Connected by family 196? - Together by choice.... 2019

Shared by L Jackson on August 16, 2019
Peace and Blessings Dearest Cousins, Kenneth "Kenny" and Nadene,

My first recollection of both Cousin Kenny and Cousin Nadene was around family!  

In the early 1960s, a great time for me as a very little boy was seeing my family and playing in the backyard at our Grandparents Robert and Mamie Walker's home in Detroit Michigan with my siblings and Cousins.  As Cousin Kenny mentioned recently, all of us lived at that home, at one time or another.  Then the next moment was a deeply sad day for me and Cousin Kenny too as I discovered, Uncle and Auntie packed-up the U-haul and headed off to Chicago to establish a new home for their family.  I recall that day personally very well as I stood in the backyard full of emotions and tears welled up in my eyes and heart thinking of my lose.  My big brothers and sister in my mind had gone.  You see, our "Mothers" and Fathers did a great job creating an environment to allow us to know one another and connect as family.  The oil of our Grandparents is still flowing..., for in every adversity is the seed of equal or greater benefit for the mind that is positive.  This is how Beautiful Denise and I connected with Cousin Nadene, at one of those wonderful family events in Chicago.  Thank you Uncle Robinson "Lawrence" and Auntie Barbra Casey.  Cousin Nadene has been a great addition to the family because, she has given one of the family's sons what God of the Holy Bible said all men who are lonely need and that is a "Helpmate".   He who finds a wife, she is more precious than gold.

Our "gentle giant".  Cousin Kenny, was a continuation of a line of servant leaders and as our Grandmother would often say; "It is better to give than to receive".  In the breath of life, he planted a lot of seeds, he gave and gave.  In his giving, he became a great conductor helping many others play music and beautiful sounds are still playing on.   As Cousin Kenny and I recently discussed, what lasts truly is what one gives and not what one gains.  Cousin Kenny, thank  you for all the funny, interesting memories..., directly experienced and indirectly received.  Thank you for all the wonderful examples of being a man of integrity, who lived justly, who extended mercy and who walked humbly with the people of this world.  Thank you for the loud Rock music when we were little, the log cabin project, the smooth groves at Joel's and sharing your vision behind Kasi. Thank you for making that call to Mother, Jacqueline-Gi.  It allowed me to stop everything to come to the land of 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday to show my deep respect, to extend love through hugs and prayers from the family and to give you your flowers ..., personally. 

With tender love and much appreciation,
Your Cousins Lonnell and Denise Jackson and Mother Juanita-Gi

Fun Times in the Sunshine

Shared by S Allen on August 14, 2019
Goodbye is not forever. Goodbye is not the end. It simply means, we will miss you until we meet again.
  • Dawn 
  • Peter
  • Tony
  • Sophia

My colleague, my brother, my friend....

Shared by BK Ellison on August 10, 2019
 Where do I start? So many crazy,  adventurous, special moments I shared during my over 30 year bond with this incredible,  beautiful human being...

This man had compassion, love, and understanding for all that would cross his path, and forgave in many instances where I would not. Ken is my confidant, my brother, my source of encouragement, my source of inspiration. We went to school together, worked together, played together, laughed (a whole f***ing lot!) together, suffered together, grew together.  He is my most noblest of friends that I attended so, so many amazing concerts with, watched movies (mostly sci-fi) with, shared and discussed books with, and argued with (in such the most intellectual ways). He drove like a crazyman, was rarely on time, understood my twisted sense of humor, and endured my odd, eccentric ways. His meeting and ultimate marriage to Nadene did nothing but bring more light into my life; I will love her forever as well. I think of him everyday. I will miss him until the end of mine.

He made a liar out of me!

Shared by N Chambers on August 8, 2019
Prior to meeting Ken my attitude on marriage was "Why would anyone do that?" To say I had no desire to get married is an understatement. In fact, all my friends at the time knew this as I had sworn to them many times that I would "never, ever get married".  I met Ken through Latonia Baker.  She and I went to see "Waiting to Exhale" with Ken and Mike Sanchez and we went to dinner after the movie.  Oh boy, was that a contentious dinner! I argued with Ken Casey for almost the entire time and he drove me insane! Truth is, we probably both drove each other insane. I was sure I'd never see him again after that.  But I did! And even though in our next several meetings he drove me crazy still, in time I got to know him better and he worked his characteristic "Ken Casey Magic" on me. It was slow and steady, but very real. Ken was a really nice guy who was extremely generous with his time and would do anything for me.  He also gave me the space to be myself. It was clear he was always thinking about me and slowly but surely Ken Casey made a liar out of me!! Not only did we get married but we were married for 21 years!!  And over that time we had a really full life.  Lots of great memories, lots of great friends, and lots of laughs.  Thanks for all of it, Ken!  I know I'm a better person for the life we lived together.

Mr. NOMA.... Ken you will be forever remember!!!!

Shared by Jose Estrada on August 8, 2019
I met Ken in the year 2000 in New Orleans at my first NOMA convention.  From the beginning, he was a role model, a mentor and friend, always sharing insight, providing guidance and collaborating with many of us.  We have lost a great member of this family, but heaven has gained a great soul.  Rest in Glory Ken!

I ❤️ Rock & Roll!

Shared by Deborah Casey on August 7, 2019
Daddy Jazz. Mama Motown.
Robin Al Jarreau. Michael  Parliament.
Oh but Kenny LOVED Rock & Roll !!!!!!

That cracked me up as a kid. I thought he was so weird for that :-).

He would stay in the basement on 83rd & Throop street for hours listening to rock and playing his guitar.

As adults it switched to Easy Listening Jazz -seemed to keep him centered.

During our last visit Nadene had jazz going and “his song” came on. He was visibly excited (an emotion I rarely got to see) The Friday Song! Nadene cranked it up and we enjoyed the catchy tune. I guess he said Thank God  I made it to another Friday! We also played jazz for my Dad during his last few days. Lord, these Casey Men! (as Monet says). Scroll back to the top to see where it started. Jazz. Next up Tahj - Jazz Lover. Go figure.

A Top Cat celebrating the life of Uncle Top Cat

Shared by Deborah Casey on August 7, 2019
I was seldom allowed to foot the bill or chip in with Kenny. Case in point, when my uncle passed I drove to Indianapolis and bunked with Kenny - I was low key keeping an eyeon him. I left a day earlier, and in typical Kenny Casey behavior towards his younger sister, when i checked out he wouldn’t let me split the bill - He never did - He never did!

Me: Kenny send me a text and let me know how much to send you.
Kenny: {crickets}

Kenny was a Top Cat 

You Can Reach Me By ...

Shared by Deborah Casey on August 6, 2019
My Bro! I arrived in Chicago via Amtrak (Feb 2017). Kenny then drove us to Detroit for our aunts funeral. We came back to Chicago early because he had a “meeting”. I eventually made my way back to Memphis - where I had guests waiting to surprise me for my 50th Birthday. Among the guests...Big Brother Kenny!!!!! This dude drove me to Chicago only to hop a flight to Memphis to share in my celebration - THATS LOVE ! THATS MY BIG BRO !!

It's wasn't that bad.

Shared by Tanya Lopez on August 6, 2019
I remember hanging out with Ken & Nadene while they were in Chicago. We were discussing food and Ken observed that when meat eaters describe eating something with meat they are quick to say "this is good" but when they eat something that is either vegan or vegetarian the response tends to be "it wasn't that bad." Being a fellow meat eater this made me laugh as I could definitely relate.

Thank you Ken for the laughs. I'll see you on the other side.

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