Shared by Curtis Sanford on April 28, 2020
Brother!! We met in 69 as drummers in the drill team and found out that we both were going to be in the same high school!! We connected and started making drum cadences as we planned to be in the CW drumline!! We were inseparable throughout high school, we were roomies at band camp and just went everywhere and did everything and beyond, we hung out all summer with the four of us, You,Me,Galen,and Marty! That was our crew, our bowling team,our party crew, we would do everything together, now you’re gone and we will miss you in a major way!!! I will keep your family in my heart forever! I will miss you the most, love you bruh! I will remember our stories and smile now, and if your grandchildren ask about you, oh yeah.. I’ll tell them, so they can be as proud of you as I am!


Shared by Kay Valentine on April 26, 2020
I worked with Kevin at Jamestown Industries.He was a very warm hearted person who love his Bengals.(((Whodey)))..You will be missed..

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