Let the memory of KENNETH ( BIG ) be with us forever
  • Passed away on June 25, 2011 in HUNTLAND, Tennessee, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, KENNETH ( BIG ) CARTER . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Patricia Carter on June 27, 2016
I really miss u its been five years since you left us and its ashard today as it was then I luv u as much as I always will .
Posted by Pink Poof on December 26, 2014
Merry Christmas good friend. You are missed by so many. I wonder if you ever knew how loved you were. I hope you know now as you look down on all of us. Merry Christmas to you in heaven. Your celebration is surely more beautiful than anything we still on earth can ever imagine. Love you.
Posted by Patricia Carter on August 27, 2014
well another year has come and gone.still seems like just yesterday u was my baby u grew up to be a man. and left to go home to ur mansion in the sky.and ur birthday comes around and I hve a hole in my heart.wishing I could say I love u and happy birthday.and brings back to the day u came in my life. son l love u.forever. happy birthday
Posted by Patricia Carter on June 28, 2014
big I miss u more everyday. I think of u as a baby on up till u left to go home t be with the our father in heaven.ur were my special little boy.al ways there for me.son I miss mom don't worry im big enough to take care of myself.i love u. I miss that little smurky grin when u done something u weren't suppose to. I don't think ill ever get over losing u so early in life. just want u t know how much I love u and miss u.
Posted by RITA BOES on March 22, 2014
Hey BIG you may see me sooner than we thought. You think they got hogs in heaven, if they do we will run them all.
Posted by Patricia Carter on June 26, 2013
yesterday was just to hard I couldn't come to ur pages . you were taken frm my lifebut I still have all our precios memories that ill nevr forget u. I had to stay busy yesterday to keep my mind ocupyied.frm not thinkin what a shock andit was when I got the call of u leavin. son I miss u. I miss u singin and dancing with me.i miss all the aggravating me u did I cant bring u back. I love u
Posted by RITA BOES on December 16, 2012
Hey Big it's almost Christmas. Wish u were gonna be here. Imiss you and Harley & Noah, She still don"t let me see them or even send gifts. So the holidays just aren"t the same. But i sure do miss u all. So see u when i get there. It probably won"t be too long now. Love Ya" NANA
Posted by Christy Simmons on September 26, 2012
big i sure do miss u alot....i miss someone that always called me "cricket poot" u and uncle duck were the only ones who got away with that.playing king of the hill was so much fun when u got into it...big i know u r in a better place...love and miss u
Posted by Patricia Carter on August 31, 2012
i like to wish u happy bday. 28 yrs ago it was so foggy u couldnt see 2 ft in front of u the mornin of aug 31 1984. u were born never dream i id lose u so early in life i love u and miss u but ur in my heart.son i love u.
Posted by Patricia Carter on August 20, 2012
son its almost ur bday. guess ill think of the day u were born and how much i miss seeing u. i wish u happy bday. ur bitrthday is hard noining i cant say happy bday, i love u thats what i love about these pages that everyone made for u it gives me a place i can go and say how much i love u
Posted by Close Friend on April 2, 2012
I'm always gonna remember you. I hope you've forgiven me as I have forgiven you. You were so crazy and lived ur life full throttle. Everywhere I look I see you. Everyday I expect to see you and then it's hits me I never will. That's what bothers me most knowing I will never see you again. Except when I close my eyes besause then you are there
Posted by Shawn Carter on October 16, 2011
i miss you brother and i wish you was here with us i love you and you are a good place
Posted by Patricia Carter on October 5, 2011
well i had the surgery done came out. ok. being missing u alot and thinkin of u i guess all the bed rest ive had to do. i give anything if u had been here.i love and miss u dearly.dont no how i live with out u.its not a day goes by i dont think of u son i love u more than i coul
Posted by Patricia Carter on September 28, 2011
well son have to have surgery tomorrow and ur not here to say mom i love u and ull be ok i love u and miss u
Posted by RITA BOES on September 19, 2011
big, i dreamed of u the other night.but was it just a dream? i could see u hear u and even feel your hand on my shoulder. are u trying to tell me something. u know we both were done the same way by the same one.let me know LOVE MAMA RITA
Posted by RITA BOES on September 1, 2011
BIG, wish you were here so we could run hogs ,laugh and act crazy. But most of all i wish you were here to talk. You were always there to listen, and you always understood.I miss you. BIG there will never be another one as kind & CARING AS U. LOVE MAMA RITA
Posted by Pink Poof on August 31, 2011
Happy bday!
Posted by Patricia Carter on August 31, 2011
happy birthday big mom loved u and misses u very much.
Posted by Patricia Carter on August 30, 2011
well 27 yrs ago tonite i went in labot wit a son .who i never thought id have eo lose him in his 26 yrs. i love and miss dearly.he was a wonderful son. i had ups and downs with him. but he was always there for me. son i love u and hope u have a good bday i ,iss u dearly
Posted by Pink Poof on August 30, 2011
Just wanna say I am thinking of u! U were a wonderful person 2 know!
Posted by Jessica Cruise on August 26, 2011
I knew big for off and on 2 years. I loved being around big he always made me feel so much better when i was down. he was also a big part of my daughters life to my daughter loved him to death. we love u kenneth and always will u will always hold a place in my heart.
Posted by Jessica Smith on August 25, 2011
Well its been 2 months since you decided to leave us and go to heaven. I wish things were way different than they ended up. You were a wonderful father Big and a great friend. Missing you more than ever. Love ya always. xoxoxo
Posted by Stephen Cartwright on August 25, 2011
big, my boy, i have cried til i am almost out of tears, but the river will not bring you back. it's what took you from this old world,an i know one day i shall see you again,until then, you are missed my dear son, you are missed.. love you!!
Posted by Patricia Carter on August 25, 2011
its been 2 monx since my son left me i kove him and miss him. my heart is breaking to the loss of a great son who lived his life to the fullest. and loved his kids more than anyone new. son i kove u and midd u dearly u r in heart forever gone but noy forgotten love mom
Posted by Jessica Hopkins on August 25, 2011
big me and mom love you and miss you
Posted by Jessica Hopkins on August 25, 2011
i am tina hopkins gal she wanted me to say this for her big your always with me i miss u so much i think about you every day and i miss you so much i love you big so much<3
Posted by Jessica Hopkins on August 25, 2011
me and big when tn and bama played we was texting each other every 5min and it was on becuz he was on tn side and i was on bama it was so funny tho he always send me a song that he would sing for my mom tina hopkins he loved her so much and she loves him so much. if u need us cal
Posted by RITA BOES on July 14, 2011
Posted by RITA BOES on July 14, 2011

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