Boat dock

Shared by Vera Henson Brady on January 9, 2018

This is Phil in the picture with your daddy. But these are the days when he would come and get me whenever I wanted him to to take me to the boat dock down on the river. Those memories and so many more or so special to me.

Shared by Vera Henson Brady on January 9, 2018

Mom loved your daddy very much. The picture of him isn't very good but you can see in her face how much she loved him.

First Band

Shared by Linda Brown on June 12, 2017

This was Kenny's first band.  He had played with Dad, Jim and Charlie, but this was his first Rock and Roll Band.

L to R

Kenny Rolph, Lloyd McGlasson, Jim Rolph Jr., Elliot Green, Johnnie Dye, Charlie Carpenter, Charlie Whaley and Ronnie Perkins.

I believe this photo was take at the recreation center at Greenview Subdivision in Florence, Kentucky, just off Burlington Pike.

Happy 70th Birhday Kenny.


Your sissy,

to grandpa from elder Sparto (little sarge)

Shared by Caleb Sparto on November 23, 2015

hey grandpa i know that you have ben watching over me as i am serving a mission for the curch of jesus christ of latter day saints. i have thought alot about you and your extordanary impact om my life. you are every thing i strive to be. i hope to grow up and be a loving father grandpa and freind just like you. i know that you are proud of my desion to serve a full time mission. i hope to be as loving as you were and to always have your strong faith in christ wich you had no problem showing or expresing. in the scriptuers it says alma 48 nvrs 17 (Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.) i konw that my grandpa was unto moroni and that the devil himself shakes at the faith that he has. and i can only hope and pray that one day i will have grandpas faith love charity meakness and all other christ like atributes that he showed through out his life. with all my love i give this memorial to my beloved grandpa my heart felt testimony. i know that christ is my savior and i know that my grandpa is living in the celestiol kingdom with god and jesus and all his beloved family members that have passed through the veil. i know joseph smith was a prophet of god who restored the true and full curch of christ. i know that the book of mormon is a true and divine witness of the everlasting gosple og jesus christ and i invite all men and woman every ware to red ponder and pray about its content and i leave a solom promise that any who do will recive a divine personal witness of the truths that it holds. i know that the bible is the word of god and will always be an example of how to live are lifes and i do so in the name of my beloved savior jesus christ amen.  i know grandpa belive in all the truths i have spoken of and that he is an example of a true man and a worthy man of god who held the preisthood and never doubted eeven on his death bed. 

with all my love elder caleb anthony sparto aka little sarge love you fore now and always grandpa i will always srtive to live how you would have me. 


Thinking of you :)

Shared by Linda Brown on June 12, 2014

For the past few weeks, you have been on my mind quite a bit.  I wish you were here to celebrate your birthday with us today, but I am selfish I suppose.  I pray that Mom, Dad, Jim, Alice, Charlie and Amy are celebrating with you!  

Each day brings us closer to a sweet family reunion.

I love you

Linda and the boys <3

Happy Birthday Daddy

Shared by Janice Rolph-Sparto on June 12, 2013
Today is the 3rd birthday we haven't been able to celebrate together. It seems like 300 though. :'( I can't wait to hug ur neck!

Pepsi 400

Shared by Janice Rolph-Sparto on January 6, 2013
I remember the night I won the tickets off of the radio like it was yesterday. I was waiting for Matt to get off work @ sonic. It was @ 1A. M., I was sleepy, but as soon as I heard the prize announced that I picked up my cell and dialed away! I was tickled pink when I was the right caller! I had won tickets to a nascar race and I knew exactly who I was gonna take! It was right before Dad's birthday and fathers Day, so I knew it would be a perfect gift. So the day gets closer and I receive a phone call from the radio station telling me I had won the GRAND PRIZE! We have got better seats and a ride up on the "party bus". Dad and I were a little weary about just what the "party bus" would entail lol! We were really looking forward to a bunch of drunk, loud and obnoxious partying nascar fans! But we decided to roll with it to save $ on gas and parking. We couldn't have been any more wrong about the fans. It was a great ride up and back and it gave us time just to sit and visit on the way up and back. When we got there it was soooooo hot! So we cruised thru a few vendor booths and then we found the ONLY shade around. It was under an awning that had queue line that was for the tram to get to the stadium for the race. So, we found the only 2 chairs in sight and tried to keep cool. As we sat there we met so many people. They would wander through while waiting on the trams and we would quickly strike up a conversation. Some of those conversations lasted a long time. Some only permit moments. But I had the best time doing it! We did go watch the race when it was time, but my favorite part of the day was sitting in those chairs and talking with so many people. My dad gave me my gift of gab! I can talk to anybody, anywhere! I haven't met a stranger, as they say! I thank him for that! He gave me many gifts , too many to list here! I'm grateful for each and everyone! I miss you Daddy! It doesn't matter its been 2 years, it hurts just as muchnow as it did 2 years ago! Love your Big Girl!

Kenny and Janice ;)

Shared by Linda Brown on January 6, 2013

This picture was taken at Renfro Valley in about 1975.  Jim Burcham, Tim McNeely, Kenny and I were in a band together and had traveled to Renfro Valley to be on the Renfro Valley Barndance. Rita Henson Valter and I had done many shows there when we were 14, 15 and Kenny and the guys helped carriy on the tradition of doing a show there ;)

Kenny played drums in the band with us.  He played so many instruments very well, so he could adapt and do whatever was needed, unlike me...I am strictly some piano and lots of guitar ;)

We had such fun in that band and played all over the tri state area.

Janice, I hope this little memory helps you know more about the picture.

Those were the days and good ones too!

Love you

Aunt Linda Brown

The Cat

Shared by Sherri Sperelakis on January 6, 2013

Remember how the cat would love to jump out of my bedroom window.  Dad used to love that!



Shared by Christian Sparto on February 28, 2012
Hey granpa. I cry as I type this but I can't still se the keys.I hope you are having fun with your famliy up ther. The reason I came to talk to you was because I came home today from group (greif counciling) and I have this name tag. As I was taking off my name tag I rememberd the name tag I had when I visited you at the hospital when you where in a coma. I suddenly burst into tears and tried not to show my siblings(I'm the tough one). Well grandpa I need help joyce has made more bad decisions and thus her kids were taken away making granma and us there gaurdians.the stress isn't helping grandma or mom and I worry daily.I alsohave many questions in the gospel yet to be awnserd.if you know me I'm not an outward person so you are all I have to talk to please read this and tell me you love me and that it will be ok. Love your special boy Christian sparto.

One Year

Shared by Linda Brown on January 6, 2012

We used to play a song, back in the day, called "What A Difference A Day Makes".  All I can think of is, what a difference a year doesn't make.  I still think of you everyday.  Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry; each memory of you evokes a smile or a tear. I miss you more than you could ever have imagined.  You were one of the "constants" in my life and sometimes I feel as if I'm lost at sea with no anchor.

All I could think of during Christmas this year, was the last one you spent with Sheila, your girls, their husbands and your grandchildren.  Little did we know it would be the last. 

I kept myself together by trying not to be selfish and realizing you were spending your first Christmas with Dad, Mom, Jimmy, Alice and Charlie for the first time in many years.. It brought a smile through tears.. I swear I felt the presence of all of you when all of our little group gathered here at my home for our get together.

Although it was the "Brown" Clan together, it was just like a "Rolph" gathering.. Lots of food, laughter and fun.  I pray we, as your family, may continue to be strong and we wait for the day when we are reunited.

My last words to you,

"I love you honey"

Your last words to me,

"I love you too sugar"

Your sissy,

New Years eve 2011 the beginning of a rotten year :'(

Shared by Janice Rolph-Sparto on December 31, 2011
Daddy, I can't even remember what I was doing last year when the year changed. I was talking to Mom today as we strolled through Busch Gardens with the "babies" as you would say! Except not one of them are babies now :( But as I stated before I can't even remember last year when the ball dropped. One thing I do heart was broken into a million pieces. I was still holding onto the smallest hope/faith that you would get well enough to fight the cancer that had invaded your body, the one the DR's couldn't find even though you spent almost every week in one kind of DR office or another for over a YEAR! I know I desperately wanted to stop Mom's pain. I wanted you to wake up and say "I love you and you're Daddy's Big Girl" one more time....but I know one more matter how many I got, would never, ever be enough! I knew that your days could be I truely thought that you would wake up and we could fight it for awhile....our hopes/dreams were crushed just 6 days later when you were called home to Heavenly Father. I selfishly want you here, for me, for Sherri and Joyce for Little Kenny and all the "grandbabies" but most of all for Mom. I know you have to be so proud of her! She is venturing out and learning and trying new things. She is so strong and such a blessing to my life. I hope you and Heavenly Father can wait to take her for many many many years! well I've "blown up" your wall as you would say LOL SOOOOOOO GRET LOL! I love and miss you more than I ever thought possible. My heart will neither be whole or full again "Until We Meet Again"

Aunt Alice

Shared by Janice Rolph-Sparto on October 17, 2011
I am not sure if the memory I have of Aunt Alice is a true memory of her or not, she died when I was a very small child. But I remember staying @ her house on Tanner lane in Hebron Ky. I remember her taking me to an old country store and sitting me on a stool @ the counter and she bought me those "candy marshmellow" ice cream cones. I loved those things! Dad used to tell me all the time how much she loved me and how spoiled I was around her or Granny Rolph. Dad always told me how much I reminded him of her. I always felt special because I knew how much he loved her and I liked reminding him of her. I was with one of Alice's daughters, Vera about a month ago and Vera's best friend since school was with us. She told Vera that I reminded her of Alice, without knowing what my Dad always said she gave me words that I thought might have gone with Dad..."she reminds me of Alice". I can't wait to see her again and to see if I did her proud! Love you Daddy! Your Big Girl

that dumb dog

Shared by Tony Sparto on August 13, 2011
I remember seeing dad laugh so hard he almost cried. Janice and I had been married one year and moved into a mobile home. Janice got me a big black lab as a present. This dog was scared of everything. We were installing my new washer around the back of the house. I was on the front step and had the dog chained to steps so he couldn't run away. Dad was out front with the truck. As soon as he started the truck engine the stupid dog was scared out of his mind and jumped up running as fast and as hard as he could. He drug the front steps with him while I was still on the top step yelling. We went several feet. I was so mad and dad was laughing so hard he couldn't talk. Thanks for the dog janice...
Shared by Tony Sparto on August 13, 2011
I remember the first time I met dad sitting on his couch waiting for janice. He made me feel so comfortable like I was family. Janice and I went to kings island that day and made a music video together. We showed it to him that night. He told me later when he saw that video he knew we were getting married. A couple of weeks later I asked janice to marry me on his birthday and didn't know it was his birthday. Dad had a gift of making you feel loved and important know matter who you are what you believe or how you act. From that first day I was family and loved. Thank you Dad. Tony

Visiting Family

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

This picture was taken of Kenny and our cousin Eva Carol Hollar on one of the many trips we made to Uncle Roe and Aunt Annie's home.

Raleigh Monroe Hollar was the son of Joseph Warren Hollar and Etna Ishmael Brierly and my Grandma Lillie Hollar Snapp's baby brother :)

He married Annie Mae Rolph, daughter of Alvin Menifee Rolph and Eliza Rigdon's daughter and my dad's baby sister (her twin sister was Nannie Rae Rolph Beckett).

So, I was related to Uncle Roe and Aunt Annie in two ways, which was just fine with me.  They were both precious and sweet people and I always loved visiting their home.

As you may be able to tell, I love researching genealogy.  That is why I tend to add so much detail. But,  I think it's important to know how we are all makes the pictures come to life for me :)

Kenny at Anderson Ferry

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

This picture was taken on one of our many trips across the Ohio River on the Anderson Ferry located in Constance, KY.

We always loved riding on the ferry; it was a big adventure!


Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

The old Ford "Woodie"... Kenny may have been contemplating taking it for a drive, but I don't think he could have reached the pedals :) 

This photo was taken at the McCarty house too!

Kenny and Linda

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

This picture was taken at Henson's farm which is now located on Stahl Road in Hebron, KY.

Our sister Alice and her husband Tom built a home on the farm next to Mr. and Mrs. Henson's house.

We had many good times there :)

Kenny and Linda

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

I don't know if I was waving or scratching my ear :)  We were the two amigo's back then.. 

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

I took this picture of Kenny in front of our house at 696 Tanner Road.


Kenny Dad and Me

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

Look at the smile on Kenny's face.. He got his wish after all.. A baby sister who weighed in at 9 lbs 15 oz.

He weighed 9 lbs. 11 oz. when he was born.

We were the biggest children because Mom was diabetic by the time we came along.

She said I came out ready to work.. Size 1 clothes.. and the saga continues with weight!!  LOL

Kenny's Demand

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

When Kenny found out Mom was going to have me, he told her, "I want a baby sister".

The morning mom left to head out to St Elizabeth Hospital in Covington, KY, he reminded her, "I want a baby sister".

She said, "well honey, what if it's a boy?"

He said, "just leave it there, I want a baby sister"..

I sure am glad I wasn't a boy!!

Good Driver Even Then

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

Looks like either Kenny was a good driver or the person who parked him there for the picture was being cautious!  His wheels are turned so he wouldn't take a roller coaster ride over the hill at the McCarty house where we lived :)

The house is no longer there, but the lot is just at the top of the hill on the left heading from the house on Tanner Road into Taylorsport.

Kenny's First Band

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

This picture is one of Kenny in his first band.. I think he was around 12 years old.

The guitar he is playing is the Gibson dad bought him, after he had polio.  We were people of simple means, but dad spared no expense on that guitar.  Back in the fifties, that guitar cost over $500.00, but nothing was too good for his son!

The little amp you see setting out front, was my dad's Gibson Amp.. I don't know whatever became of it, but it was sure put to good use on many occasions.

The thing that tickles me, as a musician, is that they had 3 guitarists, one drummer, a lead singer, 3 horn players, but not a soul on bass guitar.. I guess they were grabbing them, as they could get them :) 

A funny story about this band;  They had a manager that was into the "hip talk" of the day..he was blowing a lot of smoke and Mom with her eagle eye was hip to what he was trying to pull off...  Kenny was talking about what the guy was going to do for them.. Mom said, "you need to tell Yay Cat to take a hike".. She knew Kenny had the talent to get by on his own.. I always crack up when I remember that story..

The House

Shared by Linda Brown on August 3, 2011

When I was a little girl, one of my first memories was Dad building a home for us.  He bought the lot from Bill Day, put a one bedroom trailer in the back and went to work on the house.

My dad had a 2nd grade education, but he was a very intelligent man who could figure out anything he decided to do!

He worked at FH Lawson Company 5 days a week; played music 3 nights a week and worked on the house the other 4 days.  He certainly was "not" lazy, in any way shape or form.

"A picture says a thousand words" and this picture says a lot.  Our family and the Ginn family were as close as relatives can be.  My great Aunt Claudia and my mom were more like sisters, than aunt and niece.  My grandma Lillie was the oldest of the Hollar girls and Aunt Claudia came along the same year as my mom, which is very similar to Rita Henson and me.. we are like sisters.. only 2 months apart.

The Ginn boys helped dad with the house and several other good friends of dad's.  Paul McCarty wired all the electric in the house..those are the only details I can remember, since I was so young.

All I knew, was in the end, we had a beautiful home with hardwood floors and my mom kept it immaculate!  Moving into the house from the trailer, was like moving into a castle :)

I remember as Mom would clean the house, she was always singing.  I would ask her what the songs were and she replied, "songs my Mom used to sing".

We were all thankful for the house dad built and the home he and mom made for us.  I so believe in the statement, "Family First"...that is what I experienced as a child and still do to this day.

Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you did to help make your children loving, caring, kind and ethical people.  We owe it all to you..

Back then the house address was: 696 Tanner Road  Hebron, KY 

Phone number (even when it was a party line was:) Murray 9-4665 (689-4665)

Mom & her Uncle Kenny

Shared by Mackenzie Valter Burgess on July 31, 2011

For me, Uncle Kenny was so cool.  I will always remember his smile when he saw us. His smile was huge to me. Back in 2000 we were all at Uncle Charlie's house for a reunion.  I saw a couple of Janice's kids (I think that's who they were.) run up to Uncle Kenny.  He grinned and played with them.  For some reason this memory sticks out in my mind.   I also miss seeing him on facebook.   

Dad called Mom's cell phone while Mom and I were at Wal-mart.  He told us that Uncle Kenny passed away.  I thought that Mom would break down and cry when she heard the bad news. Instead she said, "My sweet Uncle Kenny."  I asked her if she wanted to go home.  She said no.  She said Uncle Kenny would have wanted us to go on.  How inspiring Uncle Kenny must have been in life, if in death he inspired Mom to be strong and go on.

I was going to post my picture of Mom and Uncle Kenny, but for some reason my computer is being mean.  :)   

Jami Martin Reed

Shared by Janice Rolph-Sparto on July 31, 2011
I believe that this picture is @ my sister's wedding. Jami is my Dad's best friend Jimmy Martin's daughter. She passed away October of '09 from breast cancer. I am sure she was there to hug "Uncle Bones" neck. He loves Jimmy like a brother and I am sure he was happy to see Jami. It broke his heart to see his friend's heart break from the loss of his beautiful daughter. Jimmy and his oldest daughter Jodi have been here to help me through this hard time. I don't know what I would do without Jodi. She has been a great strength to me! Love you Daddy, Your Big Girl <3
Shared by Christian Sparto on July 31, 2011

I still love and use this bunk bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bunk Beds

Shared by Janice Rolph-Sparto on July 29, 2011

Dad and Tony spent the summer of 2008.  This was a "GRET" task to say the least LOL.  For these were no ordinary bunk beds!  It was a standard bunk bed with a loft.  So it is shaped like an L.  Dad worked on the plans for this and He and Tony went to the "Piece of wood store" (Little Kenny's name for Home Depot) to get all the materials.  Tony has some REALLY funny stories about this and I will let him tell them.  But we spent almost every weekend up at Mom and Dad's house in Hudson Florida working on these beds.  Everyone chipped in.  Tony and Dad headed up construction, Walter (Tony's Mom's husband) oversaw construction, I stained the wood, the kids came in and out working next to their Dad and Grandpa's and Mom had the hardest job, keeping everyone safe and feeding us!  If you have ever ate my Mom's food you will know that we were on the winning end of that deal :)  The boys will have this bed forever, because it is made to withstand catagory 5 hurricane!  We had so much fun that summer and we made so many great memories.  I can't wait for Tony to post some great stories about it!  

Love and Miss you Daddy,

Your Big Girl 

Pepsi 400 @ Daytona Speedway

Shared by Janice Rolph-Sparto on July 29, 2011

Dad and I sat in this spot for about 3 hours, maybe even longer!  It was SOOOOOOOO blasted hot that day that neither one of us had the energy to walk around.  So we found a "GRET" spot in the shade with some chairs.  It was a rare find, believe you me!  We met so many people that day.  Dad and I shared our chairs, laughter and stories with many people that day.  I just loved it.  It is one of the best memories of Dad and I together enjoying something special.  He passed on the gift of Jab to me.  I can talk to anyone at anytime.  I thank him for that gift.  I have talked with lots of very interesting people in my life, that I might have walked on by, had I been shy!  

Thanks Daddy, 

Love your Big Girl!


Rolph's, Songs, Poems and Stories

Shared by Linda Brown on July 28, 2011

I remember, as young children, how Kenny and I anticipated the arrival of our "Birthday Poem" from our Aunt Mae.

She fashioned each story about us personally.  The gift of words, is so powerful.  She wrote from her heart to our hearts and it meant the world to us.

As we grew older, we each had our way of telling about our life experiences and feelings. Kenny was more gifted than I.  He could write songs, poems and stories. (not to mention his "funny ones")

I only wrote songs, but am working on a "Life Journal" for my children.  We never realize what treasures these remembrances are, until we've lived a little :)

Kenny and I emailed each other for the past 14 years.  Thankfully, I saved every one he ever sent me.  We shared feelings, stories, poems and songs.. I believe that is a large part of the Rolph Legacy.

Our parents came from humble beginnings, but gave us a life rich with love. We were taught the true meaning of ethics, kindness to others, and being a person of your word. 

So, here are the words of one of just a few men I admire most in my life, my brother, Kenny. 

Kenny Rolph "Crawdad Hole"

Shared by Linda Brown on July 27, 2011

Crawdad Hole was a song sung by many musicians in the Greater Cincinnati Area.. Kenny and I used to get a big kick out of the way Willie Begley sang it...Thankfully, Kenny used the proper words :) 

This is one of those songs that's so old, it's difficult to remember who wrote it or recorded it first..

Well, this is Redbone's rendition :) 

Kenny and the Black Mountain Rag

Shared by Linda Brown on July 27, 2011

After Kenny moved to Florida, he had the pleasure of reuniting with our friend, Jim Kinman.  Kenny attended Jim's jam session and played with several other musicians.  Jim sent me a DVD of Kenny playing with the band.  His kindess in doing that meant so much to me.  I wanted to share this with everyone who loved him :)

This song, "Black Mountain Rag", is an old fiddle tune; one we heard our dad play many times :)

Although Jim, Charlie, Kenny and I were guitarists, we kept the tradition of the song going by playing it on our guitars. 

Kenny was a man who stayed true to his roots all of his life.  We all loved the old fiddle tunes and Kenny would later go on to play many of them on his banjo too.  As well as a singer/songwriter, Kenny was a versatile instrumentalist.  He played guitar, fiddle, bass, drums, banjo and mandolin. Just about any instrument he picked up he was jamming on it before too long :)

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the world of music Kenny loved so much.

Charlie Daniels

Shared by Janice Rolph-Sparto on July 26, 2011
The pic of me and Dad was @ the Charlie Daniels concert. I won these tickets from a radio station. Dad and I had a really great time!!! My Dad and I shared a passion for music. He taught me to love all kinds of music. I thank him for passing his love onto me and my family.


Shared by Christian Sparto on July 25, 2011

My story is about my grandpa blessing me along with my dad and other worthy priesthoods holders. I was nervous to walk into that meeting room where before me where 6 worthy priesthood holders waiting for me to take a seat int the chair to become a deacon. My dad was blessing me and my grandpa was also there and it felt so nice to have so humble and worthy men of god to grant me the priest hood. After i was blessed i shook every ones hand except my dad and grandpa (Kenny Rolph) and i hugged my grandpa and it was so warm inside to know that he cared enough for me and god that he would bless me with the priest hood.  

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