Kevin Colin Christie
  • 51 years old
  • Date of birth: May 2, 1961
  • Place of birth:
    San Jose, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Jul 27, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Los Gatos, California, United States
Beloved by all who knew him.

Kevin was born in San Jose, CA and was the youngest of 4 children. He was raised in Santa Clara, Los Gatos, and in 1976 moved to San Juan Batista, CA with his mother and father, Marie and David Christie. He graduated from San Benito High School, Hollister CA in 1979.  Kevin seemed to find his calling at a young age when he met a local contractor in San Juan Batista, and began doing work for him while still in high school. These early years helped to form Kevin’s strong work ethic. He quickly developed skills, abilities, an approach to design, and attention to detail that was evident in his meticulous craftsmanship.

Kevin married his high school sweetheart Holly Williams on April 11, 1981, and they had their beautiful daughter Erin in October 1983, and daughter Callen in May 1986.  Their daughter Callen died of a rare medical condition in July 1986 and this proved to be too challenging and difficult for their marriage to endure. They were separated and then divorced in 1988. 

Kevin moved to Los Angeles in the late 80’s and then to Las Vegas in 1994, where he lived with his wife Sharon, daughters Erin, Courtney and Lauren.  He worked for Milgard Windows for many of the years he was in Las Vegas and was responsible for starting up their installation department.  He further developed his carpentry skills and did countless projects, works of art, and remodels for his family and friends. Kevin took so much pride in the work that he did and could literally build anything from the ground up.  He was a master carpenter and we were all so proud of him.

Kevin returned to California in 2007. He met his fiancée Diane Peterson shortly afterward, and they lived in Santa Cruz and recently moved to Los Gatos.  With his brilliant skills and wonderful personality, he quickly found work and became a valued employee doing contracting work for a local company (Mike Kelly Construction) that focused on remodeling and renovations of homes. 

Kevin was a kind, compassionate man and was friendly to all that he met. He would take time to stop and talk, to learn a stranger’s story, and to lend a helping hand to those that needed him. We never saw Kevin angry, he always said, “There are no problems, only solutions”, and he had an incredible sense of humor, often having all of us rolling with laughter. He had an adventurous soul, a natural curiosity, and interest in how things worked and this served him well in all that he did.  He loved nature, hiking, sailing, the ocean, shopping (for anything), music, animals, and living life large. He especially enjoyed spending time with his fiancé Diane, daughters Erin, Courtney, and Lauren, his grandson Tyler, his family and friends, and always loved a gathering where cooking and enjoying fine wine was involved.  In recent years, he developed quite a chef’s palette and he loved trying new taste sensations, finding local foods and wines and putting this all together for those he loved. Kevin was happy and liked to stay healthy by walking, eating right, and not sweating the small stuff.  He was an amazing man, was loved by so many, and he will forever remain an inspiration to us all to keep an open mind, a loving heart, practice forgiveness, and to let compassion be our guide.  His death was sudden, and he will be missed more than we are capable of expressing.

Kevin is survived by fiancée Diane Peterson of Los Gatos, CA, daughters Erin Christie of Capitola, CA, Courtney Ortiz and Lauren Ortiz, of Las Vegas, NV, sisters Lorraine Christie-Blumenthal and her husband Chris of Scotts Valley, CA, Kacie Christie of Lake Oswego, OR, Eileen Christie of Salem, OR, niece Siobhan Blumenthal of Campbell, CA, and grandson Tyler Bond of Las Vegas, CA.

Kevin's memorial service will be outdoors in a small open chapel in the redwoods (on Bean Creek Rd. in Scotts Valley) on August 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM. Shuttling will be provided from Skov Winery (2364 Bean Creek Rd.) and from 160 McKenzie Creek Rd. (the Christie-Blumenthal residence), however, guests are welcome to walk from those two locations.  We will have a celebration of Kevin's life at Skov Winery following the service. During the celebration of life we welcome you to share your stories and memories of Kevin. For more information contact Lorraine @ 831-227-5815 or

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Kevin Christie Family Education Fund c/o Lorraine Christie-Blumenthal 160 McKenzie Creek Rd. Scotts Valley, CA 95066 or the Kevin Christie Family Education Fund PayPal account:
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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Debby Willett on 2nd May 2017

"Dear Kevin,
I miss you.  I miss your smiling face and warm embrace.  My heart weeps for your Sisters whenever they miss you and long to have you with them."

This tribute was added by Kacie Christie on 2nd May 2017

"Hey Kev,  it's amazing how much I still think of you, especially around your birthday. I miss you so much, I think all of us do, we just talk about it less. I realize more with each passing year the effect you had on our lives and that presence is what I miss. It's like a guiding beacon that is missing from my life.  I love you very much, think of you often and really miss you on this day especially. Your birthday.  Love forever my little brother! Xoxoxoxox"

This tribute was added by Kacie Christie on 28th July 2015

"Hey Kev, thought about you all day yesterday and really missed you.  We just had a wonderful week in Tahoe, a place you use to love. The boats, the water, your daughter, all made me think of you off and on the whole week. It feels like we are all making progress and beginning to live life more fully, but yesterday it didn't feel that way. I am also grieving for my cat Guinness so maybe it all got mixed in together.  Regardless, you will always be loved and missed deeply.  I continue to be inspired by you to feel gratitude, appreciate what we do have, express love,and keep my heart open. I love you little bro!"

This tribute was added by Diane Peterson on 27th July 2015

""Hi Kevin, I just realized on this Monday, 7/27/15, it has been 3 years since you passed.  I want you to know that even though I've gone on with my life, there isn't a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts.  I will always love you, and treasure you every day of my life.  You are so special.""

This tribute was added by Lorraine Christie-Blumenthal on 27th July 2015

"My precious brother, another year has passed. Your presence is missed as much as ever. You are never far from our thoughts. We just had a wonderful all-girls week in Tahoe celebrating Kacie's 60th, but I imagine, were you still with us, that you would have been the only male invited. I still have a huge hole in my heart from your loss, however, I am getting better at "living" my life and being able to feel grateful for what I do have. I love you my little brother, and always will. XO"

This tribute was added by Lorraine Christie-Blumenthal on 2nd May 2015

"Happy Birthday my darling brother. What I wouldn't give for one of your wonderful bear hugs--you always made me feel so safe. Today we spread your ashes and celebrate you and how amazing you were. I will love and cherish you always, and never forget all those unique, admirable qualities of love, kindness, gentleness, generosity, forgiveness, honesty and love you expressed toward your family that made you an inspiration to us all. XO"

This tribute was added by Lorraine Christie-Blumenthal on 28th July 2014

"My Darling Brother, we made it through the day. Erin, her fiance (also named Kevin), and I sat around the dining table last night doing Zentangle and thinking about you---we created art in your honor. Erin made a delicious dinner--you would have really appreciated it. The night before we went to the beach, had a picnic, and set a lantern into the sky to celebrate you (and your awesomeness!). Bonnie was there with her boyfriend David, Erin, Kevin, Courtney, Chris, and I. We had a beautiful fire, and sent you our love. We are still broken, but our family bonds are as strong as ever, and we are healing---each in our own way. Always and forever with love, Lorraine XO"

This tribute was added by Mike Kelly on 27th July 2014

"2 years and still not a day goes by, my friend; you would be so happy- as a matter of fact, I'm thinkin' you have something to do with all this work! Doh!"

This tribute was added by Lorraine Christie-Blumenthal on 3rd May 2014

"Kevin, your birthday will always be a day to be grateful for having had you in my life; a day to remember the unique and special person you were; a day to honor and value those wonderful  caring, forgiving, non-judgmental attributes you had that I continue to strive for. Diane, Leslie, Erin, her fiancé (Kevin), Dave and I celebrated you and all the love we still feel for you."

This tribute was added by Kacie Christie on 2nd May 2014

"Dear Kevin,  today is your birthday, and you are especially in my thoughts today. I think of you so much still, but at least the memories are not as painful. You still inspire me constantly, I only wish you were still in our lives. When I cook foods you love or have a wine I think you might like, you always come to mind and probably always will. We miss you so much and now your daughter is getting married and I know how much you would want to walk her down the Isle . She's so amazing and I know you'd be so proud of her. You will be in our thoughts, we know you would like him Kevin. I love you bro, and miss you more than I can even express!  Say hi to mom and dad! Xoxo"

This tribute was added by Diane Peterson on 30th July 2013

"Dear Kevin,
A year has come and gone and I miss you terribly.  You were an exceptional man, I can describe you with every adjective I could mouth.  Life is very empty without you, your beautiful smile, your loving heart, and your wonderful personality.  My ability to move forward is possible by remembering all our wonderful times.  I am blessed to have met you and began a life.  XOXO Di"

This tribute was added by Von Blumenthal on 3rd May 2013

"Happy birthday, son of gold and silver."

This tribute was added by Mike Kelly on 2nd May 2013

"Ach, my friend, how bittersweet to wish you a happy birthday. As I drive around from job to job past and present, you are everywhere.  From all the boys, we think of you constantly.  I hope you are watching and helping us."

This tribute was added by Diane Peterson on 2nd May 2013

"Happy Birthday Kevin!  I can only wish we were together.  Birthdays were very special in our life together, and yours is today as well.  I do not need your birthday to  miss you, I do every day.  Life is a daily struggle without you, I just keep marching forward and have faith to keep going..  You are and always will be my beautiful man."

This tribute was added by Lorraine Christie-Blumenthal on 2nd May 2013

"My baby brother, it is your birthday today. How I miss your infectious laughter; your strong solid hugs; your kind, gentle nature; your love of life;  seeing what you could create with your big, strong, but gentle hands; and the joy you brought to the lives you touched. Today I celebrate the wonderful gift of having had you for a brother.  I love you Kevin---always have, and always will."

This tribute was added by Kacie Christie on 30th April 2013

"Hey Little Bro, can't believe your birthday is just days away and that you are not here. I am thinking about you so much and just wonder if there will ever be a day when I don't miss you as much as I do now. It hurts and I try to remember you wouldn't want us to be sad forever, so trying to move forward a bit each day. You inspire me daily. I love you and miss you!"

This tribute was added by Diane Peterson on 16th April 2013

"Dear Kevin, Your 52nd birthday is approaching soon and I still am in
such disbelief you will not be here to celebrate with me.  I have a beautiful picture of you and I, on my desk, it continues to help me
through my day.  I love you very much Kevin and hope you are in a beautiful place."

This tribute was added by Diane Peterson on 27th December 2012

"Today's date marks five months since your passing and I am feeling
extremely sad.  Thank God Christmas has come and gone, I will treasure the memories of our last Christmas together in Santa Cruz in 2011.  My heart is still broken Kevin, without you it doesn't seem it will ever heal.  As we always expressed, "Sweetie" I love you!!!"

This tribute was added by Diane Peterson on 20th November 2012

"Dear Kevin,  It is already the week of Thanksgiving and not a day goes by, that I think of you, cry for you and talk to you, I just hope you
can hear me.  My memories of our wonderful celebrations are helping me through this time.   I miss you with all my heart, I miss seeing your beautiful face and smile.  I love you Kevin."

This tribute was added by Von Blumenthal on 30th August 2012

"Kevin, when the thought that I'll never see you again crosses my mind, I feel sick. I'm nauseous, my head aches and I feel so desperate. I would do anything to bring you back to us. Sometimes I didn't feel like you were really part of my family, but now I don't know how to go on being a family without you. Every little thing I took for granted now feels gargantuan, what a fool I've been."

This tribute was added by Ken McIntire on 30th August 2012

"Kevin, it's been some 43 years or so since I first met you, my little cousin from California. You were only about 8 years old at the time, but I remember even then you were such a happy go lucky, very outgoing guy.  I wish we could have spent more time together over the years, but life is like that sometimes.  We'll see each other again I'm sure."

This tribute was added by Diane Peterson on 27th August 2012

""My sweetheart Kevin, I still cannot believe, the unimagineable happened, and you are no longer with me.  My sadness is deep, you are the love of my life and my very best friend.  I wish I could thank you
for all you've taught me, I will try and conduct my life as you would, like
you were whispering in my ear."  I love you."

This tribute was added by Kacie Christie on 24th August 2012

"Still think about you every day Kev. Wish I had been able to speak at your service. Felt like nothing I could say would do you justice. Instead I listened to everyone sharing their stories, and let the weigh of the loss, the joy in the sharing, and the love that we all had for you, just wash over me. I pray that you had at least an idea of how deeply you were loved and how we will miss you"

This tribute was added by michelle hardy on 18th August 2012

"One of the kindest most genuine humans.  He was nothing but good to our family and treated our little girls like his own. He always had a smile on his face and we will forever remember his spirit! Thank you for all of the laughs and delicious BBQs. We love you and you will forever be missed!!!! XOXO, THE HARDYS...Buckley too."

This tribute was added by Mike Kelly on 17th August 2012

"Ah, Kev-Kev, Every afternoon I feel this huge emptiness and sadness; I have realized that it is because not only have I lost you, but I've lost our ten conversations a day about everything important in our lives.  How can that be replaced?  I'll be thinking of you every day for a long time, my friend.  You are all around me, and a piece of you is in everything we have built together."

This tribute was added by Jaci Bonzoumet on 17th August 2012

"My Dear Christie Family, There are far too many memories for me to post, however I will never forget your kindness Kev. Thank you for being our best man. What a fine memory. The boat, the celebration! Pure joy. The dinners at our home, and youre's. Thank you for always welcoming me. I will miss your barbecued chicken! Cheers to a wonderful Man. I will never forget you... Much Love Jaci"

This tribute was added by Sharon Christie on 16th August 2012

"To my best friend of 24 years, and husband for many. Kevin was by far the most amazing human being I have had the honor to know and call my friend. You were the dad you didn't have to be and I will love you forever for that my friend. So many years of memories and stories that I am blessed to have.
Via Con Dios my friend and I will see you on the other side."

This tribute was added by kelly duncan on 14th August 2012

"i will miss you kev-kev. you were a wonderful, gentle, and giving son, father, brother, friend and craftsman. thanks for the coffee, for bringing your mom around; for helping my folks, for saving the kitten and the yellow v. deli, beef v. pork debates. you lived with gusto, you loved with gusto and you will always be remembered with humor, smiles and gratitude. vaya con dios brother. xo."

This tribute was added by Eileen Christie on 13th August 2012

"Oh Lil' Brother, words can not express how much I love you and will miss you. I will miss your sweet smile, sense of humor, your loving and gentle ways.  You were a gift to this family that was taken away too soon.  I can not fathom my life without you in it. I promise to try to be a better person, to be more like you.  Until we meet again, take care of Chivas for me.  I'll see you later."

This tribute was added by Debby Willett on 13th August 2012

"The grief I feel from your premature departure is a poignant reminder of how special you are to me Kevin:  from our first Hotwheels connection to our momentary greetings at family reunions, you were always generous and loving.  

Your passing is a reminder of how precious life is.

Thank you Kev, for inspiring me to live life large, to be fully present with a clear and open heart,"

This tribute was added by Robert Peterson on 12th August 2012

"To Kevin...To the Brother I never had but always wanted! Kevin, you were a great inspiration to me I learned a lot from you. The way you never got mad, never lost your energy for life, the way you dealt with life in general...You treated my sister with love and kindness and for that I love you. Kevin, I want to thank you for the time you gave to me - See ya on the other side."

This tribute was added by Chris Roginski on 10th August 2012

"Kevin was an incredible human being. He and my aunt became an amazing team over the past years. My family and I are so blessed to have known him, learned from him, and laughed with him. He would give the shirt off his back to help a friend, even a stranger in need. He left this world too soon, but he reminds me to always be gracious, appreciative, and kind."

This tribute was added by Merlene Bottomley on 10th August 2012

"My friend Kevin,
Where is the little boy who loved hanging out with my son, David Bottomley.  He helped bake cookies, went to the beach with our family, Bear Valley ski trips, and having spaghetti with the family.  As a grown man going to A's games and San Jose State football games.
Miss you,    Merlene Bottomley"

This tribute was added by Diane Peterson on 9th August 2012

""My dear, sweet Kevin, you brought so much joy and happiness to my
life.  I cannot imagine my life without you.  With tremendous sadness and a broken heart, I will try to face one day at a time.  I llove you with
all my heart and will miss you for the rest of my life.""

This tribute was added by Joanna Kerns on 7th August 2012

"What a gentle giant of a man! His love, compassion and generosity with my nephew, Marcus, and his love for Diane touched me deeply. I am so sad that we only got to share one meal together.
I send my sincere condolences  to Kevin's family and Diane. Know you are the lucky ones to have known such loving spirit."

This tribute was added by Kacie Christie on 6th August 2012

"Oh my brother, I am having such a hard time accepting you're gone when you had so much to live for. Trying so hard to focus on what an amazing man you were, so kind, compassionate, loving, supportive, and so positive, and to let that inspire me to be more like you, appreciate life, find joy in everyday wonders, but I can't just yet. I'm trying. I love and miss you."

This tribute was added by Lorraine Christie-Blumenthal on 5th August 2012

"My most precious brother, my heart is broken. You were such an important part of our family I can't imagine how we will cope without you. I love you with all my heart and I believe that you knew that. I am so grateful for the last five years, and especially most recently the two weeks you spent with me (& our sisters) taking care of Mom. You will forever be an inspiration to me. XO"

This tribute was added by Von Blumenthal on 4th August 2012

"My uncle was pure good, something of which I often feel quite the opposite. In my life, I've found that I sometimes subconsciously seek to destroy people full of light. But my uncle could not be extinguished, not even in death. He will forever touch the lives of those who knew him, even me. I loved you Kevin, and I'm sorry I never said it."

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