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Better Late than never

July 29, 2011

I was the trumpet player who played with the SCB live horn section with Saul Miller & Dave Lebo (sp?) in 1979 - 1980.  One thing about Kevin was that he always went out of his way to make sure we (the horns) were well taken care of!  At the time, Saul & myself were in the U.S. Air Force Band stationed at March AFB, Riverside....... once we were playing in Sacramento  & needed to be back the next day for duty, yes the very next day! Kevin drove his car separate the band "motorhome"? if I remember correctly, just so that he could drive us back all night, straight through to make sure we made it in time! I knew he was so tired, but he never even gave a sigh! The only stop before dropping us off at our homes was at "Nogles" (sp?) to buy us breakfast burritos! Great times for me as a young christian, and what an experience to share the stage with all four of these wonderful musician & brothers! One thing I will always remember was after the concerts these guys were usually NOT signing autographs, but rather you would see them praying with the young people who came to see them play. Today I have hanging on the wall in my music room, a framed poster from the New Years Eve Concert at Swing Auditorium that reads - New Years Eve Concert featuring Sweet Comfort Band with special guest Daniel Amos and special message from Greg Lourie - Like Eteranl Life - It's Free!  I remember it was recorded via a mobile studio, maybe someone could track it down & release it as Sweet Comfort Live at Swing Auditorium. God Bless!

Rick Peron - Tucson, AZ

June 3, 2010

Kevin's favorite bass was his Alembic bass with the LED light fret markers.

June 3, 2010

I took this picture of the guys during one of the reunion tour dates.  I believe it was in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

SCB Reunion Rehearsal 2001

June 3, 2010

Kevin playing bass in the studio during the week of rehearsals before the band went on the 2001 reunion tour. 

Sweet Comfort Band Reunion 2001

June 3, 2010

These photos were taken from the stage at the Creation East Festival.

I remember Kevin saying how much fun this day was for him, especially after the show, seeing so many friends, and sitting down talking and signing autographs for the fans. 

Singing at work

June 2, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I am one of Kevin's many neices. He sworn me to secrecy, but I gotta tell you that he told me that I was his favorite. haha

I realized that I knew Kevin better than I knew any other of my uncles in my family. Kevin was extremely smart and witty. I had the pleasure of working with Kevin for years and remember a few funny things that Kevin would do in the office. One day I was listening to the radio cleaning up and Kevin walks in and stops to listen. I was playing September by Earth, Wind & Fire on the computer. He looks at me and says "I love that song". I look to him and smiled while replying "One of the best songs ever, of course not as good as Sweet Comfort songs". He laughs and walks to his desk. Without hesitation the next verse comes on and Kevin is belting out with the music. I then feel the groove and sing along with Kevin. "Ba de yah...Say you do remember......Ba de ya ...Dancing in September......Ba de ya... never was a cloudy day." We enjoyed that song and sang to our hearts content. That was a good day.

Anytime I was looking a lil down or upset, Uncle Kevin would belt out that verse of my song and it would always put a smile on my face. I could never help not sing along with him.

Uncle Kevin was absolutely crazy about his grandkids. He was so proud because they are so adorable and photogenic. I seen hundreds of photos he took from his digital camera and heard dozens of stories about their adventures. I remember Kevin took the grandkids to Disneyland so often he had annual passes. He was definately the best Grandpa those kids would ever know. I remember thinking I only wish my biological father was as good a Grandpa as Kevin was. To this day, this is the reason why I try to take my daughter to Disneyland as often as possible and take so many digital photos of her. ;)




R.I.P. Kevin (aka my favorite uncle)

See you later,



June 2, 2010

I got to hang with Kevin many times in the studio recording with Josh and Eli and I know how proud he was of his two sons. I met Eli at an early Harvest Crusade, he ws playing bass of course, and i don't remember much of an introduction but Billy Batstone said this is Eli Thomson and Eli said hi and took Billy's Pedula bass and that was it. we were instant friends me being a drummer I knew Eli was speacial. I then found out that Kevin was Eli's dad and I was floored and excited that I was going to play with my childhood music icon's kids. Eli had just invited me to jam with his brother. I grew up wearing out Sweet Comfort records (literally Vinyl) and had seen Kevin play countless times at Costa Mesa and my own home Calvary Chapel. Over the next few years after meeting Eli I can say that Kevin was a huge support to the music Josh,Eli, and I played. I know Kevin and Robin really loved watching and listening to their talented sons play music. I got to be along for the ride and am extremely grateful to the Thomson family for letting me be a part of their lives. I can remember specifically one night in the studio with the boys at the old Asaph studios in Costa Mesa and Kevin was doing his thing always setting up computer equipment and going at it with Josh and Eli. Imagine three Thomson's in music creation mode. Well I remember it was getting late and Josh and Eli were on each other pretty good doing overdubs and Kevin turns to me after a take or two and asked me what I thought and I said they're sounding good and Kevin says no... you don't understand my boys are GREAT. I know he meant that not only as a father but he saw something in his sons and had a true admiration for his boys. He was right and I know Kevin himself had amazing musical ability and no surprise he cultivated that ability in his sons. It was a blast to know him and  he treated me with kindness and supported my playing and I always felt like we had a connection musically and spiritually and I will miss his intense personality and conviction to the Lord and his undying Love and Admiration for his family. I am Blessed to have called Kevin a friend.   

Opened My Eyes

June 2, 2010
I was a pre-teen kid who grew up in a Christ-loving family here in SoCal, attended our Baptist church regularly, but who never really did anything with the Lord on a personal level.  Figured because we prayed at meals and bedtime, all was good.
So me and some friends are riding our mini-bikes up in a cool dirt field (we used to call "The Pit") one Saturday when some long-haired blonde guy with a beard and cool little cartoon tracts about a guy named "Ben-Born-Again" comes down the hill from where this whitish, rectangle-shaped building was, and invited us and our families to go to a study about the bible. And if we wanted, we could go to their new church. They had just moved into the building. I immediately liked this guy because he talked about G_d and Jesus in such a personal way - and he talked like ME . . .  No lofty "this" or "that" . . .just plain old talk - and he was funny, and to me, really cool (First time I EVER thought of a pastor being cool).  Besides, he was young and I could totally relate to what he had to say.
So, turns out this guy was named Greg Laurie.  I liked going to his church.  At the time, he was kind-of co-pastoring with an older guy my parents liked named Keith Ritter. Each service would begin with a guy named Chuck Smith on a couple of TV monitors, then worship with Bob Probert, then Keith would speak, then Greg would speak.
The music was new and different too.  No more sleepy organs and hymnals, no, there were guitars and drums and amplified instruments. I'm not saying the music wasn't worshipful, it was VERY worshipful, but it was MODERN and TODAY! 
Since I came from a family of musicians, and was a musician myself, I was always especially drawn to the music. I started studying the violin at a very young age and quickly became very proficient  ( I was kind-of a guniea pig in a new system being introduced in SoCal called the Shiniki Suzuki Method). My parents had taken us to all sorts of concerts from the time we were babies. I have numerous memories of literally being taken to shows in PAJAMAS, because my folks knew we would crash out long before the music was over. We spent many long hours driving all around Cali in our old station wagon going to bluegrass festivals, blues concerts, country and western shows, folk festivals, jazz concerts, you name it, we supported it.
So, at this cool church I heard music in alot of the styles that I was already familiar with.  Bands like: Mustard Seed Faith, Benny Hester, Oden Fong, Love Song, The Way, Bob Bennett, Daniel Amos, Darrell Mansfield, etc, were regulars.
Then there was this other band called Sweet Comfort Band.   
The level of their musicianship and their musicality was impressive, and their original music was extremely appealing.  After awhile, it seemed like SCB was our own personal band.  I honestly can't count how many times I was in attendance when SCB was ministering.  Two of the guys were actually brothers, the guitar player was smokin'-good, (by this time I had drifted towards 'electric-guitar") and their keyboard player was really cocky and a gifted singer.
But the best part of SCB's ministry was when their bass player (an UNBELIEVABLE groove-master, btw) would share the Good News.  His speech was eloquent, personal, and to the point.  He allowed G_d to use him in a mighty way each time he spoke - with the obvious full knowledge that the word he spread would never return void.
So, honestly for years, that's as far as it went with me:  going to Calvary Chapel Riverside, laughing at/with Pastor Greg, and digging the awesome music.
So, flash-forward to Easter Sunrise service in 1978.  We're hosting another sunrise service at Narrows Park and SCB is ministering in music.
That's when G_d, in His mighty ways, used the music of SCB, the testimony of Kevin Thomson, and the invitation of Greg Laurie, to finally soften my heart, and that was the day I got up and made my public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
In college, I ended up majoring in music (went in as a guitar major, changed over to bass major in my junior year - it was inevitable: my dad was a bass player) (See, it wasn't just Eli who followed in his dad's footsteps!); have been a music educator and active bass player ever since; and have for the last 15 years or so, been a part of the Harvest Christian Fellowship worship team.
Well, just wanted to tell you that Kevin's ministry is alive and well!  I have no doubts that he is jammin' right now in the presence of the Lord!
A man who had no other intentions other than living his faith, my friends, there is no greater testimony!
Many blessings,
Tim Sherwood

Changed my Life

June 1, 2010

I met Kevin at a SCB, Isaac Air Freight concert in Fresno 1980.  The bands current sound engineer blew up the system that night so Kevin asked my brother-in-law, Dan Rupple, if I could mix.  Dan said that I mixed comedy, but go and ask me himself.  Kevin walked up to me and said , "Hey kid can you mix?"  I said that "I couldn't play any instrument and I am not a electronic geek like some other sound guys.  Kevin said GREAT!  Your just the guy we are looking for.  If you listen to me and do as I say, I can teach you all you need to know about Rock, Jazz, Country and anything else.

Two days later I was on a plane to Alaska.  Kevin did not lie.  He knew more than just sound reinforcement.  As the next couple of years went by I saw Kevin preach the Gospel to thousands, lead then in the sinners prayer, and counsel them after the shows.  But to me it was his tireless drive to sign people up for sponsoring children through Compassion International that proved to me that this big man had an even Bigger Heart. 

I have worked for 30 years for the Lord in music and preaching standing behind the board.  I am sure when I go to heaven God will say to me "Isn't that cool, I asked Kevin to talk to you and looked how your life changed".  Thank you my friend and teacher.  I'll see you again.


Random Memories

June 1, 2010

I have so many stories to recount about my Uncle Kevin but this week I was remembering when I was around 4yrs or 5 yrs old, driving in the car while Uncle Kevin drove,me sitting on my Aunt Robin's lap, with all the kids in the back seat (Bekah, Canaan, Josh and Eli) at Christmas time. We were trying to sing as many christmas songs as we could remember the words to and as loud as possible. I'm pretty sure we sang jingle bells more than a few times that night.

And of course you could never forget that if you hung out with Uncle Kevin alone you were always going to be his favorite...don't tell anyone I told you that. Me, Bekah and Canaan always had to laugh a that one.

My favorite Niece

June 1, 2010

I remember little Sarah coming into the house one day after talking to Uncle Kevin up in the office.  She was very excited and said, "Look mom, Uncle Kevin gave me Five Bucks!"  I said "Wow, that's cool, why did he give you five bucks?"  She said he told her she was his favorite niece, and not to tell any of her other sisters.  

About an hour later, Amy ran down to the house from the office all excited, and she too told me Uncle Kevin had given her five bucks.  When I asked her why she said, "Because I'm special and I'm his favorite niece, but I can't tell my other sisters."  

It was a few years later before the girls found out that he was saying that to both of them, and we all joked about it, but it sure made both of them feel special that they were Uncle Kevin's "Favorite Niece."  Rick and I are very grateful for that.




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