Let the memory of KENNETH be with us forever
  • 20 years old
  • Born on December 31, 1991 .
  • Passed away on August 27, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, KENNETH JONES JR. 20 years old , born on December 31, 1991 and passed away on August 27, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Christopher James on 17th December 2018
Love You and Miss You Big Bro you was always there fo a nigga I’m staying strong but this hurt me the most
Posted by Desmond Jones on 11th August 2014
Bleed with me, and you will forever be my brother. Words cant express the pain ive felt over the past two years. & it hurts knowing youre gone, forever.
Posted by Kenisha Jones on 27th August 2013
I know you can't be close to my nigga, I know But I know you watchin over me nigga, I know But the shit's steady hurtin, burn deep But it's alright dog, everything gon' be alright dog I love u brother wit everything that I am
Posted by Desmond Jones on 21st August 2013
Never did I think I'd have to burry my brother. My older one at that. I still remember looking at you lying in that coffin. Breaks my heart everytime I think of it. Hard times get better, I just hope it's soon. I love you. Rest easy.
Posted by Desmond Jones on 13th May 2013
What's up big bro? Hope all is well up there, still waiting for the day I can come join you. It's rough down here. I miss you helllla. Until next time, Desmond.
Posted by Mariah Jones on 14th March 2013
I sit here an think that this a nightmare an you will run into my room to wake me up my life has no been the same without you I wish you were still here so I could talk to you everyone says everything happens for a reason but no one will give me a reason for this why is what I always ask but no one ever has a reason well love an miss you big bro
Posted by Mignon Perry on 5th March 2013
Hey cousin missing you have so much to tell you dnt know where to start. I love you and it gets worser everyday your not with me. Shit is real different and I see why I kept those squares out my circle. That's y I play for keeps and sleep with one eye open. When you get this message holla at me
Posted by Ja'nequa Williams on 4th March 2013
Hey Kenken sorry I haven't been here in a min but u no u hear me evry night talking to u I wish u was here with us but u no god had something eles in stored for u imiss you somuch I will nevr let u go or forget bout u left me with half my heart u are my heart my world my shining star I wish u was here to see some of the shit I see but I no u got me if no one do u always Did & still do ily
Posted by C-Bo Cboteam on 9th February 2013
God must have needed you for something important cus you left early bra, We gone keep it lit on earth while youre shining up in heaven. Rest Peacefully Dolo !!!!
Posted by Desmond Jones on 27th January 2013
What's up big bruh? How's heaven? I know I wish you were here with all your family & friends. I miss and love you so much. Have a good night. I love you. Keep this family going and tell God I said hello. Save my mansion. Rest easy. Your little brother, Desmond Jones
Posted by Ja'nequa Williams on 31st December 2012
In 3 hours it will be your 21 birthday in it hurts my hurt somuch that your not here to enjoy it with us things have changed even your friends I wish I could turns back times in if I had one wish ill wish u back with us we miss u somuch my heart hurt do badd but ill be live it up for your birthday cus I no your live it up life after death ily my fav cousin my brothr wen love always your ne
Posted by LilDame Ynd on 31st December 2012
Rest in peace big bra Kenneth Jones your well respected young man in these streets none of that is worth to life happy 21st birthday TheGas miss u watch over us we gone Forever keep you litt I GOTCHU big bru Pyn _Dame *********************
Posted by Sammy McCoy on 31st December 2012
When it comes down to niggas, ima hit DOLO & He gone slide thru wit that fuckin 4⃣0⃣!
Posted by Desmond Jones on 19th December 2012
It's that time of the year, Holliday joy but this time it's tears. I haven't been able to accept the fact that you're actually gone and I don't know how soon it'll take. I love you so damn much, life has thrown so much stuff at us all but this has been by far the worse. Tell my friend Kristen I said hello. I'll keep your little bad sone in line. I love you big brother.
Posted by Ja'nequa Williams on 11th November 2012
Hey fav I miss you somuch I'm thinking about its so hard not seeing you but I pray on talk to u I no u hear mi ily ken keep watching over us
Posted by Markesha Blincoe on 9th November 2012
I was thinking about you so here I am coming to let you know that I miss seeing your face and having to force you to come eat when the food was done cause you was so shy around shar lol continue to rest peacefully
Posted by Angela Bell on 9th November 2012
I luv u so much son my hart is so heavy but I hav ta stay strng fa da fam u kno ya mama Rest peacefully son tell Granny & Big Mama. I luv em & miss em as well Missn u sooooo much Mama luv u baby....
Posted by Desmond Jones on 8th November 2012
Still counting down the days until I get to see you again....
Posted by Frances Kemp on 5th November 2012
Rest Peacefully Kenneth. I Was Thinking About You I Love &Miss Your Goofy self...
Posted by Mignon Perry on 4th November 2012
Sitting here thinking about all the things weve been thru and I wonder what I could have done to change things. IM THE OLDEST and I feel like Ive let everyone down.Im sorry for not protecting you. But I will protect your son and the rest of our family I love you and cnt wait to visit you whn I get home. There is so much we have to talk about. There are so many questions I have for you. ILY
Posted by Ja'nequa Williams on 29th October 2012
Kenken i missyou somuch i just be be thinking bout somany memorys this just unbelievable i keep asking mi self why kenken but ino your up there living your life after death . Making eveyone we Miss somuch laughn puting smiles on your face i love you keep watchn over us . Evryine your friend brothrs sstr's son moma n daddy
Posted by Ja'nequa Williams on 29th October 2012
Kenken u no evry time we go visit derial u be like neq boo lets go find big moma we b walkn right pass her n it take us a min to go so dis time we went in im like i will be back derial mi n kenneth going to say hello to r bigmoma im walking im like come on kenneth den i said did you find her i got no answer i stop there she i said ilove bigmona u said kenken i got no answer istartd cryin
Posted by Bgt Donkey on 27th October 2012
Shine on big bra! Its crazy how i jus knew we was gone b old talkin bou all da shit we did back n da days!!!! I jus knew u was gone b 1 of da last man standin! I miss u big bra n i got u like always. Watch ova yo family & watch ova yo team ... In Loving Memory of Kenneth "Dolo" Jones
Posted by Angela Bell on 26th October 2012
To my son mama luv and miss u so much its nt a day dat goes by dat I dnt think of u ur smile r c a pic of u & by u bn gon is a hard pill 2 swallow but I know dat u r n a better place ur memory will fovever live n r hearts & u will neva b forgotten jus kno dat we all luv u & I will remain strong for da entire fam most of all ur sisters brothers & most def ur son I luv u son R.I.P. Son...
Posted by DB Darealone on 26th October 2012
12 long yrs of us being a unit as a family i watch u grow from a young dancing machine to a young man with a big heart wen im outside i always luk into the sky and c yo face in the brightest star that u r u will always b that star in ma eyes love you so much keep sending them angels down to guide&protect the fam im gon keep u lit thru the thickest smoke clouds LOVE YOU MA DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Chellby Elba on 26th October 2012
This is so nice never saw anything like this, brother I love you even tho my heart is still broken things like this will forever keep your name alive see you soon baby
Posted by Kenisha Jones on 26th October 2012
Brother I jus wanna start off by sayin I love u and I miss u so so much there's nothin in this world I wouldn't do to bring u back... My life has changed every since u been gone. You live thru me and no matter wat I'm gone make sure your light shine every day that I'm still here on earth. Kenneth I wish u were here to see how much yo son look jus like me. Lol but I know u watching over us.
Posted by Mignon Perry on 26th October 2012
There arent enough words to express my lovveee! Without you is an unrealistic blur but in my mind,body, and soul you will always be the beat in my heart.I love you and guide me thru this hell. Rest In Paradise
Posted by Ronnie Coleman on 26th October 2012
Posted by Markesha Blincoe on 26th October 2012
Rest in peace Kenneth "DOLO" Jones you are truly missed by everyone you know and love and we as a whole as your sisters brothers cousins and friends will make sure that you are never forgotten we'll make sure your memory lives on we love you Kenneth continue to rest with no worries we got you Kesh
Posted by Johnnisha Williams on 26th October 2012
I love in miss you cousin there's not a day that goes bye that I don't think of you I miss seeing yo face you telling me to go some where get off the streets go inside the gate man all I keep asking myself is why you. But I know your in a better place watchen over us all shining down on us I love you in as long as in living your living thru me my angel from above watch over your family
Posted by Desmond Jones on 20th October 2012
I love you so much big bro , sad to say you're actually gone , don't wanna realize that it has come down to your time. I love you so much. Watch over the family from up there. We miss you.
Posted by Ja'nequa Williams on 3rd October 2012
i love you cousin , keep watching over us your son , the family & your friends imyu
Posted by Ja'nequa Williams on 17th September 2012
i love you cousin i will never forget you ,,, watch over me i swear i dont no what to do i will give every thing to have you here with us , yur family son & friend ily

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