Let the memory of Kevin be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on May 24, 1977 .
  • Passed away on August 26, 2005 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kevin Allott 28 years old , born on May 24, 1977 and passed away on August 26, 2005. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Debbie Cullen on March 12, 2018
My Dearest Kevvy Wevvy...I know its been awhile since I was last here...lots been happening...Not a single day goes by that I don't miss u n wish I could just turn back the yrs ,that I don't wish u could've felt able to av come to me n told me how u felt ...If only I'd av known what was going on in that beautiful head ov yours..if only I'd had the chance to ov helped u...I would've walked to the ends ov the earth for u ...I really hope that u know that....I'm going to get in touch with Mum/Dad too as I know its what you'd like ...
Posted by Debbie Cullen on May 25, 2017
Happy 40th Birthday Kevvy... Xxxx
Wish u were still here so I could ov said it face to face.... Where ever u r I hope that u realise how much u r missed n loved n that no matter.how much time goes by...u will.never b forgotten xxxx
Fly high my Angel... Your Sister loves u alwayz xxxxxx
Posted by Debbie Cullen on February 28, 2017
Luv n miss u forever..Wish u were still here with me....XxxxxxxOyr bond will b forever n never b broken xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Debbie Cullen on September 30, 2016
Well I finally received your suicide Awareness ribbon yesterday along with your name n DOB n DOD on it...It was amazing to receive something with your name on it again...Feels kinda surreal xx
I will cherish it ALWAYZ...x x
Posted by Debbie Cullen on June 29, 2016
Luv n Miss U alwayz my darling brother Kevin xxx
Alwayz in my heart n in my heart u will forever remain KEVVY xx
Posted by Bez Beresford on June 17, 2016
Me and kev when on a ride in Skegness and he would shout mummy pretending to be scared and this little girl just looked at him to say weirdo it was so funny
Posted by Debbie Cullen on June 15, 2016
Hi Yah...KEVVY!!!!
Well really wanted to leave U a little message ....
Firstly.... I Luv U n I miss U always...Feeling abit low today....So so wish U were here as I could really do with a hug from my Big Bro....
Secondly KeV....I think U will b relieved to hear that I have finally plucked up the courage to get in contact n speak with Mum n Dad!!!!!
Yeah I know ..should've done it b4 but anyways... I've done it now.
It went OK... We hoping to get together really soon.n I know U will b there with us xx
Luvz yah Bro....THANKU n with u alwayz XXXX
Posted by Debbie Cullen on May 24, 2016
Well Kevvy Wevvy xxx
Today is your Birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Darling Brother, Bestest Friend, my Soulmate, my HERO....my everything xx
Well hope you're up there being loved n spoilt xx
Wish it was down here with me n the ones who love U xx
Bet your avin a good olde Knees up n making everyone laugh...
Oh KeV..I miss u so badly...Wish I could turn clock back n picked up on how u were feeling...wish u could've come to me wiv how u were feeling...I was your little sister... I would've done anything to stop u doing that...
Please forgive me for not being their for u when u needed me the most xxx
Never doubt my Luv for U... My luv will never ever end xxx
In my heart is where u will forever remain xx
Rest my sweet Angel xx
Luv u to moon n back xxxxxx
Posted by Debbie Cullen on May 11, 2016
Thinking ov U Kevvy...
Wishing we had spent MORE time together in those last few yrs..
Hurts to realise that I didn't really know u at all...
In my own way I know we were soulmates... Doesn't make it any less painful tho..
Wish ud know just how much u were loved n still r loved n missed every second ov everyday.
WHY !!!!
God only knows why u did what u did ...Wish u could've shared your pain xx Remember all those times u were there for me...THANKU... U should've allowed me to do the same for U.. That's what little sisters do RIGHT xx
Until we r together again xx
Posted by Debbie Cullen on May 8, 2016
This is my tribute to my a very special young man ,who made such a impact on my life... My brother Kevin. Kevin Thanku for being my big brother..There's not one single day that goes by when I don't think ov u n wish u were still here with me. I hope ur happier where ever u r...just wish it was here with us who love U xxx RIP Kevvy Wevvy xxx
Posted by Debbie Cullen on May 8, 2016
I didn't want to part, Cos I know it broke your heart.
I give u hugs n kisses, when I hear U cry.
And when we meet again someday......
I'll b forever by your side once again!!!!!

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