Let the memory of Kevin be with us forever
  • 33 years old
  • Born on May 15, 1981 .
  • Passed away on October 25, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kevin O'Connell, 33, born on May 15, 1981 and passed away on October 25, 2014. We will remember him forever.

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Posted by Nicola Oconnell on 17th August 2018
Hi babe been a long while since I visited this site, still not a day goes by we don’t talk about you and share our memories, there so much been happening lately but am sure you still look down on us and know anyway, it’s hard to believe we’re coming up to our 4th year without u, still think of u and miss u like it was yesterday, I love u kev xxxx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 15th May 2018
Well today’s your birthday 37 WOW gutted your not here to celebrate we will do that for you as we always do I know you’ll be here happy birthday lil big bro love you nuff miss you bad ❤️❤️❤️❤️ KX RX LX BX XXXX
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 11th May 2018
Well mag it’s the beefs 21st birthday today so many people thought the pic of him are you make me smile to hear those words ❤️ Love you nuff miss you bad KX RX LX BX
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 9th February 2018
Well mag just HEARD THE BEST NEWS EVER ..... love you bro love you nuff miss you bad Kx Rx Lx Bx
Posted by Maria Riley-Ward on 1st January 2018
Happy New Year up there, mate. Saw your lovely lady and Ferren yesterday... wow! He's so like you xxx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 31st December 2017
Am telling you now before phones get jammed up love you bro happy new year would be even happier if you were here to spend it with us I know you’ll be by my side love you nuff miss you bad KX RX LX BX
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 25th December 2017
Merry Christmas BRO love you nuff miss you bad KX RX LX BX ❤️
Posted by Maria Riley-Ward on 25th October 2017
Another year gone. Where do they go to? Seems like yesterday we were killing French on CoD lol Wrap your Angel arms round your family today, Kev x God bless you x
Posted by Lissa Statham on 25th October 2017
How time has flown by but never has anyone forgotten you. Your name is kept alive in everything nicola and the children do. A good man with a loving heart , you got your wings way too soon . Forever in our hearts and thoughts . The Stathams .
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 25th October 2017
Well that days here again as it comes every year sure you’ll understand why I HATE this day so much !! I miss your face your voice your smile all I have is memories locked up tight right in my heart love you nuff miss you bad KX RX LX BX ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Maria Riley-Ward on 17th May 2017
I hope you had a lovely birthday up there xxx
Posted by Lissa Statham on 15th May 2017
Kev, never will you be forgotten , that would be too hard to do. Your spirit is as strong as your personality was . You live on in not only your ferren but the girls and nicola . I know you will be partying with the angels today and everyone of us down here will be thinking of you love the Statham's xxxx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 15th May 2017
What's going on why won't my whole message show
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 15th May 2017
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 15th May 2017
Happy birthday to you mag love you always and forever
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 16th April 2017
Happy Easter to you my BRO ❤️ Kx Rx Lx Bx
Posted by Nicola Oconnell on 31st December 2016
Happy new year babe, hope your ok where you are, miss you so much and the kids are growing up amazing, defo a lot of your input in there, Xmas was crazy as normal but am sure you already know that
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 31st December 2016
Happy new year to you mag love you today to tomorrow and always Kx Rx Lx Bx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas to you my BRO .... K x R x L x B x
Posted by Maria Riley-Ward on 25th October 2016
Thinking of you all on this heartbreaking anniversary. Kev, I can hear you laughing now, I can hear you and Nicola giggling away. I miss you, my gaming buddy. I bet you are keeping them all busy up there xxx <3 xxx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 25th October 2016
the emotional heartbreaking days here again !! Never forgotten always in my heart love you bro ... kez ,Reece , Laquan , Blaise xxxxx
Posted by Lissa Statham on 25th October 2016
Never will we forget , forever in our hearts and thoughts. Everyday you walk in the steps of your beautiful boy. Our love and heartfelt thoughts are with you Nicola , the girls and ferren Xxxxx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 15th May 2016
They've got no BEER so you'll have to have a flower ;) XXXX
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 15th May 2016
Massive happy birthday to you BRO love you today and always ... Kez X Reece X Laquan X and Blaise X ... XXXX
Posted by Maria Riley-Ward on 15th May 2016
Happy Birthday, big lad. Party hard up there today :) xxx
Posted by Lissa Statham on 15th May 2016
Never forgotten young man. Happy birthday . Party with the angels and remember we're all missing you ,but you live on in so many people here, your name will forever be used and honoured . Now get your party time started cause a stir in heaven
Posted by Nicola Oconnell on 20th February 2016
Hello babe, still loving you and missing you more than you'll ever know, we're all doing ok, kids are doing well at school ferrens loving school and made lots of friends, writes his name brilliantly and is learning his numbers, you'd be so proud of him, we talk about you all the time, trying to keep your memory alive but what I'd give to have 5 minutes with you, just to hear you say your ok, happy and you love me still, it's so hard toget on with life and plan a future without you in it, it's been a hard 16 months and I've mastered hiding the pain and how to fake smile lol but the kids always bring up crazy stories of what you used to do and we do have a good laugh at times, I miss you so so much and I love you as much now as I did when we first got together, like our song my love for you grows stronger everyday, I'll leave it there for now babe but I'll check in on you again soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Xxxxx
Posted by Tracey Ford on 20th February 2016
Been talking to your nicola today about the good memories me and Richard have got of you, your ferren is definitely a mini you, always in our thoughts xx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 1st January 2016
Posted by Nicola Walsh on 20th December 2015
Hi mate u was amazing friend to me and u would be there for me and I would be there for u and u make me laugh and we talk pn here qhen u was on and Hurt me I thought u died and u never be forgotten and u be love by ur family and friends xx and I always miss u I no u longer I use seen u as my brother kavin xx r.i p ur alway be my mate and like family to me as u no that xx
Posted by Ettie Palmer on 9th December 2015
aye up my favourite son in law she passed that driving test wont hold back I was a tad worried but its getting easier now shes like dog muck shes every where amandas ya mums kerrys asda our house shes doing brilliant even bringing Christmas together for the kids which by the way are all doing well hope you found my paul up there and causing mayhem lol but we miss you your names mentioned most days by us or nic or your mum and nic keeps asking ya dad to take her on the motor way lol he hasn't yet so will chatagain in the new year and tell paul still waiting for him to contact me in any way possible love and miss you loads kev xxxxx
Posted by Maria Riley-Ward on 25th October 2015
Life can be so cruel. Many a good soul is taken way too soon. You were one of those. Thinking of your family and friends today, big lad xxx
Posted by Lissa Statham on 25th October 2015
Kev, you maybe gone in body but your spirit is truly alive. Never forgotten, always in our thoughts and hearts. Hope your giving them something to talk about up in heaven. :) im sure you are. I cannot believe a year has gone by already. I light this candle in the memory of you, your kindness and for all your family.love lissa ,andy, callum and freya. Xxx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 25th October 2015
Well MAG it's been a whole year with out you . Every day is hard just knowing I won't see your face hear your voice . I know you stand beside me I still talk to you that's how I know your near because you still give me the answers as you would if you was here love you nuff miss you bad mwah XXXX
Posted by Nicola Oconnell on 24th October 2015
Can't believe it's a year tomorrow, a year since I last hugged you, kissed you, heard your lovely voice, a year of pain and missing you, apparently I should be letting go and getting on with life, how do you let go of someone you love so much??? I hope your ok wherever you are, and your looking down on us all, doing my best although it never feels good enough, I love you babe, always will xxxx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 24th October 2015
Posted by Ettie Palmer on 23rd August 2015
hello you my god do we all miss you sooooo much and the people you know and all talking about you so popular nic and kids not doing too bad Yvonne and mark and your lot and realy helping her shes very lucky to have such loving people in her life hope they treating you well upstairs and your ferren he is so bloody comical and to see him stand and sing the songs you liked and danceto them as well definatly will come look for you when its my turn so they better make cuppas up there cus il defo be needing one lol love ya xxxxx
Posted by Allison Gosling on 22nd July 2015
think of you often,,,,,never be forgotten x
Posted by Eileen Oconnell on 22nd July 2015
Miss you so much , sleep tight my boy until we meet again . Love you always xxxxx
Posted by Lissa Statham on 3rd April 2015
Kev, here I am lightning another candle for you, it's bizzar really as you were always the light to so many others especially nicola and your babies. Never have I ever seen you without a smile and im guessing ur still sharing that smile in heaven. Callum was major hit hard by your parting it's the first time I've seen him cry so hard. We.all think of you kev still feels.hard to belive your gone.i finally see nicola smiling again from.cheek to.cheek from.the time she met you to the time you parted... i just hope you give her the strength to find that smile again. The children are keeping her strong and of course ettie and les you know how much of a rock they are . And kev you brought her laughter and love and you left her with new love from your family too that is keeping her strong. I know you watch down on her and the kids and I know u leave her signs don't stop that kev.... she needs that. You my friend are truly missed by us all and never forgotten. Gone to soon. R.i.p smily guy it's been a pleasure knowing u here x
Posted by Ettie Palmer Skivington on 3rd April 2015
hi kev just been reading through the beautifull comments off people and it was bringing back memories of you your laughter was one and play fighting wth nic and me lol and those hugs off you so warm realy miss you was looking forward to my son in law being part of the family not that you wernt already miss you popping in for a coffee and fishing with les and your dad and terry they were good times still not real that we will never see you again hope their looking after you up a stairs cant see see any one not getting on with you kev you were a good honest warm and happy bloke sadly missed by us all see you one day love and m iss you ettie and les xxxx
Posted by Nicola Oconnell on 3rd April 2015
Hello sweety, having a bad day today woke up feeling sick and missing you bad, constantly asking why but I do believe one day we'll know more what happened that day, hope your ok and looking down on us, Ferrens just like you, he still talks about you and I know he misses you so do the girls but they try to be strong for me, I'll love you till my last breath when we'll be together again, our love was somet rare babe and I know how lucky we are to have had that, you gave me the best memories over the last 8 years, I try to replace the tears with smiles but it's hard, take care for now my love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you more xxxx
Posted by Kerry O'connell on 3rd February 2015
Hey bro, finally here it's took me a while just want to say miss you bad love you nuff .... MWAH xxxx
Posted by Amanda Dickinson on 12th January 2015
Nothing seems to get any easier.. im going back to kickboxing on Wednesday im dreading it. You used to lite the room up with your smile and cheeky comments to everyone egging them on to do better lol you just turn that key click click click and then everyone was off pmsl. Im trying hard to be there for Nik and the beautiful children all there pain is hard to see... I truly wish I could turn back time for all of them and have you back in a heartbeat for them. love you big lad xx I will protect Nik until you can be together again x
Posted by Nicola Oconnell on 12th January 2015
always on my mind forever in my heart, will love you till my last breath, i miss you so so much it unreal babe todays been hard been an emotional wreck all day, just wish you were still here i could face any thing life throws at me with you by my side, please check in on us from time to time, i love you kev, sleep well xxx
Posted by Maria Riley-Ward on 25th December 2014
Merry Christmas, Kev. I hope you are giving my Jade a belly full of laughs xxx
Posted by Richard Ford on 1st December 2014
still cant believe you are not ere, we always talked about football with lots of banter, enjoyed playing against you on playstation, you was great friend always had time to talk even if you was busy, top man I miss you n our chats, always in our thoughts kev .
Posted by Sheree Diffin on 1st December 2014
Still can't believe your not here Kevin Think of you often loved your laugh ... sleep tight you lovely man xxxx:-)
Posted by Tracey Ford on 1st December 2014
Me and Richard miss you you was a good friend to have always in our thoughts
Posted by Maria Riley-Ward on 10th November 2014
still don't seem real babe, told it gets easier but cant see how never seeing you, holding you, hearing your voice and your laughter can get easier, i miss you so much, and i will love you forever, your an amazing daddy and future husband and im so thankful for our times we spent together and the memories we share, you took on the girls like your own and they will never forget you, take care my sweet i love you and ill see you again someday xxxx From Nicola O'Connell

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