Let the memory of Kenneth be with us forever.
  • 37 years old
  • Born on March 29, 1982 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on April 20, 2019 in Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kenneth Ojeh 37 years old , born on March 29, 1982 and passed away on April 20, 2019. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ebele Dawn on May 3, 2019
Rest in peace keno I know you are riding with the angels you will be sorely missed...
Posted by Richard Robert on April 28, 2019
If words can bring you back,am sure you would have been with us this moment. We love you bro, but God love you most. Miss you greatly Okonkwo's (aboy)
Posted by Olanike Oni on April 26, 2019
Rest in peace uncle papi... May the God lord grant you eternal rest. I will miss you,I won't be able to call u uncle papi, I won't be able to stroke you with Ur bike that I refer to as okada... It so so sad and I wish all this was a dream but who are we to question God cos he knows best.. you will forever be in our hrt.. rest on my friend best friend.
Posted by Alero Otis on April 26, 2019
RIP Ken. You were a wonderful friend, the big brother I never had. Always objective and passionate. I pray we all find closure today as you are laid to rest.
Posted by Anon S on April 25, 2019
Lo, there do I see my father. Lo, there do I see my mother. And my sister and my brother Lo, there do I see the line of my people Back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me. They bid me take my place among them In the halls of Valhalla Where the brave may live forever.
Posted by Gela Alfred on April 25, 2019
Kendollas.... I'm in tears right now. It's such a painful exit u know. I met u thru Uzoma Stanley few years ago and we have remained friends even though we don't get to see. You are(were) such a nice gentleman but we always blast ourselves jokingly u know. I posted my pictures on instagram few days ago, I was waiting for you to comment and blast me as usual but all I got the very next day was a call from a friend that you passed on. Hmm... It's painful Ken... I even complimented u wen u posted that smoothie stuff... U said work in progress. I spoke with u about coming over to discuss insurance policies with ur bikers club but I couldn't make it. You are always there financially or Jst encouraging words. You never looked down on anyone, aIways smiling, ready to help. I just can't believe you are gone Ken but who are we to question God?? Rest in perfect peace my dearest friend.... Amen.
Posted by Timothy Victor on April 25, 2019
I started catching and following bikers on Instagram and yeah I caught you. We never really had a one on one but I'm a super fan. And it hurts and much as is it seems unreal. Ride on, rest with the saints ... Revvvvvvv LorDvest.
Posted by Vanessa Nadette on April 25, 2019
When I heard the news of what happened to you . I was speechless for some minutes and all I could think of and remember was the first time I met you, the guy who gave me his jacket when I was feeling really cold without knowing me and ever since then I knew you as a dependable guy with a big heart. Truly this is Painful more like a hard pill to swallow but who am I to question God . Eternal rest granted unto you.. You're in a better place
Posted by Vanessa Nadette on April 25, 2019
When I heard the news of what happened to you . I was speechless for some minutes and all I could think of and remember was the first time I met you, the guy who gave me his jacket when I was feeling really cold without knowing me and ever since then I knew you as a dependable guy with a big heart. Truly this is Painful more like a hard pill to swallow but who am I to question God . Eternal rest granted unto you.. You're in a better place
Posted by Aliyu Alto on April 25, 2019
RIPP keno. Ride on !!!!
Posted by Ifeyinwa Victor-Uadiale on April 25, 2019
Rest in peace baritone ever smiling Ken. The news of your death is saddening. You were always cheerful those days at UNIMAID
Posted by Mofe Lee Ebuloku on April 25, 2019
Ojeh!!!!! Keno!!! How painful this is. I remember when we first met back in UNIMAID....we immediately bonded. How we rode in your beetle car....squatted together in the same room just to catch up with exams ...ate together from the same pot....exchange shoes to go to parties.... I was so glad you relocated to Lagos...I remember our early days seeking out for job opportunities and still had time to catch up. Its been a privileged being with you...knowing you.....flexing with you. Like we say in Chemistry Dept back in UNIMAID....A CHEMIST NEVER DIES, HE ONLY FAILS TO REACT. I will miss your REACTIONS brother!!! Goodbye brother.....goodnight friend.....Adieu my man!!
Posted by Amakah Nworah on April 25, 2019
Kenneth, am still in shock since i got the news of your painful demise. Ken, i saw you after a very very long time in Abuja at your younger brother's wedding. Where we had so much fun as if i knew it was going to be our last time together. I can only imagine what your parents and siblings are going through. But we take solace in the words of God for i know that God will surely comfort your loved ones your left behind. Ken.......we will meet to part no more.
Posted by Paul Addax on April 25, 2019
Baba you left early. We kept talking about those bike lessons. Sad it never happened. You were patient and easy going. Rest in Peace Bro
Posted by CHIDINMA OKEMMIRI on April 25, 2019
Ken!!! Tipper!!!! as I love to call u it came as a shock to me and still find it difficult to accept u are no more. Still wait for u to resume work so we can drop off from the staff bus at stadium or Okanlawon street and make our usually chat and bid good nite. Who will help me with my weight loss therapy, who will encourage me, death!!! Why Ken, Why!!!! ride on dear you will for ever be missed.
Posted by Annie Leyii on April 25, 2019
We were friends from the first day we met. We stayed friends after that. You were always so gentle and kind. You were always thoughtful. I couldn’t stay in touch but you always did with me and I feel horrible now knowing that I could have gotten to know you more. This hit too close. I have denied it until now. I hope you are smiling down at us all. You’ll never be forgotten. You’ll always be missed. Rest In Peace Dear Friend
Posted by Mikel Anene on April 25, 2019
I still can't believe you are gone Ken but God knows the best...May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen.
Posted by Rhoda Omuvwie on April 25, 2019
I was shocked when I found out that a happy soul like yours had to leave. You were such a jovial and happy person. I remember you dancing at Bikers EOY party 2018..... Still feels like yesterday. Never knew you in person but was always happy seeing you with my B. A. D gang friends. Rest well bro...... Keep riding with the angels.
Posted by Joy Ujah on April 25, 2019
I still cannot believe this happened. This is so painful. You were a really good friend. I wish we talked more the last time I saw you. Rest easy my dear Ken. May God bring comfort to your loved ones. Amen
Posted by Chinyere Nweke on April 25, 2019
Ken,the news about your demise came as a shock,grew up knowing you as a big brother though distance kept us away,I still remember the joy and laughter that filled the house each time you visited from church,still feels like a bad dream am begging to wake up from,it is so sad and painful,live forever in our hearts. Rest on Kenny,Adieu ken Ojeh.
Posted by Rukevwe Evelyn Omuyeh on April 25, 2019
I have learnt to love what I have before life makes you love what you’ve lost. fading away like the stars ⭐️ of the morning, Loosing their life in this glorious sun Thus would we pass from the earth and it’s toilings Only remembered by what we have done ✅ Only remembered,only remembered, only remembered by what we have done ✅ Thus we would pass from the earth and it’s toiling Only remembered by what we have done ✅ This is how your friends and family remember you, this is how I remember you , picture perfect Eternal Rest you grant him O lord , and may your perpetual light shine on him . May the soul of the faithful departed through the mercy of God Rest in perfect peace . Farewell Keno.
Posted by Bertha Onyebuchi on April 25, 2019
"Ken? How? It's not true, there must be a mix up" These were my words when I received the news of your demise with rude shock and a broken heart....My Big bro Ken,I grew up knowing you as that, I saw you last at Nonsky's wedding, and I teased you of being next continually,to which you kept on saying"I hear". Chaiii!! my Aunt's "Oparaukwu" the one that she speaks of countlessly with great hope is gone. God permitted it for a reason... "Ya diwa oooo" Adieu Kenneth, heaven just gained an angel. it's well, you are greatly missed already. ❤️❤️
Posted by Henry Chiboy on April 25, 2019
Hey Ken, my heart was broken when I heard of your demise. Your gone, but you will forever be remembered. sleep on brother
Posted by Emmanuella Konwea on April 25, 2019
Ken Ojeh. It's still like a film to me. Can't still believe that you are no more. Why do good people die. Your mum,my friend,can't be with me or close pals for an hour with out mentioning the name Kenneth. May God console her and your Dad, your entire family and friends like us. You will forever be loved. Rest in peace of the Lord Ken.
Posted by Ify Nweke on April 25, 2019
Words aren't enough... from the days of miset to unimaid.... Ken you were no more friend you became family .. you are an elder brother..... My heart bleeds. . You will forever be missed
Posted by Farouk Ghazal on April 25, 2019
Keno I remember when I first met you at Ibro’s place...your humble and calm personality never goes unnoticed. Later met couple of times at the same gym where I deceived myself for 2 months. Lol You’ll solely be missed by everyone, God knows best...friends and family here will forever keep you in our hearts! Rest well!
Posted by Akinola Oyediran on April 25, 2019
The brave one I call u, yet a gentleman per excellence. Selfless, dependable and magnanimous in all respect. A rare find to be a friend in the world we live in today. Rest on in the bosom of our lord till we meet again. Fair winds brother.
Posted by Pholamie Ayorinde on April 25, 2019
Keno, I have hesitated doing this... Cos I still can't believe you not with us anymore. Here, reading what everyone has to say to you breaks my heart. I tired of loosing people close to me. Yet God took you too. Bro, I know you resting fine, free from the pains of this world but you did us strong thing by exiting when you did. Let me stop. Rest in peace Ken, ride with the angels. We will meet again. One!
Posted by Bukola Kareem on April 24, 2019
Dear keno. You were such a dear and reliable friend. You would comment on my posts and we would go on and on at the comments section in Hausa. It was fun because everyone would wonder what the language was about... that is just one amongst many other things. I miss you man.. Rest on Aboki na (my friend).
Posted by Range RoverDoctor on April 24, 2019
Met you just a few months ago at our BBQ was looking forward to many more parties, rides and BBQs but God knows best, how was I to know that was the last time I would be seeing you on Earth? Now you ride with the Angels on Golden chariots till that day we all meet again our Engines Revs 10,000 in your honor....Rest in Peace Keno
Posted by Jeanne Rosanwo on April 24, 2019
Hi Keno! Thinking of you. My heart and mind can't still comprehend your absence but my soul knows you're at peace. What's heaven like today? Earth misses you greatly, but hey you're in a better place. Rest on dear!
Posted by Idowu Sope on April 24, 2019
Keno was a real nigga. always willing to help. I will surely miss you Bro
Posted by Jeminat Olumegbon on April 24, 2019
I thank God, i met you. May your soul rest in peace. Keno
Posted by Tourpe . on April 24, 2019
I pray you are in a better place away from the pain of this world...Ride on the angels wings Keno...
Posted by Azuka Egbunike on April 24, 2019
Maazi!!! Kenonono!! My brother!! Fellow Statesman!! Hulk!!! Gymbo!!!! I still can’t believe this... i still wait on u to hola!!! Miss u dawg!!!! Big time... it hurts so bad.. but i know, i know ur Riding with the Angels now.. smiling down on us and telling us how beautiful Heaven is.. we Love nd Miss u bro.. till we meet again!!
Posted by Okey Anokwuo on April 24, 2019
What a great loss, very difficult to comprehend. Dear Ken, may your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. You were so calm, peaceful and diligent. God knows best, Adieu
Posted by Olufemi Adeniji on April 23, 2019
I've never met you. I've never ridden with you. But your last words on the group chat as you shared the riding plan, say a lot about you. "Do not overtake the lead rider. Maintain your position. If you are not ready to ride in formation, do not come. Be safety conscious, look out for the rider behind you; and ride responsibly." These words say a lot about the kind of leader you were. These words justify you. Ride on, Keno. Ride the clouds with the angels.
Posted by Defo Oyenusi on April 23, 2019
Keno, Not any one of us thought we’ll be doing this at this time, but God Almighty who knows ALL things knows why HE allowed it. We all have and carry thoughts of you in so many different ways cos you mean so many things to each and everyone. You’re dependable, reliable, ever helpful and always ready to listen. I’m sure by now you can feel the winds in the Heavens. We miss you sorely Bro, and can only pray for eternal rest in your Creator’s bosoms. We know you can feel our broken hearts, cos this ain’t how we promised to say goodbye to any B.A.D. Gang member. Ride on bro, four wheels they say, move the body, 2 wheels, move the soul. Continue to ride with the Angels. We luv you Keno, Rest in Perfect peace bro.
Posted by FOJO . on April 23, 2019
Keno! Keno!!! This has been one of the hardest posts have had to make. Thank you for all the times we had, the movies, rides, hangouts, laughs! You were The cool headed one, always willing to help. You always answered me whenever I called for anything or any task, our mr fix it, mr Incredible Hulk Himself! You were always encouraging me! You went above the call of duty brother! It still feels like a movie but thank God for Jesus! Ride on bro. You were loved and we will all miss you in BADGANG.
Posted by Nmerichi Ajah on April 23, 2019
Papi What can i say, i could never get all the words out, you helped with everything, you would say you're not in my mind but you actually were, i stopped searching the day I met you, i felt like I'd found my home, my happy place and you really were....no dull moments, I already miss seeing you smile and knowing I'm the reason, I have regrets papi, not seeing you the night before, even though you asked me to....that'll forever eat me up, not telling you I love you....even though i showed you, you will always be a part of me, you opened me up to possibilities, made me try new things, made me trust myself and you, made me want to be a better person, you motivated me, my growth these past few years has been massive...I'm not the same person i was when i met you, my hero, my hulk, my Knight, i miss you, your smile, your laughter, playing with you, being with you was magic, i promise I'll make you proud, its hard to stop tearing up when thoughts of you arise but believe me Papi, they aren't sad tears, they are tears of fond memories that will live on, tears of what plans we had for each other that won't be realised, i pray that your soul is happy and at peace where you are, rest on my love.
Posted by Joe Spirit Speed on April 23, 2019
Life is not how long but how well lived... Keno, will be missed for his uniqueness. Ride Bro
Posted by Martins Obasuyi on April 23, 2019
What a great loss! Keno, You have been snatched from us, but your memory leaves on. A great biker, highly loved by all. Rest on!!! Martini MKMC
Posted by Crux Neyo on April 23, 2019
Posted by Emmanuel Osas on April 22, 2019
How we remain to be very good friends behind and disagree in front of everyone was a very funny thing. Keno knew 80% of me , even family knows 50%. I saw someone that can bury your secrets not matter what they were. Its painful but God knows best. Not been able to do anything useful but God will comfort us all and your family. Ride on Keno ‍♂️
Posted by Dammy Osude on April 22, 2019
Words fail me! Still so unreal yet l believe you are in a better place. Thank you for being a blessing to many and a solution in your own way to the world. You’re a special star and you would be greatly missed. Ride on with the angels bruv!
Posted by Sen. Ohi on April 22, 2019
We met in 2002 at Unimaid through a mutual friend, we attend shows and hangout with the crew till we both graduated you were always forthright with your position filled with passion for humanity. The love of two wheels will later bring us together after 8yrs of hiatus in 2014, we rekindle the friendship and solidified it with a brotherhood (@BADGANG). Every engagement with you has been revealing and joyful. It's still doesn't feel real to me still remembered the banters day before. Words can't express who you were, the impact you have made in the life of people like me who was fortunate to have known you. You will be missed, we will try and uphold Humanity as you always dream of. Adieu My Friend, it's crazy you gone, may the Almighty forgive you your shortcomings and grant you paradise
Posted by Ibinabo Oyibo on April 22, 2019
Imbre thank you for being my brother. You watched my back always, threatened people for me, told me off when I messed up, my therapist and gist partner. I'm very honoured that I got to meet and know you. Maybe I only got your good side like you kept telling me but I still know that was real because I saw the way you were with others. May your soul find rest and may God continue to protect those you left behind. We will miss you. Ije oma nwanne nwoke, Dei na mu imbre - love Gaz
Posted by Oreoluwa Oduko on April 22, 2019
Words fail me as I write this. You were so nice to me when we met even though you barely knew me. I would never forget our conversations and the pleasant ride with you and your colleagues. Sleep well my biker friend ❤️❤️
Posted by Victoria Johnson on April 22, 2019
Short of words and constantly in shock over leaving without saying a proper goodbye. We just spoke on Friday for the short Easter break to meet after the break not knowing it would be the last. Rest in peace my dear friend, U're forever in my heart. #LoveUboo #Restonsweets... #mycoach#gyminstructor Til we meet again.
Posted by TEEMITAYO ONADEKO on April 22, 2019
Rest on Brother. I have always respected your personality. The first we bonded was during Race Track Challenge 2018 at the Stadium Surulere. You were really supportive and helpful. Continue to ride with the Saints brother. We love you.

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