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I have many fond memories of Simcoe and Turkey Point, and many of those involve golf. I always remember waiting for Dad and Grandpa to return from their golf games, with excited anticipation. My first question was always, without fail, "Who won?" As much as I loved my grandpa, I was always cheering for my dad. I don't think he ever won, and even if he did, he probably wouldn't have announced it. A humble man, for sure. As an ironic sidenote, I always though both dad and grandpa were really dumb for drinking beer after golf. Didn't they know that Orange Crush was way cheaper?

My Best Friend

Shared by Greg Walsh on June 25, 2016

The Early Years

   I first met your Dad on the ballfield in 1956. Ken played peewee for Simcoe Optimist
and I played for Jarvis Lions. Simcoe was allowed to pick up 3 players from Jarvis and I was one of the 3. Ken (Walshie, Waldo), played third base and I was the shortstop. Close on the diamond and we became much closer off. We became best friends. You would never hear it from your Dad, but he was a very good ball player and great at hockey.

     We won the All Ontario Championship that year against Belleville. A championship team seems to bond people for life, and that's what happened to Waldo and I.

The Early Teen Years

     In hockey, Waldo played for Simcoe and I for Port Dover. As fate would have it, I was allowed to try out for the Simcoe All Star Bantam Team. Your Dad and I teamed up on defense and remained partners thru to our last year of Junior.

     Throughout the years from bantam to midget, Waldo's only and older brother Keith (Knobby) played Jr. 'A' for Hamilton Red Wings. He was our hero. During the hockey season Keith lived in Hamilton, which freed up his bed at the home of Harry and Ruth Walsh. Since we played on the same town league team Saturday morning, I was a Friday nite guest of the Walsh's on several occasions.

The Jr. Years

     Some of the best years of our lives. Playing both ball and hockey - hockey was the sport we loved most. Junior Hockey brought more than sports; it brought driving privileges, independence, girls, etc… or in Waldo's case a girl (Sharon). Unbeknownst to Keith we spent a few nites at his cottage in Turkey Point just behind Murphy's Restaurant. We had beer, music and food. We were truly best of friends.

After Junior

     Our lives went in separate directions after Junior. Ken started his work career and I went across the border to school. During this time, Ken and Sharon married. I was honoured to be an usher at their wedding. Ken's career took them to Toronto, and mine to London. A few years later, as luck would have it, I was transferred to Toronto and Ken and Sharon opened their home to me until I found my own place. I'm sure I overstayed my welcome, but they were most gracious and generous.

     Due to work, we later ended up in different parts of the country and did not see each other for 8 plus years. Fortunately,I was transferred back to London and this gave us the opportunity to re-connect.

     We arranged for lunch and a golf game with our mutual friend and team mate Wayne Neidrauer. The jokes and lies were flying. It was like we had never been apart. During the past few years the three of us have gotten together for lunch on a regular basis and talk about the good ole days... especially the Jr. Hockey Championship.

     One of the stories I remember vividly was that Waldo was a great hip checker. Opposition players said even though you knew it was coming from a mile away, it was impossible to avoid - most ended up on their ass sliding across the ice.

     Waldo was so easy going and if anything bothered him he didn't let on. He was always in a good frame of mind, had a great sense of humour and was a pleasure to be around. I am very proud to say that he was my best friend.

I will miss him.


Hej dö!

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My deepest condolences to Sharon and her family and friends for the loss of a loving husband, father and friend, whom I also had the opportunity to meet when visiting my dear friends in Canada Chris and Beth Kuller. I can still remember that good-hearted, easy-going and down to earth man when we were having coffee on that porch! May he rest in peace!   I attach a photo of Ken and Sharon waving bye-bye to Beth, Chris and me after our pleasant stay in their welcoming home a couple of years ago.   Maggie from Sweden

Memories from Kate and Rick

Shared by Greg Walsh on June 24, 2016

We are so sorry for all the difficulties and sad times. We are at a loss to know how to help other than to tell you how much your friendship has meant for so many years.

There are so many stories of good times together but we thought we would share a few and hopefully reading this will bring a smile to your face and know we are thinking of you.

The first time Kate met you was at the infamous “fondue” dinner.    Kate was just starting to date Rick and was very impressed that he was taking her to Toronto on a date to meet friends.    Having never heard of fondue before, she was shocked when a dish of raw meat was put on the table and for several moments was worried that this was some sort of cult.   Then she got the hang of it and soon was eating off everyone’s forks.

Rick’s funniest memory was the plumbing job which seemed to go so well all day but then took a bad turn when Sharon called down from the bathroom “why is the toilet tank hot?    We were not allowed to flush the toilet until a repair was made the next day.

We had many nice dinners together but one of the most interesting was in a restaurant in Toronto. Rick and Ken were talking away when they noticed that Kate and Sharon were completely silent and seemed to have their ears bent towards another table close by. Who wouldn’t have eavesdropped to hear the “sugar daddy” and his young mistress breaking up?

Speaking of eating, who can forget the night Ken made something with garlic but used a whole clove instead of a bud – boy, did your house smell good.    Whatever it was, it was delicious and I’m sure none of us had colds for weeks afterwards.

Kate was very grateful that you let her stay at your house in 1980 when she started a new job even though you had your hands full with baby Neal.   It was very generous of you and most appreciated.     

Kate was trying to be helpful when she offered to bring Greg home from Turkey Point one time.   He fell asleep in the back seat and was completely forgotten as we approached Toronto and some jerk cut off Kate so of course, she swore and then heard a little voice from the back seat.    Oops – sure hope Greg didn’t use that bad word.

The four of us are lucky – we’ve had long and good marriages based on friendship.   Of course, Ken and Rick really put ours to the test when we were living in Turkey Point.  Kate had gone to bed early and the guys were out late. Kate woke up and was worried something had happened to Rick so still wearing her nightgown, she set off driving the length of Turkey Point looking for a truck in the ditch.  What a shock then to return home and find Ken and Rick sitting there drinking beer and Ken was hoping to stay the night rather than wake up the dog and baby at the Wingroves!  Then Rick had the nerve to ask Kate where she had been.  When Ken saw her madly stomp to the bedroom and slam the door, he thought he had better go home.  

So many good memories that we all can cherish.    

We send our love and hope that these little stories brighten up your day.

Love, Kate and Rick


Out Cold in Lindsay

Shared by Wayne Neidrauer on June 22, 2016

It was 1965, we were playing in Lindsay in The Ontario Junior C hockey final when I was knocked down in front of the Lindsay net and hit my head on the ice and  layed there not sure where I was. The first voice I heard was Waldo's who said to our trainer Wence, "give him a beer he'll be  OK". No sympathy but there was plenty of beer on the bus coming home.


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Just a small memory – this would have happened several dozen times between the ages of maybe 6 and 15 – so between the years 1980 – 1990. Greg would have me over, inevitably we’d be in the basement watching sports, or trading baseball cards. The same scenario would play out every single time:

Neil would come downstairs.

Greg would try to get me laughing by getting Digger to attack Neil.

Digger would cooperate.

Neil would play along.

Greg would get Digger to escalate and get the poor dog really fired up.

Neil would decide he’d had enough.

And finally we’d hear a loud “C’man Greg” from upstairs.

~ Ken always had a great way of saying “C’man Greg.”

I’ve got some special childhood memories of my time at 20 McNairn. Ken will be missed. 

Andrew Beach 

The Greens

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Ken ... 

A myriad of memories….. 

Common phrases in the Green household: “Let’s see what Ken has to say.”  “Better get Ken over.”  

 Common phrases from Ken  “I’ll work on it when you’re away and will bring in the mail.”  “Not sure about that. I have to check into it.”  “So, what's new?”   “Anybody home?” We will always remember Ken’s 'stroking the chin' gesture, as he pondered on anything and everything.

And there was the time that Ken set off Nuala’s house alarm in quest of a paint colour that Fiona was curious about….

The two March Break road trips to Florida with the four boys. Thank goodness for those walkie- talkies.  Jim had the departure time nailed….corner of Jedburgh and Yonge Boulevard.First trip, first night Booneville, Yadkin County  North Carolina.  Lo and behold, a ‘dry’ county….  After the long drive, men needed beer.  Sharon and Fiona drove to Elkin, in the next county to pick up a six-pack!  Didn’t make the same mistake the following year! And then on to St. Augustine, maybe an alligator farm,, Cape Canaveral and, the second year, Reddington Beach.  

Then there were all the hockey dances with Ken and the ‘guys’ stocking the bar and drinking a lot of the beer?? ….and Jim, Ken and the dads enjoying watching the boys at Leaside baseball.  

Above all, Ken was a kind, considerate gentlemen who loved his family and cared deeply for his friends. 

Fiona is especially going to miss hearing Ken come through the front door – “Anyone home”?

       - Jim and Fiona Green

A gentle man among gentlemen

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It is an honour  to be part of this Book of Memories of our dear friend, Ken.

Our friendship began nearly 40 years ago, when we all became part of the B.S.S. community; the track meets, hockey dances , Fun Fairs, etc.

How fortunate Spike and I were, about 15 years ago, as we had the pleasure of Ken’s company when he came daily to help us get our condo ready.  For almost a month, he arrived every day, on the dot at 9 a.m., with his radio, his lunch (he refused my offer of a salmon sandwich, as he wasn’t sure I had “picked” it through well enough), ladder, tools and a BIG SMILE!!!!  It was such a great few weeks.  We often reminisce about how wonderful it was to spend time with Ken each and every day.

Ken was Spike’s first and best Canadian Mate, and he will always cherish the nights at the pub for Bangers and Mash and a few beers with Sean, Mike and Ken.

We will always celebrate Ken’s life.  We will hold him in our hearts forever.  We will miss Ken’s insightful and funny comments, his delicious pot luck dinners once a month, and life in general with our beloved friend.

With love to all the Walshes.  We know you will read some wonderful stories in this very special book, dedicated to this very Special Man,  our treasured friend, Ken.

Kathy, Spike, Maria and Krista 

The Doyle Plumbing Story

Shared by Greg Walsh on June 21, 2016

Ever helpful, Ken offered to assist in the task of replacing the plastic plumbing waste exit stack for an upstairs washroom at the Doyle home. This involved carving out an opening in the drywall on the main floor, removing the portion of the pipe that had a leaking joint and putting in a replacement section with new joint above and below. In the middle of the job a teen age Doyle child (I will be shot if name given) arrived home and went upstairs. Ken and I both gave warnings that the upstairs washroom should not be used. About 15 minutes later and at  a point when the faulty section had been removed and we were just getting ready to position the new pipe Ken and I heard the toilet flush above us and almost immediately after we both got soaked. I yelled out to the (ir)responsible teen and heard the reply “it is only # 1 dad”.

A wet Ken looked at me and with a combination frown and slight smile said “You gotta love kids eh”.

Ken helping a friend and showing his sense of humour in a ridiculous situation. A real good memory in my books. ~ Jim

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