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March 29, 2021
Today you will forever be missed, wise I have the power to turn the hands of time I will gladly do it so as to celebrate this day with you. hmm today you celebrate with angels again and we celebrate here on earth so happy and thanking God for a life well spent, I miss you so much am so left alone but I know that you are here with me always and you will keep protecting me and am so happy you are always here to direct me. happy birthday in heaven big bros ken.


April 29, 2019

So, everyone keeps telling me to be a man...

Everyone says I should be strong...

But deep down, what I really hear them saying is; "be like Ken"... "Become Ken"... But, How can I be Ken? Where do I start from? 

I came into this world and met him already taking charge... Already being the man.

Now I'm here thinking of all that he taught me. Only to realize that all this time, he was actually preparing me. But how could I have ever been prepared for this? He never said he was gonna leave...

Hmmm... Ken, now I understand...

You didn't have much time, so you had to ride... You embraced the power of speed and you touched so much people in so short a time.

And you left because you had completed what God sent you here to do... You finished your race.

I am grateful to God that I had you as my mentor, my teacher, my hero, and most of all, my BigBrother.

I will never forget the greatest lesson you've taught me, and I am sharing it with everyone today; 


Hence, do not fight each other but love one another.

Do not deceive or mislead anyone, but give good advice or counsel to uplift one another.

Do not speek ill of anyone, but celebrate one another.

Do not steal, but give to one another.

These are the lessons I learnt from Ken's life here on earth.

And like Kenneth rightly said; 


I celebrate you BigBrother!

And I thank everyone who consoled  my family at this time.

The earth lost, but heaven gained.

Ken lives on in every single one of us.

A True Gentleman

April 25, 2019

You were such a calm, humble, respectful and helpful gentleman.

We still exchanged WhatsApp messages on Friday and on Saturday, you were gone. Unbelievable.

I pray that the good Lord gives your family, friends and loved ones the fortitude to bear this sudden loss

We miss you

April 25, 2019


My lovely neighbor,friend and brother 

You were su a wonderful guy,it’s sad you left us,since Saturday been waiting for you to ride in and call me Nwabingo and I respond Nwabingo aswe both call each other we will miss you Ken we love you, May God Almighty forgive and aspect your soul in Jesus name Amen RIP

April 25, 2019

Ify, 'boss' please accept my condolences on the death of your brother. Its quite unfortunate! 

Death is an evil necessity to crossing over to immortal state of everlasting union with our creator. From the tribute pouring in, its obvious he is resting with our Father...

May his soul continue to rest in peace, amen.

Goon too soon...

April 24, 2019

The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.

KennyG……… where do I start from?

Words fail me, still can’t believe your death is the reason for this write up.

Would have preferred a million times to write about something else for you but this.

You know what we say when we hear of one’s demise, “We all die One day”, but wasn’t meant to be this soon.

Between us Ken, I don’t recall meeting you, cos you were part of my childhood.

We grew up knowing ourselves…..You, me, Uzi, Eso, Steve, Clement and Sunny Willz.

Our childhood was awesome, your parents were our parents and vice versa.

We ate together, played together, fought, prayed together, schooled together (MISET n UNIMAID), grooved together and cried together.

It was no fluke we came together ALCOFAM, the craziest part of our lives, we went extreme, fun-filled lives.

There was the good, the bad and the ugly sides of them all but together we made it through, no wonder the saying, “a street dude with morals”.

We did almost everything together, till the quest to create a career out of life came and we all took it boldly knowing that out parting was for a better future.

Boyz turned men, and so also the desire to have one’s own family,

You best Uzi on his wedding, that was a beautiful reunion for us all.

We talked about the past and laughed our hearts out,

We talked about the present and shook hands complimenting and encouraging ourselves,

We talked about the future and joked who was going to be the next to get married, who will best who and who will be the last bachelor standing?

Kenny you are one of the greatest people ever to have walked on Earth. You died young and didn’t have a chance to see what life could bring.

We spoke on Friday night, a day before you left, we spoke at length even when network tried making the conversation short, we ended the gist with the conclusion that we would hook up Easter Sunday, but…………

Got a call, 11:33pm, Saturday night and couldn’t believe my ear, it can’t be you, you were too strong for death, at least for now, so how come? Tried your line immediately after the call hoping to hear from you but the reality I was refusing to accept came down on me, your number couldn’t be reached, just then, it came out from my mouth, ‘Ken have left us’………..

Hard as it is to say, it must be said

Rest in peace my brother my friend, till we meet again

We love you but God loves u more…..…Adieu Brother!!!


April 24, 2019


Where should i start from, what questions should i ask and who will answer the questions that i ask? Hmmm they said i should not ask anymore so i would not. You stepped in to a big shoe at a young age, you took the father role even when our dad is still alive you played that role made sure we had everything even when you had non to yourself you still had smiles on your face, we fought but you allowed me win for peace to reign,lol you saw us through school and we came out so well, you made sure that things are ok at home always there to help thank you so much for the advice, i will never for get you, for your smiles have filled somany homes and you will leave on in our hearts we love you and God loves you most.

Never met you, but...

April 24, 2019

It's quite 'heavy' to do a write-up after your demise. I feel totally shut down; but, we give God praise for everything.

I can almost declare that I know you, even though I don't, by the 'wholesome' tidings I have known about you through one of the great men you have indirectly and directly reproduced yourself through.

Your transition is quite painful; but, as Believers in Christ's ascension, we are optimistic that we shall see again. 

We give God praise for your life that was properly lived and we demand for the comforting ministry of the Spirit of God to get to every of your loved family members and friends.

We love you!


Kentucky, Keno, Ken Dollars - as real as it gets

April 23, 2019

Words fail me in even coming to terms with this incredible loss. How? Why?  

You were (and still are to me) an unbelievable human being. Confident but not arrogant, helpful but not overbearing, caring but not intrusive. You had a heart and manner beyond compare. People naturally gravitated towards you because you always gave off positive vibes. Always honest, tactful, generous and encouraging, your time was never limited in being there for others. 

Heaven was definitely missing an angel and the loss is ours

 Rest in peace my dear brother 

We will never forget you.



April 23, 2019

Reading all these stories about you impacting people as much as you did me makes me proud to have known you up close and personal and been able to call you mine even if it was for a relatively short time.....knowing you made this may people happy gives me joy and knowing you're in an even better place gives me even greater joy....Ride on Papi till I see you again

Kentucky-A Motivator-You will be Missed

April 23, 2019

Dear Ken, 

You were such a great man (can't believe am using the word  WERE), my go to guy at the gym. You are that one guy that never judge anyone and always ready to help. 

Eagles Club won't feel the same again.

Thank you for been you always. 

May God grant you eternal will be missed Kentucky.


April 23, 2019

You were a careful rider, an objective guy who makes a point and stands by it and producing evidences while at it. I think you were free minded. You were someone I love to yap a lot because I know you won't get angry but rather give me double dose in return.Bad gang has just lost a very dedicated member. A proactive one at that. The biking community has just lost one of its finest. The world has just lost a gentleman. Keep riding bruv. May God grant your family the fortitude to bear this great loss....(as we always say in the lounge) you know I got nothing boh loh for you bruv.


April 23, 2019

You chose the name Karl-EL .. I enjoyed calling you that a lot cuz it represented whom you were. A true Superman..Always dependable, always available, always dedicated. One of the few fearless men that I know and I'm proud to call a brother.

Rest on bro.. Till we meet to ride again.


April 22, 2019

I remember reading your customized way of typing on the prowheel alumni forum and then going to the 2015 prowheel end of year party and I was asking everyone "Please show me who keno is". We finally met and it's been real brotherhood since then. You were always willing to touch lives. You were the guy who was always uplifting everybody. Not all heroes wear capes.You were a true hero. We have shared advices on everything about biking and beyond... From business to work to relationships. If I needed to ask for an objective opinion, I knew I could call you and that was exactly what I would get without any filter. This was not the plan bro. We agreed to meet when I get back for my Bad gang hat. We will really miss you. May God grant you eternal paradise. Until we meet again, Rest in peace brother. 

Tribute to a Risen soul

April 22, 2019

we dint speak much, you always had a smile on your face..  a brother remains a brother... May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace...  Ride on Mate , Ride in peace.... "Helmet Up"

My brother, my friend

April 22, 2019

Same thing that brought us together has taken you away. Our passion for riding. 

Dear Keno,

Thank you for being such a great friend.

Always looking out for the interest of others.

Always a shoulder to lean on. 

Always a muscle to defend your friends.

Always the hilarious writer.

Always the jolly good fellow.

You will Always be loved.

I will Always miss you.


April 22, 2019

Short of words and constantly in shock over leaving without saying a proper goodbye. We just spoke on Friday for the short Easter break to meet after the break not knowing it would be the last. Rest in peace my dear friend, U're forever in my heart. #LoveUboo #Restonsweets... #mycoach#gyminstructor Til we meet again.

Maazi Fine Boy

April 22, 2019
by Kaecy K

God bless you my brother. Rest in perfect peace. 

April 22, 2019

RIP Comrade Keno. May your fight for equity never cease. May your dream of a better Nigeria be actualized. Never met you but zinged your ideas. You're gone too soon man..

A true brother

April 22, 2019


Eventhough I have only known you a little while, I have known you enough to call you brother. You have been a good friend and I will miss you. You are in a better place now and I look forward to the day we meet again. God bless you my brother. Rest in perfect peace. 


April 21, 2019

You meant a whole lot to us all. You impacted life in your little way, you always profer solutions and useful ideas. Very approachable and dependable and to cap it all, you were the brain behind my union....May God Almighty grant us the strength and fortitude to bear this great loss. May God also grant you eternal paradise my brother my friend. Ride with the Angels Keno

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