Let the memory of Kevin be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on December 15, 1951 .
  • Passed away on October 19, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kevin Branco 60 years old , born on December 15, 1951 and passed away on October 19, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Timothy Branco on 19th October 2018
I cannot believe it has been 6 years since the day. I am sorry for so many things, the list is too long to go over but I know you get it! Life sometimes is harder for some of us - you were one that seemed to struggle with it often. Looking back I feel bad that I did not embrace you more and help you with your journey. It seems our family now is like a country of Islands - everyone is not connected or together ever. Things happen, people have issues, we will all be sorry someday - I am the black sheep now - My own doing I guess - Just the same it is strange - Mom calls me and I call her a lot - She is in her 94th year - She may outlive us all! Peace to your Soul!
Posted by Timothy Branco on 15th October 2018
It seems I am here only a few times a year - Once for Your Birthday and once again on the day you passed. Just the same I think of you often and have your photo in clear view in my office and my home. I also carry your prayer card on the visor on my car since it was new - 80,000 on the road of life we have traveled together in the last 6 years, where I go you do as well. I have Art Marquis on the visor also and others as well. It's my way of saying I miss you and I feel it gives you all someplace to go - Everyone loves a road trip! Peace to your heart and soul and may God bless!
Posted by Richard Branco on 17th December 2017
Happy Birthday Kev you are sadly missed by all. Deb & Chad wish you the same
Posted by Timothy Branco on 15th December 2017
Happy Birthday, Brother - You would have been 66 years old today in earth years. In the place you are, time doesn't matter. It's strange but true that you think of people more after their gone then when their here and that is certainly true. As we all get older it becomes apparent that everything we have done in life has a profound effect on our later years. I spend most of mine in pain, some of which never goes away. For you, that has all stopped now and sometimes that seems peaceful and settling to us all in life. We all want to stay here forever but we cannot, it is not possible and we all reach a point in time. Mom is the exception and she is so strong. It's amazing with all that she has gone through in life that she has the will and strength to endure and go on, I swear she is going over 100!! Peace to your Soul Brother....See you down the line!
Posted by Timothy Branco on 19th October 2017
Hey Bro - 5 years passes very fast as time rushes by in our lives. We are all older and trying to find our way through this forest called life. Another year passes and Mom is still going on into her 90's , who would have ever thought she would become the oldest living member of her and our family tree. You would have gotten quite a kick out of this new president we have now,"Donald Trump" he is firing everyone in the country now. Peace be with you in your after life journey. Tim
Posted by Timothy Branco on 15th December 2016
Hey Brother you would have been 65 today and been able to collect your social security finally. Its not much today but any check in the mail for the rest of our lives is a bonus considering how the goverment manages our money. Of all people Donald Trump was elected President for the next 4 years, How would have thunk it. Mom is still going along it this life and is as independent as ever in her 90/s she has slowed a bit but it still in pretty good shape considering they had her dead at 50 from a heart attack. I spend winters in Pensacola now, I like the people here, Mary's family and have a few new friends I have made. You are on the other side now in a place that is a mystery to us all, you always did have to try everything first....Peace & Love Your Irish Twin Tim
Posted by Donna Valeriana on 7th November 2016
Kevin, it's been 4 years now. I keep your photo on my dresser and each morning I briefly chat with you and send a prayer along. Sally and I speak of you often and enjoy the memories of our childhood. I am sure GOD keeps you close. We all miss you
Posted by Richard Branco on 19th October 2016
Kevin, you are missed by all. It seems like yesterday. Time waits for no man. God Bless Richie
Posted by Timothy Branco on 19th October 2016
Hey Kev 4 years WOW that passed really fast. We all miss you. Its not easy in this life for anyone as the older we get the more things that limit us in life because of age and illness. Almost all of the family now like Mom have these issues. I guess we are all aging but none of us gracefully....We all have our issues for sure. I think of you often and keep your prayer card on my visor, where i go you go with me accroos New England and accross the country. God Bless My Irish Twin Brother.
Posted by Timothy Branco on 15th December 2015
Hey Brother another year behing us. The Irish Twins of Lou and Dot Branco who gave the Nuns at St Patricks a fit for 8 years of Catholic School.The school is still there, but I think it is vacant. I know how much you loved to travel but did not get to do enough of it in your life. Since October with your phot on the New 4Runner visor we have been in MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, Washington DC, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, AZ, CA added to las years trip we have seen over 34 states in 12 months. I know you miss Mom, she is still doing OK for a 90+ year old, sometime I think she is going to outlast us all. She is one Stubbin Irish lady, it keeps her going, she still has fire in her heart and soul. The years are pushing along, we are all getting older and the years are wearing on us all heath wise. I still love to work like I alays have, I may never stop until I run out of days. They knocked the Old Somerset High School Building down this year and replaced it with a brand new 100 million dollar school, bad idea! I don't know where you are but I do know you can hear me Happy Birthday ....Now I am the Older brother at " 63" I have 3 years on you now...Peace! Merry Christmas ...May Gog Bless You...Tim
Posted by Timothy Branco on 19th October 2015
Kevin, Good morning its almost that time again when we are the same age for like 3 weeks. I think of you and talk to you often. You are not forgotten by me. You ride on my visor of me car with Mr. Marquis seeing the world I travel to...Peace your brother Tim
Posted by Richard Branco on 15th December 2014
Kevin, We are all thinking of you on your Birthday.We all really miss you.Rick
Posted by Timothy Branco on 15th December 2014
Kevin - Happy Birthday - you would have been 63 years old today , 11 months older than me. I hope you are in a good place my brother. you are truly missed, I spoke to Mom about you this morning...Peace Tim
Posted by Jennifer Valeriana on 19th October 2014
Happy birthday uncle kevin.... Wish you were here to celebrate!
Posted by Timothy Branco on 19th October 2014
From Mom
Posted by Timothy Branco on 19th October 2014
From Mom - My Irish twin son it has Ben two years since your soul and spirit left us with a great loss and a hole in our hearts. Mine will never heal because you were within me and made an everlasting mark upon me. I hope wherever you are I hope your soul and spirit is felt in that new place of peace , rest and adventure. "The Artist" "The chef" " The Musician" and most of all the generous and kind person we all knew you for. God has you now, for wherever he may be , he is with the lord. From the time you were conceived I loved You right until the time you left me, my heart was truly broken. You were one of my children and very special indeed, I miss you so very much.
Posted by Timothy Branco on 19th October 2014
Kevin it has been one year since you have passed from this life. Your photo still sits on the wall where I keep my personal things and charge my phone each day.Your photo also is on my desk top upper right where I see you all day every day. Your are missed but I know you have found another road to travel now. One without all the burdens and pain of life we all bear. I wish your soul happiness, may God bless you and your travels in this new life be grand.
Posted by Richard Branco on 15th December 2013
Happy Birthday Kevin missed by all .
Posted by Timothy Branco on 15th December 2013
Happy Birthday brother, I hope your travels have taken you to great places and your journey has been gentle on your soul. It has been a little more than a year since you passed from this life. There are many who miss you and think of you often, I think more about you now then ever and your photo is on my counter where I leave my personal things each night. The plant from your service still sits on my kitchen table and it has flourished through the last year and constanly reminds me of you. I had a birthday too a few weeks ago. In our life we always measured each year by the fact that we were the same age for 3 weeks each year. Both having birthdays around the holidays usually mean we never got much compared to our siblings who seemed to get more. Mom is still doing fine as I am sure you know. She has missed you more than any of us this past year. The days are fast and it seems the years are a blur as time passes. I wish you well and a very happy birthday, peace Tim
Posted by Timothy Branco on 11th October 2013
We all will forever miss you freindship, love and undying energy to give and help others. I am not sure you ever learned to say no when you were needed by anyone!
Posted by Timothy Branco on 11th October 2013
Kevin F. Branco, 60, of East Greenwich, RI, passed away unexpectedly, on Friday October 19, 2012 at Kent County Hospital in Warwick, RI. He was the companion of Richard A. Kingsford of East Greenwich, RI. Kevin was born in Fall River the son of Dorothy (O’Neil) Branco of Somerset, MA and the late Louis K. Branco. Kevin was a graduate of Somerset HighSchool class of 1970.

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