LaVane was born on November 13, 1939 to Pete Frank and Vlasta Leona (Mestl) Vogltance in Dodge, NE. She was raised in Dodge, attended St. Wenceslaus Grade School, and graduated from Dodge High School with the class of 1957. After graduating from high school, LaVane moved to Omaha, NE where she attended business school and worked at Farmers Union Grain Exchange. She met the love of her life, Kenneth Francis Heimann and they were later united in marriage on November 4, 1958 at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Dodge. LaVane and Kenny made their home and raised their children on their farm just east of Howells, NE for 46 years. Then in 2003 they retired and moved to Elkhorn, NE, where they enjoyed attending their children's and grandchildren's many activities. LaVane loved spending time with her family, cooking, playing cards, and traveling to Minnesota for the their annual family fishing vacation. She was a member of St. Patrick's Catholic Church and the Fraternal Order of the Eagles Aerie #3943 Auxiliary both of Elkhorn. She was a former member of St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church and the Christian Mothers in Howells.

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Shared by Kathy Higgins on May 10, 2016

Thank you Mom ….

For teaching us to pray …..

Before every meal, at bedtime and always praying for rain!

Mom prayed for everyone, she often told us she was too tired to go to bed because it would take her two hours to say all her prayers. She prayed for all of you.  And if you were in real need, she’d up her efforts to a rosary or Novena!  In fact, mom had so many Rosary’s, each of the grandchildren are using one of hers tonight!  It is so comforting to know that God was strong in her heart and that she is celebrating right now with him! 

You taught us to work hard …

We had lots of chores growing up, but mom taught us to focus and get it done.  Sunday nights, she’d make supper early and we’d have to hurry up and get all the dishes done and floor swept before we could sit down as a family and watch Walt Disney World.  

Or in the fall we’d have to rack leaves & pick up sticks on the whole farm, but when we got it done, we’d have a bon fire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows and get to drink pop! 

Mom loved a clean house!  Every week we’d vacuum the entire house - basement, middle floor and upstairs and move out every piece of furniture, along with wood work and window seals.  And sometimes, you even have to vacuum the walls!!! 

Thank you mom for instilling such a strong work ethic in all of us!


She taught us to cook … 
We are going to miss calling to ask how to make something.  You’ve taught us all so much. 

We will miss your Chocolate Cake with peanut butter frosting, Elderberry Jelly, Horn rolls, Dressing, Potato soup, Goulash, Sauerkraut and dumplings with pork ribs, Potato salad, and Oatmeal crispy cookies.  

Those were her favorites these past few months, and we all got coaching on how to make these, don’t think any of us got it right!


For being our protector. 

Thank you for sticking up for us even when we knew dad was going to be mad as hell.

And knowing that something was wrong even before we did, and helping us fix it!  We all knew we could always count on you!


Teaching us about how important family is ….    

Making home aide ice-cream with the old crank ice cream maker in the winter, because we could use the snow to thicken it!  

Watching scary movies like “the birds” and eating sticky popcorn, and then mom scaring the crap out of us by throwing dirt clods at our windows!  Dad jumped 3 feet off the couch when 6 kids came running down the stairs steps screaming, he wasn’t soooo happy.

When we got together, mom would tell us to turn that darn TV off and come in the kitchen and visit or play cards or a game.  She loved to compete and more importantly she loved winning!          

We will miss mom at every holiday!  She loved the family gatherings!  Always decorated the house for all the seasons.  She was so good at that! 

And our annual Minnesota Fishing trips – mom fell in love with all the beautiful birch trees and had fished up there with her dad when she was young.  She’s been going to the same place for over 40 years.  We have really grown even closer with these trips, and it’s all due to LaVane! 


For being the best grandma ever…. (by Blake Heimann)

Grandma always wanted to sit by the grandkids in church, and get them all riled up.  Shaking the mints when it was quiet and making it seem like it was the grand kids, making faces at strangers babies to get a reaction, or giggling at the naughty kids being disruptful in church were a few of her favorite antics. 

What other Grandma can get on the bar in Vegas with her granddaughter and bust a move?

Playing Cards was another great past time of hers, sharing and teaching different games to us grandkids. She not only taught the “Heimann” Rules, but also tapping the deck for good luck, table talk, and a few unforgettable choice words and goofy sayings. In addition, grandpa and she gave us the full experience by making their kitchen the typical poker house, with smoke so thick you can’t see your opponents bluff, drinks at the table, and spare change littered in among the poker chips in the pot.

She also showed us what it was to be “helpful”, and not bossy. She was always yelling at us grandkids to get out of the kitchen during the holidays because if we weren’t helping we were just in her way. “The potatoes aren’t going to cook themselves, you think they just magically appear on the table?”

I also remember trying to squeeze into her rocking chair with her to watch tv, being called a Boobock when I did something dumb, catching all of the big fish in minnesota while she sat in awe with the same exact lure and bait as me still on her line, her sneaking me cranberry vodkas under the table all night at Whitney and Jace’s wedding reception, until Dexter and I thought it was a good idea to dance in our underwear and bowties while wearing a Richard Nixon and Bucktooth Billy mask. I remember all of the laughs and stories we shared in Minnesota sitting around the her cabin table (no matter which cabin she stayed in, it always ended up being packed with the most bodies in the evenings), and enjoying some whiskey waters at the Toasty Beaver bar in Bemidji, among many other fun times we had shared.

She taught us to love & grow our relationships

Mom loved Kenny!  She loved making him laugh and teasing him.  She loved picking fights and arguing too!  She was pretty good at it any usually won!

Mom would call her friends to play cards and then tell them to call back when she knew dad would be home to invite us over!  She made sure to plan something weekly, and the only families that would let us come over were other couples who had 5 + kids, so 15+ kids would run the farms wild all night. 

 Mom’s Family & Friends meant the world to her. From playing cards, to organizing steak fries at the parks.  The gatherings at Monterey, picnics at dead timber, to the family reunions and wonderful potlucks – all of our aunts have the gift of cooking as well!

 Our Heimann sausage fest:  Starting off at the farm, then to the Semard factory and then back to Paul’s garage!  Making 100’s of rings of sausage, from grinding the meat to trying new recipes and the best part was hanging out all day with everyone, and of course, the taste testing!


She instilled a sense of adventure in all of us and encouraged us to live and try new things …

From deer, mushroom & elderberry hunting to finding any little pond and spending the day fishing, she taught me the patience of catching fish, and enjoying the sun’s rays and getting a tan!


And for being one of a kind….

Mom’s Signature “L”.  On our refrigerator and her clothes, and every spoon, plate, bowl, and cup – you’d see the rosy colored “L” everywhere!

Mom said she wasn’t bossy, she was just being helpful.  When we are doing it wrong she just had to tell us how to do it better, or take over. 


Mom was diagnosed in 2003 and fought long and hard against this disease.  She battled through many treatments, but bounced back and enjoyed herself in-between. She was a vibrant personality and a lover of life, and through the pain and hardships due to her disease, she remained her fun-loving self, filling our lives with laughter, smiles, and unconditional love, leaving an imprint on all of our hearts. 

We are happy that she is now up in heaven with Jackie, Pete, Vlasta, Joyce, Virginnia, Coonie, Kenny and Ginny.  I am sure they are thrilled to have her with them once again!  I’m sure they are having a ball!



Goodbye 4/28/15