This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved husband, father, and friend, Ken Walsh. He was born in Simcoe on May 1, 1945 and passed away peacefully at home on June 16, 2016. We will love and remember him forever.

Posted by Sharon Walsh on May 1, 2020
Well Ken 2020 has been quite a year. I like to think you have been keeping an eye on things so no sense going over the details. I will however let you know remembering your easy going perspective on life, your patience, your positivity and empathy and most of all your LOVE have been put to the test. Thank you with all my heart for the guidance. You are always with us especially today on what would have been your 75th Birthday. Love Forever
Posted by Greg Walsh on May 1, 2020
Dear Dad, it's your 75th birthday today. Benji insists on popping a bottle of champagne for you! You would be so proud of your grandchildren, and they're learning all about you every day. Your positive spirit is with us, always. Love, Greg, Elisa, Benji and Bella
Posted by Murray Kane on June 16, 2019
As I sit here, overlooking the lake, on Fathers’s Day, I remember the days you and Peter Wiley joined me in the construction of the living room ceiling. Remember climbing ‍♀️ up the scaffolding?
Good times buddy.
Posted by Greg Walsh on June 16, 2019
Dear Dad, on this 3rd anniversary of you leaving us for a better place, it happens to be Father's day, but I'm calling it Grandfather's Day. Benji wanted to tell you he loves you very much, and we talk to you every time we look "up in the sky". In case you didn't get the memo, you also have a wonderful granddaughter, Isabella. She has your kind loving soul, just like Benji. We're also living in your happy place, Cobourg, which has become our happy place. Thank you for creating such a warm living space. We love you and miss you more than you could ever know. Happy (Grand) Father's Day, from Greg, Elisa, Benjamin and Bella!
Posted by John Noseworthy on May 4, 2019
A few days ago I was sitting in a restaurant in Zurich and a club sandwich I had just ordered was delivered to the table. I said to my wife that I don’t think Ken would approve of this one. He was a club sandwich lover and anything not up to his standards, would get a thumbs down. I enjoyed our times together and greatly miss the camaraderie. Rest easy my friend.
Posted by Sharon Walsh on May 1, 2019
My Dear Ken  It's your birthday and you are not here to share the day with me. I miss you each and every day, more as time moves on. As I read through messages on 'Forever Missed' the friendships you had often started with,hockey,curling,golf and even pool that continued through your life. I thought I would like to share some of my early memories of you as a parent involved in sports. I remember when Greg at age 5 started hockey at Blessed Sacrament. They needed a coach for the grade 8 team. How hard could that be, they would be old enough to have some hockey skills and listen to instruction? It was an interesting year for sure from players climbing out the window of the dressing room....... In spite of the challenges you stuck it out and enjoyed being part of BS Hockey for many years. It became part of life and more friendships that lasted because of the amazing person you became always true to self. I guess I am left to share your stories as a grandparent. I had the pleasure of having Nolan stay with Addi and me on the weekend. A weekend of baseball, how you loved being at his games to cheer him on. Your love of sports is part of him as well as his strength of character. With All My Love Thank you     ...... to be continued
Posted by Mary lee Lennon on May 2, 2018
Ken, Sharon, Greg and Neil have all been part of our lives for 35
wonderful years. We partied together, shopped together and Ken made beautiful improvements in our home. We always had fun together
Memories of you are always happy ones as I see your smiling face
Lots of love
Mary Lee
Posted by Judy Cathcart on May 1, 2018
Ken,I am sure you are looking at your beautiful granddaughter and sending all your blessings each and every day. The rest of us can also benefit from blessings. Judy
Posted by Ellen Charkot on July 3, 2016
It is with great sadness that I add my words to the many tributes that Ken has received. Ken was such a kind, gentle soul but most of all he lived life the way many of us wish we could. He always had a smile and somehow made everyone feel welcome and happy to be in his presence. I can remember the many times that I would go home with Sharon and Ken would be in the kitchen preparing a meal and always ready with a glass of wine for me and a beer for him. Those times will always be happy memories and the kindness that he showed to me and to everyone that he met will remain in my heart.  Good bye good friend and rest in peace. 
Posted by Benoit Guibord on June 25, 2016
I first met Ken years ago at dinner with Sharon and colleagues. He must have been completely bored with the shop talk, but I couldn't really tell. In fact, years later, he remembered details I had long forgotten. This was part of his personality: attentive to the people around him.
   I got to know Ken better during his cancer journey as we would meet between appointments for chats, coffee and brief updates. He was always more interested in talking about the people around him than about himself. We compared notes on camping and vacations, about nothing and everything, a distraction from the purpose of the hospital visit.
   It was a bit tough to try to help him as Ken was always self sufficient. For example, when discharged after a procedure, I started on my way to go find him and take him to his next destination by wheelchair, but caught up with him after he had crossed the street on foot. While at the hospital, transportation became a bit of a theme: I recall one occasion when we would have met to say Hi! but I was on vacation. Ken could only chuckle when I suggested to pick up a wheelchair and meet me in St-John's, NL. Later, when walking became more difficult, Ken started using a cane he borrowed from a neighbor - a useful but kind of boring aluminum thing. I brought him a tapered walking stick that had been abandoned on the subway. Sharon suggested Ken might need to upgrade his wardrobe when taking the thing on the road. We all had a good laugh again
   This journey has come to an end but we carry these memories with us. Thank you for touching our lives in so many positive ways.
Posted by MaryLouise Greer on June 24, 2016
Ken was always so welcoming to every stray that Sharon brought home - canine or fellow! He would make his special chilli and offer a funny aside and make his home our home, which meant so much to those of us from further afield. This welcome even extended to special family gatherings like Thanksgiving. My last special memories of Ken are sitting perched together on a bench in SickKids having a quiet natter after bumping into each other on his more frequent excursions through the foyer this last year. He always had a smile and kind word!
Posted by Judy Cathcart on June 24, 2016
I have a vivid memory of Ken at our last Christmas PL 2016 . Someone took a picture of Ken and Nuala, both resplendant in red, in deep discussion. That is how I will remember Ken - aware of his health challenges but going on in his quiet , friendly manner. During the same evening I sat beside him and heard of his drives to Cobourg or to doctors visits without missing a beat or changing tone. The world needs more people like you Ken. How about letting us know what is on the other side??? Judy
Posted by Tish Moreau on June 24, 2016
Rene and I really got to know Ken when we joined a curling group that he and Sharon got together. It was lots of fun.We had no knowledge at all of the game to begin with,but gradually learned what we were supposed to do- our team usually saved by Ken in the 10th. We all had some laughs ( all in good fun) about the guys who always had cold feet- a special trip to Buffalo was made to get them "hot socks". Also one not Sooo funny episode,when I fell on my broom and broke two ribs! Being a Brit I had trouble staying up straight on ice. So many great memories of Ken, and Sharon too for those wonderful evenings.
Posted by Greg Walsh on June 24, 2016
So saddened to hear of Ken's passing. The last time I saw him for lunch a few weeks ago we talked about getting together for a movie when I returned from vacation June 30. I'm going to miss those outings.

I met Ken curling many years ago and the thing that drew me to him was that he liked to have fun and didn't take it too seriously. We would joke around much to the disapproval of those who thought they were curling in the Briar. But we would also give it our best.

The thing that I remember from our painting days was what a perfectionist Ken was. He would always come over and check my work to make sure I hadn't missed any spots. He taught me a lot not only about painting but also about general home maintenance.

He was a great guy and I'm honoured to be able to say he was a friend. I will miss him so much.

With deepest condolences
John Noseworthy
Posted by Andrew Brown on June 24, 2016
We have known Ken and Sharon since the late sixties. Although we have been amiss in recent years in keeping in touch, we thought of them often. Ken was a straight forward, kind, and honest person with a quiet dry sense of humour. He will be missed but not forgotten

Carolyn and Andy
Posted by Greg Walsh on June 24, 2016
Dear Sharon and Family,

It was with great sadness that I heard of your loss.

Although I did not personally know Ken, I do recall many times hearing mention of his willingness to help others. The one time especially that comes to mind is when Ken helped Inez with a project at her house in Ancaster. Her comments and obvious gratitude really struck me. I remember thinking “this man must be really something special, I’m so happy for Sharon.”

You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you at this time.

Posted by Christine Doyle on June 24, 2016
Dear Ken was the kindest man I ever met, So helpful and with that wonderful smile. One memory was when Ken and I got lost when He was driving me to Eamonn house some where in farm land near Marmara We did get there, K en was hoping to find his way back to Coberg He did, His favourite place, God Bless you Ken,.Christine
Posted by Ena Currie on June 24, 2016
Ken came in to my life when I needed someone to paint my condo and our mutual friend Ena suggested he would be the right man for the job.From the time I met him he made a lasting impression on me. I used to look forward to his arrival as he came through the door with water bottle in hand and great big smile. He always did stellar work so I was happy to pass him on to my friends when they needed help. He will be missed by the many lives he touched.

Margaret (Healy)
Posted by Bill & Michelle Kuo on June 23, 2016

We met Ken when he came to Taiwan for our daughter and Greg's wedding. He wasn't feeling well but he still flew all the way to surprise Greg. He was so kind and so friendly. His visit to Taiwan was short, but we always cherish the memory.
Thank you for being in our lives, Ken.It was a great pleasure and our honor to know you. We'll always love you and remember you.

Love from Taiwan,
Bill & Michelle Kuo
Posted by Ken Walsh on June 23, 2016
Dear Ken: We met you and Sharon on Preston Place on July 10, 1070.(Wow! That's almost 46 years ago and I remember it better than I remember yesterday.) It was the day that Alyson and I were married and moved into #19. You and other, soon to be, neighbours were sitting on the front steps next door on Saturday afternoon having a beer (except Sharon ). It was a meeting place for us all on many occasions. We knew your boys as infants. We were neighbours in Leaside. You moved to the suburbs ( What was that all about? ) and returned to North Toronto. We played golf at Flemingdon Park and at Turkey Point. ( I never had the lowest score.) I am so glad that we had the opportunity to catch up recently, over lunches together at the Abbot. I will miss you, friend. Until we meet again, alan deans (Sorry I messed up with the feather.)
Posted by Beth Kuller on June 23, 2016
Farewell Ken, my favourite brother-in-law.
We shared many good times together and even a few drinks.
You never asked for favours, or to borrow tools, not even a beer.
You usually brought some.
A better brother-in-law I couldn’t wish for.
I’ll miss you, rest in peace Ken.
Posted by Fiona Green on June 23, 2016
Do check out the stories page...... What wonderful remembrances.
Posted by Don Fitzpatrick on June 23, 2016
Ken was a close friend for over 40 years. We did many things - family get togethers, camping trips, hockey coaching, lots of golf, vacations and numerous trips to Cobourg.
But about 5 years ago, the cancer appeared and it looked like we would have to curtail our physical activities. Except we didn't.
Along with a mutual friend, Ralph Rackham, we continued to play 9 holes of golf every week. After the game, we always found a local pub for lunch, a beer and conversation.
After a few more years, golf was no longer feasible. So we took up a new sport - cutthroat pool. We played most weeks. There must have been some misspent time in Ken's youth because he was a pool shark. He took all the prize money all the time. After the game, we would find a local pub for lunch, a beer and more conversation. This went on until the very end.
I will miss him dearly.
Posted by Paul Heffernan on June 23, 2016
I first met Ken many years ago when our children were at Blessed Sacrament School and Ken was President of Blessed Sacrament Hockey Association. We spent many hours together in cold arenas rooting for our children and their teams. And, at Pot Luck dinners (the rare times “the men” were invited!) and at other get-togethers Ken and the rest of us old rink rats would soon be found off by ourselves talking hockey. Hockey was a big part of Ken’s life and he gave much of himself to it. Thanks, Ken! You were a good man and will be greatly missed by your family and many friends. May you rest in peace.

Paul Heffernan
Posted by Stella Cummings on June 23, 2016
We first met Ken through my brother Sean. They were neighbours in Mc Nairn.
A few years ago Ken came to Ireland with Sean and we had the pleasure of his company. Sean and he were like two schoolboys allowed out on a trip. Ken wanted to see Ireland so we took him to Donegal and I had a great day with him touring the Antrim coast.
good fun to be with great company and a real gentleman.
To Sharon, Greg and Neil we send our sincere love sympathies
Pat and Stella Cummings
Posted by Ena Currie on June 23, 2016
l will always remember Ken 's wide, welcoming smile and good humour. He had a lovely clear way of looking at life - always ready for a chat or a laugh. And he left us as he lived: quietly and with dignity. Classy, to the end. 
Posted by Wayne Neidrauer on June 22, 2016
Waldo was a good friend and team mate since we were kids of 10 in Simcoe.Many memories from the teams we played on particularly our junior hockey days where Ken was known for his devastating hip check. Always looked forward to our annual golf date with Mitch and our frequent lunches ...just wish we could have had that last one which he was planning. RIP Waldo...Your Bud, Weiner
Posted by John Noseworthy on June 22, 2016
Dear Ken: You've been a great friend to me in the relatively short period of time that we knew each other. You taught me how to be a good painter, you accompanied me to movies that you probably had second thoughts about, you were fun to curl with and I enjoyed our attempts to find the best club sandwich in the city. Rest in peace my friend. John
Posted by Murray Kane on June 22, 2016
Will always remember, and forever be grateful for the hours of labour, & help Ken contributed to completion of "The Compound" dream come true.
Here he is on scaffolding, with his bud, gun in hand nailing boards to 20' high ceiling.
Posted by Greg Walsh on June 22, 2016
Many memories flood my mind, Sunday morning practices, Kenny and Wayne were always the last to leave. Oh, can’t forget the breakfasts at the Walsh’s. Memories fade, the good ones last a life time, tuck them away in a corner of your heart. Kenny was one of the good ones.

The trainer; Wence,
Rev JIm Wencel
Posted by Don Bannan on June 22, 2016
So glad I can share some thoughts about Ken. I loved running into him and sharing stories often seeing him with his buddy Antoiniaddes at he Abbot sucking back a cold one! Memories seem better with
beer. On had a way of showing a true interest In us and our families . Beautiful smile and concern for others!

My deepest sympathies to Sharon Greg and Neil!

The Walsh family were the best Blessed Sacrament supporters!
Posted by Mary Estelle Wiley on June 22, 2016
Peter and I always enjoyed getting together with Ken and Sharon but one occasion stands out to illustrate Ken’s character. We were having dinner at the Walshs- a delicious meal prepared by chef Ken and I noticed some beautiful flowers in a vase on the bar in the kitchen. When I commented on them, Ken said that he had bought them for Sharon to thank her for all the care and support she was giving him.  That’s Ken!!! We will miss you Ken.
Posted by Greg Walsh on June 22, 2016
Mr.Walsh ~ It took until I was 33 to call Mr. Walsh by his first name. It was always good to see him at our baseball games at Leaside, sports at Blessed Sacrament and whenever he was over at the house “fixing things”.
As I got older, I continued to enjoy our conversations and particularly as we had the common love of baseball.
During the 2008 recession, before I left for a job in Halifax, and when employment times were challenging, Ken always reassured me that there would be better times and when I returned to a job in Toronto this fall, he took the time to remind me of this.
Ken always looked at the positive side of things which made it very easy to have long conversations with him. He was always honest and trusting. I will miss him…. Evan Green
Posted by Greg Walsh on June 21, 2016
Ken left us the same way he lived his life with a quiet dignity and of course consideration of those around him. We'd like you all to know that he went peacefully on Thursday, June 16. On a beautiful morning, he spent a couple hours on the front porch, with his coffee. When he went upstairs to rest, he passed away. It was the way he wanted to go.....
Posted by Beth Kuller on June 21, 2016
Dear Ken  I am so sad that there is a reason for writing this note. I had the privilege of knowing you for most of my life. From your days of being a local hockey jock and dating my one and only sister , to the present. I have shared every Christmas with you and our blended families since. I loved you and your parents as my own. We broke bread in Simcoe, Toronto, London, Florida, Caribbean and your beloved Cobourg many times. You were a wonderful friend and brother in law. Enjoyed our many trips together with you and Sharon and the laughs we had. I close my eyes and see us sitting in our white robes on the balcony of one of our cruises. My hair a mess, yours looking like George Cloney's.
I loved that you loved sports , animals , small towns, and that you remembered old friends and new alike. I loved that you were always ready to help people, with a hand and with a patience ear, showing no judgement. I loved that you loved my sister.  I do and will miss you and remember you for always.   Love Beth
Posted by Greg Walsh on June 21, 2016
Dear Dad, you've given me everything I've ever needed in life, whether it was your time, your car, a hug, or a gentle kick in the ass. You taught me to respect people, and to always be considerate of others. You showed me where the line was, and that it was not alright to cross it. You helped me understand that life is better when it's simpler, and making other people happy has great value. You taught me what integrity really is, and how to live with dignity. I couldn't possibly ask for more from you, Dad, and only wish I had given you more of my time....I'll always love you, and will pass on all I've learned from you to the rest of our family. Your generous soul will live on, always....

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Posted by Sharon Walsh on May 1, 2020
Well Ken 2020 has been quite a year. I like to think you have been keeping an eye on things so no sense going over the details. I will however let you know remembering your easy going perspective on life, your patience, your positivity and empathy and most of all your LOVE have been put to the test. Thank you with all my heart for the guidance. You are always with us especially today on what would have been your 75th Birthday. Love Forever
Posted by Greg Walsh on May 1, 2020
Dear Dad, it's your 75th birthday today. Benji insists on popping a bottle of champagne for you! You would be so proud of your grandchildren, and they're learning all about you every day. Your positive spirit is with us, always. Love, Greg, Elisa, Benji and Bella
Posted by Murray Kane on June 16, 2019
As I sit here, overlooking the lake, on Fathers’s Day, I remember the days you and Peter Wiley joined me in the construction of the living room ceiling. Remember climbing ‍♀️ up the scaffolding?
Good times buddy.
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Shared by Greg Walsh on June 16, 2017

I have many fond memories of Simcoe and Turkey Point, and many of those involve golf. I always remember waiting for Dad and Grandpa to return from their golf games, with excited anticipation. My first question was always, without fail, "Who won?" As much as I loved my grandpa, I was always cheering for my dad. I don't think he ever won, and even if he did, he probably wouldn't have announced it. A humble man, for sure. As an ironic sidenote, I always though both dad and grandpa were really dumb for drinking beer after golf. Didn't they know that Orange Crush was way cheaper?

My Best Friend

Shared by Greg Walsh on June 25, 2016

The Early Years

   I first met your Dad on the ballfield in 1956. Ken played peewee for Simcoe Optimist
and I played for Jarvis Lions. Simcoe was allowed to pick up 3 players from Jarvis and I was one of the 3. Ken (Walshie, Waldo), played third base and I was the shortstop. Close on the diamond and we became much closer off. We became best friends. You would never hear it from your Dad, but he was a very good ball player and great at hockey.

     We won the All Ontario Championship that year against Belleville. A championship team seems to bond people for life, and that's what happened to Waldo and I.

The Early Teen Years

     In hockey, Waldo played for Simcoe and I for Port Dover. As fate would have it, I was allowed to try out for the Simcoe All Star Bantam Team. Your Dad and I teamed up on defense and remained partners thru to our last year of Junior.

     Throughout the years from bantam to midget, Waldo's only and older brother Keith (Knobby) played Jr. 'A' for Hamilton Red Wings. He was our hero. During the hockey season Keith lived in Hamilton, which freed up his bed at the home of Harry and Ruth Walsh. Since we played on the same town league team Saturday morning, I was a Friday nite guest of the Walsh's on several occasions.

The Jr. Years

     Some of the best years of our lives. Playing both ball and hockey - hockey was the sport we loved most. Junior Hockey brought more than sports; it brought driving privileges, independence, girls, etc… or in Waldo's case a girl (Sharon). Unbeknownst to Keith we spent a few nites at his cottage in Turkey Point just behind Murphy's Restaurant. We had beer, music and food. We were truly best of friends.

After Junior

     Our lives went in separate directions after Junior. Ken started his work career and I went across the border to school. During this time, Ken and Sharon married. I was honoured to be an usher at their wedding. Ken's career took them to Toronto, and mine to London. A few years later, as luck would have it, I was transferred to Toronto and Ken and Sharon opened their home to me until I found my own place. I'm sure I overstayed my welcome, but they were most gracious and generous.

     Due to work, we later ended up in different parts of the country and did not see each other for 8 plus years. Fortunately,I was transferred back to London and this gave us the opportunity to re-connect.

     We arranged for lunch and a golf game with our mutual friend and team mate Wayne Neidrauer. The jokes and lies were flying. It was like we had never been apart. During the past few years the three of us have gotten together for lunch on a regular basis and talk about the good ole days... especially the Jr. Hockey Championship.

     One of the stories I remember vividly was that Waldo was a great hip checker. Opposition players said even though you knew it was coming from a mile away, it was impossible to avoid - most ended up on their ass sliding across the ice.

     Waldo was so easy going and if anything bothered him he didn't let on. He was always in a good frame of mind, had a great sense of humour and was a pleasure to be around. I am very proud to say that he was my best friend.

I will miss him.


Hej dö!

Shared by Greg Walsh on June 24, 2016

My deepest condolences to Sharon and her family and friends for the loss of a loving husband, father and friend, whom I also had the opportunity to meet when visiting my dear friends in Canada Chris and Beth Kuller. I can still remember that good-hearted, easy-going and down to earth man when we were having coffee on that porch! May he rest in peace!   I attach a photo of Ken and Sharon waving bye-bye to Beth, Chris and me after our pleasant stay in their welcoming home a couple of years ago.   Maggie from Sweden