Never Forgotten

Shared by Shirley Brafford on March 24, 2021
When Kendrick worked for Clarksville Gas and Water, he worked with my ex. They had gotten lunch and Kendrick sends me a video of my ex eating French fries. He was laughing while videoing how ex was munching them down. Kehad such an amazing laugh. Every time after we would see each other and say French Fry. Miss your Beautiful smile. Love ya young man.
Shared by MALIYAH ELLEBY on March 23, 2021
Your name “ Kendrick Jordan Stacker “ will forever be heard from my mouth. Your memory will forever live on . Your body left , but your soul and spirit carries on around us every day . I miss you everyday ! I’m not gonna be selfish and want you to come back . I know God had your place nice,warm, and ready for you . I know Shirley welcomed you at the gate . I know Jamie was tripping when he saw you . I love you cuz !! Make sure you are right there for me when my time comes . 

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