Posted by Phil Stillitano on April 28, 2021
Very sorry to hear about the passing of Kenan. I was doing a simple search for veterans I served with, and hoped to get in touch with Kenan. We were in Pleiku, Vietnam together and bunked in the same officer area. Kenan was a LT with the Infantry company, and I was a LT with the MP company. We shared a lot of times together and I wondered if he would remember me. My deepest sympathies are extended to Kenan's family. I see by the tributes and stories that he led a great life, and that does not surprise me at all from the soldier I knew so many years ago in 1969-70. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Nancy Barbee on April 19, 2021
It is with great sadness that I write on this wall but I must give tribute to a fellow Rotarian and friend. Kenan traveled with me to India to eradicate Polio and was a valuable member of our team. He loved the Peace Centers and visited NC many times during the Peace Conferences. Kenan was the epitome of a gentleman and servant of the our Lord. God Bless him and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Posted by Mia Oehlenschlaeger on April 12, 2021
Kenan was among the first to welcome me to Georgia back in 2010, and very much part of the reason for an unforgettable year in Savannah. He loved a room full of people, and was a faithful host to numerous GRSP-students throughout the years. I'll never forget the night Kenan (and numerous other Rotary club-members, I might add) bravely pulled off a tender and graceful "Santa Lucia" procession wearing only a white sheet and a candle while humming the lyrics in Swedish, to the joy and entertainment of the rest of the club! Kenan loved a good show, and his good spirit and humor will always accompany my memory of him. All my thoughts and love go to Beth and the family.
Posted by Paul Pederson on April 10, 2021
There are a few people you meet in life that have such an impact; Kenan was one. After leaving Savannah we had limited contact, but when we did it was like yesterday. That's what good friends do. I will remember the good times we had, conversations prompting memories, laughter we had, and always leaving with "see you again soon." He always brought the best out of everyone . He certainly did with me. Thanks for being part of my life Kenan.
Posted by Morgan Chester on April 9, 2021
I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Kenan. I had last touch with him after he moved to Alabama, but we spent many years together at ITT Grinnell in Statesboro GA. I considered him a Dear Friend. My thoughts and Prayers for Beth and Family. Rest In Peace My Friend.

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