Let the memory of Kenny be with us forever
  • 24 years old
  • Born on July 25, 1986 in Arizona, United States.
  • Passed away on September 24, 2010 in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kenny Sova 24 years old , born on July 25, 1986 and passed away on September 24, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Toni Vombrack on September 28, 2019
Hi Kenny and Nancy can't believe how long it's been, just doesn't seem real. I get your hellos Everytime I turn the radio on and Eminem is playing☺️ one would think with time small details of that horrible day would be gone but I still remember that day, and things I did. I remember sitting in your room on the floor with the door closed just in a state of shock. I remember coming out of your room feeling better, but that whole year I was in a state of shock. I think I cried so much I could have made a pond. I remember looking at the bookcase with Nick's books and toys feeling so proud. You had all the books lined up according to size and every toy neat on the shelf. There was a picture Nick kinda Drew lol right above your light switch. You were a wonderful dad in the short time you had, the love you had for Nick was seen and felt. You were so proud of your little boy, a dad just beaming with happiness and love. I know you see Nick, how big he's getting, I know your still there with all the boys and Jenna. I know your grateful to Kevin for being there for him and never letting Nick forget you. Honoring you on your special days, taking them to the cemetery to see you. He doesn't ever raise his hand to Nick or really any of them. He loves Nick like he's his from birth, I hope he will always be there for him. Even though he loves Kevin, he loves you and knows your his dad first. Kevin always honored that. Nick wanted his name to be like theirs but Kevin didn't want to take your name sake away. He would have adopted him but again he's your last name sake. I can just keep writing because I do miss you and I miss you for Nick and Jenna too. Everyone misses you and your mom. Your forever in my heart. Gone but never ever forgotten. It bothered me selling that dresser it truly did. Im so sensitive and emotional, but you know I don't cry as much, I think I became numb. Well gotta go now. Keep saying your hellos it always puts a smile on my face. Oh can you believe the nice lady who found your balloon how weird is that. Are you letting us know you get them !!. Love you Kenny Sova, thank you for Nick and im ever so sorry. Give your mom my love and be together and happy I know you are cuz your home. Your with God. ❤️☁️
Posted by Gloria Rohn on September 26, 2019
Sorry for your loss! We have just found KENNY'S balloon in hemlock, Michigan.  If you would like the balloon back please leave me an address gloriajean13@hotmail. Thank you
Posted by Kayci Bart on September 25, 2018
Hi Kenny, it's your not blood big sister. Still crazy to think your gone. I miss our talks and am proud of the man and father you had become. Love you little brother!
Posted by Crystal Garcia on September 24, 2018
Hey Kenny,
8 years today is unbelievable. I miss you and Mom nonstop but the hurt inside is different. I look forward to hearing songs that remind me of you both. We have had 2 cardinals in my backyard for 2 years, which the boys know are you and Mom. This passed Easter our dog Marlie died and now we have 3 cardinals that visit. You and Mom stay near the tree but Marlie comes closer to the door where she used to sunbathe. Please let her be your lapdog and play fetch with her. Keep watch for our balloons on the anniversary and your birthdays. The boys draw pictures and I write notes. I hope you know how much you guys are loved and missed. I love you little brother.
Posted by Kristina Ball on September 24, 2018
Hey Kenny, I'm neighboors with your son and I just want you to know what a great kid he is and I'm sure how proud you are of him. How much he has grown and will keep growing. Dont forget to send hin little signs you are with him because I'm sure there is times he really misses you and needs you. I hope you are up there kicking back and relaxing and are at peace. Jenna is going a great job too shes an amazing mama. I'm sure your proud of her too.
Posted by Jenna VomBrack on September 24, 2018
Hey Kenny, I can't believe it's been 8 years!!!! Nick is going to be 11, how crazy right? I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you everyday, we will be sending you balloons today, I'm sure you cant get enough of them lol. Please share one with ma and David.
Posted by Toni Vom Brack on September 24, 2014
For you
Posted by Toni Vom Brack on September 24, 2014
Forever in my heart
Posted by Jenna VomBrack on July 25, 2014
Happy 28th Birthday Kenny/daddy! I can't even tell you how much we miss you, because I know you know. Nick and I were so blessed to be part of your life, I wish you never left us because nick didn't get enough time with you. There is NEVER a day that we don't think, talk, or brag about you, you truly were a amazing man, daddy, son, uncle, brother and most of all my best friend. You gave me the best 11 years in my life, wish our son and I could have 11 more years with you. I never thought nick and I would live our lives without you. We are having cake and our yearly balloon release for you tonight, I hope you like them. We love you so much!!!!
Posted by Jenna VomBrack on July 25, 2014
Dear Kenny! 
  You will always be my #1, you will always be my everything, only few knew our love for each other, and I still have that much love for you. Till we can be together again, just know I love you and I will never stop.
Posted by Kari Johannesen on July 25, 2014
Happy Birthday Kenny! Thinking of you today & hoping you are having as much fun as you should. Time has gone by so quickly and so many things have changed. In the last few years, I think we all realized how much each moment counts and I'm sorry your moments were taken from you. Miss you always. I'll see you in the car. <3
Posted by Danielle VOnner on July 25, 2014
Happy birthday Kenny... U will never b forgotten especially with Jenna around lbs... U would b so proud of her n how she takes great care of ur soon... Gone too soon u will always b missed
Posted by Jenna VomBrack on April 24, 2014
Hi Kenny! Your sister had our 2nd nephew today. His name is Astyn and he weighed 6lbs 13oz 20 1/4 inches. Crystal is doing good, and baby is healthy. We love you.
Posted by Jenna VomBrack on September 24, 2012
Its been 2 years since you have been gone, and Nick and I miss you so much, we talk about you all the time. Nick is getting so big, you would be so happy to see how much he has grown, and he looks alot like you to:) Just know if I could bring you and ma back I would, If i could have stopped it, i would. We Love you Daddy and Ma
Posted by Danielle VOnner on July 26, 2012
Happy birthday boi... We miss u... RIP u will never b forgotten!!!
Posted by Jenna VomBrack on July 25, 2012
Happy Birthday Kenny/Daddy.... Your 26 today:) Nick and I love you very much and miss you like crazy. There isnt one day we dont think about you or talk about you. Nick and I are bringing your birdhouse tmr for your tree, you would be so proud of your lil boy, he painted it like a pro:) Together Forever:)
Posted by Angelo Garcia on July 25, 2012
What up fam!!!! Happy Birthday! Not a day goes by that Crystal, Your dad and myself talk about you!! You are VERY WELL MISSED. aPpease know that I'm taking care of your Sis. Miss you bro. Much love!!
Posted by Crystal Garcia on July 25, 2012
Happy Birthday Kenny! I hope you heard Ayden, with some coaching, say Happy Birthday Uncle Kenny ;) I love you and miss you every day. Something constantly reminds me of you and Mom. I hope she is celebrating with you today as we all are in spirit. Happy 26th birthday you big stud!!! Much love always, your sister Crys, brother in law Ange and nephew Ayden.
Posted by Gino Toussaint on July 25, 2012
Happy Birthday Brotha, Dream Forever n Rest In Peace
Posted by Jenna VomBrack on June 17, 2012
Happy Father's Day Kenny/Daddy <3 We think about you all the time, there is never a day your name doesnt come out. Nck is getting so big, I know you can see him, but we wish you were here to help and guide him. Were coming to see you today, I wish it wasnt there but when im there I feel like I could almost hug you. Your a great Dad, the best a lil boy could ask for. We Love you, Daddy
Posted by Jenna VomBrack on June 17, 2012
Happy Father's Day to the best Father a little boy can ask for:) You were a amazing Father, Best Friend, Boyfriend and I am so blessed I had the chance to be in your life, and have such a wonderful little boy with you. Thanks for everything you have done for Nick and I, we miss you and love you . Cant wait to come vist you today:)
Posted by Holly Krzywda-Lomeli on June 17, 2012
The best memorie I have a Kenny is hangin in his van. He always made sure everybody had a great time. He was a great friend. Someone u could count on. He will be missed deeply and always be in our hearts and prayers. And Nick always remember he is always looking down on u keeping u safe. Love u guys
Missing u everyday dude wish I could call u to chill
Posted by Danielle VOnner on June 3, 2012
So my son was just listenin to Eminem I all I thought of was u... It brought me back to whn we was 16 chillin at my moms... Shyt crazy but I do think bout u n wish it was a dream especially for Nick but Jenna a very strong n wonderful mom... I try to help her pull throu this n always there to talk to her... I understand wat she goin throu n I'm proud of her... I miss u boi! RIP
Posted by Danielle VOnner on June 3, 2012
O yea my brother reminds me so much of u... Its crazy he got a hat made for u too... U r truely missed n never will b forgotten. But there couldn't b anyway to forget a amazin person like u.
Posted by Jenna Vombrack on January 7, 2012
Nicks 4th birthday is right around the corner, and I hate that your not here to see him grow, or to be at his party. We miss you very much, and we always remind nicholas of you. We bought these glow in the dark stars and we put them on the wall, we told them your in the sky with the stars, he loved them when I showed him. Love you
Posted by Jenna Vombrack on October 31, 2011
Dear Kenny,
 Today is Halloween and I'm taking the kids trick or treating, I wish you could come with us today. Nicholas is going to be Batman and Nathan is going to be a Lion. We really miss you Kenny, and Nick talks about you all the time. I wish you could be here to see him grow, and play with him, but I know your watching, please keep ussafe
Posted by Jenna Vombrack on October 31, 2011
I love you Kenny more than anything, and I know you know this. You are my best friend, and the father of our son Nicholas, and I couldnt have asked for a better father than you. I think about you all the time, and I miss you like crazy, I wish I could just hug you one last time, and tell you I love you. Thank you for the best time in my life, and being a wonderful father. We love you Daddy
Posted by Angelo Garcia on October 31, 2011
Hey Brother in Law! I'm sorry I never got to meet you in person but I still have you voice in my heart!. When I asked you sister to Marry me I knew I was going to have a great FAMILY, I spoke to your mom many times and enjoyed every phone call. It has been a roller coaster ride since you and your mom have been gone. Crystal and I ALWAYS TALK ABOUT YOU AND HER!! WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!
Posted by Toni Vom Brack on July 26, 2011
Kenny happy golden 25th birthday. I wish you were here with us but I hope you seen us all at your gravesite gathered together in your honor. I brought you a picture of Nick u also had some Ice House from the guys and balloons everywhere in the sky I hope you caught them. Miss u ♥
Posted by Toni Vom Brack on July 26, 2011
Jenna & Joe put candles all around we lit them and sang Happy Birthday,I know u heard us, I know u smiled. The boys left u Fruit Loops LOL we miss you very much, and I know Nick does too. He wants to get on a plane and come and get you ♥ Kenny I'm so sorry this happened to u
Posted by Toni Vom Brack on July 26, 2011
I still cant believe its true it seems so unreal and y.
Y did u have2 b home,y did you have to move back.I wish u would have come to me and let me know things u could have lived here. U would be here for Nick and him for U
Posted by Toni Vom Brack on July 26, 2011
I hate that Nick has to grow up withoutu he loves u so much I know how much u love him I hate this hurt in my heart for both of u the most.I hate that Nick gets sad.Make him happy Kenny go to him all the time if you could forever so he'll always see his daddy your life taken away
Posted by Have Too Much Respect For... on October 12, 2010
Kenny is someone we are all lucky to have had in our lives. Kenny I will think about you everyday and I will think about Nicholas and what a difference you have made in his life too. If you never got to know Kenny you should feel sorry because he was what those of us that didn't have dads wish they had. This world is just a little less bright without Kenny in it- and frankly he can't be missed
Posted by Toni Vom Brack on October 6, 2010
Kenny my mind still can't accept that this has happened.If I could find a way to turn back time,if I could take back what has happened I would do it in a second, but I can't.Nick asked if someone could take him by his daddys house, he's probably wondering where you are, why your not coming for him, it breaks my heart. I don't want him to think your just not coming for him.It's so hard.
Posted by Tommy Vom Brack on October 6, 2010
kenny.you always could make anyone laugh when they didnt want to.you knew just the right things to say to brighten someones day.i think about you everyday and how sad it is knowing that your not here with us and your little boy.i know you love him with all your heart and miss him terribly.he has me and everyone else to make sure he turns out just like you.i love and miss you.see you later :)
Posted by Toni Vom Brack on October 3, 2010
Kenny your always in my thoughts, always in my heart. I miss you, I miss that your not here with Nick. That you
won't be able to be there for him. I know he was your life, and just know he loves you with all his heart. I'll watch over him and do the best I can that he grows up how you would have wanted.I'm so sorry Kenny
Posted by Meghan Moore on September 30, 2010
Kenny, I havent seen you in a few years but through our friends I have heard all about you and what kind of a man you have become. I remember the young version of you and to hear what an amazing man you turned out to be all I could do was smile, your son was so blessed to have you as a father and I am sure you will continue to watch over him with every breath he takes. You are truely missed!!!!
Posted by Michael Guido on September 28, 2010
Kenny, I know your watching over us man. You will be missed very much. I remeber when Nicholas was born and Tommy and I comming by your place and just hanging out. He has great people looking out for him and I hope you know ill alawys be there for him too. We will all make sure he grows up to be the man you wanted him to be.
Posted by Sara Fertel on September 28, 2010
It was an honor just knowing you Kenny. For the brief time you had on this earth, you made a lasting impression on us all.
Posted by Beth Didier on September 28, 2010
Kenny you meant alot to my family. I considered you my son. Im still in shock, but I will never forget you. Everytime we have water gun fights at the house I will remember you. We all will.You will always be a part of our family along with Nicholas and Jenna. R.I.P.
Posted by Nicole White (Zinga) on September 28, 2010
Kenny i'm so sorry you had to leave this earth so soon. You were so funny and such a kind hearted person. You will def. be missed by many. I know your up in heaven with God and all the angels looking down on everyone. You will always be in my prayers!
Posted by Danielle VOnner on September 28, 2010
Kenny i dont even kno really what to say... I cant believe all this shyt and i wish that i could turn back the hands of times so that we could kick it one mo time... I will never forget u and u will b truely missed... U meant alot to me and im sorry that all this had to happen like this... Watch our us n ur son... N keep an eye on Joe for me too lol...
Love u Kenny!!!
Posted by Michelle Welch on September 28, 2010
Kenny the way things have turned out r so krazy...man i still remember u when u were lil! Coming 2 maz house wit ur baggy clothes n hat 2 da right...god u turned n2 a wonderful man. You ment alot 2 my whole fam...my lil bro looked up 2 u in ways u dont even no...thank u 4 bin there 4 him!U will b truly missed!Luv ya Kenny!
Posted by Tiffany Hopkins on September 28, 2010
"Kenny you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. It was an honor having you in my life. I will never forget the memories that we shared. You will always have a place in my heart. May you rest in peace and be your sons ANGEL now. <3 You will never be forgotten <3
Posted by Nicole Jones on September 28, 2010
"Kenny, You will be missed so much and I am so sorry that life had to end this way but please look after your son and family as they need you right now. Please know what a great person you were and how many people really cared and loved being around you.RIP KENNY~ Missed but never forgotten... "
Posted by Jarrod Pavlik on September 28, 2010
Kenny.. You were loved by all and you gave us your gift of laughter and kindness even in death your still bringing people together. I would like to thank you for all the memories and for being one of the most unforgettable people I have had the chance to meet but most of all, a great friend keep up the good work old friend. Goodbye Kenny Sova R.I.P
Posted by Mark Anderson on September 28, 2010
Lil bro you always knew how to make me laugh and you were always their when i needed you ...I love you forever and you will live threw me ....ps. say whats up to pac .......i no you will be chilln wit him up there and i will see you when i get there ........R.I.P KENNY I LOVE YOU............and i wanta hear some jokes when i see you ........
Posted by Ishally Vera on September 27, 2010
Kenny you always had a way to brighten anyones day you are missed more than words can express. You were a jokester and a good one at that. Whenever I had a bad day you always knew how to make me laugh. Its really sad to know that you are not here physically but spiritually you will always be here. There are not enough words to describe how amazing of a person you were.
Posted by James Krzywda on September 27, 2010
kenny u have always put a smile on my face no matter wat mood i was in u made my day but i can say u alway talked bout ur son who u always ment the world to you the last thing i will say is WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU n just 4 you bro im buyin a cubs hat jus 4 you bro u mean so much
Posted by Joseph Perez on September 27, 2010
Kenny i cant say sorry enough for everything we were so close for so many years u were there for me more then anyone over the years no matter what please know i will always be there to help for nick and no matter what happen in the last few weeks in never ever met for this shit to go down please understand that i always will have love for u bro.....

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