Let the memory of kevin be with us forever
  • 46 years old
  • Born on January 26, 1967 in michigan city, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on February 12, 2013 in flint, Michigan, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kevin Roberts 46 years old , born on January 26, 1967 and passed away on February 12, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 12th February 2019
Thinking of you my dear Son on this day of your passing 6 years ago. You are so missed by everyone who ever met you. Tammy and your children are doing well. The kids have grown into a beautiful young man and a beautiful young woman. They are all moving forward in life as you would want them to. You would be so proud of your family. You will live in my heart forever. Rest in Peace my Son!
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 26th January 2019
My Dear Son, It's your 52nd birthday. I never forget you and I still look for you behind the oil change garage even though I know you have departed this life. I thought about you on your Anniversary and made sure Tammy knew I was thinking about her. I sure wish I could awaken from this nightmare and there you would be happy ever after with Tammy and your family. Pretty darn selfish of me, isn't it? I do know you are at peace and in a much better place. Rest in peace my son. I love you. Mom
Posted by Tammy Roberts on 25th January 2019
So tomorrow I'll be your birthday I've been thinking about you a lot lately I miss you so much that hurt never goes away Sam is doing very well at her job she got transferred up here so I don't have to worry about it too much anymore Eric's looking for a new job he didn't like McDonald's you got sick of that I'm still working all the time spent the holidays with mom I miss you so much you are always on my mind I love you honey I hope you have a happy Heavenly birthday give Levi Red and Brutus a big kiss for me
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 24th December 2018
Another year is coming to a close my Son. It's Christmas, and we will be going to Tammy's for dinner as she loves to prepare holiday meals. Just want you to know that I feel your presence in that house every time I am there. I miss you more than you would ever know. You were the best thing ever in my daughter's life. I am so proud of your children, and you will live on through them. I see parts of you in both of them. Samantha is married now and still at her job in GM. Eric has grown into a real man and I know you would be proud of him. Rest in peace my son! I love you! Mom
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 12th February 2018
Five years and still when I drive by the back of the Oil changing place, I can almost see you standing there, playing on your phone or smoking and taking a break. I know that it is time to move on, but I'm a little slow at this process, after all, I lost Jim just before you and this grief process takes what it takes. I'm sure you are far better off where the pain of everyday living no longer exists. Please know that your family is doing well in spite of missing you very much. Eric is growing into a wonderful young man. Samantha has found happiness and success in her life. Tammy is living life forward just as she is supposed to, but you are never far from her mind. You are missed by all who ever had the opportunity to know you. Rest in peace my dear Son and give Jim a hug from me.
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 26th January 2018
Happy 51st Birthday my dearly beloved son. Time passes swiftly by and the years come and go, but you are never far from my mind. You are missed deeply by all of your family. Eric has graduated and he is working at the local McDonald's. You would be so proud of him as he has a drivers license now and enjoys coming over to help Grandma when he can. Tammy has met a man that has given her comfort and someone who I know you would be happy that she has someone to fill the loneliness that she has endured since your passing. Her life must go on as all of our lives must go on. Sam is doing beautiful things with her life and succeeding at her job in GM. We all miss you so much.
Posted by Tammy Roberts on 16th July 2017
Getting ready for Eric open house on his birthday just like Samantha lots of stuff left to do thinking about you allot how wish you were here i miss you so much its going to be a taco bar open house invited lots of friends and family hope it don't rain this Saturday please take care of the weather for me make it beautiful Eric has turned into a fine young man it's been rough but made it thru. We will always miss you my love but we always know your watching and keeping the kids safe i love you praying for good weather Saturday
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 6th June 2017
Hi my dear Son, Today is a special day for your Son. Eric has graduated from high school and he walks across the stage tonight in his cap and gown and receives his diploma. What a great accomplishment and you helped shape him into the man that he has become. Of course, you will be riding on his shoulder today and you and your Dad will get to see this event up close and personal while the rest of us sit in the audience. Tammy misses you everyday, but as I said before she is living her life forward as life goes on. Another one of your greatest accomplishments has been achieved. You did good! I know you are a very proud Dad. I love you and I miss you, please give Jim a big hug and kiss for me as you share this event with all your heavenly angels.
Posted by Tammy Roberts on 24th May 2017
Cant believe it's been this long it's so hard to type this i wish you was her e to share this with but your son has graduated high school it's been long road but he made it we still miss you bad sometimes i feel so alone it's just not the same without you saw a butterfly the other day i hope have you the msg. Sent Levi too be with you and red and brutus give them kiss from me tell Jim i love him and mom is good
Posted by Mary Lou Ellison on 12th February 2017
It's been four long years since your passing it seems like yesterday we miss your and.know you are in a better place watchin over us and your family
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 12th February 2017
Well Kev, it's been four years since that black day in February when a wonderful father, son and husband left his earthly home and joined the spirits in the sky. You are so missed by those who were close to you. I had a wonderful lunch with Eric the other day and we spent most of our time talking about you and what a grand person you really were in spite of the challenges that you endured everyday of your life. I told Eric that if his Dad was at this table right now, he would be sharing his pearls of wisdom with his son whom he loved so much. I miss you everyday and wish you were here, but I know that wherever you are, you are at peace and you deserve that . My love is always with you.
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 26th January 2017
Happy 50th Birthday to my beloved son, I miss you so very much. It is so hard to believe that you have been gone almost 4 years. I still look for you standing outside in the back of the Penzoil oil change place. Tammy misses you more than you will ever begin to know. She is doing her best to move on with her life, but it has been challenging. You would be so proud of Samantha and Eric as they have been able to meet life's challenges and have grown up to be wonderful adults. Samantha has a year in at General Motors, what a way to memorialize her Dad. Eric will graduate from High School this year. Well, son, rest in peace and give Jimbo my love as I know you and him are probably on the same fishing bank.
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 12th February 2016
Three years since your passing, My beloved Kevin, you are never forgotten my son. With the help of you and Jim, Tammy and myself are living our lives forward. I miss you everyday. Every time I drive by the muffler shop, I can almost see you standing by the back door playing with your phone. Love you forever. Mom
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 26th January 2016
Happy 49th Birthday my beloved Son. You are truly missed. You are probably not surprised to know that you daughter has landed a job with GM. You would be so proud of the woman that she has become, she is such a free spirit just as you were, but she is a beautiful woman. You being a master at car repairs, she takes after you and she will do great things as you watch over her and guide her each and every day. Eric is finishing up high school and has one more year ahead and he is becoming a real man that I'm sure you are very proud of. You live through your children and I see you every time I look into their eyes. Tammy is being taken care of and her life goes on even though the loss of you has left a very deep scar on her heart. Rest well, my son and tell Jim I love him. Love you so much!
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 12th February 2015
Kevin, My heart is so broken, but this too shall pass. I miss you more than you would have ever known but I also believe that you and Jim have somehow connected as spirits in the sky and that you are together and watching over Me and Tammy. I know you would be so proud of Tammy and the job she is doing raising your Son to be a real man. Times have been so difficult, but nothing in life is ever easy. Tammy is a better, stronger woman because of you and the many great memories you gave her. Two years since you left this earth and you will never be forgotten because you left two beautiful children to carry out your legacy. Rest in Peace, my son!
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 26th January 2015
Just to let you know that you are never forgotten. Happy 48th Birthday, My Son. Eric is growing up so fast and Samantha is just as beautiful today as yesterday. Tammy misses you so much but she is trying so hard to move along in her life. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and loosing you was so hard because you were so young and you had a whole life ahead of you. No need to question because everything that happens is for a reason that will be revealed at a later time. Rest in Peace my son and be sure to tell Jim I miss him and love him. I will love you forever. You were one of a kind, the best.
Posted by Tammy Roberts on 26th January 2014
my dearest Kevin today is your 47th birthday and I miss you so much I never really understood why God took you from mealls I can come to the conclusion is he didn't want you to suffer anymore so he was trying to help you the best way you know howI will always love you forever miss you from the bottom of my heart please watch over me and the kids until we meet again I love you
Posted by Dianne Hazard on 5th December 2013
I miss you so very much. You are the sparkle in my daughter's eye and smile on my grandson's face and a hug in my granddaughter's arms. Everyday that goes by I get special reminders of you(even a wink of Levi's eye) and the love you had for your family. You were a wonderful son, father and husband and I will never forget you. You were the best handyman anyone could ever have and I know that you and Jim are fishing in the big lake in the sky. Rest in peace my son and I will see thatTammy & Eric & Samantha are taken care of. You would be proud of them & their accomplishments & new home. Love U
Posted by Michael Shimmons on 3rd December 2013
Hey, Kevin, you are greatly missed. I know we didn't hang out much. I mostly hung out with your younger Brothers, Mike and James. But, when I became friends with Mike and James, I got to know the WHOLE family (and fell in love with the WHOLE Roberts family). You guys are like a second family to me (an extended family). I got to know you quite well over the years. And, you were/are an awesome person (and a TRUE friend). Just wanted to let you know how much you are missed. You meant (and still mean) a LOT to all of us (family and friends). We'll never forget you, Kevin.
Posted by Mary Lou Ellison on 3rd December 2013
You are missed very much everyday
Posted by Tammy Roberts on 3rd December 2013
I miss u everyday

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