Let the memory of Ke be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on December 20, 1945 .
  • Passed away on January 14, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ke Tran 69 years old , born on December 20, 1945 and passed away on January 14, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Long Tran on 15th January 2019
Đã 4 năm bố rời xa con rồi đấy . Con giờ là chàng trai ngoan rồi nghen chứ không phải là cậu bé hư ngày nào nữa đâu bố nhé ^^ . Tks bố đã mang con đến cuộc đời này và cám ơn bố về tất cả . Love and miss you forever !!!
Posted by Vinh Tran on 14th January 2019
Hello Bac Today is the 4th anniversary of you leaving us. Just a short note to let you know we are all miss you so much. Love you as always brother !
Posted by Jason Tran on 30th December 2018
Hey grandpa I hope you're doing well and I know you're watching over me; where to start, I must be honest I am feeling regretful. Throughout my whole life i have only seen you a handful amount of times and we could not even converse properly, solely due to the fact that I was incapable of speaking your native tongue. As a grandson i am utterly disappointed with myself but i know if you were alive you wouldn't want me to feel this way because i know you are a kind and gentle person who loved his family to a fault. I find myself difficult writing this without shedding a tear and i feel as if you are reading this, forgive me that i didn't put enough effort into learning Viet, and i will try to hone it from this day forth so i can look after and entertain grandma. I miss you so much grandpa
Posted by Vinh Tran on 21st December 2018
Happy birthday Bac, Just wanted to let you know Lien and her Kids visited us last week, I was so happy to see her. Long is doing well, we will taking good care of him. You rest in peace, go out looking for Mom and Dad. Love you brother.
Posted by Them Tran on 20th December 2018
Vợ chồng em cùng các cháu nhớ Anh nhiều
Posted by Vinh Tran on 14th January 2018
Hello Bac. Today is the 3rd anniversary you've left us. There are so many memories about the past we are sharing among our family and friends. Mom was calling your name within the last few minutes of her life. Go to find our parents, they are out there somewhere. Missing you as always brother.
Posted by Ngoc Anh Shimoyama on 20th December 2017
Chúc mừng sinh nhật Bác!
Posted by Vinh Tran on 20th December 2017
Good morning Bac. Just a note to let you know, Dad is out there looking for you you and Mom. We love you so much and missed you as always. Happy birthday!
Posted by Vinh Tran on 14th January 2017
Hello Bac, 2 years our family is living without you. We were always thinking of you. Wherever you are, we missed you and love you brother.
Posted by Vinh Tran on 20th December 2016
Hello Bac. You left us almost year ago for difference life, Mom was follow you shortly after that, we all miss you and Mom so much, Dad is doing fine, he has mentioned your name sometimes, Long is here in USA with us and he is doing well. Happy birthday!!!
Posted by Tracie Tran on 20th December 2016
Posted by Vinh Tran on 14th January 2016
Hello Bac You have left us year ago with so many touching memories, by now you may united with Mom in somewhere. Mom asked you to see her minutes before she passed away. Dad now is also knowing you have left him. We all love and miss you always. You rest in peace brother.
Posted by Vinh Tran on 24th December 2015
Hello Bac As your 70th birthday, I am playing ski with my children and thinking of you. You are sweet brother to all of us and a good son to our Mom & Dad, you are now settled at the new home, and someday you united with Mom and grandma and grandpa. I missed you so much Bac, Love you always.
Posted by Tracie Tran on 20th December 2015
Chic bac sinh nhat vua ve hom nay nhe
Posted by Anthony Long Wu on 10th February 2015
Ong ke, my first trip to Vietnam was so scary for me, and you took me in and let me play at your house for hours. I wish I could have came back and seen you one last time. You were one of the nicest and gentle people I have ever met and i will miss you so much.
Posted by Them Tran on 18th January 2015
Vo chong em va cac chau go cung thuong tied Anh Em xin loi Anh nhieu lam Them & Nhung
Posted by Vinh Tran on 17th January 2015
Today January 17, 2015 we lay the last flowers and candlelights with love to our brother also known as a son, father, uncle, husband and grandfather on his last day on Earth. Together, we're sharing his dream, his compassion and care as he leaves us on this beautiful day, passing on to a new life from now on. We will all miss him, as wherever he will be. On behalf of the Tran family, we would like to say thank for your attending his funeral and laying him to rest' Your contributions, your condolences and prayers are always in our family's heart. Thank you all. The Tran
Posted by Nancy Hien Vu on 16th January 2015
Gia dinh cháy Hiên Côöng gui lôi chia buön toi mo Sinh và Gia dinh.
Posted by Jennifer Vu on 16th January 2015
Cau Ke, "Rest in Peace". Thank you for helping our parents look after 6 of us when we were little kids back home. You treated us like your own children. You were a kind and good person, you never hurt another soul. We were very lucky to have you as an uncle. We will always miss you. Hong and family
Posted by Jill Pham on 15th January 2015
I wish I could have met and grown to know you Ong Ke. Your spirit will survive through those who knew you. RIP
Posted by Hien Vu on 15th January 2015
Muôn vàn thương tiếc Cậu Mùa thu đến cho là vàng rơi rụng Như cuộc đời thương tiếc cảnh biệt ly Xin nguyện câù cho kẻ đã ra đi Được sống mãi trong tâm hồn con cháu Chúng cháu thành tâm chia buồn với Mợ, các em và các cháu. Nguyện cầu linh hồn cậu mau được về nơi hoan lạc. Kính Hiền, Thái, Tý và Tuyết
Posted by Vinh Tran on 15th January 2015
You're my best brother, since your's brothers and sisters were young you came all the way from the Nam Dinh to visited and took care of us, you're a great sample of the best brother for us to follow, I will missed you always.
Posted by Vincent Tran on 15th January 2015
Rest in peace, Bac Ke. You will be dearly missed by all of your family and friends. My prayers are with your loved ones.
Posted by Tracie Tran on 15th January 2015
Rest in paradise bac!! You will forever live on in our hearts.... We miss u!
Posted by Vien Tran on 15th January 2015
Big brother we will missed you
Posted by Michael Tran on 15th January 2015
Rest in peace. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Victor Tran on 15th January 2015
Although I have never met you, seen, or heard you--despite the time and space that spanned between us, I have been touched by the care and compassion you instilled in my dad Vinh and uncle Vien. Thank you for inspiring great men and loving fathers. Rest in peace.
Posted by Huong Vu on 15th January 2015
Rest in peace Cau Ke. Peter and I will forever treasure the time we spent with you during our visit in 2001.
Posted by Lucy Wu on 15th January 2015
Rest in paradise Ong ke. I am honored to have met you in Vietnam and you will always be remembered in our thoughts
Posted by Ngoc Anh Shimoyama on 15th January 2015
Bac ve voi Coi Phat an lac Bac nhe! Chung con yeu va nho Bac rat nhieu!
Posted by Long Trần on 15th January 2015
Bố ơi , con nhớ bố lắm . Bố sẽ mãi mãi ở trong tim con ! Con luôn nhớ và yêu bố thật nhiều ! Nghỉ ngơi bố nhé , con trai Long Trần !
Posted by Tuan Tran on 15th January 2015
Hi bac ke, chau tuan day. I remember when I used to rushe through my homework and run across the street to your house to play videos game and hang out with you for hours in that stuffy room on the second floor until my mom would have to come over and drag me home for dinner. I really wish I had the opportunity to have done that one more time with you before our goodbyes. Nghi ngoi di bac nhe. Mot ngay hai bac chau minh se gap lai nho. I will always love and miss you bac ke. You will never be forgotten. -Tuan & Phuong

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