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    Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Let the memory of KENNETH be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, KENNETH OKOROAFOR, . We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Florence Okpor on 29th July 2016

"Dearest Kenoooo!!!

You may be gone but not forgotten!

We still talk about you, your love for your family and for all of us, your smiles, your kind heart, always willing and ready to help, always ready to listen, your cool and calm personality regardless of the office stress, your love for football etc

We love you but God loves you best.

Rest on in God's bosom, dear friend!"

This tribute was added by Uche Okoroafor on 29th July 2016

"Sometimes is really unbearable, sometimes its difficult that you are not here with us and we have not seen your face nor heared your voice in 4 years.I see time pass but the memories stand still as i rememeber our childhood,tennage years,working years,marital years and so many more.You always had a heros effect on people and i see your children who you have charged me to look after with the same effect.I see your wife trying to live ip to your hogh standards for the kids and know you are proud of how they are growing and smiling from above,just wish i could see it.Our parents have shown me that with God though the pain is so real you have a cause to go on.So we go on to identify with your strength of character,your never give up attitude and your belief that every one can be better.You lived my brother and that is what death can never take away from me.Kenny Nwannem! Your place in my heart is for all time.Thank you for being the best elder brother any man could ask for ."

This tribute was added by stella tula on 29th July 2016

"Ken its bèen four years since u left us suddely. D pain has refùsed to go. But i am confident u re in a better place. Rest on my dear friend"

This tribute was added by Chioma Nwogu on 28th July 2016

"Dear Ken, you will forever be remembered. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Zik Uduma on 27th July 2016

"Ken-O my brother, I still do not know how to let go. Four years down a painful and sorrowful path of grieve I have walked. I kept telling myself that one day you will show up and comfort us and tell us all is well.
How long ohh Kenny shall our tears flow. Is it not possible for God to let you come to us with that your ever loving hearty smiles. How limited and powerless I have found myself as human dealing with realities of your departure. I have thought in error that very fateful day that you will certainly hear me as always when I call you. Well since it has pleased God that I be in such pain, I will obey His will and trust Him that it is well. Always will we all remember you."

This tribute was added by Florence Okpor on 30th July 2014

"2 years have gone by, yet it still feels like yesterday........ dear Kenoooo, we, your friends, remember you always and and all the time and all we used to do together. We know you are in a better place. Rest on dear friend....... rest on."

This tribute was added by Zik Uduma on 29th July 2014

"Ken-o my Brother, two painful years have gone by without a Word from you. It Is difficult for all your loved ones to let go. Everyday I look out through the window expecting to ses You coming to me with your usual smile and tell me uncle it was a dream. I miss you so much but I can only pray for the Grâce of God to hold on until we meet again in the présence of God. Sleep well my Brother."

This tribute was added by Onyinye Uduma on 28th July 2014

"Unclemine, its another 365 days gone by!!! Forever loved, Forever in our hearts, Forever missed by the ones you left behind. I know time heals so when it's time, I'll heal, but for now it still hurts as much as it did 2 years ago. I miss you Unclemine, and I pray to see you some day in Heaven."

This tribute was added by Rita Wachuku on 24th July 2013

"Kenny, never a day passes without me remembering you. You became more than a colleague to me as I considered you to be my brother. Rest on knowing that you are still very much alive in the hearts of all who knew you during your sojourn here on earth. Indeed, it is well!!!"

This tribute was added by Florence Okpor on 22nd July 2013

"We still remember you......always..... We still miss you......everyday.....

The void cannot be filled... still, we pray that you rest on dear friend, in the bosom of the Lord.

Kenno, we miss you still."

This tribute was added by Onyinye Uduma on 22nd July 2013

"Time... never stops, never waits, is never still!! its 358 days already since you've been gone! Sometimes it feels like you traveled for a while or something... I just felt u'll always be around! You knew how to draw me in even from my distant stand alone place!.. No matter how strong I tend to act,  I miss you Unclemine and I Love you for always no matter how much time goes by..."

This tribute was added by Uche Okoroafor on 12th June 2013

"Void. I have seen a new year, and now a birthday without you precious call I always looked foward to. In all our God has kept us going . its really unbelievable to loose such a loving brother like you. For now I hold on, in the enerst expectation that we will see face to face again in glory! We press on"

This tribute was added by Uche Okoroafor on 12th June 2013

"It's almost a year gone now and all the noise has gone down.Reality stares us in the face daily that you are not with us physically. Still cant phantom it.Your baby girl calls out to you with her first words, your wife still cries everday.Chima holds forth and our parents are keeping faith to be with you . The shoes you left for me is so huge, I wonder will I everbe able to fill just"

This tribute was added by Katchy Anumnu on 14th September 2012

"Hi Ken.. I know you can hear us all. soo speechless but God knows best. Same God that took you did not leave your family without a helper, teacher and comforter. Indeed, it is well. Your wife will wake up every morning with fresh unction of grace upon grace and your kids will be taught of the Lord. Sleep on dear brother! He that watches over Israel does not sleep."

This tribute was added by Chijioke Ugoagwu on 16th August 2012

"ken, we love you as our man, our bro, but God loves you most and that's why He called you back. may your gentle soul rest in His bossom!"

This tribute was added by Chisom Erondu-Olajide on 15th August 2012

"Dear Ken, it's still a shock to me because I chatted with your wife, only to hear the sad news. I met you only once when my friend, your dear wife Roseline joined you in London during your training and I stopped by after work, to spend happy moment with your family. You exhibited the signs of a God fearing man, cared for your family and friends. Thanks a million. Rest in the Lord."

This tribute was added by Sunny Oparah on 14th August 2012

"July 29,2012 was a dark Sunday because it was the day that the cold hands of death snatched the ever cheerful Kenny away.Kenny,you were such a nice brother,always cheerful and very generous.Kenny, we will miss your quality contributions at the Sunday School Adult 9 Class..Be rest assured that the good Lord will take care of the family you left behind..Sleep on my good brother and friend."

This tribute was added by Ogoo Okorie on 14th August 2012

"Pleasant kenny, I dont know what to say but all I know is that "what God would have prevented by his powers, he allowed in his wisdom".  Kenny, may your gentle soul rest in the bossom of the lord till we meet to part no more.  ADIEU!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Isabella Dozie on 14th August 2012

"Cheerful Ken! Ever smiling Ken!! Surely there is Hope to meet together, The Bible said,"The dead shall be raised and  will be changed and will never die again". We only mourn for your demise at this time.
We meet to part and meet again to part no more!!!!
Heaven @ last is your portion. "Adieu Ken................""

This tribute was added by Celestina Etuh on 14th August 2012

"Kenneth dear, am still in shock, i cant believe you are gone.  I keep picturing the way you so danced at Mrs Uduma's sent-forth. May your soul rest in peace and may God console your family IJN Amen. Adieu Kenneth!"

This tribute was added by Ikenna Chibuzo on 9th August 2012

"May your gentle soul rest in peace.Adieu"

This tribute was added by Ugo Agwu on 8th August 2012

"As I listen to family and friends talk of you Kenneth,I realized that you touched everyone that came into  your life.From the love emanating here,you were a devoted- brother,father,employee and a friend.I could not help but felt for your adorable family that must live their lives without you.It is very touchy that I nearly asked "why you?,but the cosmos barely bothers to reply.RIP Kenneth."

This tribute was added by chidi Egeonu on 8th August 2012

"Kenny my brother. I have waited till this moment to hear from you. My tears cant stop flowing because i could not thank you for sending my mums passport to me a day before. What a way to depart from us. Mbinosky, my 19 years of association with you left an indelible impression in my heart. You will surely forever be missed by me,my family and all. Mr. Snow."

This tribute was added by OGB OKORO on 8th August 2012

"July 29, 2012 is a DAY that will be hard for Me and the Members of my Family to forget. Let us remember that as we do what we do in life, fighting, backbiting & the like, that death is by the corner. It could be anyone of us. The death of our loved ones should be a lesson for us as we do everything. Kenny, you were MORE THAN a "BROTHER" & a "FRIEND". May ur gentle soul rest in Peace Amen."

This tribute was added by Udensi Agwu on 8th August 2012

"Very very painfull as it may be, one thing is certain. God does not make mistake and nothing takes Him unaware. We wish you were more sluggish in doing your assignment here on earth in other for us to have stayed longer here. Hi kenneth, am pretty sure you did all that u came here to do. Let us all take hearth, behind the gray cloud the sun still shines and radiates its light far & near."

This tribute was added by Ogbozor Benjamin on 7th August 2012

"Ken, I don't know what to say but, pray that you sleep in the Lord.  We are terribly sad but cannot change the 'will' of the Almighty God.  May HE take care of the lovely ones you left behind. Bye, until we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Chimezie Okoroafor on 7th August 2012

"I remember ur calm voice, how u hugged me and encouraged me back in school...little did i know that giving all ur love to those that needed it was all that mattered to you...and never cared to take back. now i'm speechless, drowning my tears in memories of u. I learnt from to be good. Kenny, u are broda and ur goodness lives on."

This tribute was added by Lisu Mshelia on 7th August 2012

"A pat on the back and a sympathetic ear were valuable gifts from ken to those he worked/lived with. Ken made it a habit to give whether himself, his time, his money, a word of encouragement or a listening ear.
"ken you were my consultant, brother and friend. May your gentle soul rest in peace! I miss you and will forever cheerish our moments together""

This tribute was added by Janet Janet on 7th August 2012

"We"ll miss those smiles that were ever there to brighthen our days, our sunshine, always with words of encouragement. I remember our last meetings in the lift twice and you kept urging me to be cheerful and not allow work or whatever pressure make me sad. Now am sad cos you are gone! I cherish that day I wore your suit and walked around with it,you always had the best.God rest you Kenneth!"

This tribute was added by Zik Uduma on 7th August 2012

"Ken-o my brother,
My tears have refused to stop flowing, the pains in my heart keeps increasing yet I have no ability to reverse the situation of your departure. I can only hang onto the sweet memories of your kindness, brotherhood, cheerfulness, peaceful and loving nature. May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of God.
Goodbye my darling brother."

This tribute was added by Nancy Olumese on 6th August 2012

"God bless your humble soul and help your family to bear the terrible and painful loss. rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Amara Akotaobi-Uwakwe on 6th August 2012

"Thank God for all the good things that have been said concerning you. Coming from friends, colleagues et al, you lived well Ken.   God knows whats best for you.  While in Heaven please remember you left behind Rose, your children, parents, brother and host of loved ones who are mourning. Rest in peace dear Ken till we meet to part no more!"

This tribute was added by uzongwa ugochukwu on 6th August 2012

"Kenny O! Kenny O! Truely a frnd and colleague. The entire staff of Ncc and project team will miss u so much.Rest in perfect peace the GREAT ONE. ADIEU Ken"

This tribute was added by chijioke ogbogu on 6th August 2012

"So many unanswered questions in the hearts of people but one thing is certain we are all headed this path when and how we may not know. May God grant Your Wife and kids the strength and comfort to carry on and everyone who you came in contact with and may we all live our lives each day as though its our last. May Your legacy live on."

This tribute was added by solomon Igbayue on 6th August 2012

"I am speechless. If this is really true, then i am rather reflecting more on the real meaning of life. Ken, if i see u burried, then its true, but i will still praise my living God for using his son, Ken to minister to me and many souls, the true meaning of life... Sleep on friend."

This tribute was added by Uchechukwu Okoroji on 6th August 2012

"They say there's a reason....
They say that time will heal....
But neither time nor reason....Will change the way we feel.
Goodbye....Nwa Mazi....We miss you!!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Nneka Nri on 6th August 2012

"l got to know you when you proposed marriage to my daughter, on behalf of your beloved son. It's sad you did not live to actualise your dreams but we can't question God cos he has a purpose for everything.May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Jee nke oma!!!"

This tribute was added by Micheal adewoye on 6th August 2012

""May your soul rest in perfect peace the Great One,a brother,friend.Amen"

This tribute was added by Beke Olumese on 6th August 2012

"Death!? where is thy sting!!! God knows the end from the beginning. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. May God in His infinite mercy give your immediate family, (Rose, Chima and Amarachi) your parent and all your loved ones the fortitude to bear the irrepairable loss. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Ada Tete on 6th August 2012

"May your good heart and smiling nature light up the lives of your children and wife.  Rest in the bosom of the LORD Ken"

This tribute was added by stella tula on 6th August 2012

"Kennooooo.  The pain has refused to go away.  You were more than a friend, u were my brother from another mother. You brought smile to everybody you came in contact with.  i miss you dearly. Rest in perfect peace dear brother."

This tribute was added by Florence Okpor on 6th August 2012

"Our hearts are broken and our tears have refused to stop flowing but we will not mourn like those who have no hope. Sleep on in the Lord dear friend and kindly watch over Rose, Chima, Amarachi and your parents. We love you but God loves you more. Adieu our friend and brother!"

This tribute was added by Florence Okpor on 6th August 2012

"Dearest Kenoooo, that was our name for you on the 7th floor. You were a brother, a friend, a colleague and above all you were so dependable! We joked and played at Amarachi's dedication at your house and 1 hour later, before our very eyes, you were gone!!! I am grateful to God that he gave us an angel in you and that our paths crossed. In all things we give thanks to God."

This tribute was added by Ifunanya Ike on 6th August 2012

"May God grant your soul eternal rest. Amen"

This tribute was added by amaka agwaniru on 6th August 2012

"God knows best. Maybe He needed another angel, maybe He needed you for better work. We'll never know, but as christians, we mourn not like those without hope. We can only cling to the hope and believe that you're in a better place. Adieu... Ken"

This tribute was added by chuks okoroafor on 4th August 2012

"I found it so difficult 2 write this tribute,cos I am still trying 2 come 2 terms about the news of your untimely death. why is life so unfair?sometimes I wonder why death come 2 people who do not deserve it.Well In every situation in life we have 2 give glory 2 God. Kenneth you were kind and full of life,A wonderful brother who's always willing to help. May your gentle soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Chukwumerije Ifeyi on 4th August 2012

"kennosky, that was my name for you,you always light up a room once you entered and you cheerfully and playfully lift those were very good in giving people reason to smile again.Mr caring was your name,the perfect gentle man.i still dont understand why you had to go,i know what the bible says but it still dosent make it any easier.Rest in peace!! it is too painfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by augusta nnakwuzie erondu on 4th August 2012

"Ken, your demise is still a big shock to us.what a sad news,it is so painful that only God can console.may God grant you eternal rest and fill the gap you left in your family.its only him can heal the wound good bye"

This tribute was added by jasper/kaychy oparah on 4th August 2012

"we are all saddened by the news of your death Kenny has left a great gap in our lives.psalm 116:15....precious in the sight of the lord is the death of his saint .may your gentle soul rest in peace .........Amen"

This tribute was added by Nola Richard-Ochiobi on 3rd August 2012

"From Richie Ochiobi, Kenny- I left you in school a young boy but when I met again in Arochukwu during my parent in law's funeral you were a full grown man.We will all miss you!! I was terribly shocked when I heard that you had left us to be with the Lord. You are an angel from heaven. Am sure you've gone back to where you belong- may your gentle and kind soul rest in perfect peace...Amen"

This tribute was added by Nwaeke Nwaeke on 3rd August 2012

"Ken,we met only once in were very amiable and caring.may the almighty God keep you and bless the fruits you have left behind.Rest in peace my brother."

This tribute was added by Nola Richard-Ochiobi on 3rd August 2012

"Kenneth my brother, my wonderful brother! I can't believe you are gone. You were kind to all that knew you, always smiling, full of kind words. Your death has left a great gap in our lives. You will never be forgotten. God gave you to us and He took you at His own time. You left a wife and 2 kids, I promise to love them like you loved us. I miss you Kenny. Nwanne mmadu, rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Chinaka Zubi on 3rd August 2012

"At F.G.C. Okigwe u were KEN.P. At transekulu, enugu u were  Don Gambino. At UNN,  u were MBINOSKY. At UNIBEN  you were KENNY.G . In your days at PHCN  we refered to u as Mr Okoroafor. Before your demise u're kenny, daddy and NOW my brother u are seated beside our LORD ,JESUS CHRIST. You were a good and dependable friend for the 27 years of our friendship. Azubuike Chukwumerije ( BULGERx)"

This tribute was added by Chika Ikang on 3rd August 2012

"I feel so much pain in my heart. I pray that our God will turn our mourning into dancing. May ur soul find rest in the Lord IJN. If only the dead cld see, I am sure my parents would have sent you back. RIP my brother."

This tribute was added by Chika Ikang on 3rd August 2012

"Kenneth nwa nnem. I remember you told us after our parents funeral that we shall see death no more in our family and we all shouted Amen. We never knew that a year later that you will be gone. .Kenny you might be gone in the body but your spirit lives on. You loved God, you preached God, you worshipped God, and that God we serve will keep your spirit at rest IJN.  We will miss u 4 ever."

This tribute was added by Ibrahim Mamadou Aouami on 3rd August 2012

"I still find it hard to believe......but, all is well, God Knows best. Rest In Peace my brother."

This tribute was added by Odoh Michael on 3rd August 2012

"Ken, we missed you but God loves you. Rest in the Lord."

This tribute was added by Odoh Michael on 3rd August 2012

"Ken, your death is still a shock to many. What can we do? Can we question death? Has it power over you? Absolutely NO! It is my utmost belief that your death was not  death eternal but a transition unto the midst of Church Triumphant. People meant to be with the Lord for ever.

Rest with the Lord until we are privilege to be there"

This tribute was added by kelechi Alaribe on 3rd August 2012

"Ken...... you had a heart so warm, so accomodating, so welcoming, so inspiring...... Oh God...... My Lord, though we are not questioning you ..Lord but this is a lost that can not be replaced.
Ha Baba... thou knowest only thou knowest...."

This tribute was added by Absolute Njoku on 3rd August 2012

"''Your sojourn may have been short, but twas packed with memories that will remain evergreen. Your very gentle, peaceful and always welcoming disposition will always be remembered. Good nignt Ken, brother and colleague""

This tribute was added by Engr.S.O. Abam on 3rd August 2012

"Big Bros!
You fought  the good fight of faith & won a crown.
On completion of your mission you gave up the ghost and didn't wait to enjoy the fruit of your labour.
We have Solace in God because your are at the bossom of your creator.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by George Akomas on 3rd August 2012

"When Jesus said in the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world, our responsibility is to be of good cheer because He has overcome for us: pain, sorrow, tears and death. The memory of Kenneth will always leave us with good thoughts, good cheer because of Jesus Christ who died and rose from the grave. I believe in the resurrection of the dead"

This tribute was added by ike margaret on 3rd August 2012

""Death has lost the battle!
          where is your victory
             where is its sting"
The dead shall be raised and we will be changed, so that we will never die again. Ken, we mourn your demise at this time, we pray the Lord to grant your family and friends fortitude to bear your departure. farewell brother.."

This tribute was added by Millicent Pat-Nwaoyo on 3rd August 2012

"Death where is thy sting! Grave, where is thy victory!! The soul lives on beyond this life into a more joyous life in heaven. Adieu Ken, rest in HIS bosom."

This tribute was added by Chioma IBE on 3rd August 2012

"We will miss your smile, warmth and friendly nature. If human effort could bring you back we most certainly would have tried. However, God whose plans are perfect has called you home. Go well dear friend."

This tribute was added by Chioma Nwogu on 3rd August 2012

"Death is a price everyone of us have to pay.  I believed Ken has gone to be with the Lord, though we will miss him here on earth, but God knows the best.  Adieu my brother Ken."

This tribute was added by Victor Pyarrap on 3rd August 2012

"Our condolences to your wife and family members.  We shall miss Ken, precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saint. Rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by General Akubo Peter on 3rd August 2012

"There is no such thing as death! What seems so is transition;
This life of mortal breath Is but a suburb of the life Elysian, Whose portal we call Death.

Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow."

This tribute was added by General Akubo Peter on 3rd August 2012

"Holding to what I’m feeling
is the way i cross my 24 hours
feels like heavy red blood being poured on me
through dark beastly showers!

I still see you in front of my eyes
You must be looking at me
from where you are
but I wish i could have changed what was meant to be!"

This tribute was added by Somtochukwu Dike on 3rd August 2012

"Losing such a vibrant, focused, competent, charismatic and purposive colleague has left me mindless and keenless about fruits of the virtues of life, which were possessed by this young fellow. The essence of life has been lost cos everything both good and bad on earth are plain vanity. You left rather too soon Oga Kenneth, rest in peace Sir"

This tribute was added by Rotimi Aruwajoye on 3rd August 2012

"it's sad to know your no longer with us .It was my pleasure to have known you, God knows best rest in peace till we meet again. ................................................"

This tribute was added by Eyza Icha on 3rd August 2012

"Nobody really cares about what we had, that, can be forgotten or lost but everybody remembers and cares about who we are and that lives on forever. I know you are resting in Heaven and we will celebrate some day. Know that you are remembered and your memory lives on."

This tribute was added by Moses Iyi on 3rd August 2012

"Dear Ken, the friendship & bond we just began was cut so short by death; however the short time it lasted can never be erased from my memory. Ken I believe the crown of righteousness awaits you in heaven. Please in your usual smiling manner, pray God to fortify your immediate family and us your friends to bear your transformation. I pray that we all meet again in heaven"

This tribute was added by hauwa dogonyaro on 3rd August 2012

"keneth we miss you and know that God knows best. A true friend and colleague that i had an opportunity to attend a wedding with and how much you were full of life. We love you and say REST IN PEACE."

This tribute was added by patricia ofokansi-ikeomu on 3rd August 2012

"What else can one say but to thank God for everything. You were a great friend, brother and colleague.  I know u are in wait right now for all of us, when we will all transcend to meet with you again in heaven. May the Almighty God console each and every on of us especially Rose and your lovely parents. Rest in Peace, My Darling."

This tribute was added by akanji babatunde on 2nd August 2012

"when we think about life and death.... many thots come to our mind. But God knws best. you have fullfilled your part of wot God sent you to earth. though it may hurt us so badly and leave an irreplaceable space in our lives.... may we always remeba dat we have our part to play... and we must fulfilled Gods plan for us. Gone too on with GOD"

This tribute was added by Patricia Ikpen on 1st August 2012

"I am still trying to believe it is true ....... but well God Knows Best > May those who come behind us find us faithful. may the power of our devotion light the way , may the footprints that we leave teach them to Believe , may the life we live inspire them to obey."

This tribute was added by Josiah Babalola on 1st August 2012

"Although we were never close pals but I admired you and your commitment from afar. I know It is painful for the family, friends and the church at this moment but I certainly know that God of all grace will give us the fortitude to bear this loss. Rest at the feet of the Lord. Rest in peace Kenneth Okoroafor."

This tribute was added by John Junior on 1st August 2012

"A massive void has been left in my life with your passing on. My Big brother, My cousin, My uncle, But most of all you were a friend. Extremely Modest, A shining Light and inspiration to all those that were with you. Indeed your Memories will Live on till we get to see you smile again. Your departure will continue to elude my mortal comprehension but He knows best. WE LOVE YOU BROTHER"

This tribute was added by Aderonke Adeniyi on 31st July 2012

"it is still a very rude shock!!! How can this be? I refuse to question God; rather I shall continue to bless and thank him for your life. You were such a happy and warm person, my dancing partner! We were still dancing 2 weeks before this tragedy :(. May your soul rest in perfect peace and may the good Lord grant your family the grace n strength to bear the loss. We shall miss you greatly."

This tribute was added by Gbemiga Micheal on 31st July 2012

"Oh!! What a tragedy, couldnt hold back my tears because your death came as a shock to me, we gather at your residence to rejoice with you, only to wish us final goodbye, oh what a shock, we the entire young men fellowship of first baptist church garki Abuja will miss you a great deal, continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus, goodnight brother."

This tribute was added by Araka Obiamaka on 31st July 2012

"May your soul Rest in Peace, Ken I still find it very hard to believe but I believe in God and I know he is in control....*sad face*"

This tribute was added by Chinedu Oji on 31st July 2012

"Truely a brother, not just because we are from same place but you always showed that to me. Always cheerful, I still remember our last discussion "Nna, arizokwa sunday" meaning i should not 4get sunday. I'll 4ever miss U bro...Laa n'udo nwanne m. *sad face*"

This tribute was added by BAYO OLADEJI on 31st July 2012


This tribute was added by Phil Ehigie on 31st July 2012

"It's difficult to fanthom the fact that, just minutes after we ate, drank, and laughed together you are gone, we will miss you. May the good Lord grant u enternal rest."

This tribute was added by Pastor Adedayo Daniel Ojo on 31st July 2012

""The LORD Gave and the LORD has Taken Away; may the name of the LORD be Praised". JOB 1:21
"Devout Men are Taken Away, and no one understands that the Righteous are Taken Away to be Spared from Evil". ISAIAH 57:1"

This tribute was added by Charles Ehigie on 30th July 2012

"We talked, we ate, we drank, we laughed and i said till we see. I never knew that was your last goodbye to me. My brother, my friend. It has been a very long while i felt this much pain and i was tempted to ask God why???, but i know you are in a better place and one day we shall all be together again...... Adieu brother ken, rest in the bossom of the Lord till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by olumide fadina on 30th July 2012

"We laughed and had fun ,ate and you even saw us to our cars,happy that we had a wonderful afternoon happened so fast.but God understands better.i pray the lord to keep and strengthen every loved one you left behind. Adieu bro"

This tribute was added by Temidayo Balogun on 30th July 2012

"Hmmm. I can remember the last time i saw  him. its so hard to believe. Sleep on brother. Your wife, parents, kids, friends and church will miss you. we love you but God loves you best. Rest in peace . may God comfort us all."

This tribute was added by Holaleye Tytylope on 30th July 2012

"The greatest tragedy is not death but life without Christ. I thank God you knew Christ. We ask that God of all comfort will comfort your immediate family, extended family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and the church of God."

This tribute was added by Olufunmi Adaramola Moiett on 30th July 2012

"It's so unbelievable that you are gone but i take solace in the fact that you're resting with God almighty. We will miss you dearly especially those of us in sunday school adult 9 class, you were so active and an inspiration to those of us who just joined the class. We love you, till we meet to part no more. Eternal rest grant unto you & the perpetual light shine upon you. Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Bolanle Uwakwe on 30th July 2012

"May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Bunmi Onare on 30th July 2012

"Sleep on brother till me meet at the feet of Jesus.....Its so so painful but i pray God comfort the family you left behind."

This tribute was added by JAMES ONARE on 30th July 2012

"The Church will miss you our brother and friend, but we are assured that you sleep on at the feet of Jesus........"

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