His Life

Remembering the Good Times

So many memories over the decades…through good times and bad, we lived and loved and found happiness together...but those of us who knew him were not ready to say goodbye so soon. We are so grateful for the times we shared … he will be missed by all of us. Kerry was such a strong, funny, loving, and hardworking guy and we loved him so much. Kerry had a lot of love to give for his family and friends. He really cared deeply for Rita and Phillip and was always trying to be a better father. In these past few years, we were able to spend a lot of time together and grew much closer as a family. We all came to understand what really matters most in life.

Kerry was always thinking about the people who meant the most to him. We can celebrate his life by remembering the happier times and precious moments of the past.  Some of the best memories are just the simple pleasures of life...long talks with the kids and I, playing video games and watching movies together, summer barbecues, Thanksgiving with family, watching football games at Andy and Sara's, going to a wrestling show with John and Steve, a fishing trip with Matt and Andy, or going to Dead shows with Chris. There were many good times to just enjoy life over the years
We all remember how much Kerry really loved music. He never got tired of listening to Jimi Hendrix and would play the same songs over and over and over. He also loved the Dead, and Miles Davis, the Stanley Brothers, and Primus. He enjoyed so many different styles of music... rock, jazz, bluegrass, and Cajun music. He really loved going to concerts and went to many over the years. The music playing in the background on this site are a few of the different songs that Kerry really liked. Kerry was also an avid history buff and never got tired of reading about the Civil War and World War II, spending hours looking at maps of different battles and campaigns from the past. He also loved looking at maps of Middle Earth. He loved reading the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion. We watched the movies many times over. If someone ever asked a simple question about some character or plot detail from a Tolkien story, Kerry would give an extended and very detailed answer, expounding on every detail.

Kerry did love to talk. There are so many memories of talking with him and having long conversations about so many different things. He also had such a good memory. If you didn't remember something you could always just ask Kerry about it and he would always remember. He could repeat the exact lines from a Monty Python movie we hadn't watched in twenty years and could deliver it verbatim. One of Kerry's most endearing qualities was his sense of humor. Kerry was always joking around, or telling a horrible pun, singing a funny song, or just being very silly. I know we will miss his jokes, and teasing, and his laughter.
We hope that you all will keep your memories of Kerry close and remember all the good times and fellowship that we had with him all these years. Kerry was able to spend the last years of his life with the love and companionship of his good friends and family who had always been there for him and we know he loved each of you. Thank you all so much!