• 52 years old
  • Born on November 21, 1958 in Grosse Point, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on July 14, 2011 in San Francisco, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kevin Mack, MD, MS.  

We hope to honor Kevin by making this a living memorial.  Please use this as a "hub" to share your stories and tributes.  Though you need to formally register to add anything, there is no advertising or spamming associated with registering.  You may leave brief tributes below, or longer stories on the "stories tab." 

A viewing was held on Tuesday evening, 6pm on July 19th, 2011 at St. Agnes Catholic Church on 1025 Masonic Avenue, San Francisco CA 94117.  The mass was held on Wednesday morning, 10am on July 20th, also at St. Agnes.  

A memorial service was held at 5:00 PM on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at Cole Hall, UCSF Parnassus Campus.  It was simulcast to the SFGH Cafeteria and to UC Berkeley University Hall, room 150.  Here is a link to the entire UCSF-based ceremony:

If you would like to download a copy of this event, email Amin ( and he will arrange for you to get access to it.

Kevin is buried in the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, at 1500 Mission Road; Colma, CA 94014. 

In lieu of flowers, donations to benefit his husband and children may be made to the Kevin Mack, MD Memorial Fund through Wells Fargo Bank.  Donations can be:

1) mailed c/o Amin Azzam to 348 51st Street #C; Oakland, CA 94609; or

2) made in person at any Wells Fargo Branch.  If you attempt to donate at a bank branch and the teller has troubles finding the account, encourage them to click on the "confidential tab" to locate the memorial fund.

Finally, Natalie Bybee (a dear close personal family friend) would like volunteers willing to create video clips of remembrances of Kevin so she can compile them as stories for his children.  If you are interested in offering a video remebrance, contact her directly at  More details on how you can contribute have now been posted under the "stories" tab of this site.

And on the eve of the 1 year anniversary of Kevin's death, here is an email from the UCSF psychiatry department chair:

Dear Department of Psychiatry Colleagues,

A year ago, on July 14, 2011, we lost our colleague Dr. Kevin Mack. I wanted to reach out to everyone in the department, in parallel with the school to medical students and faculty colleagues, and also in parallel with the UCSF- UCB Joint Medical Program to its community, as I know that many of us were deeply touched by Kevin. He brought laughter, warmth, support, and intellectual engagement to so many of us. I invite you to spend a special moment this weekend to remember him.

The School of Medicine announces the establishment of the Kevin Mack LGBT Champion Scholarship. This scholarship will honor Kevin’s open and unwavering commitment to the professional development and emotional support of all medical students, and especially those of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender identity. The scholarship will be awarded to one student each year in recognition of important contributions during medical school to the principles of non-discrimination and human rights that Kevin exemplified so strongly in word and deed. Details of the award and the application process will be distributed soon.   

The UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program honors Kevin's commitment and dedication to innovation in medical education with the creation of the Kevin Mack Medical Education Leadership Support Fund.  It supports the advancement and promotion of innovative educational efforts with an annual faculty support award. The fund will be formally established very soon.

At a department level, we instituted at this year’s Psychiatry Faculty Education Retreat the Annual Kevin Mack Life Lessons. Bestowed upon the session that best embodies Kevin’s spirit of life, loving and learning, this year the inaugural honored session was “Teaching Critical Thinking” led by David Elkin and Gilbert Villela.

Kevin will also be remembered by a special SFGH Psychiatry Grand Rounds session each Fall in his honor. The annual event will celebrate Kevin's playfulness, creativity, inspiration, teaching and mentoring.

Also, with colleagues I am planning a special activity for department members and alums to remember Kevin each year at the Fall national meeting of the Association of Academic Psychiatry, an organization that was near and dear to Kevin.

Posted by Alkira Mahapaiboon on 20th November 2013
Happy Birthday Kevin. I still remember your smile, your encouraging words and your warm hugs. Love
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 20th November 2013
yes, you are forever and always alive with us Kevin dear! We miss you like crazy!!!!
Posted by Cathy Campbell on 20th November 2013
Happy birthday Kevin. Remembering your smile, your laugh and your hugs, with all of our love. We miss you so much.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on 19th November 2013
Happy birthday eve, sweet angel Kevin! You continue to light my way and make me smile. Aki is growing up and she is so like you!! Smart and funny and just a little naughty now and then!!! We all miss you so!!! xoxo
Posted by Maureen Mickus on 9th September 2013
Kevin, you were an amazing person and I think about you so very often. You gave joy, hope and provided inspiration to countless people in this world. Thank you for being part of mine.
Posted by Candace Thompson on 22nd July 2013
As I travel through Cambodia, I can't help but imagine you here drawing in the lovely people with your smile and shining attention. I carry you with me and strive to be as good in the world as you. So grateful for having known you. It's clear from these tributes that I am part of a healing web of people who loved you you still.
Posted by Sandie Harrington on 13th July 2013
Kevin, I have just looked at the many pictures of your life on this site, and you are so alive in every photo. Your energy is so bright and your presence so real that I can't believe you are gone. It's only my tears that make me believe it. I miss you with so much of my energy, and can only imagine the heart-wrenching loss your family feels. I know you're listening: you always did. xxoo
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 13th July 2013
My beloved nephew, I wonder if you truly realize how many lives you have touched? Do you know that people here still painfully miss you? As difficult as the loss of your presence has been these last two years -- of you sharing your wisdoms and stories and joyful laughter, always so full of life & exuding love-- you will 4ever remain alive in our hearts. Miss u like crazy...xx Auntie
Posted by Joanna Mandell on 13th July 2013
We are hoping that you are resting in peace. I feel so happy that Greg got to meet you. We wish we could spend even one more joyous night with you, like at fumi and rohan's wedding. still think of you, all the time.
Posted by Melanie Thomas on 23rd June 2013
Kevin- Not sure why especially today, but sitting at my dining room table and missing you. You said so many funny, wise, and profound things to me as my mentor and friend and I am forever thankful. But, honestly today I don't feel thankful as much as totally and completely sad that you're not here to go get a hot dog together.
Posted by Stephen Martin on 5th May 2013
I have just been shocked to learn of the loss of Kevin. He mentored and taught me deep insights when I was a medical student at Harvard. He cared as innately as anyone about training doctors learning how to understand each other and their patients, about their supporting those feeling low, and about their care for the work. His love for Naoki was clear. I miss you, Kevin. Love and peace.
Posted by Jen Kerns on 23rd April 2013
Thought of you today, on this random Wednesday in April... your warmth and generosity of spirit. I miss the random days of running into you at SFGH and gleaning a bit of that warmth. You are forever remembered, Kevin Mack.
Posted by Suzan Freibert on 1st February 2013
Kevin, I think about you so often. You remain such a presence in my life and I am so blessed to have known you and called you my friend. You are missed.
Posted by Deb Logan on 1st February 2013
We were talking about Kevin on Ward 93 yesterday, remembering his motto of always assuming best intent from our collegues. His presence is still very evident in our hearts every day. His tree in the garden has the beginning of buds again.
Posted by Christy Mcdonald on 1st February 2013
Miss you everyday sweet Kevin.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on 31st January 2013
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you...with love, laughter, longing...xo
Posted by Christian Burke on 26th November 2012
missing you Kevin. thinking of you often. wish we could walk and laugh
Posted by Victor DiRita on 22nd November 2012
kevin, on your birthday we remember what a beautiful person you were. yes, your spirit will always be with us, but damned if we don't just really miss the rest of you.
Posted by Paula Di Rita Wishart on 22nd November 2012
Still miss you, Kevin. And still feel blessed having known you.
Posted by Claire Brekhus on 21st November 2012
Happy Birthday, Dear Kevin! So much has changed, but you've continued to hold our hands through all of it. I love you.
Posted by Suzan Freibert on 21st November 2012
Just thinking of you today on your birthday :) I am such a fortunate person to have known you my friend. What a blessing :)
Posted by Jason Bermak on 20th November 2012
Kevin - We greatly missed seeing you and your lovely children come by our pad at Halloween last month and I am still learning from you how fragile life can be and how important it is to live it, not to let it slip by.
Posted by Jennifer Lo on 20th November 2012
Remembering you always. In my pursuit of a career in Education, no matter how slow the journey, your inspiration helps to constantly encourage me. Forever thankful and missing you very much.
Posted by Cheri Carey on 20th November 2012
I so miss you my friend. I hope that you and Nona are discussing all that is Italia up there in heaven. I still remember your wonderful smile, your kind heart, and your naughty sense of humor.
Posted by Kathleen Kittle on 20th November 2012
Practically no day goes by that I'm not thinking of you and remembering some amazingly fun thing we did together or some amazingly intense conversation we had about the multitude of topics that one could so easily discuss with you. I am particularly missing today your smile, wisdom, and compassion. You live on in my heart and we'll meet again. Blessings to your family.
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 20th November 2012
My beloved nephew....miss you like crazy but you are still so alive in my thoughts and in my heart. I very much enjoyed remembering your birthday today, so happy birthday my dear Kevin as you live on in all of us and continue to inspire us to be better human beings down here on earth. Yep, you really do! You left an amazing indelible mark on so many people!
Posted by Danielle Chammas on 20th November 2012
Thanks for continuing to inspire me to smile and to love and to laugh and to care... I'll hold that gift forever!
Posted by Anne Critchley on 20th November 2012
So sad you are gone, still think of you often, miss Kitty's stories about the kids, miss Kitty too...... God Bless you, Love Anne xxx
Posted by Sherri Franklin on 20th November 2012
Thinking of Kevin today, miss you Kevin, your smile, your pure joy whenever you came to visit me. No one like you, the world lost a great person, an original. My love to your family during the holidays.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on 20th November 2012
Happy Birthday, sweet Kevin! Wish we could celebrate our November birthdays together like we used to. The Japanese maple tree we planted for you at SFGH changes with the seasons, and makes it real that we've been without you for all these months now. It's also a place I go to talk to you every day, finding there your wisdom and your strength. Loving you always...
Posted by Kenneth Epley on 20th November 2012
Continue to think of you Kevin and what a wonderful guy you are. Your memory is fresh, you left a lasting impression on the world.
Posted by Jason Bermak on 27th July 2012
Kevin - I still think of you, your extraordinarily caring and supportive nature, and the pearls you taught me as a resident. I miss you, my friend. Our field misses you even more dearly. But, your influence continues to impact me and many, many others in this world. I thank you for that, Kevin, for your selfless generosity of wisdom!!
Posted by Suzan Freibert on 15th July 2012
You touched so many lives and taught us all so many wonderful lessons about life and death. I can't believe it had been a year since you left us. You are dearly missed but never far from us.
Posted by Robert Buckley on 13th July 2012
My God, has it really only been a year? It seems so much longer since I've seen you, my friend. But my memory of your laughter and the brilliant glow of your caring heart is as bright as ever.
Posted by Demian Rose on 13th July 2012
Just a few days ago I found myself looking forward to an upcoming conference, thinking how I would get to share some time with you...then I (again) realized you were gone. I think I will be missing you for some time to come, Kevin.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on 13th July 2012
I've been counting down to this day for weeks now, heart heavy with the sadness of losing dear Kevin, but still full with all of the joyful memories he left behind. He continues to teach us lessons in his death as he did with his life. Viewing his photos yet again brings back the intense yet gentle way he lived each moment and reminds me to do the same... I love you and miss you, Kevin
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 13th July 2012
Dear nephew, one year ago u went on to reap the rewards of a short life well-lived.I miss u so Kev. We all miss u so. In my minds-eye I always picture u with that big beautiful smile on your face, and I know u are happy where u are.Our family has lost so much when u were taken from us-- the knowledge, love, caring+joy u gave our family is gone, but u will always be close in our hearts Love
Posted by Cheri Carey on 13th July 2012
A year has passed and I still can't believe Kevin is gone. I think of him often - his great smile - his naughty glint in his eye - his kindness - his intelligence - his humanity - miss you forever my friend!
Posted by Suzanne Kendall on 12th July 2012
It's been almost a year since Kevin passed, and his desk (that is behind me as I type this) remains empty. He sat in this office and he was always smiling, always friendly, and always genuinely interested in you as a person. His humble, but confident nature put everyone at ease. 7M8 misses him terribly still.
Posted by Valerie Gruber on 30th June 2012
Approaching a year from the sad day we lost you, Kevin, I still think of you daily, especially when I am preparing to teach. Among other things, you encouraged me to make the most of whatever is, however much or little I have been able to prepare, whatever the students' level of interest, to go for it with enthusiasm and interest in each student. Thank you Kevin, and I miss you.
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 21st April 2012
There was a wonderful article in "New Diagnosis" a publication published by the Physicians Organizaing Committee, Winter 2012. I'll try to find a way to attach it somewhere on this website. I sent it to my family and friends who either knew Kevin or supported me (and still do) through my unending grief over his tragic loss. I want to post two of the many responses....continued...
Posted by Peg Davenport on 27th January 2012
Silence of platitudes. You were the one and only. Tanned feet. Get toothbrushes. Say hi to Karen. Aloha.
Posted by Louai Bilal on 29th December 2011
Dear Kevin Here is to you on this holiday season Missing you much Happy New Year my friend Louai
Posted by Daniel Pardy on 27th December 2011
I only heard a week ago about Kevin's untimely death, an am still coming to grips with it all. Kevin was my best from from High School, and has always had a special place in my heart. We never lost touch over the years and I have always cherished our Birthday calls and Holiday cards. Reading the tributes only confirm the amazing person I knew Kevin to be, he will be forever remebered.
Posted by Laurine Marrocco on 24th December 2011
Dearest Kevin: God Bless your sweet, loving soul--on Christmas and always! I miss you so. Aunt Laurie & Uncle Dick
Posted by Cheri Carey on 23rd December 2011
Tomorrow will be the first Christmas in a very long time that Kevin won't call to sing Happy Birthday to me. I'm sure going to miss that. I'm also missing the complete joy he found in Christmas - you couldn't help but get into the spirit when you were around him this time of year! Love you my friend - and always will!
Posted by Ron Gostek on 22nd December 2011
"PEACE." How appropriate. Blessed are the Peacemakers, and blessed was (is) Kevin. Merry Christmas, Kevin. Put in a good word in for the rest of us still moseying around down here on the big blue marble. Taking a sentimental journey and recalling Christmas Eve, 1975...
Posted by Tami R on 21st November 2011
Happy belated birthday Kevin. You are still terribly missed
Posted by Claire Brekhus on 21st November 2011
Happy Birthday, Kevin, my inspiration! You live on in so many hearts. I love you, Claire xoxox
Posted by Selma Raza on 20th November 2011
Happy Birthday Kevin! May peace and love be with you where you are ... Looking upon all the people who remember you and miss you. Blessings

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