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Your Life, Our Joy, Forever Missed!

Shared by enow takang on May 21, 2012


    A year has gone by, yet your memories are still fresh on our minds
             Just like yesterday
    We can still hear your voice  
            Just like yesterday
    Asking us how each an everyone was doing
            Just like yesterday
    You asked how Mami was doing
            Just like yesterday
    You asked me to greet the children
            Just like yesterday
    You told me all at home were doing fine
    Everything always seemed fine on your end
    Even on your sick bed, all was fine.
    We could hear it from your voice, you were not your usual self,
    But you assured us all was well. 
   You never let any of your children see a tear roll down you eye. 
   You never let us know you were in so much pain,
   You did not give us the opportunity to share in your pain,
   Because you loved us so much, unbearable pain
   Only God could provide relief.
   We may be sad, yet  happy that you are resting from all your troubles.
   Your memories will remain with us forever.
   You shall be remembered for all you have done.
   We mourn; your wives, your children, brothers and sisters, your friends
   Your students, church members, meeting groups
   Your enemies? No, you never had any!  
    Rest Papa, Rest in Perfect Peace. To God be the Glory.

Shared by Ernest Timnge on June 15, 2011

I forgot to include my cell number which is 0012408985250 

"when shall you return Bobe Takang"

Shared by Ernest Timnge on June 15, 2011

“When Shall You Return Bobe Takang”


 When you traveled and went to the land of science,

We were only waiting with our ears and eyes Opened

 To see you come back home in health and energetic.

 Yes, there in those your days when your heart was

 Filled with pain and sorrow and you moved from

 Place to place like an orphan child without hope.


Your days were turned into nights, and your nights

 Became your days as you watched the sad days and

 Nights go by without the solution you wanted.

The nights became long as fear and sorrow became your friends.

The nights equally wickedly watched you as you lay in your pains.


You became the uninvited guest at the homes of physicians,

As you constantly stumbled at their door-steps,

Seeking for help that never was coming.



Still in patience and in your pains, you went

 Down on your knees in sincere prayers, hoping

 That your prayers were going to be answered.


On your sick bed you lay there in hope,

 As prayers were offered in your name.

Your pains and sufferings became our worries

 As we went through sleepless nights watching

You as you screamed on your bed yearning for help that would hardly come.


By Timnge Ernest

Washington DC

United States Of America 

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