His Life


 Mr. Takang Kennedy Hans Ako (Takang KHA) was born on January 23rd 1945 at Besongabang-Mamfe. He was the first of six children to his mother Mami Mary Etchu Betek, who was married to her polygamous husband Pa Peter Takang. He attended primary school in Besongabang and Mamfe town and became a Probationary Teacher (PT) in Kembong upon completion. In 1964, he gained admission into the Teachers Training College (TTC) Nyassoso and taught at Presbyterian School Fossimombi upon graduation in 1966. In 1967, he entered GTTC Kumba and graduated in 1969 with the Teachers Grade 1 Certificate. From then on, he was appointed Headmaster and taught in various schools in Upper Banyang including Sabis, Bakebe and Fotabe.
While he was incrementally building himself as a seasoned and career teacher, Mr. Takang also found a passionate interest in expanding his academia. He self-studied for and passed the London GCE Advanced Level in Social Studies, including Geography. In 1976, he was admitted into ENS Bambili to study History-Goegraphy. In 1979, he graduated from Bambili as Professeur de CES and was posted to Bot Makak in Yaoundé. In January of the same year, he was transferred to Fundong to begin the newly created Government Secondary School Fundong. In 1987, he was admitted into Higher ENS Yaoundé and graduated in 1989 as Professeur de Lycees D’Enseignment Generale with teaching emphasis in Geography. In that same year, he was transferred back to Fundong. He headed the Geography Department, was appointed Senior Discipline Master in 1990 and Vice Principal and Dean of Studies from 1994.  He held this position up to his retirement in 2005. In 2006, Mr. Takang joined CHS Bambui where he died as the acting Principal.
Throughout his lifetime, Mr. Takang worked so hard and earned numerous merits and portfolios. He was GCE Examiner and Chief Examiner for more than two decades. He was the GCE Superintendent for many centers, including St. Bedes College in Ashing, Bello and Njinikom. He earned and was decorated with 2 Cameroon Medals of Honor.
Mr. Takang was a strong custodian of culture; he was a member of “EKPE” in Manyu. He was coronated by the Fon of Kom with the title of “Nchinda” and so rose to the status of Bobe Takang. He did all these in perfect blend with a strong Christian faith. He was a devout Presbyterian Christian and spent most of his life seeking to serve anyone. He was married to Mrs. Helen Takang and Mrs. Justine Takang. He is survived by his two wives, 12 children, 6 grandchildren, brothers, sisters, family relatives, friends and colleagues. May his wishes be met.
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