August 1997

Shared by Teresa McGowan on July 31, 2010

I remember the night I met Kenny, it was at my sister, Trish's college night out.  Trish and Kenny were in the same college class for Hospitality Management at Reid Kerr and she was always talking about him!  So she pursueded  me to go to her night out to meet him!!

My first impressions were how much fun he was with a great sense of humour, same type of silly humour as me.  We became really close friends after that and hung out almost all the time between 1997 and 1999. 

I have very fond memories from these 2 years as life was very carefree.   Everything just seemed so funny, but looking back I think we just approached life with a bit of an immature attitude and not many people around us got THE joke!! but we did'nt care at the time.

The two of us loved dance music and would endlessly dance away in his bedroom to the music, while having a drink or 2.  Kenny also loved Kylie Minogue and the old 80s classics remixed.  He had tons and tons of CDs and I would often borrow them and forget to give them back and vice versa!!

We would often ring each other up, go for lunch a few drinks then onto a pub, mainly Carnegies in Paisley then into Glasgow to hit the clubs.  The club that comes to mind is Penelopes, which is no longer there now!  The two of us would end up on the dance floor before anyone else had a chance!  Aaahhh them were the days!!!

I'm so glad I got to know Kenny even though it was for a short space of time and I will definately never have another friendship like it, our lives ended up going into different directions, and I'm so sorry we didn't keep in touch more.  Love you mate RIP X





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