Posted by Rebecca Swearingen on January 19, 2020
I miss you so much, realizing some can't or don't see the point in a online obituary, I have yours here so I can visit as often as I like. The site is very calming and I can just feel as though I haven't put you in a hole and left you there. Please forgive my words as always,when I am not sure how else to put them. So much ugliness is happening in this world today. I guess that it is true that when we are taken from this world it is because something is going to happen that we can't handle. Only God knows not I. I have wished for more knowledge, at times, when I thought if I only knew the how that would turn out. Or what would be the end result if I did that? But now not so much because at times like these this world is so caught up in hate, and evil with Children killing themselves and others because of bullies, it's these I am refering to and not wanting the knowledge.I worry about a lot of things and I see more than I care to, I pray for all this sick thoughts people have in their minds to be healed by God's hand. Homosexuality has really gotten out of hand and taken to a whole new level, yuck!! They say it's ok to teach that in school.Nope not where I come from. We need God back in school.
Well I Love you still and miss you more.
Love Rebecca
Posted by Lori McLean on July 14, 2019
Kevin,   Sure do miss you and I know Michael does too.  Hope your keeping Ronald in line up there.   
                     Love your sister-in-law,
Posted by Rebecca Swearingen on May 11, 2019
Chuck has gone on ahead of me now as well, I pray he made it to that Green Pastures and the still waters the 23rd Psalms talks about.
Posted by Rebecca Swearingen on April 7, 2019
My Dearest Kevin,
Thank You! For the best 21 years of my life, when I was down, you picked me up. When I cried you held me, and told me we would be fine. Together we can get through anything. You were my best friend , and I cherish that even today. We have so many blessings. So many things to be Thankful for, and I don't want to forget to mention one of them every day. Bye for now.
I Will Always Love You
Love Your Wife

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