Dear Grandpa,

Dear Grandpa,

I just wanted you to know that we've missed you this past year, a lot. I've been learning, and growing so much, and my Mommy and Daddy tell me lots of great things about you all the time. Without even knowing it, you've been teaching me about life! As you can see from the picture, I like beer just like you! Daddy tells me that you will always be a part of me, and I'm very happy about that! I hope you're doing well, and I love you very much.


The last chapter

This portion of the website will eventually hold many chapters, but I'll start from the end and work backwards, filling in the many wonderful parts of Dad's life as time goes by....

I feel fortunate to have been able to be at least a small part of the final chapter, as difficult as it may have been for him. Despite everything he went through over the last four years, my Dad never lost his sense of humour. Even at the hospital undergoing his umpteenth treatment, he would laugh and joke with the doctors and nurses. He had an incredible ability to not let things bother him, no matter what the circumstances.  

I think we can all take some solace in the fact that he also maintained his independence until the end, and when his ability to dominate pool with his buddies, and drive himself to Cobourg were about to leave him, he felt it was time to move on.

Without his sense of humour and independence, he wouldn't have been Ken. And he was the Ken we loved, to the very end....