Let the memory of Kevin "Ziggy" be with us forever
  • 20 years old
  • Born on May 1, 1990 in California, United States.
  • Passed away on April 22, 2011 in Rohnert Park, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kevin "Ziggy" Craft 20 years old , born on May 1, 1990 and passed away on April 22, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Curtis Craft on 2nd November 2018
Hey Kevin, Thinking about you as always on the celebration of day of the dead here on earth. Love ya and keep on doing those good things there that help us here. Hi Lua, Ofelia , Barry ,Dan & Nancy, Ramon, Angel, Rebecca & family. Let's Party!
Posted by Curtis Craft on 2nd May 2018
Kevin you keep on staying a force in all of our lives..... Camille wrote this to you and felt it to be so spot on for how my life experience continues knowing your presence. Love you Lil Buddy -cc- Continued Life with Kevin April 22, 2018 It’s seems like just yesterday you were here. I still feel your presence with me little brother every where I go, and I continue to put one step in front of the other just like you would want me to. I cannot believe it’s been 7 years, and I still feel like your sitting with me right here as I write this. What happened to you was tragic, but that experience, although by far my darkest hour, has been my greatest teacher. It has taught me that there is more to life than meets the eye, just as we always talked about. It has also taught me that the power of forgiveness can set you free, and it has. I wish I could introduce you to all the amazing people I have met + brought you with me with all the things I have done, but I know they know you through me + you have been there every breath of the way. Your death was a tragedy + violent, but with great tragedy comes the beauty of growth + the power of love. Your death was not the end, but just the beginning of the work we set out to do together in this life. Loving you always near or far, we will always be together, nothing, not even death, will ever break the bond we have.
Posted by Carol Day on 2nd May 2018
We miss you, Kevin. Rest in peace knowing we will always cherish the time you were here with us. We will always remember and speak to you through our prayers. Never forget we love you.
Posted by Victoria Pluijmen on 22nd April 2017
Kevin, we miss you and always will. You are in our hearts for ever. Not only today but always! See you in all that nature has to give, the sunshine, moonlight, we miss you...
Posted by Carol Day on 7th May 2016
Happy Birthday .. To the most precious flower in God’s garden.
Posted by Carol Day on 2nd May 2016
Lighting a candle in your honor, Kevin. Rest in peace.
Posted by Curtis Craft on 1st May 2016
Hey Kevin, Thinking about you on this belly button birthday May 1st. Wow 26 years ago we welcomed you here in this life with your first cry for life. I don't expect anyone to understand how we have only a short time together as humans together to find what we agreed upon long ago to help each soul grow into the next level of evolution of Spirit. It's far-out and only a truth that one has to live in to know as the Creator expresses as each of us. Our unique person Loved so much and being the good, the bad & yes the ugly. Spiritual beings having a human experience for sure. POW!!! So much Love.... I have a wonderful knowing that your right here near to us. I have been checking that 5 year old LED candle on the mantel here at home. Crazy enough the lights are emitting brighter flickers today than even last week. I can only say in my heart that the power of Love is the key to how you show us your continually with us. I want to express my appreciation to you for the lessons in this life. I'm going for a walk now at Crane Creek and I am confident that I find Ziggy, Jazman, Harry and you on the trail with me. Happy birthday day Kevin Curtis Craft. ~BD~
Posted by Vanessa Sandoval on 1st May 2016
Stopping by to say happy birthday. You've been in my thoughts a lot these past few months, probably just your way of saying hello. Wish you were here to celebrate with us.
Posted by Curtis Craft on 20th April 2016
Hey Kevin Curtis, Were making it through the days of this year knowing that your with use in our hearts. So much stuff to do and live through in this life. Your presence is definitely felt in our life's around these days of this Famlie First season. Creator and you did a good job and you seem to actually beat Camille out in the birthday celebrations finally. This 2016 year you got Good Friday March 25,, Easter March 27, Transition date April 22, your belly button birthday May 1, Mothers day May 8th, since we share the name Curtis you have my B-day too May 9. LOL Our lives are touched each day as we remember you in a thought, in a prayer, in a flower, in the trees, in the clouds, in a passing smell or song. Extremely noticeable when our bodies get really hot when we should pay attention to whats near by to us. I personally will try to communicate to you more in my journal writing, practice of meditation, listening to my intuition and the crazy signs left in my path to stumble upon. Please forgive me when I do not get up meet you half way when this human body gets fatigued or needs more rest. You know in my heart that I long to stay close, and that the effect of putting off the practice one more day makes it that much dimmer. Your LED candle is a sign that we are connected each time I pick it up and see the evidence you are here when the little lights start to glow...even after these five years. Amazing and so much Love shared. I accept your help from your side of the veil and recognize it as a blessing from you. One thing I have not tried to understand so much is how I can help you in your process of learning. My heart tells me to let you go and to ask for your wings to be filled with air to take you further to help others. I except that too. It's funny to let go to let you fly and find the evidence of you here right now. In my now you are here. In your now am I there? It will be a while until this question will be answered completely. So in this public letter to you it is not mussy or emotional, but a continuance of what I wrote and meant it when said. I Love you. Your not my child anymore in this worlds understanding. You are more and free to be all that is possible in the I am as I am. ROCK ON!
Posted by Victoria Pluijmen on 19th April 2016
Thinking of you, time goes by so fast we need to slow down and love the ones who loved you. So much has changed since you have left us. We miss you dearly. Xxx Your Aunt Vicky !
Posted by Kelly Ivo Rasmussen on 25th March 2016
Keep Calm, And just Love Ziggy!
Posted by Victoria Pluijmen on 8th May 2015
Days, months, years go by. I will always keep you in a special place in my heart. Kevin see you in so many ways with us, see you in your sister, cousin's , when suddenly a rainbow appears. We know that you are near!!
Posted by Curtis Craft on 2nd May 2015
This was shared by Camille to her brother on his birthday May 1, 2015. "Happy Birthday to the best brother there ever was! We all love you so much and think of you everyday, your spirit and wisdom fills our hearts and souls and gives us strength to reach the highest heights of our existence~thank you for being our teacher in so many bountiful ways~you made a huge difference in all the lives that were blessed to know you and even the ones who have only heard of your magnificence~love you beyond time and space~past the moon and stars~to infinity and beyond Happy 25th Birthday Kevin!"
Posted by Curtis Craft on 2nd May 2015
Hey Kevin, What could I write in this space that you don't already know that is in my heart? Not too much..... All I can share with the world is the thing we did together days before you transitioned. It was that moment that we locked eyes and said three words to each other that was all about the real truth of our lives. "I Love You" All is well. Curtis
Posted by Carol Day on 22nd April 2015
Remembering Kevin I found a poem that is very touching that I would like to share with all that visit here. "Light a Candle" "Light a candle, see it glow, watch it dance, when you feel low, think of me, think of light, I'll always be here, day or night, a candle flickers, out of sight, but in your heart, I still burn bright, think not of sadness, that I'm not near, think of gladness, and joyous cheer, I have not left, I am not gone, I'm here to stay (friends and family), so when you light a candle and you see it glow and you watch it dance in your heart you'll know that I would never leave you even when you feel so blue I'm sitting up here with the Lord and now watching over you" I am not the best at coming up with poems, but this is a very nice one for Kevin. (Changes in parentheses only.) Carol D. Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/light-a-candle#ixzz3Y3F0KBqh Family Friend Poems
Posted by Jose Pires De Almeida Net... on 22nd April 2015
Dear Kevin , lots of love here for you always and forever ! Lots of peace , love and good health to Dear Curtis ,Debbie and Camille ! neto
Posted by Jenny Radunz on 1st May 2014
Happy Birthday Kevin! I feel so blessed to have shared so many special times with you. You will be with us forever, sending lots of love and hugs! Love, Aunt Jenny
Posted by Victoria Pluijmen on 1st May 2014
I give you a flower today Kevin, only because you were still blooming before you had to leave us. We miss you, and with every flower I see you!! Happy Birthday!!
Posted by Carol Day on 1st May 2014
Remembering Kevin "Ziggy" Craft on his birthday, 05/01/2014. Never want to forget you were in my life for a reason. We miss you. Please rest in peace.
Posted by Carol Day on 22nd April 2014
Missing Kevin "Ziggy" Craft. <3
Posted by Victoria Pluijmen on 21st April 2014
Kevin, it is now three years and I feel that you are still every much missed from everyone who loved you.... Wishing only that you can hear us from wherever your soul as taken you, hopefully one day we will meet again!! Love Aunt Vicky...
Posted by Jenny Radunz on 4th May 2013
Our precious Kevin, I miss you every minute of every day. I love walking up above the lake where it is beautiful and peaceful, where I can reach out to you, a place that reminds me of you. I know you are doing good things in heaven, looking so forward to seeing you again! Love and hugs, Aunt Jenny
Posted by Curtis Craft on 22nd April 2013
So much happens in two years. Here on this day we can open our Hearts and Live this Life we have today with great Love. Remembering is good...Letting go is better. I choose to walk through this lesson into the great mystery of Life with Gratitude and receive much much more. Fly high Kevin. I will meet you in my prayer, feel you in this body & see you in the stars.
Posted by Katrin Harvey on 22nd April 2013
Dear Kevin, We're thinking of you today and this week, and hope you are happy wherever you are! Love from your family in Austria.
Posted by Victoria Pluijmen on 22nd April 2013
We are missing you Kevin today and every day you are not here. Your family around the world is thinking of you and wishing you are in a good place hearing us all!! Love Aunt Vicky and Uncle Marcel....
Posted by Jose Pires De Almeida Net... on 13th April 2013
Hey Kevin ,Curtis and family ! Thinking and sending love , and a strong hug and positive thinking to all of you ! Always great to see your smile Kevin , one day we all reunite and smile together again ...
Posted by Curtis Craft on 12th April 2013
I love you Kevin. Curtis
Posted by Victoria Pluijmen on 6th April 2013
Kevin, I want to let you know we have a new grandchild.Was home for the first time after you left us, was very hard not seeing you there! Was missing you, seeing the pain in your mothers eyes are something i will never forget. Camille is looking good,however I know she is still needing time to deal with everything also, You going has change so much............. we love you!
Posted by Victoria Pluijmen on 7th December 2012
Dear Kevin, Today I was looking at snow flakes, and everyone was so amasing in their on way..we are all like that,you, your mother, father and sister and all of us. we fall into a place in this world and then just meth away like a snow flake, the only difference is we leave something here, our spirit which will alwalys go on in the ones who loved you .
Posted by Carol Day on 13th June 2012
Wish we could have gotten to know each other better, Kevin. Hoping we meet again in another place. Love and peace, Carol (Craft) Day
Posted by Martha Bodell on 1st May 2012
Knowing that you are forever BLISS... Know that you brought a true feeling of being loved and accepted to the people you love... Everyone remembers you smiling laughing mumbling being fully present You live in all the brothers hearts and they carry you daily in their minds
Posted by Curtis Craft on 1st May 2012
May 1st 2012 has a new feel to it since you have emerged into a new Life to be with all those who came before us here in this human Life. Today I am grateful for the time shared, and also eager to create new time shared in a new way of being. Here and now I send great Love and Blessings to you in this new place that is Love and Light. Releasing you from this place we call home. Fly Kevin.
Posted by Linda Nelson on 1st May 2012
In loving memory of you today, tomorrow and forever, we will miss you and think of you. Love, Aunt Linda
Posted by Carol Day on 1st May 2012
We cannot send a birthday card, Your hand we cannot touch, But God will take our greetings To the one we love so much. Thinking of you on your birthday, With sadness in our hearts, For a very special someone, From whom we had to part.
Posted by Curtis Craft on 22nd April 2012
Hi Kevin, Here we are 364 & 1/2 days from the moment you left us here to be with our loved ones passed. We miss you here and wish you the greatest good where your at now. I always feel you with me and believe you are here all the time.
Posted by Camille Craft on 22nd April 2012
If you truly love somebody, you just want them to be utterly and incandescently blissfully happy. I can feel you like I always have and I know that in the place that you are, you are the happiest you have ever been. Always loving you, always together in our hearts and souls, I love you bro, Happy Spiritual Birthday! Forever celebrating your life, our life and love.
Posted by Vanessa Sandoval on 22nd April 2012
I cannot believe its already been a year.... There isn't a day that goes by that you don't cross my mind. Thank you for watching over us each and everyday. I love and miss you so much....
Posted by Jose Pires De Almeida Net... on 22nd April 2012
Dear Kevin and family , Always all together everywhere...nice to see your smile again Kevin and remember the times together . One day we all reunite with love and peace !!!
Posted by Tamra Johnson on 22nd April 2012
Can't believe it's been a year. You are forever missed.
Posted by Jenny Radunz on 5th January 2012
Kevin, we miss you so very much. The holidays were hard without you but I felt you with us. Have so many good memories of you growing up and that wonderful smile of yours. You are always in my thoughts and heart. Love you! Aunt Jenny
Posted by Victoria Pluijmen on 2nd January 2012
It is a new year however cannot foget last year. The day and time I heard that you were no longer wth us.... A lovely and funny young man, Kevin we are missing you but will never forget you!! Lit a candle everyday during the Holidays for you.love your Aunt V.
Posted by Camille Craft on 25th December 2011
With every breath I take, missing you brother more than words can express. I take every moment and hold on to the memories we have, and forever walking with you into the light. The ties that bind angels together..love you forever and always Kev I will always be with you, and you forever with me, familie zuerst.
Posted by Neako Thompson on 3rd December 2011
sup bro missin you but i know that you with me at the same time. im worken on the things that i promised you.,. its hard with out you here bein apart of it,. you inspire me and my work will so it and that its all possiable beacuse of you love ya zig/
Posted by Jason Thomas on 4th November 2011
Man Zig I honestly can't think of a moment when i dont think about you. You were one of the best friends i've ever had, never a dull moment when we'd all be together. I miss you man and I hope you hear each prayer I send your way. Love you Kevin
Posted by Neako Thompson on 14th October 2011
sup zig. im just chillin and drinkin some mickeys and couldnt help butthink of you ha any ways bro havnt left you at tribute latley. so just wanted to say i love you brother and i now you watchin all of us and you and protectin us. im not scared no more brother. i know you got me
Posted by Nico Thompson on 4th September 2011
I love you brother and miss you. there isnt a hour that goes by without a thought of you goin threw my head. I pray for you and you family all the time. I wanna make you proud of me. Thank you for you friendship and the memories zig,there will never be another kevin like you bra.
Posted by Jose Pires De Almeida Net... on 22nd August 2011
Dear Kevin and family , Always thinking about you and remembering our days together Always nice to be around you !
Posted by N.d. Bob on 22nd August 2011
kev...literally my second friend when I moved to rohnert park. I should have been there more, for heaven's sake I just found out. I'm sorry man. It was always a hilariously funny time whenever we hung out, no matter what we were doing. I miss you man...Andy
Posted by Curtis Craft on 22nd August 2011
Son, It's been four short months since I last saw you driving away to your final destinaltion here in my world. You went with the purpose to help a friend in need. Little did I know that my lessons were just begining, and my teacher was always with me. Thank you for your Love.
Posted by Martha Bodell on 17th July 2011
Always by our side - thinking of you - loving you - missing you - till we meet again - you are in our dreams

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