Shared by Robyn Cima on April 28, 2012

Dad liked to grow a big garden and share all the vegetables with his co workers, neighbors, friends and family.  He was the expert that we all went to with questions when we started growing our own vegetables.  He especially knew everything pertinent to growing tomatoes!  If you needed tomato information, he was the wikipedia of tomato growing.

 Dad was very giving and loved to go to yard sales to buy trinkets to give out to people.  On the last trip to Reno for Aunt Louise's 80th birthday, he brought a large bag filled with all kinds of jewelry and insisted we go through it and pick out what we wanted!

Dad was a life long blood donor who gave over 20 gallons!  He received a plaque in recognition of his donations over the years.  He had to stop giving because he had to be placed on blood thinners.  

Whenever I had a problem, he would be the first one I would call.  He knew the answer to just about anything.  

Dad had a great sense of humor and I miss that most of all! 

Anyone who knew him loved him immediately!  He never said a bad word about anyone, even people who may have deserved it.  If he heard us saying something negative about others, he would shut it down by reminding us "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"  Which usually made the room pretty quiet!!!  

He is missed so much by so many.  I would love it if people would share their stories here and pictures too if you have them.



Shared by Steven Burton on July 10, 2011

Of the many stories that I could choose from, this one pops out today. I think it speaks to his patience.

We were setting forms to pour a cement retainer / mow strip along the driveway and we were hammering in the stakes to hold the forms with a sledge hammer. We had been trading off, one person had to hold the metal stake and the other had to hammer the stake with the sledge.

Well on one of my turns I took a big swing and missed the stake and hit his hand. It must have hurt a bit, but he didn't say any thing and told me to finish putting in the stake. I was reluctant  to do so as I had just hit his hand pretty hard, but he insisted and made me complete my "turn".

I always remember that when something seems hard to do - and I usually continue and finish whatever task I am working on.

"That's all I have to say about that"    (Forrest Gump)

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