Memories to Smile About

There are many memories of Kevin to make me smile and chuckle, too.  Kevin had dentures and sometimes he would take them out and put them into his shirt pocket.  One time he was delivering a manufactured home or park model out east. He had taken his dentures out and put them into his shirt pocket. He had a flat tire on the home he was delivering and had to change tires. After the tire was changed and he was on his way again, he realized his dentures were no longer in his shirt pocket. He delivered and on his way back he stopped at the place where he had changed the tire and there they were.   Another time he was on his way home and he had a friend with him.  The windows were rolled down and had come to a stop light. He had to sneeze and did not want to sneeze toward his passenger so sneezed toward the open window. You guessed it. He sneezed them out the window. He had to put the truck in park and get out and pick up his dentures.


Kevin's Working Years

After high school Kevin worked at several Muffler shops, Forest River,  Bears Body Shop in Wakarusa, IN, he worked in Syracuse and New Paris, too.  The job he loved the most was driving truck.  He delivered the big manufactured homes and park models all across the United States.


Early Years


Kevin was the second child of four children. He grew up with two brothers and one sister. He is the second of three boys.  Randy is the oldest,  Larry is the youngest son, and Retha is his sister. It was the three boys and then their sister, in that order. As a young child he was a momma’s baby.  He would cry when mamma would leave his sight. As he grew older he was a normal, happy go lucky child. Kevin was my clown. He loved to joke around and tease.   One time when he was probably 10 to 12 years old, he wanted to show me his karate chop. He did his kick and then went ooooh!!! He had ripped the back of his pants wide open! Kevin loved food and ate almost anything that did not eat him first. He especially loved my Split Pea Soup and my Rice and Beans. He used to fix his specialty which was Seafood Alfredo. He loved to watch cooking shows and imitate several of the cooks such as Justin Wilson (I think that was his name) especially immedated Justin's pronunciation of (Gaaalic) and Julia Child. In grade school he had become a chubby kid. For those who knew him in later years know that he was very slender. At the beginning of his junior year at Northwood High School, he fell while roller skating and broke his femur bone in his thigh. Surgery on his leg included putting a stainless steel plate in his leg. At that time they sent him home on crutches and told him not to put weight on that leg. A few weeks later he was   at his friend’s house going through a narrow space and accidently put the tip of the crutch on his good foot and went forward onto his bad leg. He had surgery again because he broke the plate that was put in his leg earlier. That was just before Thanksgiving. After that they made a brace to fit his leg.  He had to keep the brace on day and night. The following summer he was diagnosed as a diabetic. Several  years later he got an infection in his leg and had to have surgery to remove a quart of infection from his leg.

Several years later(around 2001 or so his Appendix burst and that was a scarry time because the doctors said it had been burst several days.  After that he had several pancreatic attics. He went to Nappanee Elementary School and Nappanee Middle School and graduated from Northwood High School (Nappanee, IN) in 1988.