Shared by Lisa Shiner on December 10, 2010

 I was so shocked when I heard the news of my brother's sudden death. 
I was so devastated I nearly lost my breath.
Death's impact is just like the weather; 
you never know how it is going to be. 
Death has no chauvinism, 
the next time it may strike you; 
or it may even strike me. 
Death hits like lightning, it's fierce, it's frightening. 
Death taught me how to cherish those whom I hold so dear, 
it showed me how not to take life for granted, 
and how to show others how much I care. 
Death is a subject that no one wants to talk about, 
some try to avoid it, 
some become silent, 
and some even walk out. 
But just as sure as we are born, 
we will surely die; 
I hope by sharing my own experience 
it will help to dry someone else's weeping eyes.......

Shared by Lisa Shiner on December 10, 2010

 It's been a while since you've been gone 
Things just haven't been the same, 

This just does not seem real,
And who is there to blame?

Do not question god, that’s what they say, 
But who can explain why he took my big brother away?

I miss you so much; I have so much to say,
Every time I go somewhere they always mention your name.

Such a good person, 
a caring man, 
a son, 
a big brother, 
and a great friend.

You are in a much better place now, 
All your problems have gone away, 
But remember we will meet on the other side
One sweet day!!!!!!! 

  Love you and miss you more than anything kenny... R.I.P Brother until we meet again..  
Shared by Dawn Bunting on July 30, 2010

i know some of kenny's baby life i am his sister Dawn..i know him and my other older brothers David & richie got into some stuff like having water fights in the house my mom wanted to kick there butts they flooded the hallway....they had pasta fights throwing it off the  wall , they got into paint and omg my mom was so mad....and as kenny grew up he was a very funny guy always doing crazy things ..but always smiling and laughing and joking about alot of and kenny was always close we did alot for eachother tho the years and i will miss and love him forever....r.i.p my big brother...

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