots of love miss you Amanda, Mick and kids xx
Posted by Jan Mauch-Bradford on 23rd December 2017
Merry Christmas sweetheart. Going to spend Christmas with my beautiful and loving kids and grandbabies, We all miss you. Love you.
Posted by Brenda Hadgraft on 9th July 2017
Thinking of my dear brother Ken who would be celebrating his birthday miss our little chats xx
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 9th July 2017
Thinking about you on your 64 birthday. Times going by so quick without you seems like yesterday I was saying Happy Bithday to you in person. All i can do know is send all my love. Miss you love always Amanda.x
Posted by Jan Mauch-Bradford on 9th July 2017
Happy Birthday sweetheart Miss you so very much
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 18th June 2017
Just thinking about you on Father's Day. Missing you like always thank you for being my Dad. Sending you all my love. Amanda x
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 27th January 2017
Just thought i would leave this poem i found "If i could write a story it would be the greatest ever told. Of a kind and loving dad who had a heart of gold. I could write a million pages but still be unable to say, just how much I love and miss him every single day.I will remember all he taught. Me i'm hurt but wont be sad because he'll send me down the answers. And he'll always be MY dad." love you always Amanda xx
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas! Still thinking about you, today everyday and always. Miss you sending all my love where ever you are love Amanda xxx.
Posted by Jan Mauch-Bradford on 12th December 2016
Well sweetheart, its been almost 2 years since you left me. Your on my mind today, still can't get it out of my mind, why you left. Never will know. Hope your in a happier place. I am so trying to move on, but you have made that difficult because of the unanswered questions. jan
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 9th July 2016
More thoughts are going to you on your 63rd birthday Love you and miss you love Amanda xxxx
Posted by Jan Mauch-Bradford on 9th July 2016
Happy Birthday sweetheart. Missing you every day. Love you and so wish I could laugh with you and hug you just one more time. So many good memories loving you.
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 19th June 2016
Missing you today on fathers day cant be leave it is the second fathers day without you . I love you and miss you always love you dad . Amanda xx
Posted by Pam Stephens on 28th January 2016
I can't believe it's been a year. I don't think I will ever forget that big smile or all the great stories that you had. It doesn't seem real to know that I will never see you again. So many happy memories of you and Jan. I hope you are at peace and I know your watching over Jan and smiling. God Bless ya Ken, you are missed by many.
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 27th January 2016
Dad, well its been a year. sometimes it fells longer and some times it feels like yesterday since I last talked to you. I wish I could give you a big hug and kiss but all I can do is send my love. Will love you always Amanda ,Mick, tinker bell ,Olivia and Kennedy XX XXX
Posted by Jan Mauch-Bradford on 27th January 2016
So what do I say to you after a year, a man that was such a big part of my life for the time we had together. I'll always have you in my heart and I will keep our good memories with me till I see you again. I hope you have found the piece you were looking for and I hope you remember our good times together and hold onto the love that I had for you. jan xoxo
Posted by Jenny Lecoq on 27th January 2016
Ken, you are still in our hearts. We miss you and hope that you have found peace. Love, Jenny
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 25th December 2015
It is my first Christmas,not saying to you a merry Christmas,however my thoughts do not stop me thinking about you, so you will always be with me. I love you dad, merry Christmas. Amanda,Mick and the kids
Posted by Jan Mauch-Bradford on 24th December 2015
Merry Christmas my sweet,sweet Ken. I so wanted to tell you that Jenny and Fabien are giving us another gift from God. That my sweet, will carry me through and get me through this life. Pete, Jenny, Fabien, Camelia, Skylar and this new little bundle is what my life is all about now. Please help me look over them and keep them safe. Love you, you are missed so much.
Posted by Pam Stephens on 10th July 2015
Still hard to believe your not with us any more. We miss you Ken.Thinking of you on this Birthday and wishing you Peace. xoxo
Posted by Brenda Hadgraft on 10th July 2015
Thinking of my dear brother always your loving sister Brenda and family xx
Posted by Jan Mauch-Bradford on 9th July 2015
Happy Birthday sweet darling, I so miss you. Love you forever and back, jan
Posted by Sharon Cleveland on 9th July 2015
Thinking of you today Ken. xxx
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 9th July 2015
Today you would of been 62 doesn't matter where we are in life or what we're doing you're still in my thoughts and always will be. Blowing you a big kiss and sending all my love always Amanda Mike and kids xxxX
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 21st June 2015
just thinking of you on fathers day miss and love you always Amanda xxxxx
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 21st June 2015
just thinking of you on fathers day miss and love you always Amanda xxxxx
Posted by Jan Mauch-Bradford on 14th May 2015
I so miss you, it was all just so unfair. Maybe someday I will understand better. Your love , with mine, will always be one. I'm so hoping that you are watching over me. I need to know your there for me when I need strength to carry on. People tell me you are, I have to believe that is true. I didn't really get to say good-bye, so I won't, just see you later my love. My everlasting love, jan
Posted by May Bradford on 4th April 2015
It's saddens me to hear about kenny I've been thinking what to put I've found a quote today which I've adapted to suit this tribute to him " the hands of time keep turning as the years they come and go some things may change forever but one thing I'll always know no matter where life took us in all the years that passed we'll both live through our children and grandchildren and life will still go on through these generations" god bless you Kenny you know the saying one light goes out and a new light begins I'd like to say since Kenny's passing we have become grandparents to another baby girl called blossom on the 20th of march which is also our daughters birthday. I'd like to send my deepest sympathy and thanks to Jan and her family Love may x
Posted by Maria Coomer on 11th February 2015
I don't know you but my heart goes out to all who lossed a loved one... Rest in peace ken... With respect Maria
Posted by Barbara Sandwell on 8th February 2015
I was so happy when my brother Kenneth got in touch last summer and our phone calls since then are now even more precious. I have always described my little brother as a very lovable rogue - a character as a boy and as a man. My sympathy to Jan, who I know made him very happy and much loved. Wishing I could have said goodbye, your loving sister, Barbara x
Posted by Ethel Woolfeden on 7th February 2015
rip kenny gone but not forgoten from charlie ethel aberdeenxxx
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 5th February 2015
God,where do I start I'm not going to leave any memories as there's too many to pick. All I can say is that you did good for a fisherman from Fleetwood. Your work took you all over the world.Some places only people would dream of going to. I was so proud when you come home and told us where you have been and what you have been doing,but most of all I was proud that I could call you dad. I will miss you and I love you and always will until we meet again night night god bless you my dad Love you lots Amanda xx
Posted by Amanda Elsby on 5th February 2015
This is from mick Rest in peace ken you was a father in law and a good friend god bless mick
Posted by Alex Elsby on 5th February 2015
Rest in peace granddad I will miss our weekly skype calls we used to have and finding out what you've been up to, from what I've heard from mum you have traveled so much, most of those places I'd love to visit, I am so proud to call you my granddad(or as Kennedy would say grampa) I love you so much and I can't wait to see you again Love you lots, tinkerbell xxx
Posted by Sandra Munro on 5th February 2015
gone but not forgotten will remember the fun times we all had in immingham R.I.P kenny from fred and sandra x
Posted by Jim Bradford on 3rd February 2015
Gone too soon. I look back with fond memories when we were young, and happy memories with Mum and all of us. I will see you at full time our kid. God bless
Posted by Neal Sandwell on 2nd February 2015
I remember when Uncle Kenny got his first car when I was about 7. He was so proud of it. Although it was old, it was polished to a high shine. He took me outside to sit in it. After a while, it was past my bed time and my Mum came to see what was going on. She found us both giggling at some silly joke. Two cheeky little boys together - despite one of us being in our twenties at the time! That cheeky little boy never quite left Uncle Kenny and that was part of what made him such a character. RIP - fondly remembered.
Posted by Anthony Blade on 1st February 2015
Great sense of humour our Kenny and always up to something,he had a wide variety of jobs but I remember once he told me he was a window cleaner and he was wary of dogs,anyway he checked the backyard no pooch so up the ladder he went cleaned the window and when he got to the bottom of the ladder he got bit by a RABBIT. R.I.P Kenny another one gone far to soon, Condolences from all the Blade family.
Posted by Sharon Cleveland on 1st February 2015
I recall growing up in our house that the most common conversation started “What’s Kenny done now?” He seemed constantly to be in some scrape or another. When my Dad, his Uncle Bill, passed away last year he asked me to place a bottle of Dimple Scotch Whisky in the casket. Dad had been given a bottle which he thought remained untouched as he was never a whisky drinker. Eventually it was discovered that someone had been helping themselves to it sip by sip over time. The blame immediately fell on to teenager Kenny - he couldn’t deny it for long. However, my Mum, his Auntie Lois, always says that she couldn’t stay cross with him for long when all he needed to do was smile at her. RIP dear cousin.
Posted by Fabien Lecoq on 1st February 2015
Ken was truly generous person always ready to share good time around a Buddington. I really enjoyed the time we spent with the family in the Bahamas, New Orleans and Boston... We'll all miss you.
Posted by Brenda Hadgraft on 31st January 2015
Loving memories of a dear brother ,brother in law ,uncle ,nephew and cousin who will be sadly missed by all his family in Fleetwood . R.I.P our Kenny .

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