I'm going to write about Kenny the way I remember him.

Kenny was born to Lillie & Aubrey Cooper on September 29Th, 1954. He was a native of Naples, Florida., but he was a true "Georgia Boy". He attended Shadowlawn Elementary School & Naples Jr. High. He worked with his father throughout his youth. Kenny once told me his father never let him be a kid, I think Aubrey was instilling good work ethics, very old school. Kenny married Cathy Stone and had two beautiful daughters, Wanda & Sherry. He loved and was so proud of his girls. He told me,  Wanda is going to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. , Wow, now that is something to be proud of. His mother Sister Cooper & I went to church together, sometimes we would sit together. she prayed faithfully for her whole family. When we would raise money for the church she would rule the kitchen her fried chicken was in best in Collier county! One night we were camping at Chip Murray's place in the Ga. Mountains. Sitting around the fire by the lake talking. Kenny could tell stories, I loved listening to everyone of them. I heard this pop & something blew by just missing my face, I asked Kenny what was that? He said ,"O just that wine bottle with the cap on it, guess it exploded"  he went right on telling his story without missing a beat.

The next day he taught me how to use a lure, we visited Lookout Mountain, I took photos of the hang gliders walking off the cliff. Please feel free to add a story or photo.

I love him & I will miss him dearly.