His Life

The One Who Knows, Is In Control

May 31, 2010 - 12:00 pm

By Bryan Duncan

Kevin Thomson, Bass player and founder of the Sweet Comfort Band, died on May 30th2010. “ Knowledge is power” he used to say  “ the one who knows is in control”. I smile now because he never told the band where the gig was! “how much further is this gig?” we would ask and he’d always say “four more miles”. It became one of the standard “Kevinisms” we would quote for years when we didn’t have a clue.

 The one who knows is in control. Kevin followed Jesus Christ. His favorite SCB tune, of course, was the one with the longest bass solo in it!  * “Get Ready” was a staple in the band’s set through six albums and eleven years. We closed the show with it even to the last concert. The song is a proclamation of the return of Christ and perhaps the mission statement of Sweet Comfort Band. Get Ready!

 If our choice of food is any indication of who we are, “Kev” was an all meat burrito with extra sauce and a big gulp. But he was an evangelist above all. When I met him in 1972, he was doing a home bible study. I was a nominal student at Southern California College in Costa Mesa, and a clean cut run away from the east coast. He had an “afro” back then, and when coming to see me, stood out on the Christian campus like a hippie at the museum. The Jesus movement had caught fire in Southern California by then. I was singing solo at the circus tent they called Calvary Chapel. Monday night was a big bible study night there, maybe 3000 people, who could also hear the new Jesus music bands, Love Song, Children of the Day, Bill Sprouse, and Country Faith.

 He’d heard me play a couple of songs one Monday night and came to see me about singing with his brother and himself. I now don’t remember our first gig as “Sweet Comfort”, probably cause he didn’t say. But what followed was an every weekend trip to small churches, prisons, and high school lunch time concerts. Kevin was the booking agent, manager, and driver of the Winnebago, also the head roadie! He lifted all the heavy stuff, prided himself on his strength. Usually set up the P.A. system by himself, that we blew up almost every month, and in the earliest days ran the sound from the stage. I always thought the bass was too loud!  

 It was his vision to present the Gospel in a new way and every concert contained an evangelistic message from the Bass player! Sweet Comfort Band brought a new Jazz rock influence to Jesus Music but Kevin Thomson was pure hard rock at heart. Listening to bands like Mountain and Moby Grape. It wasn’t that he hated ballads so much as he just had an aversion to Whole notes. (too much down time for the bass player). You’ll notice in the song “I Love You With My Life”, the biggest Sweet Comfort Band Ballad of our career, that the bass line bounces all the way through, much like Kevin in real time.

 In concert, he would often deliver his favorite message. The story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, he would elaborate upon the size of the Roman soldiers and all their gear, who came to take Jesus, “but when Jesus said “I am” the soldiers fell backwards on their backs.”  He would quote from scripture.  “Jesus didn’t have to die for us” he would say “he could have just called out his name over and over and the troops would have gotten tired and gone home”.

 You could see Kevin’s inner strength most when he spoke of Jesus. “Jesus wasn’t a wimp” he would say. “Nobody takes a beating like that and then carries a cross most of the way to his own crucifixion”. In Kevin’s eyes, Jesus is the all knowing second person of the trinity, God in the flesh. “The one who knows”, and has all the control over life and death. He believed it, he lived it. Who knows, perhaps Kevin fell on his back too at the voice of Jesus proclamation, “I am”. There was no doubt who Kevin was listening to for the rhythm of life.

 In the end Kevin had his own cross to bear and yet some thought something might be wrong with him because he never went through the depression that comes with quadriplegia. But then maybe knowledge is power here too! Kevin knew that “the one who knows is in control” even to the end of his life he was steadfast in his trust of a savior who doesn’t explain our circumstances to us. “Sweet Comfort” was the description of Kevin Thomson’s hope in Jesus. There’s a new bass solo in the heavenly angel band.


My Big Brother Kevin

This site is dedicated to the memory of my big brother Kevin.  His was not only my older brother, he was a great bass player but most of all, he was my friend.

Kevin Benjamin Thomson went home to be with the Lord on May 30, 2010, after a four year struggle as a quadripelgic and having numerous other health issues. He leaves behind his wife of 38 years, Robin, their two sons Joshua and Elijah and five grandchildren, Zoe, Greta, Lila, Vera,and Jasper, along with two younger brothers, Kim and myself.  He also has a large extended family who loves him very much.

There are so many memories I have of my brother Kevin.  One of the stories that came to me this morning, took me back in time to in the sixth grade in elementary school, when I was beat up pretty bad by the best fighter at the school and lost my front teeth to this bully's brass knuckles.  I remember coming home, all beaten and bloody and my brother seeing me and asking who did this to you.  He told me to get on the back of his bike and show him where this guy lived . On the way over, I informed Kevin that the boy who beat me up was really tough and one of ther best fighters in the school. I told him that he should be careful but Kevin said never mind that, just show me who did this to you. As we got to this guys house, we saw that he was standing in his front yard with 4 of his friends around him.  I thought to myself, we were doomed because there was just too many of them. Kevin got off the bike and ran up to the bully and asked, "Are you the one who did this to my brother."  The guy said,  "Yes, I'm the one and what are you going to do about it. Without any hesitation, Kevin took one swing at the bully, knocking him down to the ground and just pummeled the guy. Before long the bully was crying and actually looked worse than me. My brother made him apologize to me and warned  him not to ever touch me again or even look at me funny or he would be back. That day, and all through my school years I realized how great it was to have a big brother to defend, protect and watch over me. What a comfort it is to know that I'll be seeing him again in the light of heaven. 

I love you big brother,