Let the memory of Kevin be with us forever
  • 57 years old
  • Born on April 19, 1953 .
  • Passed away on June 10, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kevin Green 57 years old , born on April 19, 1953 and passed away on June 10, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on June 10, 2019
My dear Brother Kevin, nine years have passed and it seems like yesterday. you are in my daily thoughts and I am constantly reminded of your gestures, your actions and the humorous personality that you had. As a family we miss you and there is no one that can take your place. You hold a special place in my heart and so sad that you were taken in a flash. God had a plan and we will journey on until our time too shall come. I am doing my very best for those around me and thank you for being my brother and example to me in this life.
Posted by Stanley Green on April 19, 2018
Time moves on....other people come into our lives - yet, the gap remains. Where you stood in our hearts and lives is now filled with longing, yearning to fill that space with your presence we so loved. Your presence remains through the memories we made together. For those we rejoice and are full of thanks that you live on and always will while we’re yet alive.
Posted by Kim Howard on June 11, 2017
Kevin, Memories of you will never fade away. Love Bruce, Kim and family.
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on June 10, 2017
The night before you were called, I arrived home late from Richards Bay and was unable to erect the Stainless Steel Flag Pole in my front garden. However that evening I proudly displayed this on my front porch in anticipation of the 2010 World Cup that was commencing the next day 10th June 2010. At around 2-35am the next morning, I was awoken by the noise of the flag-pole falling and went out to investigate thinking how on earth could the dogs have pulled this over. As I opened my front door there was not a soul in sight but only a wind that had come up. I picked up the Flag Pole and went back inside. As I was about to get back into bed, I suddenly became ill and had to use the toilet. After that episode I got back into bed and about five minutes later, the phone rang. Getting a phone call in the early hours of the morning very seldom is the bearer of good news. However when the voice on the other end said that you has passed away, I immediately went into a state of absolute shock and when Debbie asked who died and I mentioned you, she could also not imagine that you were gone and kept on saying that I was mistaken. For five minutes after that I covered my entire body almost as if I could momentarily shut the world out of my life. I pondered on what had just happened and am sure that it was you who came to say a last goodbye, with the flag pole falling, the sudden gust of wind and me feeling sick the way I did. I then had the unpleasant task of waking Mom to break this traumatic news to her. I phoned Bernice to tell her that I wanted to see you before they took you away. Nolan made his way to our home and drove us to Pietermaritzburg. I slept the entire journey and only awoke when we arrived at your home to be greeted by the mortuary van that was there to collect your lifeless body. I made my way to your bedroom and when I touched you, your body was still warm and you looked as though you were only sleeping. I spent a few minutes with you in the hope that by some miracle you would open your eyes and speak to me. Just two weeks before this day you spent the weekend with us in Durban and we had a good time and even did some fishing where it reminded me of our childhood days at the dam. When you left that Monday morning I was pleased that we spent quality time together and we had even spoken about future plans. Little did I realize on that Monday morning that it would be the very last time that I would see you in this life. When we carried you out of your home and into the waiting vehicle that was taking you to the mortuary, I prayed that God would have mercy on your soul. The days leading up to the funeral were heartbreaking and every time that I thought about you, I shed a silent tear. The day of your funeral arrived and there again, in life you were handsome and in death you looked more handsome almost as though you could open your eyes and be a part of this life again. Unfortunately the time had come for you to depart and take up your heavenly place. If there is anything that is expected of us in the life, it is to make a difference and this my dear brother you did. I can only smile when I think about how funny you could be and how you could have a crowded house in stitches of laughter with what you said and just how you said it. You were gifted with humour and your personality was one of good spirit. I have no doubt that there are many people whom you interacted with in life, that still think about you and what I good person you were. I so often think about you and have had many a good dream about you. As much as we would love to have you back, we have come to the realization that in this life there is a journey to be followed and once completed, there is no turning back. You have travelled your journey and you have run your race vigourously always focusing on the ultimate goal and mark. I have no doubt that you were greeted with the words""" Well Done thy Good and Faithful servant, enter into my Kingdom. You have left a very big void in the lives of so many people including myself but we are consoled by the fact of having a mind that has photographed you in so many different ways during your life, and now we have the pleasure of replaying these images at any given time. The mind is so powerful and these images are indelible, this in itself is incredible. We miss you my brother and one day will see you in the sweet bye and bye. Your baby brother "Loots' the nickname you gave me.
Posted by Kim Howard on June 11, 2016
It's so very hard to bear the loss of one we loved so much, the pain we feel will one day ease and time will gradually help to heal as we reflect on special times. We always remember your laughter and kindness, love your wife Bernice, daughter Carmen, son Craig and family.
Posted by Kim Howard on June 10, 2016
6 Years Today, You may be gone from our sight, but you are never gone from our hearts, Lovingly remembered by Bruce, Kim and family.
Posted by Ursula Green on June 10, 2016
Every time we get together as a family your name comes up. We miss your presence, your intensity, your levity, your caring, your funny stories!! You left a hole in the Green family that no one can fill! You left a sadness and a giggle! Unique Kevin Carl Green- we miss you!
Posted by Stanley Green on June 10, 2016
There are still so many days I think of him - thankfully always with great gratitude. We were blessed with a wonderful, funny, compassionate, caring, humble brother in Kevin. There will always be spaces in our hearts to welcome our remembrances of the joy and laughter he brought into our lives. Thank you, God!!
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on June 10, 2016
Kevin, I think about you so often and have had many a dream of you. I miss all the wonderful times we shared together, and being the person you were, you left us all with our own special memories of you to hold close to our hearts. Your loving, caring and humourous ways will live on with us forever.
Posted by Jill Dunnett on April 19, 2016
Happy Heavenly Birthday my brother. Always in our hearts,your sweet memories will live forever. May you fly with the angels till the day dawns and we are called home to be with all our loved ones that have gone before. Forever loved and miss you, till then. RIP xxx 19-4-16
Posted by Jill Dunnett on June 11, 2015
What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others. Kevin has left his mark not only in our family but in the lives of all who had contact with him. We were chosen and honoured to have shared a bloodline with this exceptional man. Times shared and laughs together will always be remembered. Rest in peace my darling brother until the day dawns and our sorrow is wiped away, memories of you live on in our lives. Our earthly home is a better place because you lived..
Posted by Kim Howard on June 10, 2015
Kevin, 5 years ago, God took you from us to be with him. Our fond memories of you will never be forgotten. We miss and love you. Your Wife Bernice and Family.
Posted by Kim Howard on June 10, 2015
Kevin, We Treasure The Memories. Bruce, Kim and Family.
Posted by Stanley Green on June 10, 2015
Never forgotten - always loved - ever missed!!!
Stanley & Ursula
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on June 10, 2015
The journey of life is filled with moments of happiness and times of sadness. During the course of life we experience the passing on of Loved ones and throughout our lives we remember the times that were shared with them. My brother you have left so many treasured memories right until our last weekend together. It is now five years and to this date I still have moments where I cannot believe that you are gone. Unfortunately.... this is what we all have to pass through and for some of us it comes quickly and for others with much pain. For our family you were someone special and as we continue on this exciting journey filled with much mystery , understand that we too will someday join you. It is not until the loom is silent and the shuttle ceases to fly , shall God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why. Love Elvis & Debbie Until we meet again.
Posted by Stanley Green on April 20, 2015
When I looked up from my prostrate position you were there wondering about this intrusion into the family you had become with our parents; when I stood up on my feet I looked you in the eye, my unsteady feet struggling right away to catch up with you out there ahead of me. You walked me into life and you taught me so much about living: giving of yourself sacrificially; laughing through struggle and pain, mostly at yourself; reaching deep and when that was not enough, digging deeper still to give the best and the last of yourself so others could be whole; forgiving freely; sharing generously; never complaining; always ready to serve others in humility. Today you would have been 62 but you reached this life's boundary at 57. Too soon!! You're still there every day as I remember and live by the lessons you taught. Kevin, What a brother you were, what a leader as I began my journey into life, and, what a gift from God. I follow still in the important learnings from your legacy, and still I give thanks that you were my brother!!!
Posted by Ursula Green on April 19, 2015
Happy birthday in heaven dear brother Kevin!! We are so glad you were lent to us for a while !
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on June 11, 2014
Words cannot explain just how precious and how special you were to me, your family and your friends.Not a single day passes without me sparing you a thought and I often think of the many conversations that we had. You will forever be Loved, Missed and never forgotten. A legend in your time.
Posted by Stanley Green on June 10, 2014
Still missed. The memories still linger and gratitude remains. Thank God for an older brother who was so easy to love.
Posted by Nicole Dunnett on June 10, 2014
You are gone 4 years today. My heart still aches at the the happy memories of you and secret tears still flow. You still alive in my heart.. Family gatherings will never be the same although I'm reminded of all the amazing memories you left to console me. I will always miss and love you dearly. Thank you for being a special uncle.
Posted by Lynda Hollinger-Janzen on June 10, 2014
Dear Stanley and Ursula,
I only know Kevin through you. It seems that you carry on many of the gifts that you experienced in your relationship with him - the love and caring, and the humor. Blessings to you and your family as you remember.
Posted by Stanley Green on April 19, 2014
The years pass but the gratitude and the loss remain. The space Kevin occupied in our hearts still feels like a void, but the gratitude for his life, laughter and memories continues to grow. Thank you God for blessing us with Kevin. Always remembered!!!
Posted by Ursula Green on April 19, 2014
I would love to hear your funny stories and accents again!  You made us all laugh so heartily, and enjoy our family gatherings.
Happy birthday in heaven! I imagine you are making the angels laugh.
Posted by Jill Dunnett on June 10, 2013
3 years since you left and nothing prepares us for the moment in time when you lose someone you love, someone close to your heart... Life is only a temporary gift that's returned to sender when he wants us back. God knows when to pick his most beautiful flowers. We that remain let us love and appreciate each other for we never know when we'll be plucked. Thank God for Kevin's life and love
Posted by Stanley Green on June 10, 2013
The sense of loss remains - but, also a deepened sense of gratitude - so grateful to God for a brother who brought so much life, laughter and lightness. God be praised for the gift of a brother who will always be missed but never forgotten. Thanks be to God!!!
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on June 10, 2013
Friendship is one of life's greatest gifts and Love is the centrepiece of thriving relationships and although I no longer have you in the flesh as my brother and friend, in your absence I still Love you as ever before. The person you were makes it impossible to forget the fun loving, gentle and humble son,husband,brother and friend.
Posted by Ursula Green on June 10, 2013
We think and talk about you often. Time does not erase the memory!
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on April 19, 2013
As I continue lifes exciting journey,it is very often that you come to mind and I am reminded of the very special times that we spent together.You were unique and because of this we find it difficult to believe that you are no longer with us.God is our refuge & strength and we give him all glory for a brother,husband,father & son.Elvis,Debbie,Lisa,Ryan,Kyle & Mom
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on April 19, 2013
Even in death you are so close to me and I often think just how much more of a difference you would have made given the extra time. However I am reminded that it could not have been any different,the race is run,you have excelled in the time you had to do what you had too.Gods calling was at the precise time and you have left us to ponder on all the good that you left behind.Elvis & Debbie
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on April 19, 2013
I have no doubt that we will meet in the sweet bye and bye on that beautiful shore where time will not be against us. Your style and your humilty will live with us forever and the beauty of life is that even though you are no longer in the flesh, we can at any moment capture you in the many ways that you managed to make a difference in each one of our lifes.Simply indelible! Elvis & Debbie
Posted by Stanley Green on April 19, 2013
Today you would have turned sixty - memorable milestone - but the race ended early for you - too early for. There are still so many days when you seem so alive in our memories - the laughter recalled, the stories remembered, the love relived. We miss you - always will and because of that we will always be grateful for having you as brother!!
Posted by Jill Dunnett on April 19, 2013
Your memories will last in me beyond forever, your rested heart beats through the countless people that have been given a second chance as a direct result of your fine example, hard work, generosity and inspiring life. Until the day we meet again, you will always be remembered with gratitude and love. Miss you always my darling brother.
Posted by Stanley Green on June 10, 2012
Still remembered and still missed so much.
Posted by Ursula Green on June 10, 2012
You taught me how to love you  You didn't teach me to let you go. Missing you.  Your loving Mother
Posted by Ursula Green on April 19, 2012
We miss your laughter and how you made us laugh. 
We miss you mopping up the floor as we were still working in the kitchen. 
When we scrape the bones out of the plates we talk about you ~ chewing them, collecting them for your. dogs.
We miss your teasing, and your intense seriousness about certain things. I thank God I knew you, brother.
Posted by Jill Dunnett on April 19, 2012
You would have been celebrating your 59th birthday here with us today. Some say it get's easier as time moves on but my dear brother I miss you more each and every day. May you celebrate today with the angels in heaven. Love and miss you always. Treasured memories live in my heart forever!!
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on April 19, 2012
My dear brother Kevin whilst the circumstances of life are a mix of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, losing you is something that I so often think of and it still is hard to believe that you are no longer with us.Only God truely understands our heartaches, our pain and struggle but we hold onto all the wonderful memories we have of you which is indelible. Elvis,Deb,Lisa,Ryan,Kyle,Mom
Posted by Jill Dunnett on April 19, 2012
Kevin, I will always hold you in my heart. Mummy.
Posted by Stanley Green on April 19, 2012
59 years ago today a boy was born. That boy became my older brother, Kevin. As we grew together, so did my love and appreciation of him. I looked for the day when we could spend time together recalling the memories of bygone years that would make our hearts glad. Now he's gone, the memories, however, live on. I will cherish them in my heart - giving thanks for my brother, his love & life.
Posted by Bernice Green on June 11, 2011
Miss you dad,everyday every minute.You in paradise now.No more pain,no sorrow.You worked hard and now you at peace,resting.A true leader,husband and dad,who will live in my heart forever.Love you,your son CRAIG.
Posted by Bernice Green on June 11, 2011
A wonderful husband and partner,who was one in a million.I will never forget our special times together,and will treasure those memories forever in my heart.I will remember your laughter,kindness and care.There is a time to be born and a time to die.
Posted by Bernice Green on June 11, 2011
Thanks for being a wonderful,kind,caring DAD.You were a dad in a million,rest in peace.Love, your one and only daughter,CARMEN.
Posted by Patty Espina on June 10, 2011
I just met Kevin once, but it was enough know how wonderful and amazing person he was! He is home, with God!
Posted by Dorothy Fenner/Lundall/Mi... on June 10, 2011
Remembered with much love and respect today and always. Family in my prayers and thoughts today....BLESSED ARE THEY WHO MOURN, FOR THEY SHALL BE COMFORTED.
Posted by Chez Manneson on June 10, 2011
A year later & the pain still so fresh. Humble, kind, forgiving, loving, patient, self sacrificing & gentle that is who my Uncle was. God thank you for the opportunity of knowing & loving someone so special in every way. A true leader.
Posted by Jill Dunnett on June 10, 2011
A year ago you left and we still we can't get used to you not being here. You were one in a million and we miss you. Memories of you are burn't onto my mind and etched in my heart. I was priveledged to have you as my big bro! RIP
Posted by Elvis Louis Green on June 10, 2011
A year has passed and today has been painful where I have found it difficult to function.The void that you left cannot be filled and I still find it difficult to accept that you are no longer here...
Posted by MARINA AND KENNETH GREEN on June 10, 2011
Kevin a year has passed and your name is often mentioned in our home. You have left behind lots of good memories.We will never forget the last time we saw you - you made us laugh so much. You reminded us so much of our dad (Uncle Alec). May you rest
Posted by Ursula Green on June 9, 2011
It has been a year since the shocking news. "Kevin is gone". Elvis was in a state of shock, and for this past year we all have had a hard time believing it. I miss hearing your voice, but I know that I will see you again. It will seem like forever,
Posted by KIM HOWARD on May 13, 2011
Kevin, We Love and Miss You. Thank you for all the beautiful memories - Bernice, children and grandchildren.

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