Posted by Bryant McLemore on April 29, 2020
My cousin Kevin S. Hurt went to be with God . Before he left he taught me many things about life in general, how to play guitar, be in a band, my musical mentor and a very funny guy. Always thought he should have been a comedian. He was also one of the best drummers from Dayton.
He was a member of the group known as a "Dayton" see song links below. Although he was a few years older than me, he took me under his wing allowed me to sneak into his band rehearsals when I was 12 years old, later as a teenager we played music together and grew even closer. He helped prepare me for my life in LA. I know you will make heaven funky. I love you cuz
Posted by Willie Williams on April 28, 2020
It was early on a Saturday morning at Linden Center when I first met you. I think the year was 1970 and Curtie and Galen had invited me to come and see the drumline practice encouraging me to join the team. It did not take me long to jump in because, after meeting you, I was sold. I immediately connected with you and felt that kindred spirit. Curtie, Galen, and you became my, big brothers, my mentors, my protectors. You appreciated my sense of humor and often prodded me to entertain you and the group. I was excited to "act silly" for you because your laugh was genuine and infectious. You were a helluva drummer and and a big personality. I thank you for leaving me with the gift of your memory. Live on, my brother!
Posted by Curtis Sanford on April 28, 2020
My bestie through the CW band years, my band camp roomie, the guy who had my back and I had his when we got in childhood trouble!! Thank you for the stories I can share(some of and the memories of playing drums and creating drum beats that changed the sound of the mighty CW Cougars marching band!! I love you and will miss you brother!!
Posted by NJ Hayes Rivers on April 28, 2020
Uncle, you were the funniest and most loving guy ever. Growing up I didn’t have a dad but you and Julius were the men in my life that showed me love and provided an example of dads who stay around and love their kids. I love the way that you have loved each of your children unconditionally over the years. Your love for them inspired me to make sure that the man I chose to father my children would be that same example of love and fatherhood. Your life wasn’t wasn’t easy and you beat a lot of things that many people don’t overcome like Polio. Yet, you never allowed it to stop you from living your dreams. I think we grew to appreciate each other so much more later in life. I am thankful that I got to see you that last Friday. I’m glad we got to laugh and act silly and I got to make you smile one last time. It definitely won’t ever be enough laughs, time or smiles but I know you are resting and you don’t have to be in pain anymore. I love you uncle to the moon and back. My birthdays won’t be the same without your sappy calls and guitar playing. Having someone kiss me with a scruffy beard won’t ever make me giggle like you always did and no one can tell a story with all the dramatics and humor like you. You take a part of each of us with you because you were a part of each of us. Your grandson, Wesley, said it best the other day on Facebook. “We have to smile in the face of the devil.” Though we are sad not to be able to hold you, we cannot allow ourselves to fall into a dark space. You were a man of God and we have to continue to thank God and praise God for even sharing you with us for the time we did have. Each of us will continue to live our lives in a way that you can be proud of us. I love you uncle! Tasha
Posted by Kerry Bogart on April 28, 2020
We will truly miss that smile, and Big heart. I know that you will be Hitting Hard with all the Ohio angels that are waiting on all of us to play together in the Band of Dayton angels!!! That's already jamming with the most high, see you when I arrive my friend.
Posted by Ricky Foster on April 27, 2020
Thanks for your kindness and being the beat of the CW class of 72’ s band. Condolences to your family
Posted by Israel Ecton on April 26, 2020
i remember when he used to take me to school and drop me off at home i will miss him so much rest well Mr. kevin
Posted by Racel Gaulding on April 26, 2020
I met you working at Jamestown. You were everything a gentleman should be. We started calling each other Baby momma and baby daddy. Even when we saw each other out and about. May you forever REST PEACEFULLY IN HIS LOVING ARMS. You will forever be in my PRAYERS
Posted by Rosalind Adkins on April 25, 2020
I remember meeting Kevin when I started coming over to your mother’s with your sister Kim. Coming over there reminded me of home because we also would talk over the fence to our neighbors!! 
Kevin, you were definitely the big brother to your sisters. You’ve completed your job here, now it’s time to rest.
Posted by Wayman Estes on April 25, 2020
Dad you were the best thing that ever happened to me.I miss you now and forever thank you for teaching me how to be a man how to be a family man how to work for what I wanted. thank you for being a musician cuz music is the one thing that we share in always knew what to say to me when I needed to hear it. my children love you and miss you just as much as I are the greatest kindest man I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and I will tell you those memories we share and I will live the life you always told me I should have. Dad i love you so much. everytime I see your face I cry a little bit moreevery time I hear your voice in my head I cry a little more but I know that's not what you would have me to do but Dad I can't help it please tell me what I should do dad cuz I've lost without you. you are the only one who keep me in line without you here I'm really falling to pieces. thank you for being Who You Are and what you were to me. I love you more then you ever know love you son WAYMAN. rest in Eternal greatness.

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